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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction

The Sleepover

Karli POV:
I am so stupid. I crushed Niall. I told him I like Harry. I don’t though. I should have just said that I had a boyfriend. God why I am so stupid. As soon as we got in me and Niall were hugged rapped. We all moved and went and sat on the couch. Niall sat at the other side of the room. I can tell he hated me now. Liam looked at Niall funny
Liam POV:
Something was up with Niall. I would have thought that Niall would have wanted to sit next to Karli but no. He sat the farthest seat away from her. I wonder what had happened between them.
“So what happened? What took you guys so long?” Zayn said
“We got stuck in traffic because we went to a farther red box because we didn’t want to wait” Niall said not looking up from the ground. Something was defiantly wrong! Niall was shaking and not looking up.
“Ok. So what movie did you guys get?” I said trying to change the subject.
“Oh we forgot that in the car. I will go get it!” Karli said.
“No. it’s ok. I will go get it. Can I get your keys? Niall come with me” I said.
“Ok? Here” Karli said while giving me her keys.
As soon as me and Niall were out of the guys hearing I said
“Niall, what happened? And don’t say nothing!” I said being serious. Niall then began explaining everything. He didn’t leave out anything.
“Karli told me she likes Harry” as soon as Niall said that his face dropped.
“Niall, She doesn’t deserver you bro! You are one of the nicest, coolest, most talented guys I have ever met!” I said hoping that it would help him but I knew that it wouldn’t.
“Thanks Man!” Niall said with a fake simile. Now we are back in the hotel room. We all sit down on the couch ready for the movie. Karli sat down and Harry quickly sat down next to her and Niall just looked at Karli. Then Zayn sat on the right of Harry, then Louis then me and Niall. Karli and Niall picked a pixar movie! They wouldn’t tell me which one though. But knowing Niall he probably choose Toy story. As soon as the movie began I knew I was right.
“Muwahahaha. I knew I was right! Its toy story, its toy story” I said while doing my happy dance.
“Wow! It’s really late. But I loved the Movie. Thanks again Guys” Liam said
“Yeah. No problem. I just knew that you would love it” I said. I was looking around the room before I turned on the lights and noticed that Karli was sleeping on Harry. I was staring at them when Liam touched my shoulder. He whispered to me
“Come on bro. Let’s go to bed” Karli and Harry just woke up
Karli POV:
I woke up and noticed that I was sleeping on something comfortable. I looked over at saw Harry. He looked cute when he sleeps. When I look up I see Niall talking with Liam.
“OK, Guys I am going to go head home” I said
“Wait. No you’re not. Its 3 in the morning. You’re going to stay here tonight.” Liam said.
“Uhh. Fine? Where am I gonna stay? Like which room?” I said
“Pick any room you would like?” Liam said
“You can stay with me. In my room?” Harry said while beginning to stand up.
“Umm… I can stay with Niall?” I said. Liam and Harry looked at me really funny.
“No. You should stay with Harry” Niall said angrily
“Niall, Be nice to the guest” Zayn said while walking away.
“Fine. Follow me” Niall said angrily... I wanted to talk to Niall. When I went in his room I couldn’t help but look around. Everything was so neat for a guy’s room.
“Here you get the bed. I will take the couch” Niall said
“Niall. I wanted to talk to you about what I said before, I…" I was cut off
“Karli. Don’t. Just go to bed” Niall said while sitting down. I didn’t want to upset him more than he already was so I didn’t say anything. I was quietly sitting on the bed and Niall was on the couch. I could tell that he was uncomfortable because he kept twisting and turning.
“Niall, are you awake?” I asked quietly enough that only he could hear.
“Yeah, what do you need?” Niall asked
“I need you to come on this bed right now” I said. Right after I said that I realized that it sounded perverted.
“Karli, that sounded perverted. Why do you need me?” Niall asked while laughing a bit.
“I can tell that you are not comfortable on the couch and I am only taking up half the bed.” I said hoping he would come.
“No I am fine thank you. I wouldn’t want to sleep there and have Harry come in and see us” He said mockingly
“Niall, get your butt over here! I am being serious” I said with the most firm voice ever.
“I am being serious as well” He said with a louder and more firm than my voice was.
“if you would come on the bed to sleep will you a least come and watch some TV?” I asked with my puppy dog eyes
Niall POV:
Darn, Karli and her puppy dog eyes. I was being mean so that she wouldn’t see that I was totally crushed. I could say no to her because she kept fighting. So I finally agreed and went and sat on the couch right next to the bed.
“what are you doing?” she asked with a confused look on her face
“Sitting down to watch some TV. Just like you wanted” I said firmly
“Niall. Come and sit on the bed. That’s what I meant” She said while shaking her head
“I am perfectly happy on my little couch here” I said while rubbing the couch. The couches were actually pretty comfortable, I would rather be on the bed but I cannot tell Karli that.
Karli POV:
Darn, Niall was being too difficult! He kept up a good argument. I was trying very hard to think of something that would make him listen to me. I really couldn’t think of anything, so for now I felt him on the couch. A couple of minutes later Niall was falling asleep. I quickly thought on my feet and said
“Niall, come to sleep” Niall was half way asleep so I knew that he wouldn’t disagree. He slowly got up and made his way towards the bed. I was happy now. :) I didn’t think that I was tired since I had a little nap. So I was sitting down watching the x-factor and I saw an advisement that had to do with one direction. They said “who’s turn was it now”. I wonder why One Direction was talking on the x-factor. Maybe they are just endorsement. I was watching people sing and I soon fell asleep on Niall.


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