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Help Me (Louis Tomlinson)

Chapter 2

Louis' POV


What the heck was that? That can't be Ni dropping his food again, he isn't going wild.

Curious, I turned around only to see one of the prettiest girls I have ever laid my eyes on. Bruises, cuts or not she's still one of the most beautiful I have seen. It felt as if time stopped and no one else but the two of us were left.

Snap out of it Lou! You sound like a sappy romantic and LOOK! She's freaking bleeding and all you're doing is going on and on about her appearance, my brain lectured snapping some sense in me.

I saw that she indeed was bleeding and I swiftly ran to her screaming to lighten up the mood, "THE CARROT KING SHALL SAVE YE!" The lads must've heard because despite the chaos surrounding us they managed to crack smiles and let a few chuckles, even Liam. They encouraged me with things like,

"MY BOOBEAR IS BACK! Oh how much I have missed you."

"Only you, Lou."

"He's back!"

"Why the fuck is she bleeding?!"

Wow way to be blunt there Zayn, I thought sarcastically. Ignoring them I ripped my shirt off and quickly, but gently wrapped it around the girl's head adding pressure to the wound to keep it from bleeding. I then picked her up bridal style and turned to my best mates showing them the damage that's happened to this girl in my arms. I heard a loud gasp come out of Haz and Liam's mouth. Then Niall and Zayn quickly picked up on what's happening and gasped too, wow they're slow.

"Liam, call the ambulance and Haz tell the the man it's an emergency," I ordered. They still didn't move. "GO!" I screamed effectively snapping them out of their daze. Screw my calm facade have you not seen the dying girl in my arms?

Liam snapped his cell open and Harry ran.

"Mate what can we do?" Niall asked.

"Get the first aid kit and Zayn, get more cloth to wrap around her wound," I told in my most authoritative voice.

"Wow never thought I'd see the day where you'd be serious about someone you never even met," Zayn commented before leaving.

Niall came back with the kit and as I lay her down on the ground making sure to be gentle with her head as it is wounded. Niall and I cleaned her up as best we could with minor things such as cuts fast.

When we were back on land the ambulances were there ready to take their next victim in the stretchers. I had a mini panic attack when I saw the equipment they might or might not use. Hey, no one said I enjoyed hospitals. What surprised me the most was most of my panic attack concerns to the girl laying unconscious in my arms right now and that scared me. Sure I just met her today, heck, I haven't officially met her as in face-to-face-name-exchanging-introduction but, I still managed to feel this way toward her.

"Sir," the man in scrubs said effectively snapping me out of my daze, "were you the one who found her?"

I nodded.

"Would you like to ride on and explain to me how you found her?" he asked calmly.

How the hell is are you so calm?! You're the one who's suppose to keep her alive not support her to welcome death that easily! I never actually said this out loud because I wasn't trying to piss him off as much as I wanted to.

I hopped on after telling the lads the situation and we all agreed for them to all follow us to the hospital. Soon after I began to ramble off of what I know and what happened.

"They told me they're bring her to the extensive health unit (is that even what that place is called?... oh well) and will tell us her condition later," I told them continuously running my hand through my hair a gesture that I always did when I was nervous. And with Haz being the best mate he can ever be noticed and rubbed soothing circles in my back. While waiting we decided to throw ideas of why this would happen.

"Maybe she fell off the bridge by accident," Harry suggested supporting a proud smile to his 'genius' idea.

"Harry, even I know a girl doesn't fall off a bridge by accident especially inside a car," I told him rolling my eyes at his idea.

"Oi, back to snappy mood aren't we," Harry cheekily wink at me trying to lighten the mood, I eventually cracked a smile 'cause c'mon who can stay mad at my Hazzabear for long?

"Did you see her bruises?" Zayn wondered.

"She probably got it from playing sports," Niall shrugged it off like it was nothing.

"Yeah, 'cause you obviously get bruises in your arms, legs, face, everywhere when you play sports, and she doesn't look like an athlete," Zayn said sarcastically.

"It can't be that bad," Liam said.

"Do you want proof? I took a couple pictures," Zayn challenged us with a smirk.

"You stalk her," I faked a gasp, hey, this conversation was just to serious for my liking.

"WHAT? NO!" He replied with a hint of red showing on his cheeks.

"Aww, he's blushing!" I cooed piching his cheek like a grandma does.

"Whatever you say," Harry winked.

Zayn rolled his eyes and took his phone out.

"AWE HELL NO! NO ONE ROLLS THEIR EYES AT ME AND GETS AWAY WITH IT! HAROLD HOLD MY EARINGS," I said in fake rage acting ready to pounce on him. When I checked on the lads again they were on the ground clutching their stomach for their lives with tears leaking from their eyes. I smiled I love to make anyone smile or laugh.

Once everyone calmed down Zayn showed the picture earning rounds of gasps from them.

"Damn, she's got a great body, bruises or not," Harry winked cheekily which everyone rolled their eyes at.

"No I can't lose my Hazzabear to her!" I faked a glare at the picture before running to Harry's side and possessively wrapped an arm around him shooting daggers to everyone looking at him. Eventually I let a small chuckle out before screeching,"I AM THE CARROT KING AND YOU SHALL BOW DOWN TO ME!!"

The lads let out amused chuckles before it went into full blown laughter.

"Guys I know Louis' hilarious but quiet down their might be dir-" Liam tried to lecture us before we heard screaming.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! IT"S ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!," a teenaged girl screaming effectively making us all wince. Dang, she's got some vocal chords.

"RUN!!" We all screamed.

We ran down the halls and out the hospital. With Liam leading and us following.

"Quick, in that alley," Niall said in between breaths.

Hiding in the alley backs against the brick walls we silently took in deep breaths. After waiting for the last of the mob to pass by we stepped out with hoods and beanies and aviators up. Why are there even girls up at this time? I just shrugged off my question.

"We have to get back I want to be the first to se her when she wakes up." I said.

Walking back I hardly noticed Liam, Harry, and Niall were missing until I heard Zayn scream, and let me tell you it was one of the most hilarious thing I've heard if I wasn't shaking like a leaf. If only I knew how to react to what happened next. I was grabbed then drugged by a cloth wrapped around my nose and mouth.

Must get back to the hospital. Must get back to the ho...


O.o OMG what do you guys think happended? It was pretty intense. Lol I'm so mean but hey, we needed a cliffhanger in there one way or another. Ha ha

One way or another, I'm gonna find you

I'm so punny ;) I luv ya guys






glad u enjoyed it :D
gmorado25 gmorado25
Ok, that was TOTALLY AWESOME! That was a total Louis moment! The Harry, hold my earrings, i must've read that billions of time. Cracking up each time. Update as soon as possible pls!
Madzises Madzises
Candy_Monster Candy_Monster
Candy_Monster Candy_Monster
Update soon pls!!!
Madzises Madzises