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My Young Ones

Chapter 5

Nate's P.O.V.


This is when I get to see the rest of my 'relatives', I heard that only Ben and the younger ones aren't here which means Clarity and Darcy will introduce me to Darcy's twin, the son of the Maliks, and Uncle Li and Aunt Pauline's daughter. I was close with her when we were young, I'm afraid to see her again, to be honest. We had promised each other to never drift apart- that meant calling at least every other day and Skyping. Yes, even our parents knew about our agreement, they had promised us to help out too. I remember that promise like it was made yesterday, which didn't help with the guilt.


"Vi! Vi!" I yelled to the littler girl as I climbed up the ladder to our tree house.

"What now, Horan?" She said quite stern for her age as she turned around to see me enter.

"Whoa, what's got your knitters in a twist?" I joked and raised my hands signalling surrender.
She sighed deeply and said, "Dummy, it's knickers not knitters."

"Mum! Dad! Violet called me a du-" the last words were muffled as she put her hands on my mouth. "Hey!" I yelled at her but it sounded like 'hmmph!'

She laughed her sweet melodic laugh and took her hands away. "Cooties, ew."
This time I laughed with her, we weren't the type of children that minded being friends with a girl when you were a boy. We thought those kids our age were pretty dumb.

"So,what was your hurry?" She said when we settled down and sat down against the bare side of the tree house, I had moved out all my things two days ago for my family's move to Ireland. I had a clear view of my bestfriend's side of the tree house, she wasn't super girly like my classmates in school. She had put a violet beanbag in the corner, a small desk that was identical to mine- our parents had made hers violet and mine blue-, and a shelf of art supplies.

I was going to miss all our moments we spent here..

"I'm leaving tonight.." I whispered, I wasn't sure if she heard me since it felt like the silence lasted an hour.

"I know. " She said as quiet as I did, I looked at her and she was staring at her feet which was propped in front of her. Her dark brown hair cascaded down her tiny face.

"Please look at me." I silently plead, she moved her head gingerly until I saw her teary brown eyes. I sucked in a breath as I felt my eyes pricking too.

"I'm going to miss you so much." She finally cried and hugged me tightly, I hugged her tighter if it was possible.

"You know that I'm desperately the same." I sobbed, I didn't know how long we held each other.

When we finally pulled away, the sky was gray and I could hear our families preparing our last dinner together here in London. Violet's face was tear streaked as was mine. I wiped her cheeks after I wiped mine, she sniffled which made me smile a sad smile.

"Nate! Violet! Come down please!" I heard Aunt Pauline yell from the bottom of the tree.

"Yes, mum!" Vi yelled, her voice was a little bit hoarse which was very strange to hear for a girl that young. "I guess it's time to go down."

I shook my head, "One last thing."

She sat near the ladder and waited, I approached her.

"My parents talked with your parents," I started," they agreed to let us Skype and use the phone to call each other every other day."

"Really?" I could hear the excitement in her voice, I nodded. "At least that's better than nothing!"
I finally saw her beautiful smile and found myself grinning.

"Last warning, kids!" My dad yelled, we giggled and rushed down to meet everyone.

"Did you tell her about the plan?" My mum asked, I said yes. "Wonderful!"

"Now, before you children make me starve even more, let us eat please!" Uncle Louis whined.
We all entered the Payne residence and ate our last dinner together, One Direction and their families. My last dinner with my best friend.
We said goodbyes to the Maliks, Tomlinsons, and Styles families. A lot of tears were shed- including my Uncles even though they denied it, it was obvious- and we piled into the van.
The Paynes walked us into the airport until they couldn't go any farther.
I heard my parents and Vi's parents hugging and saying their farewells.

"I guess this is goodbye?" She said sadly, I saw her tears coming down her face already.

I hugged her tight and whispered, "Not goodbye, see you later."

"Promise?" She whispered back.

"Promise." I swore.

-flashback ended-

"Nate!" I heard someone yell from behind me, I was lost in thought as I was walking to my locker to put some things away.

I turned around and gave Clarity and Darcy a sad smile, "Hey."

"Hey?" Darcy questioned almost threateningly, I furrowed my eyebrows. What was wrong with 'hey'?

"We were screaming your name since you left your English room!" Clarity said tiredly, I realized that they must've ran to me.

"May I inquire that that is far?!" Darcy exclaimed.

"Sorry, was lost in my head." I sighed, putting my books away.

"Oi, don't be sad. You're gonna meet the rest of our bunch." She put and arm around my shoulders, at least she tried. I was too tall so she was practically tiptoeing and still, she barely got her arm around.

I laughed, closing my locker, as she scowled, "You're a friggin' giant leprechaun."

"Leprechauns... Aren't they supposed to be tiny?" Clarity asked, we were now on our way to the cafeteria. That made the scowl on Darcy's face turn into a frown.

Walking into the cafeteria was actually really nauseating for me, I never liked packed rooms. I'm claustrophobic like my father.
We made our way to a table near the windows in the corner, whispers surrounding us. I think they didn't forget about what happened just hours ago, stupid jock.
Finally, making it to the table. I saw some people sitting on it. Including a familiar girl who had her back facing me.

"Guys,this is Nate.." Darcy sat down in between a guy that looked her age, her twin, and Clarity. "Horan."

At the sound of my name, the girl spun around so fast it looked like it made her dizzy.
Guess who it was? It was shy locker girl, I wonder how she knows my 'family'?
People introduced themselves. Will, Darcy's twin, was nice. So, was Dylan, Uncle Zayn's son. They greeted me and I said hi. Well, introductions done. Check.
I grinned at the girl with a purple streak in her long brown hair as she blushed and turned her back around as I took a seat beside her.
Darcy was already starting a new conversation with the others as I leaned closer to the girl beside me.

"Hey." I whispered, she was the only one who didn't talk, "I'm Nate."

Looking a me, she squinted her eyes and realized how close we were and backed away. I chuckled at her odd behavior.

"You don't remember me?" Her voice was tiny, but sweet.

I quirked an eyebrow at her and smiled, "Sorry, it's been a while since I've been here."
She just sighed and went back to her book while she ate a sandwich.

"Vi!" Will yelled, "Stop reading!" He joked.

Wait, what?

Vi? As in, my Vi?

I turned at the girl who was already looking at me with a sad glint in her eyes.

"Violet?" I said lowly, hurt evident in my voice with the crack mid syllable.

"Hi." She breathed out with a sad smile, just like the one she left when the airplane doors closed all those years ago.


Just like Vi.... Hi.

Okay, okay. I know I'm basically a year late since it's 2014- BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR BY THE WAY GUY AND BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS I KNOW I SUCK- and I'm sorry.

I have reasons to why though, I haven't been updating.
None will probably matter though because you all may be mad at me. I don't blame you if you are, I am mad at myself too. I promised you updates every weekend and I failed. Therefore, I am truly sorry.

I've just been so busy with school and well... my social life. (yes, I know it's a shocker.. It actually exists! xD)
Oh and, I did write my chapters on my new phone, a BlackBerry, but whenever I try copy-pasting it on the site on my phone... IT DOESNT WORRRK. AGSALDJBCE So, my only hope to update now is to write the chapters advanced on my phone and type it on here on the site using the laptop. I rarely use the laptop so it'll be difficult. I'm so sorry and I hope you'll all forgive me.

(oh crap I forgot what I type in the end... ermmm I'll wing it and make a new one up and hope it's close to the old one xD)




Aww thanks, I hope you have a wonderful day to

REALLY? AWWH Now I feel terrible for updating so late :(( ASJDVHBKVA STUPID SCHOOL AND BROTHERS FIGHTING OVER THE LAPTOP. Ugh. Thanks for sticking around, love. :) I hope you have a wonderful day.

Eeek yay I don't care how long it was that I had to wait you updated and that's all I car about!!!! Your fics were some of the first I read on this site and I love them so much!!!!!!!!!

Of course! I always try my best! Will seriously update soon.
I hope you feel better @sickcurlsanduptightquiffs!!! But could you please just try to write a little bit whenever you had time, instead of giving up one day of your life to write it???
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