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Foreber my love Niall

Foreber my love Niall

Foreber my love Niall

i think I'm Extra weirdbut that's what makes me me
i live in USA
My features

redish brownish blondish hair(natural hair color)
brown eyes
13yrs old
I saw one direction and 5sos 9/19/14
I support the BUTTERFLY PROJECT- the butterfly project is when you draw a butterfly on you or someone else wrist who self harm. If they cut the they kill the butterfly. If they don't and let it wear away then the butterfly flies away.
I support it because I used to selfharm, and I have two friends who do, and it makes me really sad. I'm here to talk to.
Dont think I don't understand because if I can survive such pain then you can too.


Moving in next door

Moving in next door

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

When Ashleigh and 3 friends move in next door to 5sos


Completed ✓
9.8 21 Votes
Because of You

Because of You

R Romance Drama Teen

This is going to fast! Let's stop the tape and hit rewind,and take it slower


9.4 17 Votes
Stuck in the middle

Stuck in the middle

NC-17 Comedy Drama Teen

A Luke hemmings fanfic. By kianna Horan, liana hemmings, Desiree Irwin, and Brianna Malik


10.0 11 Votes