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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Fourteen

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~.

"Love?" I slowly start to open my eyes. "Hey Liam. What are we doing today?" I say yawning." "I was thinking a twitch cam after breakfast then
a disney marathon? How does that sounds?" I smile. "Sound perfect." "Good. Get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast " "Okay." I get up
and walk over to my closet. I really don't feel like getting dolled up. I reach up for a pair a grey sweats. I bet we're going to watch Toy Story. I walk over to a stack of shirts, and pick up a purple shirt. Liam's going to like it. No love it. It has Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. I put my hair into a bun. Ariana's Outfit

"Thanks." I say as Liam sets my plate in front of me. He gets his own plate and sits across from me. I take a bite from the food. My eyes widen. This is delicious! "Liam since when do you cook? The last time you tried to cook, you burnt to food." I giggle of that memory. He chuckles. "Finally learned how. Took me a quite few times not to burn the food. The other learned as well. Niall still has troubles since he's real lazy to took." "Same old Nialler. Always lazy. He loves food, but he's too lazy to make it himself." He laughs. We stay silent. "Ariana?" "Can I ask you two things?" "Yeah. Shoot."

"One. Are you still in love with Zayn? Two. Were you trying to keep Annabelle away from Zayn?" I freeze at the last question. "Yes, I'm still in
love with Zayn. It hurt what he did, but I'm still crazy for him. Before you guys came I always said 'I hate Zayn' over again. That was my brain
speaking. My heart said, 'You love him and you know it.' " I take a deep breath. "Yes, I was trying to keep Annabelle away from Zayn. That's why I kept her hidden. At first when she was born I said she didn't need a lying and cheating father. Her first word was 'dadda'. I was kinda pissed. Last year when she turned four she asked me 'Where is daddy?' I always changed the topic when that comes up. When I saw Zayn carrying her, I saw a little sparkle in her eyes when she looked at him. I knew I was going to tell her. Then when I told her Zayn is her daddy, she started jumping up and down. She was happy he was her father."

"Wow." I nod as I pick up our plate. "Here, I'll help. You wash and I'll dry." I begin washing the plate. As I finish, I hand them to Liam for he can dry them. "Done." "I'm going to tweet saying we'll gonna do a twitch cam." "Me too."

Gonna do a twitch cam with @Real_Liam_Payne in five minutes. Come join us! (: xx

I walk into the living room and see Liam setting it up. "Ready?" He asks. "Yup." I say popping the 'P' "Okay, we're live. Hey guy! I'm here with my lovely friend Ariana." I plop myself next to him. "Hi everyone!" I turn on the radio and 22 by Taylor Swift comes on. "I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22. Everything will be alright. If you keep me next to you.." I sing, pointing to Liam.

"Everything will be alright. If we just keep dancing like we're 22, ooh-ooh 22, ooh-ooh It seems like one of those nights, This place is too crowded. Too many cool kids, uh uh, uh uh It seems like one of those nights, We ditch the whole scene and end up dreaming. Instead of sleeping. Yeah, We're happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way. It's miserable and magical. Oh, yeah, Tonight's the night when we forget about the heartbreaks. " I continue to sing the song.

Liam starts to clap his hands. "Thank you. Thank you." I bow. "Now ask us questions." I say. "Ariana do you know if you're doing a meet and greet soon?" I read. "Yeah in a few weeks I am."

"Liam, how are you and Danielle?" I read. I look over at Liam. "We're really good. I love her to death."

"Ariana how is your daughter?" Liam reads. "She's really good. I'm thinking of signing her into ballet class. I don't know. I really want to see her in a tutu dancing."

" Are One Direction and Ariana going to make a song together?" I read. I look at Liam. "Actually no, but that sounds like a great idea. We should." "Yeah that sounds awesome."

We are now watching Toy Story 3. Surprise, surprise. Well actually I am. Liam fell asleep a few minutes ago. We were on twitch cam for three hours. Then we started our marathon. I wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast. Yes, I'm 22 and I still watch princess movies. Judge me. I look at the clock. 9:30 PM. I hope Annabelle is still awake. I pull out my phone and dial El's number.

"Hello?" "Hey El, it's Ari. Is Annabelle awake?"

"Yeah, She's playing heroes with Louis. I'll go get her." I laugh. "Thanks."
"Mommy?" "Hey sweetie. How are you? How was your day?
"It was good. I played with Uncle Lou. Uncle Harry came and brought me ice cream."

"That's great. Don't eat ice cream at night okay Bell?"

"Okay. Mommy, daddy came and gave me a doll. It was a princess. He said it was a new one. Her name is Ari. Like you! He said that me and you are his princesses." I smile.

"Really?" "Yeah."

"Bell I think it's time for bed. It's almost ten o'clock. Go tell Auntie El that it's time for bed. Goodnight, sweet dreams. I love you."

"I love you too mommy. Night." We hang up.

I look at Liam. I pick up a blanket and cover him. I walk up to my room. I quietly close to door. I lay down on my bed and fall asleep.


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i love this story


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