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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction

Welcome to London

Karli POV:
I am so happy that gray brought tickets for me. I don’t know how I am going to repay him. But some how I know I will!
“We are here” Gray says.
Wow. I walk up to the door and give a small knock and the door opens. I decided to enter with Gray. I walk in and the place seems so Rissa with colors everywhere you look. I walk over and see something on the couch I figure its Rissa so I slowly walk over so that I can surprise her. When I walk closer I notice someone with her, they look familiar. When I was even closer than before I realize that she is kissing the guy. So I decide to slowly back away, But the guy sees me and stops kissing her. Rissa slowly turns around. I then notice that she is kissing Niall. Niall Horan from One Direction. I hadn’t really given it much thought I just ran out of the house. I didn’t know where I was going I just wanted to get away from her, maybe him, well both of them.
Rissa POV:
Crap, why is Karli here. She isn’t supposed to be here. She is going to think that me and Niall are dating. I just notice that there Is someone else with her. And He is about to run after her then I say
“No, Please leave her, My name is Rissa but we can talk about that later, I will go get her. Niall stay here with… umm. What’s your name?”
“Gray… I am Karli’s..” He was talking when I cut him off.
“ ok, Gray we can talk later just stay here with Niall” I say while walking out. She couldn’t have gone that far, Its Karli she doesn’t enjoy running that much. After running for about an 1 hour I decide to head up to my place. I will just let her cool down. Then I look at the corner of my eye and see a park. There is one person there who seems a little too tall to be at that playground. I notice that I was right it was Karli.
“Karli, Listen we really need to talk” I scream. But I then learn that was a bad idea because she begins to run again. But this time I run after her. She is running really fast since when. Rissa! Now is not the time to think about that. You should be thinking about how to catch up to her. But then bam! Karli runs into a tree. I run over to go help her.
“Karli, Earth to Karli!” I scream, she is not waking up. So I call the only person I can think of Harry Styles.
“Hi Harry, Come to Lions park, NOW!! Karli from Minnesota is passed out from hitting a tree” I say
Harry then hung up. I then see Karli running away again. Dang that girl and her stubbornness. I then see her start to fall. When I am running over to catch her. I see a guy catch her. I then see that it is Harry. Awesome.
Karli POV:
While I running away. I feel funny, I some reason touch my forehead and notice that there is a lot of blood. I then began to get lightheaded. I was falling then I felt someone catch me. I didn’t get time to react and see who it was. I just passed out…………
When I woke up my head was hurting a lot. I then put my hand on my head and notice that there are bandages. I look up and notice that I am in a house that I do not know. I look around to it if there is something that would give it away. But sadly there is not. Until I see that the door is open and there is the letter R on it. I then remembered that I am in London and that this is probably Rissa’s room.
What makes me happy is that it seems that Rissa is not home. I decided that I should probably leave before she gets home. Maybe since I don’t want to see Rissa, Gray and I should go check out colleges. He was saying that he was thinking about coming to London.
I jumped there for a second. I wasn’t expecting any calls but I answered anyways not even looking to see how it was.
“Hiya, how was your nap? Were you sleeping when I called? Did I wake you?” says someone who I didn’t know.
“Umm no, u didn’t u was already wake. And my nap was good? So am I in Rissa’s room?” I say still not knowing who is on the phone.
“yea! How did you not know, I mean there is a picture of you, her and me right on her dresser” he mysterious man says. When he said that I checked and there was a picture of me, Rissa, and One Direction. I don’t remember that. I then looked at it more clearly and realized that it was when Rissa was leaving to go to London, I was ever said that day. Everyone kept on trying to make me happy, but I don’t know how they wanted me to act I mean come on my best friend was leaving. I don’t know who anyone is not suppose to be sad that day. I almost forgot that someone was on the phone with me.
“Hey, I am sorry. I kinda forgot I was on the phone with you” I said, I decided it was probably to check who I was on the phone with. When I checked it just happened to be Niall. Wonderful news that was, not really that was sarcasm….
“Oh no problem, well anyways you can stay at Rissa’s place and then me and the rest of the guys will meet you there later. Around 3:30pm. OK?” He said
“Yeah, Suuurrreee, sounds good to me” I said while lying. I didn’t want to stay here, I still have gray. So on my way out I hear
“Where do you think you are going” He says half asleep.
“Why? Why must it be you catching me.. Don’t worry Harry I am just going for some fresh air then I will come right back” I say with puppy dog eyes.
“I am not going to believe that, So now, come back and sit on this bed. You are not allowed to leave “He says. I can’t really run away from this, so I silent make my way back to the bed. I make it seem like I am mad, even though I am relieved.
“Harry, What Happened? And Why are you here?” I say while looking down at my hands.
“Well the first question I will explain when everyone gets here” He said sincerely, like he was worried.
“What everyone? Please say Rissa and Niall aren’t going to come, I really can’t deal with them now” I say looking into his eyes. He is hurt, I can just by looking at him. I hurt him really bad, why is he still here then.
“Harry, I can see that you are still mad at me, then why I are you still here, I don’t need you to be here.”
“I will never leave you, now matter how many times you push me away” He says not looking at me.
Few minutes later.
Harry POV:
Karli is taking another nap. She is so cute when she sleeps. The best part is that she is sleeping on my shoulder. I wonder why she doesn’t want to talk to Niall, Or better yet why not Rissa. I thought they were best friends. This I kinda weird but I will not push it. I then heard her move. Her eyes open and she just looks at me. How cute!
“Would you like a drink of water?” I ask. She looks at me and gives a little nod. I slowly get up and get some water. I then sit at the side of the bed by her feet and give her the water. Then I ask
“Karli, explain to me what happened? Why don’t you want to see Niall and better yet Rissa? And How you hit your head on a tree?” I say making sure that she is looking at me.
“Harry.. I just..” Karli says with puppy dog eyes.
“don’t use the puppy dog eyes with me, I need to know what happened” I say while looking down at the ground then back up at her.
Couple of minutes later…..
“and… I am not mad that they were kissing, I am truly happy for her. But there is just something that I can’t shake about Niall and Rissa” She finished talking.
“Wow. Thank you for finally telling me everything. I think that you can’t feel like there is something wrong because you are still in love with Niall” I say with hurt in my eyes.
“Harry, what are you talking about, I never loved him and Don’t now” She says angry at me. I lean in and Kiss her. After a little bit she pushes me away.
“See, If you didn’t love Niall then you wouldn’t have pulled away from me” I say.
Karli POV:
“You Idiot I pulled away because I have a boyfriend!!! not because I love Niall” I scream at Harry. I look over and see Niall at the door. He probably just heard the ending on my sentence. I just stand there and look at him. Then I look away.
“I am going to go and talk to Rissa, you guys can talk.” Harry says while getting up.
“How did you know Rissa was here?” Niall asks.
“I am not an idiot, You and Rissa are always together” He says while closing the door.
“Hi Karli, How’s it going” He says sweetly.
“It doesn’t matter. What matters is why are you here? You should be on a date with Rissa, You guys make a really cute couple” I say not looking at him directly.
“I am not dating Rissa, You just walked in on a weird moment. Rissa and Me were talking and” He begins to talk while being cut off.
“Look I really don’t care the reason. Just please leave here or I will” I say looking out the window.
“none of those things are going to happen, I will not let you just leave here willingly and I am not going to just walk up and leave” Niall said
“well something is going to have to be done” I say
“yes, you are right about that. So why don’t we talk” Niall states.
“There is nothing really that we need to talk about” I say still not looking at him
“Yeah there is. We need to talk about me you and” Niall says while being cut of again.
“Hahaha. You and I, there is nothing.” I said with a blank expression
“Karli, look me in the eye and say that there is nothing and has never been anything between us and I will leave you alone” He says while tilting my head up so that I have to look at him.
“You know god damn well that I can’t say that” I said looking into his eyes angry
“well then look at that we have something to talk about” He says while smiling. Before I am about to reply, I quickly decide to go and change then maybe Niall will leave. I grab my clothes and go to the bathroom and change. When I come out of the bathroom there is a note on the bed. I open it and it says
Our Conversation is not over! Harry is going to take you home to get settle in and change. Please change into something nice :)) -Niall Horan


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