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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction

The Aftermath

Niall POV:
I did it! I just kissed her!! I am proud of myself. Crap! Where did Karli go? I hope that she is fine... I didn’t really see which way she was running. I just decided to run the way of the station hoping that I would soon catch up to her.

Harry POV:
“What is taking them so long?” I thought.
“They probably got stuck in traffic buddy.” Liam said.
“Did I say that out loud? Crap. I need to learn to talk to myself quieter.” I said.
Niall POV:
I haven’t seen her yet and it’s been about 5 mintues. I hope that she is ok. I want to find her fast and make sure that she is ok. I can’t believe that we both forgot our phones. The guys must be worried sick about us. Wait. Look there is something there. Lying on the ground I wonder what it is… I slowly walk over and see Karli!!
“HOLY CRAP!! KARLI!” I scream. When she doesn’t respond, I know something is wrong. I quickly check to see if there are any wounds. Luckily there are none. She must have faint. I wonder why? Don’t worry about that now. Worry about where we are going to get some help. I slowly pick her up bridal style and are going to see if I can find some help at the next station.

While I am carrying Karli. I notice her moving a bit. I am praying that she is going to be ok. After about 10 mintues of walking I hear her mumble something. I am not really sure what she said.
“What was that? Sorry I didn’t hear?” I say pulling her closer to me.
“PUT ME DOWN!!!!” She screams at the top of her lungs. I quickly drop her.
“Someone is feeling better I see. Correction I hear!” I said while checking to see if I have ear damage.
“Ouch! Well you know how to let a girl down gently.” She said. While rubbing her arm.
“Well someone went and screamed in my ear!!” I stated
“Well anyways. What happen to you? First you run off next I find you laying on the floor?”
“I was taking a little nap!” She said. She was lying I could tell! I will just go with that.
“Ok, I know that’s not true but I will let it slide!” I was just about to talk but then she said,
“I don’t have to tell you anything you are not my freakin’ boss.”
“Meow. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the road.” I said angry. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I helped her! Next thing I know she is walking away.
“You’re going in the wrong direction. The station is this way.” I state
“Fine!” She said angry with me. I really didn’t do anything!
“What did I do wrong?” I said going to her side with my puppy dog eyes.
“Again I don’t need to tell you!” she screamed. I didn’t say anything after that. I didn’t talk, I just walked.
Karli POV:
ASFDDHFOIJJDFIADFB. I can’t explain how angry I am!! I was perfectly happy not liking any of the boys but then freakin’ Niall Horan had to go kiss me! Once again One Direction has ruined my day!! I don’t even want to talk about it. I just want to go home! But I can’t!! Out of all people why did Niall have to come with me? I wish Liam, Zayn or even Louis would have been better than Niall. I really need to keep my distance from Niall and Harry. So far it’s not going well… I am glad that Niall stopped talking though. I was just looking at the stars when I felt a tap on my shoulder.
“What now?” I said still angry
“The station. It’s right here.” Niall said
“Oh. Ok. Sorry” I said mad at myself for saying that so mean. We silently walked into the gas station. I was just about to go for my pocket to get my money when the cashier said
“Thank you. Have a good rest of the day, and also you to make a very cute couple.”
I haven’t really given much thought to what the cashier said. I was still mad that Niall had paid twice that day.
“Niall, why in the world did you pay again? This time the gas is for my car!!” I stated
“Well two reasons. One we still haven’t repaid you for all you help and two you don’t have your wallet.” He said with a smirk.
“What in the world are you talking about I have my wallet” I said while checking and also now noticing that I really don’t have my wallet.
“Told ya.” Niall said after he realized that I realized that he was right.
We were now just walking back in silence. Then I heard some humming. I realized that the song was Demi Lovato’s song Give Your Heart A Break. I love that song! So I began singing.
“The day I first met you. You told you’ll never fall in love.” I began singing and Niall was singing with me now. We both stopped walking during the chorus and sang out hearts out. Some cars passed us and threw money at us. We both laughed when we finished.
“You’re a really good singer!” Niall said while we began walking again.
“No. I am not! Stop being a hypocrite. You tell me I am a bad liar.” I said
“I am not lying. You are really good.”
*Bri stopped her gramer checking here*
“STOP LYING” I scream. Niall then goes right in front of me and stops me from walking.
“I am not lying when I say you are Beautiful, Talented and very special” Niall said with the most sincere voice ever. I must have looked like an idiot because I just stood there and blushed. Karli stop blushing! We begin walking again.
Niall POV:
Karli was so special. I really hope that she knows that. I also hope that her boyfriend tells her that everyday. I realized I have never asked her if she had a boyfriend. I hope she doesn’t because I kissed her! Holy crap I had almost forgotten that I had kissed her. After about 10 more minutes of walking Karli looks at me.
“Niall…….. Thank You. For everything, for saving me when I was on the road and for…. Thank You!” Karli said. I stood there are a moment trying to think of something romantic to say but I couldn’t so I just said.
“I would do it anytime!” Once I say that my mind begins wondering what else was she going to say? Darn this is something that I will be wondering for a while I think. We finally made it back to the car! Karli and Me quickly put the gas in and then began driving again!
“YES! The car works again. So are we going to go the far red box or are we heading back now?” I ask
“We are going to the closer one.” Karli said.
“Ok, Great!” I said. The rest of the ride was really silent besides the radio playing quietly. I wasn’t singing and neither was Karli. We got to the red box and picked a movie out. On our way home Karli said
“We can tell the guys that we went to the farther one. Then they won’t ask what really happened. They don’t really need to know what has happened here” Karli said. Wait what? Karli doesn’t want anyone of them knowing what happened why not. I would love to tell them. I really can’t lie to them.
“I can’t lie to them” I said truthfully.
“Well you are going to have to. We can’t let anyone know about what happened here.” Karli said
“Why not? Are you really that ashamed that you kissed me?!” I said angry and hurt!
“Niall... I didn’t mean it like that. I just... I kinda like... Um.” Karli said
“Oh, You like Harry. So you don’t want him to know… I get it...” I said very hurt. I quickly get out of the car and get the food then began running up stairs.
“Niall I didn’t mean it like that” Karli said while trying to catch up. I then stop at the door trying to open it with my key. Karli then caught up
“I really didn’t mean to say it like that. Niall you know that. You gotta trust me.” Karli said trying to say that sincerely.
“Karli, I don’t really care anymore. You like Harry. That’s all I needed to know... god damn it... I am so stupid” I said while opening the door. I open the door and get hugged rapped by Lou.


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