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We all decided to go clubing tonight. This is the first time i have gone to the club with niall as his boyfriend and not his wingman. Im really nervous. I want to impress him with a great outfit but i don't know what to wear.
I walk to my closet and stare at my clothes until something jumps out at me
I decided to wear my letterman jacket, white v-neck, black skinny jeans, and red trainers.

Im really excited to go out with Ni tonight! I just want to dance the night away with him as he holds me close. I love that kid so much and im happy i get to spend a really fun night with him tonight.

The boys and i are all going to the club tonight. i cant wait to go and hang out with Z.
He such a great boyfriend and i love spending my days with him. im so excited and i really want to impress him with a hot outfit. i decide to wear my black adidas high tops, a blue polo, tan pants and a blue flat bill.

I cant wait for guys night out1 it will be so much fun!!!

This is my first time with Harry after Our double date with Zayn and Niall. I am soo ecited to spend the night with him i am wearing black skinny jeans a striped bro tank, and black high tops.

I cant wait to party the night away with harry!!!

we got to the club at around 11 and it was crazy. i walk in holding Alfie's hand and stepping to the beat of the pounding music. i am so excited to dance and have a great time with Alfie and the other boys.
I see Niall walking towards the bar "get me a beer!" i yell at him over the loud music. "what kind?" " suprise me."
i lean over to Alfie, " im gonna go to the bathroom ill be back really soon." Zayn join me and we try to make our way through the crowds to get to the bathroom.

I feel awkward standing by my self in the middle of this club. I look around and i spot Niall at the bar waiting for our drinks so i go over to talk to him. there are so many people that it takes me 5 minutes just to walk 10 feet. I finally get to Niall and he acts really weird.

I hear someone say my name. Icant really tell who it is over the music so i reach my hands over and feel some familiar hair. It is sticking up like Zayn's. I know it is him beacuse i can't even count how many times ive run my fingers through his thick hair.
I trun around without really looking at him and i give him the biggest kiss ever!!
After about 5 seconds he pushes me away. what the heck?!! I turn around " what the heack Za......OH MY GOD!!!! i am so sorry!!!!" it was Alfie!!! "I thought you wre Zayn!!!!" Alfie just stands there with a shocked look on is face. He opens his mouth a little like to say something but he didn't say a word. I looked him in the eyes. I get why Harry likes this guy so much, he is gorgeous.
OMG!! Niall you can not think like this it would break Zayn's heart!
But he so handsome and his lips are so perfect, I......I.... just....
i KISS HIM!!! even harder than the first time. His lips are like heaven on mine.
I try to slip my toung into his mouth when he pushes me back almost making me fall to the ground.
I can't believe I just did that. Both Zayn and Harry would be so dissapointed.
" I....I.....I... don't know what to say...." i say stuned, " don't say anything... I mean it!"
I just silently nod my head quickly as Zayn and Harry walk up to us and kiss us both, Harry to Alfie and Zayn to me.

So many things are rushing through my head right now. Niall just kissed me once on accident but then he did it again. I must admit something..... It was a good kiss, I liked it. It wasn't as magical as Harry's kisses but it was pretty nice. But i can't like that! I think Harry could be the one, i can't risk ruining it because of Niall stupid mistake.
I love Harry so much and he can never find out about this, it would just tear him appart.
I have to tell Niall to back off befor one of the other boys finds out.
I have really gotton to know Zayn and all he does is talk about Niall, he loves him so much and this would just break his sweet little heart.
I don't wan't to keep secrets from my boyfriend but i also don't want to hurt him, what do i do?
3 days later
I am sleeping and all of a sudden i hear a puonding at the door. I carefully get out of bed so i don't wake up Harry. I walk down stairs and ge the door.
I slowly open i because im still really tired. I look up to see a man's face.
My eyes widen and my heart starts racing. Beads of sweat start to form on my forhead.
i feel as if my heart has skipped not just 1 but 20 beats.
Nose forms in my mouth and i am able to say one word...................

" Jake..........................!"


This one is a real cliff hanger sorry! Haha
i hope you guys like it !!! Subscribe to my story vote on it and give me feedback in the comments please...
I will update this when i can but it might be a while because I start state testing and finals this week.


aww thanks I didn't know anyone was still reading it. Could you please read my story Visiting Hours?? It's soooooooo much better

Zaynlove Zaynlove

Woah this story has a lot of twist and turns one moment I am squealing and the next I am cring

HEYY I just posted your One Shot!! I really hope you like it!! here is the link


Zaynlove Zaynlove
@give me time and a crayon
have you seen your one shot yet??
Zaynlove Zaynlove