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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction

The Kiss

Niall POV:
"I can't believe how lucky we got. The tour bus came right on time." I said.
"Yeah, it would have been a disaster if we would have stayed." said Liam sounding relieved.
I then sighed I wish I would have gotten her number. She was cute! Even though she didn't like One Direction maybe she would have liked me. God, Niall stop thinking about her. You would never see her again. It's like Liam read my mind because then he said
"Sorry Niall about having to leave. I know that you wanted to get her number!"
I was just about to talk when Harry ran in the room with only his boxers and screamed
"I have her number!! I took it from her when we were going to her house."
"What!? Can I have her number?" I said while making the best sad dog face I could.
"No! Mahwah.. I am going to text her to come hang out with us." he said while mocking me.
I sat there silent for a while watching Harry texting Karli. That should be me.
Harry POV:
I liked Karli. She was different from the other girls that I have met. She doesn't care that we are famous. She wasn't wearing any make-up and I could talk to her without her freaking out. I realized that Niall was beginning to fancy her too. I decided to text her.
Hey, got any plans for today?! ;) -Harryx
yeah, I need to go explain to my boss why I felt so suddenly yesterday. don't worry I am going to tell her that I felt sick :P -Karli
thanks :D you really have our backs yesterday :D :D -Harryx
don't get used to it -Karli
well when you are done with helping us again. can you hang out. we really need to pay you back for helping us ;) -Harryx
fine. text me your addresses and I will stop by afterwards -Karli

Yes! I got Karli to come over! I went into the room and told everybody that Karli is coming. We then cleaned up the place.

Karli POV:
I am so hungry. I haven't eaten anything for the day. I hope I can eat by the guys. I wonder what we are doing anyways. I am making a promise to myself that I will not fall for any of the guys. No matter what! I know it sounds strange but I don't want to have to deal with anything right now.

Niall POV:
I was happy when I heard that Karli was coming over. I now have my chance to make a move. I wasn't going to do anything when any of the guys were there yesterday. The only thing I have to worry about is Harry. I heard the door knock and even before I could get up. Harry was at the door letting her in. She looked so beautiful. Even though she was only wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. Another great thing about Karli is that she doesn't care about wearing make-up and mini shorts.
"Hi Karli, welcome to One Direction's humble temporary home." I said while bowing
"Why thank you my good man." she said with an accent.

Karli POV:
After fighting about what to do. We decide that we are going to go for a car ride get some food. Then go for a walk. Then come back for a movie. Sounds like a great Saturday to me.
Niall POV:
"Ok, now that we know what we are going to do. Where are we going to eat? And how are we going to get there?" I said rubbing my tummy because I am hungry
"Well. I don't know where to eat. But we could take my car to go. There is exactly six so we will fit perfectly!" Karli said
"How about Nandos?" I loved Nandos but I think no one else wanted to go there because everyone frowned when I said it.
"We don't have nandos, in Minnesota." As soon as Karli said that everyone's face lit up.
"Well that is the only place I really wanted to go, and since you know the area the best why don't you choose where we go." Everyone agreed when I said this. I know that because everyone nodded their heads in agreement.
"OK great! Well everyone get inside my car and I will pick something while I am driving." She said.
Karli POV:
When everyone got to my car. I didn't know who was going to sit in front so I quickly sat in the drivers’ seat and let the boys decide how they wanted to sit. Liam and Zayn quietly sat down in back. Not really caring, While Louis, Niall, and Harry fought over which two people sat with me in front. My car was different from most people and can sit three in front and three in back. Which is good for times like this. From what I could see it looked like they were playing rock, paper, and scissors. Harry lost I saw him go in back with a frown on his face.
"You will get them next time bro." Liam said trying to cheer up Harry.
But the rock, paper, scissor torment was not done. Because they still had to choose who would sit next to me. Was I really that bad that no one wanted to sit by me. Well I guess that's good for me at the moment since I didn't want to fall for any of them. But It still made me feel bad. I was hungry and it sounded like this was going to take forever so I just said
"Ok, look I am hungry so Niall get in then Louis." I spoke with a firm voice. They looked shocked then followed orders.
"Thank You" They just nodded their heads. There was silence for a little so then I turned on the radio and it was playing What Makes You Beautiful. Right when I was about to change it Niall slapped my hand and began singing. I liked their music but hated them. But I can't fight the fact that they have talent. I wanted to be able to come out and just sing like that. I loved singing but that was more of a hobby. My favorite thing to do was acting but I have horrible stage fright. I almost forgot that I was the one picking the place to eat. I saw a Perkins and thought why not. So I quickly turned in.
"I have never been here before. Is their food good here?" Harry asked.
"Well there is only one way to find out." I said with a smirk.
I had almost forgotten that I was out with One Direction the famous boy band but then as soon as we went into the building they got a bucket loads of fans asking for things. I just left them and went to the lady by the menus and said
"Table for 6, can we get one in a corner please?" I said as politely as I could. But I was annoyed that the lady was not even looking at me and was staring at the 5 boys.
"Mum. What? Oh yeah. Sure. Should I go get them?" She said hoping I would say yes.
"No thanks. They can find the table on there own." I said, and the lady just frowned at me. She was clearly angry that I had interrupted her staring time. She then showed me to my booth in the corner and ran back to look at One Direction. I decide that I would leave them to their fans after all they are the main reason of their fame. I was looking threw my menu when someone asked
"Can I join you?" It was Niall why was he here and the rest weren’t. I ignored that fact and said,
"Sure. But how could you be done but the rest aren't?" So much for ignoring that.
"Oh. Well the rest of them have more fans than me so I decided to come back to the table and the lady just pointed to the general area." He said sounding sad and while sliding in right next to me.
"Well if it helps. I like you!" What am I saying! Before he could say anything I quickly said while blushing a little "I like your singing. I like all of your guys’ singing. You guys are very talented."
"Oh, thanks." he sounded disappointed when I added that last part. Everyone quickly joined us at our table. The waiter then came by and asked what we wanted. Everyone didn't take long to decide what they had wanted which was good since I was so hungry.
Previously: "Well if it helps. I like you!" What am I saying! Before he could say anything I quickly said while blushing a little "I like your singing. I like all of you guys’ singing. You guys are very talented."
"Oh, thanks." He sounded disappointed when I added that last part. Everyone quickly joined us at our table. The waiter then came by and asked what we wanted. Everyone didn't take long to decide what they had wanted which was good since I was so hungry.

Niall POV:
After everyone finished eating we talked for a couple of hours. We are now on our walk. I am hoping that I will be able to get to alone time with Karli! At the moment it looks like that alone time is a no go because Karli is always talking to either Liam or Zayn. At least she is not talking to Harry. Liam and Zayn both have girlfriends and Louis so really again it comes back around to Harry. I soon walk up to Karli. She is talking to Liam, sounds like its about school. So I zone out but then see a hand waving in front of my face. I looked down to see Karli saying
"Helllllooooo? Earth to Niall?"
"Oh sorry, just zoned out there." I said shyly.
"I can tell. But anyways what's your number?" She said while taking about her phone
I was shocked. I was going to find some way to ask her but I guess this way is easier.
"Here give me your phone and you take mine and we exchange numbers?" I said making sure not to sound shaky.
"Yeah, that's easier, thanks for the idea."
We then exchanged numbers and took pictures for the contact photos. We took one together and both made funny faces. It was cute! I posted it on Twitter and got intermittently responses. Some were really nice and others were mean like
eww. if you are dating. your deserve better Niall
that ugly bitch. she needs to stay away from my lovely Niall
I loved my fans. But they really need to be nicer sometimes especially since they don't even know her. I was too busy on the phone to even notice that Karli had gone around to everyone else and asked for their numbers. So she didn't want just me. She wanted everyone's. I saw her skip Harry but then Harry pulled her back and kissed her on the cheek and took a picture. She blushed afterwards and then was yelling at him for doing that. Harry was just laughing at her. Again that should be me. I need to work on my skills of talking to girls. Harry was always good at telling girls how he felt and I am not that good, I always get really shy.
Harry POV:
I was happy that I had kissed her on the cheeks. She was cute when she blushed. When she was yelling at me, all I could was laugh at how cute she looked. She left after yelling at me. I decided to post the picture to twitter and I was a little shocked at what they said
that bitch! first Niall then Harry. She needs to stay away from my boys

She is pretty but she can't have both Niall and Harry. she needs to choose
Niall? When did Niall post a picture? I decided to go find the picture. It was them both making funny faces. Karli was trending as 1dmysterybitch! That's quite mean. Let’s just hope that Karli doesn't have a Twitter and see the mean comments. By the time I finished my mind talk we were already back at the hotel room.
"Ok, so what movie?" I said while everyone just stared at each other.
"Well I could go to the red box and pick out a movie." Karli said
"Sure, sounds good to me. But I am hungry all that walking made me hungry!" Niall said with a whimpering tone. I swear that guy is always eating.
"Fine, you can come with me and we can stop by a store and pick up some food for you Niall." Karli said. Niall can't be alone with her!
"NO!" Crap I was supposed to say that in my head. "No, we should all go so that we can pick the movie we all want" They all just stared for a second.
"I don't think we all need to go. Karli can just call or text us the movie names. It would be better with less because then we have less chance of getting mobbed by fans." Liam said trying to think of the safest way possible.
"Ok sounds good, me and Karli will go get the food and movies." Niall said it sounded like he was directing the ME and Karli towards me.
Karli POV:
Oh great! Niall is coming with me. I wish it would have been Liam, Zayn or even Louis. They all have girlfriends so I have nothing to worry about them but Niall and Harry both don't have girlfriends. I had to admit when Harry kissed me on the cheek I was both happy and angry. I was happy because I was starting to like Harry but I was mad because I told myself not to fall for them and that little kiss wasn't going to help. Me and Niall both ended up at the car and the radio blasted as soon as I turned on the car!
"Oh gosh. My car is trying to make me not hear anything!" I said. He just laughed. His smile was cute! What are you saying Karli! Don't be stupid! I started face palming myself in the face. I had totally forgot that Niall was in the car.
"Umm. Why are you trying to get yourself brain damage?" Niall asked with his accent.
"Oh sorry, I just realized that I left my phone in hotel room and I was going to call the guys about what movie they wanted." I said hoping he would believe my lie.
"It's ok we can just use my phone." He said while going threw his pockets for his phone.
"Ok, maybe we can't use my phone. I left it at home, well our temporary home too. It’s ok we can just pick a movie and hope that they enjoy our pick."
I just laughed and went with it. I pulled up to the closest gas station.
"Ok, let's go get some food then pick the movie." I said and then I realized that Niall had already left the car and was inside the station looking at food. Wow that boy is fast! I went inside to find Niall with hands full of food already.
"You just got in here like a second ago and you already have hands filled with food." I said with laughing a bit.
"Well someone has to pick out all the food." Niall said.
"Ok, I think that's enough. Let's go buy those." I said while making my way to the cash resister.
"$25.32 please." the cashier said. I quickly pulled out my card then I heard the cashier say thank you. what? I looked up to see the cashier had Niall back his card.
"Why did you pay? I was going to?" I said a little angry that he paid.
"Because we already owe you so much for helping us the least I can do is pay for snacks." Niall stated.
"You guys don't owe me anything. But I am paying for the movie!" I said with a firm voice.
"Darn there is a line for the movies."
"It's ok. We have two things. One, we can wait in line or we can go find another box office." Niall said.
"Well I am not a person who likes so wait so let's just go find another one." I said.
I decided to use the navigation from my car. The next one was 100 miles away. We were driving when I Noticed that we that we around no buildings or even houses.
"Are you sure that your navigation is right because it seems like we are in the middle of no where?" Niall asked while looking out the window.
"Yeah, the few times I have used it. It works fine. There is no reason for it not to work now." As soon as that came out of my mouth the car was slowing down. I then looked at the gas. We were empty!
"OH CRAP!" I yelled.
"Why is the car slowing down so much?" Niall said.
"Ummm. We are kinda out of gas." I said ashamed that I had not noticed.
"Oh, great we don't have our cell phones." Niall said.
"It’s out we can just walk back. I saw a station a few miles back. WE NEED TO STAY CALM AND NOT FREAK OUT." As soon as I said that I began freaking out. I was kicking the car and pulling on my hair and then Niall came up to me and was holding on to my shoulders and said,
"Calm Down! We are not dying." Niall stated. He is right I need to calm down. I now noticed how close Niall was to me. His eyes are so beautiful. I then realized that we were both leaning in. Then soon enough we were kissing. We began getting into it. That’s when I really realized what I had been doing. So I quickly pulled away.
"Sorry... Umm we should get going back to the station." I didn't even look at Niall. I just looked away and started walking. Crap. Crap. Crap... No! Karli! No! I began walking faster then I started running. Running away from Niall. I couldn't deal with this now. I ended up running until I couldn’t go anymore. The last thing I remember is seeing the stars.


Okay, Hi everyone. I have written alot to this story. So I would really like it if you guys gave your input. I wrote this fanfic and then found out about this site so the first chapter will all be up in the same day. so Fav, Like, Review whatever it is you guys like to do! But feedback is great. Thanks :)


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