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Dangerous Love

43 - Take Her To Paris


I swing the bedroom door open, God she drives me insane sometimes. “Baby?” I say softly as I shut the door and head over to the bed. She’s laying on her stomach, her arms folded and her forehead pressed into them. I smile gently, she may be upset at me but she’s still so cute. “Hey, talk to me. What’s wrong?” I ask as I sit down on the edge, not sure how to approach her physically. She’s taken her hair down, her head is probably aching.

She shakes her head from side to side, indicating a no as a response to my question. “I had to tell them baby, they both were so worried.” I say as I place my hand her back, her hair feels so soft against my fingers. “Why would you tell them? I asked you not to!” She whines into her arms, her voice more high pitched than normal – I don’t worry about that though, I know it’s from the crying.

“They were freaking out, babe. I couldn’t just lie and say you were okay when you’re obviously not.” I sigh out as I look down at her body, she’s breathing hard. “I don’t care.. you lied to me! You said you wouldn’t tell.” Anna Lisa sobs out, her words are killing me slowly. She’s in so much pain and I’m not helping her at all. I get myself adjusted beside her body. I lay on my side, throwing an arm around her as my other hand plays with her hair. I rest my head into the pillows, I really messed this up, didn’t I? “Baby.. I know you’re mad at me.” My voice is soft as I whisper into her ear. Her hair smells so good.

“I’m very mad.” She corrects me in a mumble. “I know but baby.. I have a good reason to why I told them.” I state, please God tell me this will make her understand why I did what I did. She doesn’t reply, just huffs loudly into her arms. I smile gently, I can’t describe how beautiful she looks now. Here she is laying on my bed, her womanhood is greatly expressing itself, her hair’s a mess.. She’s purely beautiful to me, no matter what.

“This morning.. when I came in the bathroom with you.. it scared me because.. well, I don’t really do relationships and I don’t know if you want to call this a relationship or not.. but anyways, I um.. I’ve never had to.. deal with this before.” I inform her, sliding my hand to her waist as I cuddle up next to her, even though she’s probably in the mood to cuddle back.

“Your point?” She mutters out, her attitude definitely has changed, at the moment she’s not the sweet and innocent girl she was yesterday. Just remember, Harry, be nice to her and be patient – she’ll be back to normal in a few days, hopefully just a few. “It hurt me so bad to watch you cry this morning.. and to watch you roll around on the bed because you couldn’t find a nice position to sleep in. It hurt so damn bad, baby, to see you hide your face from me.. I only told my mother and my sister because.. I just needed some answers.” I admit, my voice is cracking a little – I need to stay strong and keep myself pulled together, for her sake.

“Answers?” She simply says, a sigh following her word. “They told me what to do.. how I can help you through this. I was so afraid that you’d hate me for trying to take care of you.. but they told me what to do and.. and I hope that it will work.. I don’t.. I don’t want you to be mad at me, baby. I.. I hate seeing you in pain, it hurts me.” My lips seal shut as I finish my statement, I don’t know what else to tell her.

Suddenly her body shifts and she turns on her side to face me, a soft smile on her flustered face. “I’m sorry, Harry. I.. I’ve never had anyone.. around me when.. my body does this.. I just.. I just didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of you.” Anna Lisa’s voice is light as she moves a little closer, my arms going around her body. She nuzzles her face in my chest and I keep her against my body. She’s freezing.

“Don’t ever feel like you can’t be yourself around me baby, and don’t ever let something like this bother you. I will never make fun of you. You’re a woman, and I know it’s natural. You’re so beautiful and strong and perfect.” I say as I shower the top of her head with pecks, just like I was told to do. She giggles gently at my affection and I pull her close, so close that I could feel her heart beating against my body.

“Tonight we’re all going to sit in the living room.. I’m going to put on a good movie and we’re just going to chill.” I tell her of my idea, no one else knows but her. She nods a little as her arms go around my torso, holding me just as tight as I’m gripping her. “That sounds lovely.” She mutters against my chest. “It will be lovely, my darling.” I smile as I close my eyes, perhaps we just need a tad bit of rest.

I feel something jabbing into my side all of a sudden. I groan as my eyes open, the room is dimly lit and Anna Lisa is still sound asleep in my arms. I turn my head and jump lightly when I see my mother standing there. “You’ve been gone for two hours. I didn’t know if you were alive or not.” She sighs out, her eyebrows wrinkled as she stares down at me. “Sorry, I thought a nap would do us both some good.” I say, glancing at Anna’s peaceful body. One of my arms was under her head, my hand tangled in her hair. The other was around her waist, keeping her against me.

My mother puts her hands on her hips, a smile lightly on her face. “Is she feeling any better?” She asks. I figure she’d scold me and make me feel bad for ditching her and Gem, but to my surprise she didn’t do that at all. “Not really.” I reply in a quiet voice, I don’t want to wake her.

“Gemma suggested we go for dinner. Would that be a hassle for you guys?” Mum questions, her eyes looking over to Anna Lisa. I’m just glad she stopped treating her so bad. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.. I’d have to ask Anna.” I admit, I don’t want to take her anywhere when she’s feeling bad. “Ask me what?” Her voice mumbles against my bicep, her soft lips brushing my skin and her warm breath heating that spot up. “Baby..” I sigh softly, I didn’t want her to wake up – she needs all the rest she can get.

“How are you feeling, sweetheart?” My mother asks her, leaning down some to see her better. “Okay for now..” Anna Lisa responds, her voice gentle. “Gemma and I were wondering if you two would want to go out for dinner. Perhaps we could talk and get to know each other better, but if you’re not feeling well then we can wait until another night.”My mother says as she sits down on the edge of the bed beside me.

“Harry.. do you want to?” She asks me, her small foot rubbing against mine for a few seconds – she does the cutest things. “Only if you want to baby, and it’s okay if you don’t.” I whisper back, my hand sliding under her shirt – well, my shirt. I rub circles into her back. She hums in satisfaction, her hand’s grip on my hip tightens. “I do.” She mutters out. “Are you sure?” I ask, I just need to make sure she’s honestly okay with this. “Yeah.” She nods gently, leaning her head back so she could look at me with those beautiful eyes.

I give her a faint smile before leaning my lips closer to hers. I leave a peck on her plump, pink lips. A soft giggle leaves her mouth and I can’t help but smile at how adorable she is. “I assume that’s a yes?” My mother asks as I feel the bed move as she gets up. “Yeah, Mum. Is seven alright with you?” I ask, looking up at her again. Anna returns to her former position, her head buried in my chest.

“Sure thing, honey. I’ll let Gemma know. You guys go back to sleep, now. Be good, Harry. No nonsense.” My mother warns, raising her eyebrows high at me as she backs up to the door. I just give her a smile before she leaves my room, shutting the door behind her.

“I’m cold, Harry.” Anna Lisa sighs out in the silence. “Sit up and we can get under the covers.” I insist and she nods in agreement to me. We both move to a sitting position, she brings her legs up and hugs her knees as she watches me. I stand from the bed and go to the nightstand on my side of the bed. I turn the lamp off, the sunlight blazing through the windows and the balcony door still lights up the room.

I grab the covers and yank them from underneath her, honestly it didn’t take much. I climb back on the bed, laying down on my side next to her. She seems so focused, but I don’t know what on. “Baby.” I mutter out as I slide my arm around her back, grabbing the back of her thigh. She doesn’t reply to me though, I thought everything was okay. “I need to.. go to the bathroom.” She huffs lightly as she gets free of my grip and leads herself off the bed.

“Do you need me to go with-” “No, Harry. I’m fine.” She sighs out, cutting me off. Any other time I probably would have gotten pissed at her for interrupted me – but not today. Not at all. “Anna Lisa.” I call out her name as she reaches the bathroom door. She turns to look at me, raising her eyebrows in question. “Do you need any medicine?” I ask curiously, I’m willing to do anything for this girl. “I’m okay.” She tells me, shaking her head lightly from left to right. I give her a gentle smile as I let my head rest into the pillows.

She goes into the bathroom, but she doesn’t shut the door. Maybe she’s more comfortable with me now? I don’t know, but I don’t mind it. I roll over onto my back, folding my arms under my head as I stare up at the white ceiling. I exhale deeply through my nose, I don’t like this whole period thing. All I want to do is have incredible sex with her, but all her body wants to do is fucking bleed.

Don’t blame her, Harry – she can’t help it at all. I know, I know. It’s natural, stop being such a douche.

“She should be coming in a few minutes.” I sigh out as I lean my arm against the banister. “No need to rush her, Harry.” Mum says, her hand lifting to my shoulder. She squeezes it tight before removing her hand. I give her a half smile, I’d much rather stay at home with Anna Lisa tonight but the ladies wanted to go out for her dinner, so that’s what we’re going to do.

My mother looked nice, as always. She’s wearing a dark navy dress that stops at her knees, it’s loose fitting and has short sleeves on it. She’s put a simple pair of black flats on her feet and apparently just straightened her hair. My mother is beautiful no matter what the situation, she’s my mother for God’s sake, how could I not say she’s beautiful? Gemma, on the other hand, dressed a little brighter – her dress is red and stops in the middle of her thighs. It isn’t too tight, and it has a lacy pattern on the fabric. Her heels matched and so did her hand bag. I decided to look nice as well – I put on a nice, black suit with a tie the same shade of blue as Anna Lisa’s dress.

“I hope she’s okay.” I breathe out, my heart nervously beating as I stare at the top of the staircase. “If you’re so worried, honey, go check on her.” My mother insists – of course, that actually makes sense. Another sigh leaves my mouth as I hurry up the stairs, gosh I hope she’s alright.

My feet quickly carry me to the bedroom. I don’t hesitate to open the door and barge into the room. Seconds later Anna emerges from the bathroom, tugging a thick cardigan up her arms. She’s probably freezing, poor thing. Her eyes meet mine and she smiles gently at me, but despite her cute gesture I can still tell she’s sad. Anna Lisa stops in front of me and allows her blue eyes to lock with mine.

My hands slide around her waist gently, I’d hate to hurt her, before I firmly rest them in the small of her back. Her forehead presses into my chest, her arms snake around my waist to hold her body close to mine. “Are you sure you want to go to dinner?” I ask in a soft tone. Her head nods up and down a few times in response to me. I let out a nervous sigh, I hope everything goes well tonight.

“Well then, c’mon. They’re waiting.” I huff lightly as I remove my arms from her body and I grab her hand, lacing her small fingers with my much larger ones. Anna follows behind me as I exit the room, heading towards the stairs. I can hear the faint sound of their conversation as we get closer to the stir case. “Do you like my dress?” Anna Lisa asks me in a feathery voice. I stop in my tracks and turn to face her, a smile plastered on my face.

“You look amazing, honey. I love the dress.” I wink gently before leaning to her sweet lips. I peck the corner of her mouth, her lipstick tastes like cupcakes. Her cheeks redden up under her makeup and I can’t help but smile down at the beauty I have in my life, this gorgeous girl literally lights my world up.

[Anna Lisa]

My heart is thumping fast in my chest as we sit at the table in the fancy restaurant. People are staring at us and the silence is utterly horrible, it’s going to kill me. Harry’s mother is sitting across from me, I believe that’s what is making me nervous. I lift my eyes up to see Harry returning to the table from the restroom. He adjusts the cuffs of his shirt before sitting down beside me, his eyes glancing in my direction.

My stare drops to the glass of wine sitting in front of me, right beside the glass of ice water Harry also ordered for me. “The waiter dropped by while you were gone,” Gemma starts to break the harsh silence, “He said it shouldn’t be much longer.” Harry gives her a nod and a verbal reply, but I was too busy staring at the wine to even comprehend what he said to her.

I jump in my skin as I feel Harry’s warm hand on my thigh, sliding under my dress. He gets comfortable with me, firmly grasping my inner thigh. I gulp gently as I take a glimpse down, witnessing his hand on my body. I don’t mind, but it just frightened me a tad. I shift my head lightly to look in his direction. He was staring at his mother and that’s when I realized they were speaking to one another.

Harry lets out a throaty laugh at whatever she told him. I feel the corners of my mouth lift up as I watch him, he’s so beautiful and I’m entirely too lucky – I don’t deserve this man. I really don’t. Anne’s face holds a bright grin as she looks over at me. “So does Harry spoil you as much as he claims he does?” She asks with a laugh. Harry’s head turns and he smirks at me, winking lightly in addition.

I swallow the lump in my throat as I allow a smile to form on my lips. “She loves the things I get for her.” Harry defends himself with a chuckle, giving his mother a glance. “Isn’t that right, baby?” Harry asks with a smile as he returns his gaze to me. I feel my cheeks blush up at the topic, I only nod in reply – I don’t have the energy or the courage to muster any more than that.

Harry’s hand slides closer to me center and I gasp lightly, I know he hasn’t forgotten about my situation. “Everything alright?” Gemma asks curiously, furrowing her brows at me. My eyes dart to Harry’s and he gives me a gentle sigh before leaning to my ear. He lightly clears his throat before beginning. “Behave.” He mutters the word – it sends chills down my spine. I gulp gently before mumbling back to him, “Yes sir.”

His hand roughly squeezes the portion of my leg his palm covered. I held my breath, attempting to obey what he said to me. “So, Anna Lisa, do you travel any?” Gemma curiously says, I mentally thank her for changing the topic and breaking the silence again. “Um.. I’ve been a few places, but nothing major.” I shrug lightly, small talk is nice sometimes I guess. “I love to travel. Maybe one day Harry can let go of your hand and you and I can go somewhere. Girls weekend.” She winks gently, laughing as Harry lets out a huff.

“I can’t trust you with her, Gem. She’d come back with blue hair, fifty tattoos, and piercings.” Harry chuckles out as his free hand wraps around his wine glass. My eyes follow his movements. He places the rim of the glass between his pink lips and he takes a few sips of the wine before sitting the glass carefully on the table. His eyes shoot to mine and I feel the butterflies erupt inside of me, he’s caught me staring again.

“And besides, it’s my job to take her on magnificent journeys.” Harry winks gently at me before looking back at Gemma, continuing their conversation. “Have you taken her anywhere yet?” Gemma questions with a sly smirk. Harry gives her a shake of his head, “No, not yet. She hasn’t told me where she wants to go.” Harry sighs softly, but the smile on his lips shows me he’s not mad by that at all – or at least I hope not.

“You have to surprise her, son. Take her to London, Rome, Sydney, Paris, Ma-” “Oh, Mum!” Harry excitedly cuts off his mother’s words. She raises her eyebrows at him, letting a few laughs escape her mouth as a result of his all of a sudden spastic behavior. “Anna Lisa can speak French!” Harry’s voice is quite loud. A few people turn to look at us but he just ignores them and shifts a little in his chair to stare at me, his hand never leaving my leg.

“Is that true?” Anne asks with a grin. I let out a nervous, unsteady sigh – thanks for throwing me in the spotlight, Harry. I take a deep breath and go over the words in my head, okay let’s do this. “Oui c'est vrai. Je peux parler français.” I answer her question and I can’t stop my lips from forming into a smile when I see Harry’s eyes light up and his lips part in awe at me.

“Je peux parler un peu le français moi-même.” Anne response with a smirk on her face. I laugh gently, I wouldn’t have thought that. “What?” Gemma says in a mumble, obviously confused by the foreign words. “She said that she knows a little French herself.” I inform her of what her mother said. She nods lightly at me. Harry is still so intrigued by my ability to speak the language.

“Oh, before I forget.” Anne chimes suddenly, her hands going to the back of her neck. I furrow my eyebrows as I watch her remove the necklace from around her neck. She carefully sits the pendent in her palm and extends her hand across the table in my direction. My throat becomes dry as I look down at her hand, seeing what was on the necklace. “I want to give this to you. It’s quite old and special, but I really want you to have it dear.” She insists as my eyes roam over the piece of jewelry.

“I.. I can’t let you do that. It looks so nice on you, Ms. Anne.” I say with a nervous laugh passing through my lips. “No, honey. I want you to have it, please.” She says, nodding her head towards the necklace, indicating for me to get it. “Mum, you adore this thing. Are you sure?” Harry questions her, I’m glad he’s on my side this go around. “Yes, I’m positive. I want her to have it.” Anne sighs with a gentle smile as she forces her hand in Harry’s direction.

“I feel so terrible about how we all started things out and I just want her to know she means a lot to me, too Harry. I’m so glad you’ve found someone you care about and love. So please, put it on her.” Harry easily picks up the necklace from his mother’s hand and he stands in his chair, his hand finally letting my leg go. Harry steps behind me and I feel my cheeks burn up as not only Gemma and Anne stare intensely at me, but also half of the restaurant.

Harry’s hand gathers my hair and flicks it over my shoulder. I close my eyes as he puts the necklace around my neck. I feel a few goosebumps rise on me as the cold chain touches my skin. I hear a little click sound, I assume that Harry clasped the necklace. He grabs my hair and fixes it behind me before sitting back down. My eyes open suddenly as Harry’s hand returns to its place on my inner thigh.

“It looks beautiful on you, darling.” Anne gives me a warm smile and I muster all of my strength to give her one in return. “Now, as I was going to say before, taking her to Paris would be lovely.” Anne continues on with our previous topic and I let the shaky breathing continue. Harry’s thumb rubs against my skin and I can’t help but let my heart pump loud and fast, he drives me crazy. ((link!!)

“Paris does sound nice. I haven’t been in ages.” Harry states. I haven’t been at all.. My eyes fall to my lap, I have a heavy feeling he’s going to make me talk about this. “What do you think, Anna Lisa?” I knew it. Harry’s voice is in a whisper as he leans in to me some. I shrug lightly, not sure how to respond – maybe if it were just me and him I could speak, but not with his mother and his sister with us.

“Baby?” Harry mutters out, his lips brushing my ear lobe – I didn’t even realize he was that close to me. “Perhaps now isn’t the time to talk about it, Harry.” Gemma mentions her thoughts the same second I feel Harry’s grip tighten on my thigh. “Answer me.” Harry says through gritted teeth. “Harry.” I sigh out slowly, my hand wrapping around his wrist tightly. “What?” He says in the same jaw clenched, angry tone as just moments ago.

“I.. I need to go.. to the.. Excuse me.” I huff out violently as I push Harry’s hand from my leg. I slide my chair back, which forced Harry to move away from me some. I grab my purse and hurry towards the restrooms, my heart is racing and my stomach is queasy.

Fortunately for me I reach the women’s bathroom quickly and I don’t hesitate to push the door open. A few girls, most likely older than me and married, stare in my direction as I drag myself to a stall. “That’s the girl that’s been with Harry Styles.” I hear one of them say as I lock the stall door. I hang my purse on the hook and lean my back against the door. My mind is too focused on Harry to worry about what those low-lives are saying about me right now.

Paris does sound lovely, but I can’t just sit out there and listen to them plan this trip I’m even sure if I want to go on. I mean, I know they’re just discussing it but still it bothers me. Harry doesn’t need to worry about money, while on the other hand, I’ve spent my whole life saving every single penny I found. I don’t want to talk about those kind of things while his family is here – I don’t really know why, I just know I don’t want to!

I hear the door slam shut, hopefully I’m alone and I finally start to cry and fall apart like I want to. I pull my dress up and sit down on the cold toilet. My panties drop to my ankles and I sigh in relief as I see I’m barely bleeding – I usually don’t last too long, so maybe within the next two days I’ll be done with this crap. I heard heavy footsteps on the tiled floor out of nowhere. My eyes drop to the space between the floor and the raised stall door – a good foot at least in height.

My eyes widen as I take in the sight of a pair of big black boots – Harry. Before I could even take in a breath, his knuckles knock hard on the door. “Anna Lisa, is everything okay, baby?” Harry sweetly asks, his voice soft and smooth in the room. I swallow harshly, trying to contain myself and keep my insides composed – that includes my heart and those butterflies.

“Y-you c-can’t be h-here.” I stutter out, why in the world is he in the women’s bathroom?! “I don’t care baby, now let me in.” Harry says as pushes against the locked door. I ignore his plea and pull my underwear up and flush the toilet, even though I didn’t use it. My hand nervously grab my purse and I put the strap on my shoulder. “Anna Lisa, open this damn door now. I’m not in the mood to play around.” Harry coldly says, as if he didn’t even care about my health right now.

I unlock the door and open it, revealing Harry’s broad, tall body. I walk past him and go to the sink. My eyes fall to the water when I turn it on and put some of the foaming soap into my palm. I begin to cleanse my hands, making sure I got rid of all the nasty gems from the bathroom. My heart skips a nervous beat as I feel Harry’s hand on my waist, his arms sliding around me until he had his hands placed on my stomach.

“Why are you being this way, hm?” Harry’s words spill into my ear as his lips brush my lobe. I turn off the water and allow my eyes to look into the mirror. Harry’s eyes are closed and arms are secured tightly around me. “I don’t feel good, Harry.” I breathe out, watching his reflection closely. “Then why did you agree to come here?” He retorts, his voice is coated with anger but yet somehow he keeps it cool with his body language, he’s not gripping me hard and he isn’t being entirely mean. For now.

“No, I feel fine.. I just.. I.” My voice is cut off by my actions, something overtook my body and I can’t stop it. My hands wrap around his wrists and I shove his arms off of me. I hurry over to the door, hoping to escape the room before he lashes out on me. “Damnit, Anna Lisa.” My hand grabs the handle the same second he grasps my elbow. “I told you to behave.” Harry yanks me away from the door, my hand helplessly falling to my side.

Before I could even understand what was going on, my back was pressed against the wall and Harry’s hand was on my throat. Fearfully, I look up to meet his hard stare. “I said to fuckin’ behave.” Harry says, clenching his jaw just moments later. I gulp harshly, I can barely breathe because of his tight hold on my neck.

“Har-harry.. my stomach.. h-hurts.” I stutter out, his eyes burning into mine. “I don’t fuckin’ care. I told you to behave. Whether your body is bleeding or not, you’re going to fuckin’ listen to me. Do you understand me?” Harry’s face is only half an inch from mine – but yet I know this won’t be like multiple times before. His soft lips won’t caress mine, his tongue won’t play with mine, I won’t feel his smile against my own, I won’t feel his hands rubbing my sides or my back, and I definitely won’t feel those butterflies.

“Y-yes s-sir.” I nod a little, it was all I could muster up. His hand roughly cups my chin, forcing me to look up at him even more now. “Baby, you’ve been such a bad girl. You’re getting punished when we get home, so get ready for it.” Harry smirks gently before pressing his lips against the corner of my mouth. I close my eyes tight as he holds the peck longer than he normally would.

“I know.. I’m sorry.. for.. for being bad, sir.” I softly reply, hoping that will make him go easier on me. But, as usual, I was completely wrong. “Oh, poor baby. It’s too late to apologize.” Harry gives me a devious smirk and I feel my heart begin to race – he’s serious, he’s not playing around anymore. You get what you deserve, Anna Lisa, you disobeyed him and you will face the consequences.

Whether you’re bleeding or not.


soooo sorry for the delay, been very busy! Anywho, it's summer so lots of updates! I've already gotten a few chapters to post within the new few days, so please feedback on this! if you want an update!!!
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