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My Best Friend Forever?


When Emma Nicole Mason comes to visit her best friend Niall, who she has been friends with since forever, to go on tour with him and the rest of the boys feelings change. Some in a good way others in a bad. At the first sight of her all the boys fall head over heals for her.(all of them are single in this story). Niall already told the lads that shes off limits. none off the lads listen. She notice it but decides to push it off. Will one tiny bet end her and Niall' s friendship?


Emma Nicole Mason

Emma Nicole Mason

She is 20 years old. Niall's best friends since forever. All the guys are in love with her

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Has crush on Emma, Niall's band mate

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

niall's band mate, Has a major crush on Emma and wants to be with her

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Niall's band mate. Has crush on Emma

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Emma's best friend since forever, Likes Emma but, doesn't like to show it. Get's mad at the guys sometimes for liking her Cares alot for her

Riley Tanner

Riley Tanner

Emma's Ex. cheated on her while she was at camp. Want's her back

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson

Emma's Best friend when Niall moved away, Hasn't decided his feelings on Emma yet, Secretly hates Riley

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Crush on Emma, Niall's Band mate


  1. Chapter 1


  2. Chapter 2


  3. chapter 3

    Louis' Pov

  4. Chapter 4

    phone call of decisons

  5. Chapter 5


  6. Chapter 5


  7. Chapter 6

    Hotel situation

  8. Chapter 7

    Why Me?

  9. Chapter 9

    Louis' POV

  10. Chapter 10


  11. Chapter 11

    Are you serious?

  12. Chapter 11

    I'm really sorry?

  13. Chapter13

    You know you do

  14. Chapter 14

    Well maybe you should?

  15. Chapter15

    Am I really that attached.

  16. Chapter 16

    You're Kidding right?

  17. Chapter 17

    OMG!!!!!!!!(Read note at end)

  18. Chapte 18

    No Its my fault because I thought I actually had friends

  19. Chapter 19

    Familar face or Daja fu

  20. Chapter 20

    You're kidding

  21. Chapter 21

    Don't Worry

  22. Chapter 22


  23. Chapter23

    A Pleasant surprise?

  24. Chapter 24

    The date

  25. Chapter 24

    Million years

  26. Chapter 26

    but, more importantly not the one to bring out that wonder smile you or laugh

  27. Chapter 27


  28. Chapter 28

    Leaving day

  29. Chapter 28

    First Day

  30. Chapter 29

    I love you!

  31. Chapter 30!

    Oh really?

  32. Chapter 31

    Fake date

  33. Chapter 32

    Suggestions please.


Cool can't wait ;)
Lali Lali

i'm working on my sequal
Let me know when u update :)
Lali Lali
np :) update?
Lali Lali

Awww thanks