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Dangerous Love

41 - Raise Your Legs


The lie I told my mother, despite us sort of fixing the issue earlier, was that Anna’s stomach was hurting and she was tired. Both her and my sister believed it and I left them access to the guest rooms downstairs, I don’t want to risk her hearing us – she’s already seen it, and besides I know she likes the rooms downstairs better for some reason.

The bedroom door wasn’t closed. I push it open slowly, stepping in quickly. I shut it behind me and turn on my heel to find Anna Lisa sitting at the foot of the bed. Her legs are crossed, her head’s hanging low, and she’s playing with her fingers, still wearing her dress.

I pick up the shoes off the floor and take them into the closet. I sit them down, not sure where she got them from. I sigh lightly as I leave the closet and turn the light off in there. She’s still sitting there as if she didn’t acknowledge that I came in.

“I heard you yell.” She mumbles lightly as I cross the room. I lick my lips, not sure what to say exactly. “Mum told me.. she doesn’t hate you.. babe.. she just.. doesn’t want me to hurt you.” I admit, that sounds pretty stupid – especially after how she acted with Anna.

She doesn’t reply, but I know she’s probably unsure about it all just like me. “She’s got a weird way of showing affection.. I told her how much you mean to me and she told me she just wants me to make sure I take care of you and treat you well.” I continue on, not sure if I need to explain any further or not..

“She probably doesn’t like me anyways.” Anna sighs out. I turn around to face her as I unbutton my shirt. She lifts her head up to take a glance at me, but her eyes catch mine and she doesn’t look away. “She told me it will take time.. she needs to get to know you. Things will get better.” I promise with a light smile. She shrugs her shoulders and drops her head again, her beautiful hair falling, covering her face like a curtain.

I throw my shirt on the floor, not caring about where it lands. The cool air hits my skin and I shiver lightly, it’s cold in here. I walk over to the bed, Anna Lisa doesn’t move as my hand picks up hers. “Remember what I promised you?” I ask in a mumble. She doesn’t move, I’m not even sure she’s breathing.

“Hm? Remember I promised a treat, baby?” I say as I grab her chin with my fingers. I tilt her head up and my heart aches as I witness her red puff eyes, flustered tear stained cheeks.. “Hey, princess.. what’s wrong?” I ask, dropping to my knees in front of her. I release her hand and replace both of my hands on her waist.

“Baby answer me.” I beg in a soft voice, rubbing my hands into her lower back – trying to do anything to make her feel better right now. “It’s nothing.” She mutters out, her mouth barely opening as she speaks to me. “It has to be something, Anna.” I reply with a sigh. “Anna Lisa.” She corrects me with a gentle curve of her mouth. “My bad, baby. It has to be something.. Anna Lisa.” I repeat my sentence, but this time I address her properly.

Her soft smile fades and I find myself right back where I was before – not knowing a damn thing. I stand from my position and step over towards the bathroom. I unbutton my pants and drop them to the ground. I look over at Anna Lisa just in time to see her staring at me. She snaps her head in the other direction, probably embarrassed that I caught her staring.

“I know you’re blushing.” I say as I walk over to her after removing my socks. I sit down beside her on the bed, leaning my body against hers. She laughs lightly and pushes back at me. I sit up straight and let out a sigh as I stare at the floor. “Harry.” She states simply, her voice not too soft, but not very loud either.

“Yeah?” I ask, sitting my hand on her thigh. “I.. I don’t deserve.. anything tonight.” She mumbles out. I furrow my eyebrows, why is she saying that? “And what makes you think that, baby?” I ask curiously, honestly not sure what she’s done that results in her not getting any pleasure.

“When you.. walked back into the kitchen.. I.. I came downstairs.. and I.. listened to.. you and your mom.” She admits with a nervous, cracking voice. I bite my lip lightly, why would she eavesdrop on me? But yet, why would I be mad? It’s not a big deal. “It’s fine, honey. After everything’s that happened today.. you deserve a little treat.” I say as I shift my body to face hers better.

She shakes her head in denial, apparently I’m not right. “Baby..” I start with a light smile as I push her hair over her shoulder. It cascades down her back, so beautiful. “You’ve been such a good girl.” I remind her as I lean closer to her beautiful body. I stop myself as my eyes land on her neck.

“God.. I’m.. sorry.” My heart drops as I realize what I’ve done to her. “What?” She asks, confused as she looks over at me. Her beautiful eyes are still puffy from crying. “Baby.. why didn’t.. you..” I stop myself as I stand up, I can’t sit here and look at what I did to her. How did I not see this earlier? How could I do something like that to her?

[Anna Lisa]

I gulp gently as Harry stares at me from his new spot in the middle of the bedroom. “What’s wrong?” I ask, biting my lip. I have no clue what’s going on, and for some reason I feel like it’s my fault. “What did.. what did I do?” I question, standing up from the bed.

Harry backs up so far that his back hits the door. He shakes his head lightly to himself. My heart begins to race as I see his hands forming fists by his sides. “Nothing.. you didn’t.. I.. I.. went too far.. I did it.. too hard baby.” Harry’s knees start to buckle and before I could even reply to him, he collapsed to the ground, his sticking out as he leans his head against the back of the door, his eyes closed.

My breathing is becoming unsteady, what did he do that is so bad? I gulp as I slide my hand to my neck. I rush into the bathroom and turn the light on. I move my hair out of the way. A sharp gasp leaves my mouth as I finally see what’s making him go insane.

I slow run the pads of my fingers over one of the big, dark blue bruises. Half of my neck is covered in bruises and deep bite marks. My bottom lip gets hooked between my teeth as I stare in the mirror, they look horrible. Just as I thought things couldn’t get any worse, tears begin to fall from the outer corners of my eyes, streaming down my face just like other ones did minutes ago.

“I’m such a selfish fuckin’ prick!” Harry’s voice erupts in the bedroom and I jump in my skin as I hear a loud bang sound. I back myself up to the wall just like Harry done moments ago. I slowly slide myself down until I feel the cold tile of the bathroom floor against the back of my legs. I bring my knees up and hug them tight, I know it’s bad but why is he begin so mean to himself? It’s okay.. isn’t it?

On top of feeling extremely guilty for listening in his conversation, now I feel ashamed because I don’t know what to say or do to make him feel better. The tears don’t stop, their pace only increases. “God damnit!” Harry’s voice yells again and I hear yet another loud sound. He’s probably hitting the door or something. I hold my breath as I hear his heavy footsteps get closer to the open bathroom door.

“Anna Lisa?” He calls out as he walks into the bathroom. His eyes drop to the ground and I see relief wash over his perfect face as he sees me. “Baby..” He kneels down beside me and slides his arm around my back, getting me off the wall. “I’m so sorry baby.. I .. I’ll go easy next time, I promise.” He whispers into my ear as he pulls me close. I let my knees go and fall against his bare chest.

He holds me close, despite our odd angle. “Fuck, I’m so stupid.” He says with a loud tone. I flinch in his hold, scared that he’ll hit me again. “Oh baby, no. Don’t be afraid of me.” Harry whispers gently, one his large hands petting my hair. “Please baby, don’t be afraid.” He mumbles against the top of my head, his lips brushing against me. “Stop crying, princess. A beautiful girl like you doesn’t need to be crying. Stop crying.. it’s gonna be alright.” Harry pleas to me, rocking us lightly back and forth.

“Can we go to bed, Harry?” I ask in a soft voice as I try to hold back any more tears from falling, it’s hard but I’m trying my best. “Of course baby, anything you want.” Harry says as he leans me up. He looks down at me and I feel my lip pout out on accident. “It’s gonna be alright.”

Harry gestures for me to sit up so he can stand. I sniff lightly, trying to prevent myself from crying again. He gets to feet and extends his hand down to me. I lift my hand up, nearly out of energy, I can barely keep it up there. Harry grabs it quickly and pulls me up. He grabs my waist as I stumble over my own feet.

“You okay, baby?” He asks in my ear as he catches me, his arms around me tight. I give him a few nods, not able to muster any words at the moment. “Let’s go get in bed.” Harry removes his arms from my body, but he connects us again when he grabs my hand and laces our fingers together.

We leave the bathroom after he shuts off the lights. He leads me to his side of the bed and he turns me so that my back as facing him. “This dress really does look nice on you.” He whispers softly behind me as I feel his fingers pull the zipper down. My cheeks heat up at his comment and I can’t help but give of a small smile, even though he can’t see it.

“Turn.” He mumbles, his hands dropping from my waist as I do as he asks. His hands grab the dress and he pulls it down to my ankles, discarding my body of its covering. I shudder as I feel the cold air hit my body and my damp cheeks. Harry gives me a lazy smile as he sees what I put on underneath for him. I can tell he’s tired.

“You’re such a tease, babe.” Harry says in a light voice as his hand slides own my waist slowly, stopping as he reached my hip. He pulls me closer and tilts my head up with his thumb. “Does my girl still want her present or is she too sleepy?” He asks, raising his eyebrows high. I bite the inside of my cheek, the things he does to me..

“It depends.” I mumble back, blushing madly at him. “On?” He questions, cocking an eyebrow at me. “What’s my present?” I ask curiously, he probably won’t tell me though. “What kind of person would I be if I ruined your surprise?” He smirks gently as he sits down on the bed, his eyes never leaving mine.

“Sit.” Harry demands, patting his thigh with his hand. My heart picks up speed when I see his huge bulge, his black boxers tight on his body. “C’mon now, don’t be shy.” He chuckles lightly as he grabs my waist and pulls me onto his lap. I throw my legs on the bed, wrapping them around his perfect body.

His masculine hands grip my hips tight before he moves me gently back and forth. I gasp lightly as I feel him getting hard underneath me. “Feel me, baby girl?” He asks with a smirk as he glances down at the small gap between our bodies. I nod lightly, not sure how to verbally reply to that at the moment. “Can you do something for me?” He asks with a sly smile. I furrow my brows as I place my hands on his broad shoulders. I lean back just a little so I can get a good look at him. “I thought I was getting a present?” I remind him of this, hopefully he hasn’t forgotten that quickly.

“You are baby girl.. I just.. never mind, it can wait ‘ntil later.” He laughs lightly at me, giving me a gentle eye roll. His hands find their way to the back of my thighs and he grasps me tight. I squeal suddenly as he stands up. He chuckles deeply in my ear, most likely reacting to the horrid sound that left my mouth.

“Relax baby, I got you.” Harry assures me with a kiss on my ear lobe. I wrap my arms around his neck, scared that maybe he could slip and drop me. I let out a worried sigh as he turns on his heels. “Shh.. don’t worry.” He whispers as he lies me down on the bed gentle, removing his arms from my body. I drop mine from around his shoulders and he smirks gently as he leans down to kiss my lips.

Just a peck, but it was lovely.

“Let me taste you baby.” Harry insists as he hooks his long, skilled fingers on the waistband of the panties I was wearing just for him. He pulls them off my legs, tossing them to the side once my body is free of the fabric. “Opps, almost forgot these lovelies, they need to be free.” Harry laughs softly as he slides his hands under me. I arch my back up towards him so he can get better access to the hook. He unclasps the bra and he’s quick to remove it too. I don’t know where he threw it, but I don’t think he knows either.

“Fuck, you’re so wet for me, baby.” Harry moans lightly as he parts my legs. He kneels down on the floor and places my legs on his shoulders. His arms wrap around my thighs and he yanks me closer. I gasp heavily as Harry presses his tongue against my clit, no teasing – just straight to the point.

I bite my lip and squeeze my eyes shut, it feels so good. Harry slides a finger into my entrance and moan his name really loud, probably louder than I needed to. He hums against my clit and my eyes roll back into my head, vibrations are sent all throughout my weak, helpless body.

I feel his finger curl inside of me and I my heart picks up speed, I didn’t know it could beat that fast honestly. My back arches off the bed, I’m so close already – I don’t know if he’ll be mad that I’m going to climax so quick or if he’ll be happy about it? Before I could further question it, I felt my stomach bubbling inside and my abdomen begins to roll slightly. Here it comes.

“Harry!” I yell out his name, scratching at his hand locked on my hip. He moans against my sex, finishing off my release. My nerves are numb, my legs are shaking lightly. Harry brings my legs off his shoulders and he stands up. He leans down and hovers over me, one hand pressing into the mattress beside my head.

“You came really fast, baby.” He says with a rather shocked laugh. “I know.. I.. I don’t know.. it.. it was good.. really good.” I breathe out as his lips push against the corner of my mouth. “You’re so cute when your horny.” He mumbles against my skin. I feel his tip at my center, I didn’t even realize he had discarded his boxers. “Do you want me?” He asks with raised eyebrows, his eyes burning down into mine.

“Yes sir.” I whisper softly. He licks his lips at my reply and smirks lightly at me. “You drive me fucking crazy.” Harry reminds me as he pushes the tip of his hard member into my body. I groan at the slight pain, it’s still not easy to take him at first. “Relax your body, baby. Don’t tense. Just let me slide in.” He says as he lowers his body on mine, his head nuzzled into my neck.

“Raise your legs up.” Harry demands in a mutter as his teeth nip at my ear. I throw my legs in the air like he requested, it feels weird to be doing it this way, but I guess he wants to try different things – and as long as I get him in me, I don’t care what he does.


A few grunts leave my mouth as I open my eyes. The reason I woke up is because I felt my arms on the mattress instead of around my beautiful girl. I turn over so I could see the digital clock on my nightstand. The bright numbers read 4:37am. I reach over and turn the lamp on, the dim light brightens the room well enough for me to see. I look over beside me to see the covers are pulled back and Anna Lisa is no longer there.

My eyes roam over to the bathroom door. It was shut and the light was on. I lay back down on the mattress, I need to stop worrying so much. She probably just had to use the bathroom, obviously that’s why she went in there. I stare up at the ceiling, I don’t wanna go back to sleep until she’s in my arms again, so I know she’s safe and protected.

I heard a whine come from the direction of the bathroom. I lean up, pressing my elbows in the mattress. My head turns to the bathroom door and I listen closely, not sure if really heard what I just did. “Oh my god!” Anna Lisa’s voice calls out, complaint in her tone. Be the good person and go check on her, Harry. That’s what I’m doing, duh.

Once I have the covers off my body, I throw my legs over the side of the bed and let my feet hit the ground. I look down at my black boxer briefs – Anna insisted it would be best if we at least put on something to bed, just in case my mother happen to come in here. She was right – so I just put these back on and she put on my shirt and her underwear.

A heavy sigh leaves my mouth as I stand from the bed and begin to drag myself to the bathroom. I hear her groan again behind the door as I get closer, perhaps her stomach is messing with her. Poor thing, I bet she feels terrible – at least, it sounds that way. I raise my knuckles to the door and give it a few knocks. I hear her gasp suddenly at my request to come in with her. I hear the sound of the toilet being flushed within seconds.

Before I gave her a chance to say anything in return, I opened the door and stepped in the cold room. She covers her face with her hands, her elbows digging into her thighs as she sits on the toilet, her underwear at her ankles. I was about to ask her if she was okay, but that was right when my eyes dropped to fabric around her feet.

The light colored underwear now have dark red stains in them. I gulp gently, I thought it was supposed to be in five days? I step a little closer, unsure of what to say right now. I’ve never been in this situation. I clear my throat lightly and muster up a few words, “Baby? Are you okay?” I ask, biting the inside of my cheek as I stand now just a few feet away from her.

Her head shakes from side to side. I swallow the lump in my throat, be a good boyfriend to her – do what’s best, Harry. “Is there anything I can do?” I question, not entirely sure if that was okay to ask or not. For once in my life I can’t even form an idea in my head to handle this – this is different for me, I’ve never had to do this.. I know it won’t be the last time, though.

“Get out.. it’s.. nasty.. I don’t want you to see.” She sobs out, her voice crackly from her crying. I finish the short distance to her and gently place my hand on her back as she hunches over, crying her pretty eyes out into her hands. “I can get you some medicine, baby. Just tell me what’s hurting.” I insist as I kneel down, my arm around the small of her back now.

She shrugs her shoulders lightly as if she had no clue, I think she’s just embarrassed. “Does your tummy hurt?” I ask in a soft voice. “Yes sir.” She mumbles into her hands. I smile gently at her reply, even in a time like this she’s determined to do as I say. I sigh lightly, only because I know this will be hard for both of us.

“How about your head?” I say, it’s probably a yes but I just want to make sure so I know how much to give her. She nods to me and I stand up from my spot on the floor. I lean down and press my lips against the top of her head. “Let me get it.” I say as I drop my hand from her body and head towards my medicine cabinet.

I open the cabinet door and let my eyes search for the bottle I needed. Anna Lisa’s crying is getting worse and I know there’s nothing I can do for her. I grab the bottle and twist the top off quickly, I have to get this in her system quickly. I pour three pills into my palm and put the bottle back before shutting the door.

I rush over to Anna, holding my hand down to her. “Here, baby girl.” I whisper softly. Her hands uncover her beautiful face and she picks up the three little pills from my hand. “Shit, you need some water.” I huff out, totally forgot about that. “No I don’t.” She mumbles back. Before I could retort to that statement, she threw the three pills in her mouth and lifted her head up. I highly assume she swallowed them.

“Please, no.” Anna Lisa mutters as I reach down to get the ruined underwear off the floor. “What?” I ask, stopping myself in the process. “It’s.. nasty.. I’m.. sorry.. it’s.. disgusting.” She says, her voice soft as she stares down at her feet. “Baby, I promised you I’d be here for you whenever you needed me. I’m just going to throw them in the hamper.. I can get the stain out.” I tell her as I pick up the item off the ground and quickly walk over to the hamper. I throw it in and wipe my hand off on my leg. I didn’t mean for her to see that, but as I looked up, her puffy eyes were on me.

“I told you! It’s nasty, Harry!” She cries out, hiding her face once again. “No, stop that.” I say as I sit on my knees in front of her. I grab her wrists and pull her hands down. She bites her lip, trying to stop crying in front of me. Her hair falls from her shoulders, curtaining the sides of her face.

“I know it’s not very pleasing, baby, but I need you to understand I’m here to help. I know you’re hurting.. I can’t understand it completely, but trust me I know.” I say as I lean a little closer, her eyes catching my gaze. “I want you to know you can tell me anything baby, any time you need me you let me know.. Even if it’s a time like this, I don’t care about it being nasty.. I just want to be here and help you, baby. Do you understand me?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows as I stare the beautiful, sadden girl in front of me.

“Yes sir.. but.. please I want.. wanna be alone.. right now.” She licks her lips lightly before pouting them out to me. “Okay, this time only. Call me if you need me.” I say as I stand up. I grab her chin with my index finger and my thumb. I tilt her head up, her hair falling out of the way.

I lean down the short distance and place a kiss against her swollen lips. “I’m right in there if you need me.” I whisper against the corner of her mouth. She nods lightly as I pull away from her face, dropping my hand from her cheek. “Come back to bed soon.” I say as I head towards the door. I reach the doorframe and I sigh as I glance over my shoulder, her head is lowered again and she’s probably going to cry again.

“I’m leaving the door open.. don’t be afraid to ask me to come back.” I remind her before turning my head back and walking towards the bed. I don’t know how to handle this, is she going to be okay? Is this cycle just early this month? I hope she doesn’t have to last too long on it, she looks like she’s in so much pain. My poor girl, hurting and crying..

I don’t know what to do anymore.


Keep it comin!!!!! Love the update

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Please update soon, I love this story :)

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