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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Fifteen

~ Ariana P. O. V.~
`You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be, And I don't wanna go home
right now`

"Hello?" I say. "Ari are you awake?" I hear Lou say through the phone. Did
he really just ask that? "No, I'm sleep talking Lou." "If you're sleep talking,
then how did you know it was me?" "I have magical powers." "You're a
witch." "NO! I'M AWAKE! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" He begins to laugh.
"Get up. I left you some clothes at the end of your bed. Wear that. Meet me
at the ice cream shop in thirty minutes ." "Okay, bye Lou." I hang up. I
look over at then end of my bed. Is he serious? I get up. I grab the clothes
and change into it. Ariana's outfit

I grab my car keys and head out to the ice cream shop. I turn the radio on.
How To Save A Life by The Fray comes on. I squeal. I LOVE this song. I
begin singing. " She goes left and you stay right, Between the lines of fear
and blame. You begin to wonder why you came. Where did I go wrong I lost
a friend."

By the time I reach the shop the song has ended. I grab my bag and get off. I
walk in and search for Lou. I find him in the back with to ice creams. "Hey
Lou." "Finally! Nice shirt." He say smirking. I roll my eyes. I sit across from
him. "Did I really have to wear this shirt?" He nods. "Ugh why?" "Cause I
like that shirt." I swear this boy loves to annoy me. Like Harry. "You know our best friend is gonna a girlfriend soon." I say to Lou. He raises his eyebrows. "Really? All I knew was that he has a crush on a girl but I don't know her name." "Her name is Star. She works at Starbucks and sings in the park. Guess who's her friend." "Who?" He asks. "Perrie." He looks shock. "Yeah. I don't hate her though. We made up." "Really?"I nod. I feel my phone vibrate. 2 New Messages.

Jenn<3;) : Hey I heard what happened on Sunday. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL
ME?! Y U NO WUV ME NO MORE </3 :( x

I laugh.

Me: Sowwy babe. Of course I wuv you. Tell you on later. Oh, Perrie is
coming to the mall with us and Star too. x

Perrie: Hey Ari, when do you and the girls want to meet on Friday? Can Star
come along? x

I reply back. Me: Around 12 ish. Sure! See you later x

"Lets go laser tagging!" Lou randomly yells. I smile. "Okay."

"THAT WAS SO FREAKING FUN!" I yell. Lou chuckles." Ariana! Louis!" Someone screams our names. I turn around and see paps. Shit.

"Ariana can ask you some question?" One of them asks. "Uh sure."

" Why did you never told no one you had a daughter?" "I wanted to protect
her from people."

"Ariana why were you seen coming out of the hospital with Zayn Malik
from One Direction?" "He was helping me carry Annabelle."

"Do you know each other?" I nod. "Yeah."

"Louis are you and Eleanor still together?" one of them ask him. "Yes we

"Okay we have to go bye." We start running to my car until we get greeted
by some fans.

"Lou can I get a picture?" He nods. He starts signing and taking pictures
with them.

"Hey Ari can I get a picture with you?" I nod. "Sure."

"Ewww it the slut." I turn around. I see a blonde girl. She looks like 18 years
old. She wearing some shorts that you can almost see her ass and I tank top
that's barely covering her boobs. "Excuse me?" "You heard me." "I'm not a
slut. I don't fuck every single guy that catches my eyes. I work and take care
of my daughter. Now'll goodbye." I hear some 'Oos' 'Burn'
'The slut got burned' I laugh. I see Louis smiling with his phone on his
hands. "Good job." "You recorded it?" He nods. I roll my eyes. "Its going
in Twitter."

"I saw the video." El says. " I think everyone saw it." She laughs. I yawn.
"I'm tired." "Then go to sleep. Tomorrow you have another day with one of
these goofballs." I laugh. "Okay. Kiss Annabelle for me. Goodnight El."

" Of course. Goodnight Ari."I look at Twitter again and see people keep replying. I scroll down until one caught my eye.

@zayn_malik: That's my girl.


What do you guys think? Please comment (: xx


i love this story


YAY! thank you so much! :D

Happyyyyyyyy :)

Gotta love 1D Gotta love 1D

@Aamna Malik13

I'm glad you're happy c:

Sinthiaa Sinthiaa

HAPPY! <333

Aamna Malik13 Aamna Malik13