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Dangerous Love

42 - Be Nice


My mother and sister were laughing behind me at the table, I’m sure what about – probably just girl stuff. I was slaving over the stove, preparing eggs, bacon, and toast for everyone. I sigh lightly as I hear Gemma mention my beautiful girl, I miss her so much.

“Where is she, Harry? I hope she isn’t mad at me still.” Mum asks, her voice sounding upset. I clear my throat, I haven’t really spoken much this morning so it’s still kind of dry. “She’s still sleeping.” I say loud enough for them to hear me. “Oh, I figured she’d come down here with you.” Gemma replies. “She’s not uh.. feeling well.” I admit, I don’t want to straightforwardly say she’s on her period, that’s none of their business.

“She’s ill? Poor thing. What happened?” Mum continues with the conversation. I slide my tongue around in my mouth, I really don’t want to talk about this. I huff to myself as I make up some lie. “She woke me up around four this morning.. Her stomach’s been bothering her, probably just a bug.” I shrug lightly at my lie – I can’t bluntly say, hey Anna Lisa was up this morning with blood pouring out of her va-

“There she is!” Gemma’s voice interrupts my thoughts. I look over my shoulder to see Anna Lisa coming through the kitchen door, a lazy smile on her face. I turn the stove top down a few notches, I don’t want to burn the bacon up or my house down. I rush over to her before she even started to walk.

She flinches lightly as I slide my hands on her waist, blocking her from my mother and sister’s views. “Everything okay, Anna Lisa?” I ask in a mumble, raising my eyebrows high as she stares up at me. Her eyes are still red and puffy from all her crying, her cheeks flustered lightly.

“I mean.. not really.” She shrugs a shoulder, glancing down to her stomach before her eyes lock with mine again. “Has the medicine helped any?” I ask, still keeping quiet. “Yeah,” She says with a nod, “But I um.. have really bad.. cramps either way so.” She sighs gently, probably hating this time, I know I would if I were her.

“You look so cute.” I mutter against her lips as I lean down, I need to feel her lips against mine for at least a few seconds. I start the kiss by pressing my lips into hers. She parts her soft, plump lips for me and I slide my tongue into her mouth. I feel her smile against me as I swipe it around a few times before pulling away, our lips touching one last time before we disconnect.

She’s wearing one of my plain white shirts paired with a pair of pink polka-dot pajama pants. The major looks thin, but yet comfortable. She has pink socks on her feet and her hair is tied into a bundle on top of her head. She has slightly dark circles under eyes, but that’s most likely from the lack of sleep.

“Don’t keep her from us, Harry!” Gemma’s fist punches against my shoulder all of a sudden and I drop my hands from Anna’s waist. “Fine, have her. Be nice.” I say to Gemma. She only laughs in return and gestures Anna Lisa to follow her. Poor thing, she looks terrible – I mean that in the best way possible. She still looks beautiful, but I know she’s hurting everywhere.

I return to the stove and continue with my cooking, it shouldn’t be much longer – hopefully five to ten minutes left. I can’t help but pick up their conversation, I just need to make sure they’re both being nice to her. “Honey, Harry told us you were feeling ill? Is everything alright?” My mum asks her in her mother voice, sort of high pitched and coated with sincerity.

“Yes ma’am.. just a little queasy.” Anna replies with her calming voice, so angelic. I smile gently at her response, I hope she’s not feeling uncomfortable at the moment. “Poor thing, you look drained. How long did you keep her up Harry?” Gemma asks with a sigh, as if that’s any of your business Gem..

I was about to retort to her, letting them know I really have nothing to do with this, but my thoughts were cut off when Anna Lisa replied instead. “I actually um.. woke Harry up. I think I’m just.. really tired.” She informs me. A sigh leaves my mouth as I remind myself she’s probably feeling completely terrible right now.

“How much longer on the food, darling?” Mum asks me as I hear the sound of a chair sliding on the floor. “Few more minutes.” I call out, not wanting to turn and face her at the moment – I’m trying to get this damn bacon done. I hear footsteps behind, oh great here comes my mother – all she’s going to do is judge my food. This could be better. Add some salt, honey. Blah blah..

A huff left through the part in my lips as the footsteps stopped. I jumped suddenly as I felt a pair of cold, small arms go around my body from behind. I smile gently to myself as I realize it’s just Anna Lisa. I'm sort of surprised she's showing me this affection around my mother, but I also know she's not feeling good so that's probably her reason behind this. I place my free hand on top of hers as my other works on getting the bacon out of the pan and onto the plate.

“You okay, baby?” I ask in a soft voice, I didn’t want to be too loud with her right now. “No.. I’m hurting, Harry.” She whimpers lightly – her little cries don't bother me though, I know she’s hurting and she’s trying so damn hard not to cry in front of my family. I mentally applaud her for being so strong.

“Go sit down baby, the food’s ready.” I tell her and in return I get a groan. I roll my eyes with a smile, she’s cute when she’s feeling bad – was that even okay to say? Her arms fall from my body and I hear her footsteps on the floor. “Gemma, can you give me a hand?” I ask as I look over my shoulder. She jumps from her chair and skips over in my direction.

“Sure thing, boo.” She says with a bright smile – as a child I was never the morning person, I left all that for Gemma. “Might want to invest in thicker shirts, I know it’s yours.. but still.” Gemma mumbles to me, nudging my side with her elbow. “What are you talking about?” I ask just as quiet as she stated. She gives me a reply, but it’s not what I thought it would be. “Go easy on her next time.. her neck’s purple.” She laughs to herself as she grabs the jug of orange juice and the glasses, headed for the table.

My eyes widen as I realize that Anna has her hair up and her neck is covered in my teeth marks and the bruises I left on her body. And I saw them this morning, they haven’t gotten any better. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my mind darts to the other thing Gemma said and I remember what I witnessed a few days ago when I had her in my shirt – you can easily see her nipples through the thin material.

My mother is going to kill me.

[Anna Lisa]

Harry sits a plate down in front of me, it’s loaded with scrambled eggs, bacon, and a slice of toast with jam spread evenly over its surface. Gemma passes him a glass and he grabs the juice. I look up at him and watch him pour the liquid into the glass for me. He sits it down beside my plate. His jade green eyes catch mine and he smiles down at me. Unexpectedly, Harry leans down and presses his lips against my forehead.

“Aw, such a cutie.” Anna says with a smile as she witnesses Harry’s affection. I feel my cheeks blush up at the thought of them watching us. He sits down beside me after pulling his chair a little closer to mine. His left hand slides onto my covered thigh and he just rests it there, he doesn’t grope it or even rub it – honestly I’m glad he’s not, I don’t feel too good in that section of my body.

“Mmm, it’s good.” Gemma states as she shoves a fork full of eggs into her mouth. “Sure is, you did wonderful honey.” His mother agrees as she sips on the juice. “How about you, do you like it babe?” Harry says, turning his head to look at me. I freeze up, I haven’t even touched my fork yet. I give him a glance before reaching for my fork. “Honey, are you okay? Looks like you’ve seen a ghost.” His mother asks as she furrows her eyebrows – it’s nice to notice she’s actually caring.

“I think I caught her off guard.” Harry laughs lightly. He looks away from and continues to eat the food he prepared. I lick my lips, they were starting to get chapped from the air. The room grows silent, I take it as a sign to begin eating. I start with some eggs, I usually eat like a total pig when I’m on my cycle, but something is telling me not to that in front of them. I’m going to listen to whatever is telling me that..

Harry’s hand slides between my legs and I gasp suddenly. His mother’s head snaps up and she looks over at me, slightly confused. Harry turns his head in my direction and furrows his eyebrows at me. “I.. um.” I gulp gently, what the hell am I supposed to say now? “Excuse me.” I grab Harry’s wrist and push his hand off of me. I quickly stand from the table and run towards the door. “Baby?” Harry calls out after me but I can’t stop, I need to find the bathroom.

I remember Harry showing me where everywhere was and I immediately run towards the location of just one of the many bathrooms in the house. I slam the door shut behind me and run over to the toilet. I raise the top up and drop my pants to the ground, along with the black panties I was wearing. I can’t believe I just embarrassed myself like that.

I grab some toilet paper and begin to clean myself – my cycles aren’t heavy, but I get insane cramps, those are what woke me up this morning. The period itself isn’t an issue, but the cramping is painful. “Anna Lisa?” I hear Harry’s raspy voice call my name, a few knocks following.

“I’m.. I’m okay, Harry.” I assure him, a sigh leaving my mouth as I throw my head into my hands. I’m just feeling good, please just leave me alone Harry. I could never say that to him, I’d never want him to leave me.. “I’m coming in.” Before I had time to protest his statement, the door opened and Harry entered the bathroom. He shut and locked the door behind him.

He hurried to my side and dropped to his knees. “Baby, what happened out there?” He asks curiously, raising his eyebrows at me. “You scared me.. when you..” I stop myself, I don’t even want to talk about it. “When I moved my hand?” He questions. “Yes sir.” I whisper back. He sighs and falls to his butt on the floor, bringing his knees up as he stared at me.

“They think you’re throwing up.” He says with an eye roll. “I’m sorry I ruined.. everything already.” I admit, mostly to myself – I knew this would happen, well I knew something bad would happen, not necessarily this though. “Baby, stop saying you’ve ruined everything. You’re just on your p-” “Please, don’t say it.. it makes me want to throw up.” I sigh out, cutting off his voice.

“You’re just having.. issues.. right now. If I told them-” I stop his sentence again with a gasp, my eyes darting to his. “No! Don’t tell them that!” I whine out, my heart starting to race at the fear of utter embarrassment. “Don’t interrupt me again.” Harry snaps, his eyebrows in a furrowed, his forehead wrinkled as he gives me his mean look. I gulp gently, trying to remind myself to behave.

“As I was trying to say.. If I told them then they’d understand, but I’m not telling them.” Harry finishes his previous statement as he takes his body off the ground, steading himself as he stands. “Watch your attitude.” He warns as he walks towards the door. No kiss, no hug, not even a goodbye.

Great, not only have I completely embarrassed myself, but I’ve upset him and that makes me feel horrible. Extremely horrible. All he’s been trying to do is take care of me and show me he cares, yet all I’ve done is cry and complain to him. I’m just an unappreciative bitch.

I don’t deserve him.


The kitchen is quite as I enter. My mother’s head shoots in my direction and I can tell she’s worried, it’s swept across her face. I take a seat in my chair and continue eating as if nothing ever happened. I literally feel their eyes all over me, and as I look up my feeling was true.

“What?” I ask them both as they stare at me like they’ve never seen me before. “Is she okay?” Gemma asks with a sigh. “She’s fine.” My shoulders shrug at her as I reply, nothing too detailed at all. “Harry, where is she at? Do I need to go check on her?” My mother asks as she goes to stand from the chair.

“Mum, she’s.. fine.” I say. She huffs as she sits back down and rests her arms on the table, her stare intense on me now. “You’re lying to me, Harry. Tell me what’s wrong with the girl.” Mum claims, she’s beginning to irritate my nerves. “Harry, we care okay? I know things started rough but we really do wanna know what’s bothering her. Is it us?” Gemma adds her comment in.

I swallow gently to myself, trying to maintain my temper. I can’t lash out on my mother again, she’d literally kill me, or at least make me feel like shit after a lecture. “Harry, please. If you don’t tell me son.. I’m going to go look for her.” That caught my attention and I looked up at her. They’re bothering me, like extremely bad. I sigh out as I quickly decide on my newest thought. Might as well.

“She’s on her period.” I bluntly state as I stand up from my chair, grabbing my plate and heading for the sink. They both become speechless, like they don’t even know what that is – obviously my mother knows or I wouldn’t be here. I sit the plate into the sink with an intention of washing the dishes later on.

“Well.. does she have everything she needs?” Gemma asks after a few minutes of silence. I turn around to face her, my cup in my hand as I take a few sips. I give her a shrug, “I assume. She hasn’t asked for anything.” My tone makes me seem like I don’t care, but I do – it’s just.. I never thought I’d be discussing this with my sister and my mother.

“Poor thing must be hurting. How are her cramps? Is the.. bleeding.. light or-” I hold my hands up in surrender in front of my body, my mother’s mouth closing as she looks at me strangely. “All I can say is she’s on it. If you have any questions you need to speak with her.” I proclaim, hoping this will end the odd questions. “Alright. Where’d she go?” Gemma says, raising her eyebrows high.

She starts the walk towards the living room but I quickly speed up and catch her by grabbing her wrist. “Anna told me not to tell you.. and.. I did, so please.. don’t. She’s fine, I promise. I’ll check on her constantly.” I implore, praying that she’ll just let it go and let this all sizzle down. “Harry, are you sure you know what to do?” Mum says as she comes over to us. She pries my hand off of Gemma’s wrist and crosses her arms on her chest, giving me her concerned look.

I let my tongue swipe over my lips, I’m actually rather glad she asked me that. “To be honest with you.” I start with a sigh, “I don’t know.. what to do.” I mumble out the words, my eyes hitting the floor. It bothers me a lot that I have no clue on what to do for her. “C’mon, let’s go talk in here.” Gemma gestures us both to follow her and I gladly take the first step towards the living room.

Gemma sits down on the couch and pats the spot beside her. I smile gently, grateful of these to ladies right now. I sit down beside her and my mother takes the space beside me, putting me between them. The both shift their bodies to look at me and begin this conversation. I lay back against the couch, sinking down just a little bit.

“First off, if she has bad mood swings or crankiness, don’t and I mean do not mention it to her.” Gemma says, pointing her index finger at me as she speaks. I give her a nod, prepared to mentally list these things and hope to remember them all. “I’m serious, Harry. I know how blunt you can be, so please don’t say anything rude to her.” Gemma adds in with an eye roll. “Alright.” I mumble lightly.

“Does she let you in the bathroom with her?” Mum asks, I’m not sure how this will help but maybe my answer will affect her point. “Well.. it’s the first time she’s been on it since we met.” I state that clearly, hoping that get the gist that we haven’t been together long – so really I don’t know the correct ways of calming her just yet. “Well, if she does let you come in do not say anything about her bleeding. And when you do laundry, don’t say anything about stains. Understand?” Mum questions, raising her eyebrows high. “Yes.” I mutter lightly.

“Be nice to her. If she starts to get insecure and ask you questions or complain.. then just be nice. Compliment her and kiss her every time you see her. Not a sloppy snog, Harry. Just a little peck.” Gemma continues the conversation. “Alright. I already do that. So I guess I’ll do it more?” I ask, cocking an eyebrow at her. She nods with a gentle smile. “Correct.”

“Patience is the key, honey.” Mum starts as she pats my knee with her hand a few times before returning it to her lap. “She could get snappy or have an attitude.. but remember it’s because of her hormones and her body’s doing weird things. Don’t ever blame it on her though, those arguments bring violent words and hurtful things.” Mum tells me with a soft sigh. “Yeah, and she could become really sad and cry a lot. That’s what I do at least… But um, just take care of her.” Gemma throws in her comment quickly before they move on further.

“Food. Feed her.” Gemma simply says. “She won’t eat half the time I offer-” She stops me mid-sentence with a laugh. “Oh trust me, Harry, she’ll be eating a lot in the next few days. But it’s only because her body is losing so much energy.” She informs me, I didn’t know that. I thought they just lost blood..

“Don’t take her out on fancy dates, she won’t like it. Stay here with her and watch movies. Don’t force her into something she doesn’t feel like doing. Be sweet to her.” My mother speaks, her eyes are becoming watery. This always happens, when we discuss something important she gets emotional. “Mum?” Gemma whispers lightly, noticing the tear strolling down her face.

“I’m sorry.. It’s just.. Harry has.. a girlfriend, Gemma. My baby’s so mature and.. I know he cares so much about her. I feel terrible about the way I treated her.” The whole time she spoke, her bottom lip was quivering and tears were leaving her eyes. “We’re letting that go, Mum. And.. thank you for helping me.. I appreciate it so much.” I say with a smile, hoping to make me feel better.

She wipes her thumbs under eyes, trying to remove the tears from her face. “Now this may seem odd.. but ask her if there is anything you can do to help.” Gemma sighs out, that really does seem weird. “Just don’t pester her.. be nice and just love her, Harry.” My mum says in a soft voice. I give them both a nod before standing up, I need to check on my princess. I go towards the foyer but I don’t move for long. My feet stop as my eyes see Anna Lisa standing there, biting her lip hard as she stares at me.

“Baby?” I ask, stepping just an inch closer. She gives me a shake of her head before turning on her heel and running up the stairs. “Anna Lisa!” I yell to her, but I get no sort of reply. I look over my shoulder, this morning has been horrible. “Harry, did she hear us?” Gemma asks nervously as they both stand and turn to look at me. “I think she did.. I’ll go talk to her.” I sigh out before heading to the staircase.


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