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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction

Clean Up Time

Time Skip Two Days:
Karli PoV:
I really hate this, Gray broke up with me and I am a mess. I know what I said that I would never be one of those crappy heartbroken teens but I realized that I was them for god sake I could be the spokesperson for them. I haven’t really done much in the last couple days. Rissa is out on some camp thing, I feel all alone. Niall said I could just call him but that would require me apologizing which is not going to happen. I heard the door knock. Thats weird since its 7:15AM, who would be here to early. I am not really presentable. I still wearing gray’s shirt this makes me seem really desperate. I almost forgot that someone was at the door. I quickly brush my hair with my fingers, but I am pretty sure that made it worse. I kinda zombie walked to the door since it was still early. I looked threw the little peep hole thingy. I saw that it was Harry then said “oh shit”. I then slowly walked away like when at the toy store and a toy won’t stop making noise.
“you know I can hear you, I clearly heard the s word” Harry said. I continued to walk away, put then heard the door open. Turning around I said,
“Who enters someones house without permission!”I kinda said angrily
“Well when someone decides to go all mia on everyone and starts to become a little depressed emo” he said
“I am a depressed emo, did you not hear, Gray broke up with me. Now excuse me while I go jump off a cliff.” I said while walking away then he grabs my arm and makes me turn around to face him
“Stop, this isn’t you.” He said. And there they go again talking like they know me.
Harry POV:
“go get dressed now, right meow” SHe really needs to stop all this emoness. She has become a brick on a wall. I want to show her a good time before she has to go back so I am going to take her sight seeing. It really seems like everyone hates her. When Gray came back to my apartment that night I wasn't really sure what had happened I just know that he seemed like he wanted to punch a wall so I showed him the punching bag downstairs and then hours later he came back with a lot of badges on his knuckles. I guess he really was angry. I don't know why they broke up but I really didn't want to push it since they both seemed really heartbroken about it. She for once listened to me, she went inside and changed. A couple of minutes later she comes out in a dress with her hair in a ponytail.
“So why did I need to be dressed, I really just want to be in a corner” she said. There she goes, she looks all beautiful and normal but then she opens her mouth and there is that brick on the wall again.
“just follow me” I said while grabbing her hand to make our way to the restaurant.
Time Skip 10:45 PM:
Wow, its been a really long day, Its been really fun. Once you give some caffeine to this girl she became a pocketful of rainbows. We made our way to panera and we both woke up with a coffee, We then went site seeing. I was wearing a huge sweater and big hat so that no one noticed me. We also went to a carnival and played every game there was! Even if we failed at it. We also ate a lot. There was cotton candy, candy, soda, corn dogs, popcorn, anything on a stick, and not to mention the cookies!
“Thanks for the awesome day Harry, its really made this trip worth wild” She said while we were walking back to Rissa’s.
“No problem, and anyways it was really fun. We should do it again sometime” I said while looking up at the stars. It really was a perfect night. I think see her stop.
“Is something wrong?” I say with a worried look on my face.
“I can’t seem to find my phone” She said while checking all her pockets again.
“Where did you last see it?” I asked looking on the ground to see if she dropped it.
“umm, well I remember having it to take pictures of the ferris wheel but then I went to the bathroom and OH SHIT, I forgot my phone in the bathroom.” She said while trying around to go running. She then just takes off. Dang that girl can run fast.
Karli POV:
I can’t believe that I forgot my phone, but other than my phone I gotta say my day has been pretty perfect. I see the bathrooms that i went it and accidently hit someone.
“opps, I am so sorry” I said while seeing that I hit down everything in his hands.
“it’s ok” I then look up to hand him his stuff. I just hand him his stuff then I Run to go and get my phone back, I really hope its there. I get in there and find it sitting on the sink.
great, I was getting worried there for a second. I began to walk back home and then I could see this really tall guys making their way towards me. I feel like creepy music would be playing right now, nice in the horror movies. I began thinking about nightmare on elm street. Oh how I hated that movie, by the time I got out of my thought bubble those guys were right in front of me. One made a grab at me I was able to smack his hand away but then the other grabbed me from the back. Damn it.
“Hey there pretty girl, whatcha doing by yourself.” He had a smirk on his face but not one of those good ones that your friends have it one of those creepy ones that you see right before they make a go for you. One of the guys was holding me back while the other one became to come closer. I waited for the right moment then kicked him in the sack. He was not happy about that.
“oh girl you are going to get it now” The guy came up, obviously still in pain but tired to make another go at me but then from no where someone came and punched him in the face. I didn’t have time to react because the big guy let me go and tried to kick the dude who helped me. Before he could do that I grabbed his arm and pulled it all the way back towards me. I heard a pop and then he screamed really loud. opps I think I broke his arm. He also tried to come and get me with his other arm, damn he is persistent. I then got him in a deadlock and punched him in the face one more time. I made sure he wouldn’t get up after that one, and to be sure I kicked him in the sack one last time. Damn that felt good. Me and the mysterious person then both just ran off. We finally stopped and then I finally looked at him.
“Gray?!?!?!” I was really confused, how? where? why? wait what?
“Karli? it was you that I helped!” He was just as shocked as I was. Then out of no where someone comes running. I didn’t see who it was so when he came at me I punch him in the stomach. I then see him on the ground, I am still in my stance getting ready for another punch but then I notice that it’s Harry.
“OMG, Harry I am soo Sorry. I was just attack by two guys and I didn't see that it was you. I am really Sorry. are you ok?” I then kneeled down beside him.
“It’s all good” He said while having a thumb up and getting up. “Dang Girl you hit hard”
I grab Harry from the side to help him walk, apparently I hit him really hard.
“Gray, …. umm.... Thanks for the help bye” I said while trying to carry Harry away. He didn’t say anything he just walked away well that was awkward. “Harry are you going to be okay?” I asked still worried about him.
“ya, I am good. I can walk on my own now” I then slowly let go of him. We were now at my door.
“Harry, Thanks for the perfect day! minus the mugging, and I am really sorry about the kick again. Do you want to come in for some water or ice?” I said.
“Sounds great, and really no problem. I am willing to take you away any day just ask.” he said. We then walked inside I grabbed the ice while Harry went and popped on the couch.“here, sorry again. you were not meant to be a punching bag” I said while handing him the ice. Sitting next to him on the couch, I lifted his shirt and held the ice on his abs. Which surprisingly were there. He put his hand over mine, and we just kind of sat there. I then looked over. His eyes were really blue. Me staring into his eyes reminding me of the first time we met. The next thing I know we were both leaning in. KISSING, I karli was kissing Harry. This was different than when we kissed last time, this time he seemed like he really meant it. Then the door opens.
“WHAT THE HELL!” I pull away from Harry, and stand up.


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