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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction

The Meeting

Karli POV:
“Every where I look I see stupid One Direction!” I yelled to my best friend Rissa.
“That’s because they are so freakin’ sexy!” Rissa screamed.
Everyone is so obsessed with them and is talking about how hot they are. I didn’t mind their music but having everyone talk about them non-stop is making me hate them more than I already do.
“Karli, will you be my bride’s maid? Because when I meet one direction, Harry will fall in love with me and ask me to be his bride.”
Uhh sometimes I wonder why Rissa and I are friends. I love her but I mean we are the total opposites. Rissa is always trending and always in love with some guy. Me on the other hand could care less about guys and don’t follow the trends. I am always just in a t-shirt and jeans. While Rissa wears short shorts and bikinis.
“Rissa, you know I love you, But shut up. I don’t need to hear anything more about One Direction, please if you want to talk about One Direction talk about it with Crystal.”
No matter how much I didn’t like Crystal, Rissa seemed to think she was so sweet and nice.
“Ok! Thanks for the idea, love ya i” Rissa screamed while running off.
TIME SKIP: Same day 11:50pm
“Yes! I finally finished my homework… holy bucket of fish, it’s almost 12:00 and I have to get up early for work tomorrow, and thank god there is no school tomorrow.” I whispered to myself.
I then went and changed into my pj's and was just about to fall asleep when I heard the song Up All Night by One Direction. I instantly knew it was Rissa because a couple of weeks ago Rissa took my phone and downloaded the song Up All Night and set it too whenever she calls. By the time I finished thinking my thought I realized that my phone stopped ringing. I figured since she hung up it must not be that important so I left it alone. But my thought was interpreted by the sound of my home phone ringing. I surely knew that my parents would be asleep so I quickly answered and yelled.
“Why would you be calling this late at night? My parents are gonna kill me if they wake up, so what’s so important that you had to call so late at night.”
Then I heard a lot of screaming, Rissa must be having a sleepover with Crystal.
“Rissa, calm down just tell me what’s wrong.” I yelled but made sure it wasn’t loud enough that my parents would hear.
“O-on-one dire-direc... ONE DIRECTION IS COMING TO MINNESOTA!” she screamed so loud that I think my ear drum was going to pop out of my ear!
“I am truly happy, I cant wait til then, I mean one direction they are gonna just fall in love with me as soon as they see me.” I said trying to mock how idiotic Rissa sounds when she talks about them.
“Oh, shut up and just be happy for your friend.” Rissa said sounding disappointed in me.
“Ok, I am sorry but you know how much I hate them.”
“Yes, sorry, I will let you go to bed now, I know you have to wake up early for your crappy job.” she said sounding so sincere.
“Uhh... it’s only 6 and I am already tired. Stupid homework and teachers, they make my life so hard.” My talking to myself was interpreted by the sound of screaming girls. I wonder what happened. Who are they chasing after? Soon 5 guys came running into my store and looking for a place to hide. Before I could react my brain realized that’s who the girls where chasing after so I quickly said,
“Come and hide behide this desk, they wont be able to see you here.”
They stood there for a second to take in that I was helping them and came to hide behide the desk. Some girls saw that they had come in the store and came rushing in to find them.
“Hello, can I help you find something?” I asked politely knowing what she was looking for.
“Umm, yeah did you happen to see 5 sexy guys come running in here?” she asked still not looking at me.
“Um. Sorry no. I would have noticed If 5 hot guys came in my store.” I said proudly
Then she walked away. The girl just left the store frowning. I could see her go out to her friends and say “They aren’t in there.” Then I closed the blinds and shut off the sign that said open. Then locked the door and said,
“You guys can come out now. I locked the door and closed the blinds. No one will know that you are in here but me.”
The 5 guys quickly stood up. And that’s when I realized that One Direction was in front of me and I quickly frowned and crossed my arms. Then one of the guys said,
“Thanks for helping us out... we were kinda in a pickle. Hi, my name is Liam! And this is Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn.”
“Yeah, sure, no problem... but how long are you guys gonna stay here for? My boss is going to get pissed if she found out I closed the store so early.” I said angry that I had helped One Direction. The 5 guys I despised the most in the world. I think the guys picked up that I was angry because they all looked at me like I was crazy and said,
“Did we do something wrong?” all 5 in unison.
“No, sorry, I have just didn’t get enough sleep.” I said lying because no matter how much I hated them. I just couldn’t be mean and the 5 guys caught on to my lying because one of the guys I am pretty sure his name is Niall said
“Your not a good liar, I can tell there is something else. Did we do something?”
“Fine! Yes. You did do something. You guys make my day unbearable because everyone in my school can’t stop talking about you guys. It makes me so sick. Every time I hear the name One Direction” I screamed at the 5 boys.
Karli POV:
The guys were in shock... Then the one people call Liam said,
"Look, I am sorry if we made your life miserable but I don't think that we can help the fact that your friends like us."
I stood there in shock. My eyes widened. I did not expect him to actually be sorry. Maybe I was over reacting, they can’t really help me.
"Ok, fine, I am sorry." I whispered.
"WHAT WAS THAT? WAS IT AN APOLOGY? I DIDN'T HEAR THAT!" Louis screamed in a mocking tone.
“I am not going to repeat myself, but anyways when are you guys going to leave? My boss is going to kill me."
Then I heard some noise in the background. I thought that maybe it was one of the guys phone but then I realized that it was my phone and it was Up All Night. I quickly answered and heard screaming.
“I am not going to hold them hostage, come down to the mall if you want to see them. I want no part of your One Direction mayhem." all the 5 guys looked at me like I was crazy. I instantly hung up.
"I thought you said you hated us, why do you have your ring tone set to our song?" a boy with curly hair asked
"Well curly, my friend is like a major fan and set it whenever she calls me. She fancy’s you the most... she wants me to hunt you guys down and hold you hostage." I said while frowning.
"Oh. Well I wouldn’t mind if you kept me hostage." he said with a flirtatious tone.
Was he just flirting with me? No, Karli remember you hate them. Don't get caught up in boys. You were never interested before don't start now. When I got out of my little mind fight, I noticed that Liam just got off the phone. He then came up and said
"I am so sorry, but do you think that we can stay here for a while. We can't get our tour bus to come until maybe like an hour from now. Is that ok?"
"My boss would freak! Ok, look let me go on my break and you guys can stay at my place until the tour bus can get you guys. My place isn't far. I can get someone to take over my shift are you guys ok with that?"
They all looked at each other and then in uison all said
"Well its not really a road trip since I am only a couple blocks away, but whatever floats your boat."
"Ok, guys my mom would kill me if she found out you guys are over. So you guys are gonna have to shut your face." I said while making my way to unlock the door.
"WOW! A lot of people are going to kill you, your boss and your mom." Zayn said while following me.
I was thinking about how crazy this is. I mean how often do people get to say that they are bringing One Direction into their house. But then again I am bringing the people that I dislike the most into my home.
"Ok, this way guys and don't make a sound" but then I heard a creek and was about to say shhh but then I realized that it had been me.
"You’re the one to tell us missy" Louis said trying to mock.
Gosh why does this guy always make fun of me? Next everyone went into my house and I heard something and I quickly pushed the guys into my closet and then my sister came in and said
"Why are you home? Are you sick? Did you get fired from work?
"No. I am not feeling well." I said while coughing. Hoping that she would believe me.
"Fine. If you are not feeling well. Then you should take a nap."
"Thanks." I said trying to act sick. She then rushed out the door.
"Guys you can come out." I whispered.
The guys came out but it looked like Harry had something in his hand. When I looked harder I noticed that it was a pair of my underwear!
"HARRY PUT THAT DOWN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs
He then ran away out into the hall way. I heard someone coming it was probably my mom wondering what the noise was. So I quickly thought on my feet and pushed me and Harry into the small closet. I put my finger on his lips. So that he would know not to talk. Everything was silent for a second and then when we heard my mom pass. I looked up and saw Harry's eyes. I never noticed how beautiful brown they were. My thought was interrupted by sounds and then I looked over at Harry talking.
"What was that? I wasn't really listening." I said mad at myself for thinking about Harry.
"Oh, umm... it's not important." he said trying to lie.
"You can't call me a bad liar and then go ahead and be a bad liar." I said sounding disappointed in him.
"hey I am a very good acting, and at other things. If you know what I mean." he said while making kissy faces.
Why did this boy have to be so annoying.
"Ok, I think we are free to go back now, and give me back my underwear!" I whispered as loud as I could. To try and get the point out that I was Mad.
We then raced back to my room to find that everyone was quietly lying on my bed. Niall was going threw some of my things. Oh wait Niall my things, crap. I hope he doesn’t find my music book and guitar. The last thing I want in the world is to have these people hear my songs.
"You play guitar? Do you mind if I use it?" Niall asked.
"I don't play! It was just a gift, but sure go ahead." He then went into a corner and began playing some notes.
"What took you guys so long to come back.. Did you and Harry kiss?" Louis mocked.
"Ewwwwww. No way!" I screamed as fast as I could and then saw Harry's face fall into a frown.
"Why? Do you not like men?"
"Holy crap. Of course I LIKE MEN! I told you this before I told DON"T LIKE YOU GUYS! And that is my personal business you don't need to know that." I said so angry that I was ready to kick them out.
"Gesh sorry, don't get to emotional. I just wanted to know since you are so beautiful well that is what Harry said on the way over but I don't really see it!” Louis said while sounding annoyed.
"Wow, I help you guys and this is what you repay me with. There is another reason I hate you guys. You are all arrogant egotistic boys especially you man." I said while feeling proud of myself :)
I then had a deathly stare down with Louis. -_- He soon backed away in fear.
"Muwahahaha, I win!" I screamed... everyone then looked at me like I was crazy because I guess no one had noticed our little stares.
"What? Can a girl not brag?" They didn’t say anything. They just stood there. "Harsh crowd." ^_^ I suddenly heard Niall stop playing and then saw him look behind me? What in the world? It can't be that bad, unless it was a ninja chucky doll coming to eat me alive. Then I slowly turned around and my eyes widened. Crap.. no.. not that.. it can't be!

Previously: "What? Can a girl not brag?" They didn't say anything. They just stood there. "Harsh crowd." ^_^ I suddenly heard Niall stop playing and then saw him look behind me? What in the world? It can't be that bad, unless it was a ninja chucky coming to eat me alive. Then I slowly turned around and my eyes widen. crap.. no.. not that.. it can't be! Why did it have to be him. Of all people. He must be thinking. What. The. Hell.


Okay, Hi everyone. I have written alot to this story. So I would really like it if you guys gave your input. I wrote this fanfic and then found out about this site so the first chapter will all be up in the same day. so Fav, Like, Review whatever it is you guys like to do! But feedback is great. Thanks :)


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