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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction

OMG you Cheated

Change? Home? Change into something nice? I am so confused, what home is he talking about and does he really think that I will just do what he says without complaining. Good Luck. Harry then comes in.
“Well are you ready?” He says while pointing to leave.
“Umm yeah. Let me just grab my phone, I will meet you outside.” I say while putting the note in my pocket. Harry then walks out meaning he says ok. When I pick up my phone I see that I have a lot of missed calls. They are all from Rissa. I decide not to call her back and just delete them and walk out to Harry.
“Everything ok, you seem to be staring down that phone pretty hard. You trying to make it melt” He says trying to make me laugh.
“Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny curly” I say putting the phone in my pocket.
“That’s what you called me when we first met” Harry said while having a meaningful stare in his eyes.
“Yea! It was really fun but then feelings had to come in and screw up everything” I said while making fist.
“It didn’t ruin anything.” Harry said
“It did. My feelings ruined great friendship. That’s why I left because I had stupid feelings.” I said while leaving Rissa’s room.
“Feelings for who? Niall? Or Me?” He said while staring me straight in the eye.
“That was the Problem, I didn’t know… So where is your car?” I said trying to make it so that I didn’t have to answer more questions. I think Harry saw that so he just left the subject.
“This one right here,” He said. As soon as we got into the car the radio was on. Harry was just about to try it off when I slapped his hand and shook me head as to say no. He then just left it alone. :)) We just sat in the silent car but it wasn’t silent because there was music in the background. I heard the person on the radio say one direction so I turn it up. It was an interview they must have done it not to long ago.
Interviewer: So we are here with One Direction the Worlds biggest BoyBand!! Hi guys and thanks for being here.
One Direction: Hi, We are happy to be here.
Interviewer: So lets start off with questions from your fans. Our twitter page has been going crazy because so many fans want to ask you guys a question. Well we are going to start of with a question from @1d-officalwife she wants to know if there is anyone special in your lives? As in girlfriends?
Liam: I am now single.
Interviewer: You girls hear that Liam Payne from One Direction is Single! What about the rest of you guys
Zayn: Well I Have Perrie. Love ya per!
Louis: and I have Eleanor! Loves ya too babe!
Interviewer: Aww how ccute you guys <3 What about Niall and Harry. You guys seem to be in great thought about this.
Harry: Na, Sorry, I am Happily Single :)
Interviewer: Well that 2/5 guys are taken and 2/5 are single! Well Niall will it be 3 taken? Or 3 single?
Niall: I am single but lets hope that’s not for long. Someone special has just come back into my life.
Interviewer: Ok, You heard them Louis and Zayn have wonderful girlfriends but don’t give up Girl Directioners. Niall, Harry, and Liam are all single. Who will be the lucky girl to catch their eye?
That’s all we had time to listen to because we then got to the flat. As soon as we there I was confused.
“Harry what is this? Who’s flat is this?” I said looking at how nice this flat is.
“This is Niall’s flat. He told everyone that he would be staying with you so that he could make sure you don’t hit your head on something again.” He said.
“and You let that happen!” I scream.
“well who am I to stand in the way of young love!” He says while making a heart with his hands.
“Shut up, I am not in love with him” I say while making my way to the couch. When I get to the couch I quickly grab a pillow and start to hit Harry with it!
“You are too in love” he says while grabbing a pillow and now making this a pillow fight.
“ I don’t want to be the downer but I have to and break this little pillow war up” I Hear someone say.
“You cannot break this war up with such simple words” I say not looking at who it was.
“Fine then I will use force. KEVIN ATTACK” He says. As soon as I heard Kevin I knew it was Lou.
” LOUIS!” I SCREAM while holding up a pillow to my face so I don’t get slapped by Kevin.
“Well Know that you have been attack by the deadly Kevin will you stop this pillow war” Lou says.
“NEVER!” I scream while throwing pillows at both Harry and Louis. Then I quickly hid behide the couch.
“Don’t make me pull out the big guns” Lou says.
“I thought Kevin was the big attack!” I said mockingly
“No way, I have bigger and better guns than Kevin. so do you want to see the big guns?” He says as if he is a king
“Bring it On” I said while standing up not hiding any more. While Lou and I are having a stare down someone grabs me from behind. At first I think its Harry.
“You curly haired monster. Let go!” I say loudly.
“I think that you need to get you eyes check if you think that my hair is curly” someone says. As soon as they talk I know that it is Zayn and Liam. While I am thinking this they are picking me up.
“ZAYN! LIAM! PUT ME DOWN!” I scream.
“Gesh, sweetie don’t be so loud and trust me when I say your loud I mean loud!” Liam says
“Hey, I am not loud. Your normal is millions of girls screaming.”
“Well if that is my normal then now you know why I think you are loud” Liam says while putting me down.
“Thank You for finally putting me down” As I am saying this a door is slammed in my face. I am now in a room. When I turn around to see the room, I see green arrows leading to somewhere. I follow them then it leads me to another door and there is a note on it. The note says Open, you will not regret it. I decide to do as it says and open the door. As soon as I open the door someone jumps out with balloons and cake.
“RISSA!” I scream.
“KARLI!” she screams back. We then hug each other. I have missed my best friend so much. Wait then I remembered I am mad at her. So I pull away from her hug.
“What?” she says
“I am still mad at you” I say while turning away.
“But how can you be mad at your best friend when she has Cookie dough cake and your favorite movie troy.” She says with puppy dog eyes. I stay silent for a little bit but she knows me to well.
“OMG you know I can’t say no to that. Anyways I was going to forgive you later but why not now.” I say while taking the cake from her hand.
TIME SKIP: the ending of the movie
Rissa and I are watching troy my favorite movie and it’s the ending now.
“I love that movie, Thank you so much Rissa!”
“No problem sweetheart” Rissa says.
“I have a question for you and you must answer them honestly, ok?” I said
“Yes, I promise” She says really looking serious
“Do you have any feelings for Niall Horan?” I stated. Rissa sat there for a while trying to think hard about this.
“No, I swear on…. Something. That I don’t have feelings for him, when you walking in her kissed me, I didn’t kiss him.” Rissa had “Now your turn, do you have any feelings for Niall Horan or Harry Styles?”
“God No! I may have kissed both of them tho” I said shyly.
“WHAT!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!” Rissa screamed.
“Welllll….ummmm. it really doesn’t matter, since I don’t have feelings for them” I said
“It does to matter, I thought since I was your best friend that I would be the first to know about this.” She said sounding like she was hurt.
“Look I am sorry but Niall and I agreed to not tell anyone about it” I said trying to get my friend not to be mad at me.
“Did you say that and Niall just said ok or did he ask for that??” Rissa said. When she said that it brought back all the memories of that fight, I remembered that I tired to talk to Niall that night it happened. Also I remembered about how the next day I made to decision to forget about one direction.
“We really don’t need to talk about this” I said shyly once again.
“WEEE SOO DOO! As your best friend my job is to know every boy you have kiss and how it happened!!” Rissa screams but then quiets down.
“Well…… we kissed, Niall and I kissed a year ago. Harry and I kissed not to long ago, there see now lets do something, go somewhere!” I said. I really didn’t want to talk about boys, I just got my best friend back and all I want to do is just do something with no drama and no questions.
“really?! That’s all your going to give me, come on there has to be more to the story than just we kissed!!” she said, I couldn’t tell if she was angry or happy maybe a little bit of both.
“That’s pretty much all there is, so lets go to the mall and look at some awesome clothing” I said hoping she would agree.
“Fine!” she said while we got up and began walking to the door. “Who was a better kisser?”
“Ahhhh!! Rissa lets just go and no boy talk!!!” I said trying to seem angry. “and Harry” I said under my breath, I don’t think that she heard that because she just kept waling
Rissa’s POV:
I cant belive that she didnt tell me about her and Niall or even her and Harry!! I am kinda hurt, I thought we were best friends and told each other everything. But I just got her back and hopefully will tell each other everything from now on. Now that I think that to it, doesnt she have a boyfriend?
"Hey, don't you have a new boyfriend?"
"Yeah, why? His name is Gray I think u meant him" she said calmly.
"Didn't you say that you kissed Harry? Doesnt that make you a cheater??" I said no really thinking about it. She was in deep thought about that, she had not noticed that. She then just stopped walking, and stared at the ground with her hands on her face. "look its okay! Just tell him, honest is always the best policy" I said trying to calm her down.
"I am the worst girlfriend ever!! How could I do this, and he even paided for this whole trip!" She screamed while beinging to cry. This is wierd I dont think I have really ever seen her cry. I wish I could tell her that everything is ok, but I dont think it will be once she tells him.
Gray POV:
London is so beautiful, I wish Karli was here to enjoy it with me, but some how she got sick. I havent seen her since we walked in with Rissa and Niall. I wonder why she ran away? Did she know Niall? He looks and sounds familiar. I think crystal talked about him once. Oh! I got It, he is Niall Horan from One Direction!!! I wonder how Karli knew them. I will ask her later! I wonder when I am going so get to see her next, I wil text her.
Me: Hey, how have ya been?
Karli: pretty good, how about you?
Me: good, london is beautiful, wish u were here. When can I see you?
Karli: well I am feeling a bit better so I am going to have some girl time with Rissa, maybe tonight?
Me: sounds perfect, cant wait ;)
Karli: Gr8, come by Rissa's at 8pm. :)
I finally get to see her again! I am really happy, I will head by Harry's until then. He is really cool. Letting me stay at his flat until Karli feels better.
TIME SKIP: 6:30pm
Karli's POV:
Gray texted me. I am meeting him tonight, I decided that since I am the worst girlfriend ever, that I should at least be honest with him. I decided that I should tell Rissa about Gray coming over.
"Hey sorry, but is it ok if gray comes over later. I need to tell him" I said while thinking about what is going to happen. I thought of all the scenarios in my end.
"Rissa, what if he breaks up with me?" I said with a very worried look on my face.
" I am sorry, I cant tell you that he wont. But for what I know about the guy, he really seems to love you" she said trying to make me feel better but it didnt help, it only made it worst because that means that it will only be harder knowing that he loves me. " that doesnt help! That only makes it harder to tell him" I said almost crying again. But no! I will not, everything is going to be fine, maybe if I explain that Harry kissed me he will forgive me. So much for my boy free drama day................


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