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I Need You...I Need You

Niall POV~ 3 weeks later~

I have called and texted Zayn too many times to count.
He refuses to even speak to me. I get it I hurt him really bad but I wish he would forgive me already.
I miss his smile and his stubble and his hipster glasses...
I miss everything but he has obviously moved on. I'm pretty sure he is falling for harry.
I know what you're thinking, How would I know this? well, I have an instagram too you know and all of zany's pictures consist of him and Harry goofing around, hugging and kissing each other's cheeks.

I know it's creepy for me to have all of these pictures of Zayn, but it's the only way I get to see his beautiful face.
this was the fucking picture Harry posted of them on Halloween last week...

I guess I don't really have the right to be jealous, but I am.
Whatever happened to Alfie.
The last time I saw him ( about a month ago) he was marrying Harry, but I guess if Harry can leave Alfie for Zayn, I can go back to Tyler.
That doesn't sound too bad Nialler? has a nice ring to it
It's ironic cause Niall's nickname is Nialler in real life, but whatever, back to the story)
Maybe this won't be too bad. I did love him once, maybe I can do it again and let Zayn be happy....

without me...

Zayn POV~

I miss Niall so much it hurts.
Harry and Alfie have found me multiple times crying alone in my bedroom hugging the photo album Niall and I had made.
I always like to sneak peeks at it.
It gives me hope that maybe Niall is fighting for me and is missing me like I miss him.
I open the slightly tear stained picture book as fresh tear threaten to fall from my eyes.
I flip carefully flip through the pages until I see a picture I haven't seen before and tears start rushing down my face.
Why did he leave we were so cute together?

He must have slipped the picture in here one day when I wasn't paying attention...
god I miss him so much.
It's extra sad now because Alfie and Harry are so close to their wedding day and are perfect for each other while I'm just over here wallowing in my own pity and sorrow.
I just want him back with me, in my arms, safe from Tyler....
Something about that guy just rubs me the wrong way, I don't know what it is about him, but I don't think he really loves Niall the way he should be loved...the way I would love him....

Tyler POV~ 1 month later~

I am so close to the end of the mission.
Niall has finally given up on getting back with Zayn and he is just throwing himself at me now. It's great!
I know what I have to do today.
I already bought what I needed to, to get this done and over with. this will all be over very soon and I will get my well disserved money. ooooh Niall you won't know what hit you...

I yell out into my apartment that he has been staying in recently.
"Niall I need to talk to you can get down here please?"
The scene is already in place for me to do what I've planned to do.
Niall walks down the stairs and out to the balcony where I am waiting for him. His eyes go wide and I can see the blood in his face go pale, well, paler

Niall POV~

I walk onto the balcony where Tyler wanted me to meet him.
My eyes go wide when I see the sight in front of me...
Tyler is in a tux and the entire balcony is covered in twinkling lights and roses.
I don't want to be the stereotypical gay, but boy do I feel like a princess right now!
I am broken from my thoughts when I hear Tyler speaking my name.
"Niall... I..I know it has only been about 3 months since we were brought back together, but The old feelings I had for you came back really fast..."
Don't tell me he's doing what I think he's doing...
He drops to his knee
"I love you so much and I just keep falling harder and harder for you and I just can't help myself from falling, Niall James Horan will you do the honor of being my husband?"
Oh god he did it. what do I do? I still love Zayn...
But he doesn't love me anymore. This is the only way I can get over him.
I do the only thing I can do...

I say to him with a feeling of guilt and paranoia playing in the back of my head but I just push it away and lean in to kiss my new fiancé.
A single tear rolls down my cheek.
I always thought Zayn would be with me forever...but now that I know he won't be, I t just breaks my heart.
While I am in the middle of my thoughts I feel a sharp pain pierce my abdomen.
I look up and Tyler is wearing an evil grin on his face...
I look down and see the large knife sticking out of my stomach...
I feel to the ground on my knees as my vision blurred and I saw Tyler walk away and out of the front door.
God I really don't want to die, at least not without speaking to Zayn.
I remember that my phone is in my pocket and I slowly type in his number, thank God he is still in my speed dial.
I hear it ringing...
Please Zayn pick up the phone... just this once...I need you...

Zayn POV~

In the midst of my tear I hear my phone going off I don't bother to look at the caller ID and I answer...

Zayn: Hello?
Niall: Zayn? is that you
Zayn: Niall? god
Niall: wait Z don't hang up I need you... I..It's Tyler he was bad like you thought. I need you Z. I'm dying...
Zayn: what?!! Niall no you're not stop joking

I hear coughing on the other line

Niall: He...he. sta-stbbed me Z. I need you *cough* I need your touch to be the last thing I feel. *cough cough, ghasp* Im on the balcony of Tyler's apartment. *cough, gag* go into my room and you will find his address taped under my old desk...*cough cough* Pleas Zayn I need you.... I need you.... I nee you... I love y...........

The line goes quiet.

Zayn: Niall? Niall?! NIALL?!! oh GOD i'm so sorry Niall I didn't want to be right, i'm coming, stay strong, I still love you.

I grab my keys and run to the car. I call 911 to have them meet me at the apartment. Please Lord let my love live. Please?...


WOW that was intense please don't hate me...
I really hope Zayn reaches Niall in time. What is gonna happen this shit is getting crazy.....

On a happier note, thanks to a lovely reader, I will be calling you my little suffocaters... How is that? I really like It I hope you guys do too.

I hoped all of my little suffocaters enjoyed this chapter I enjoyed writing it.
Please don't forget to subscribe, vote, and leave comments...
Don't forget I love your guys thoughts and opinions so please feel free to share anything with me either in the comment section below or you can send me a direct message.

Bye lovelies!!!!!


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