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He's the only one who knows

( I did post this chapter already but I forgot to add A LOT of stuff so please read this and it will be much better than the first on)

Niall POV~

"That was amazing!" Tyler whispers into my ear as I lay on is naked chest.
I can't believe I actually did that!
I know I shouldn't have slept over last night...
I know I shouldn't have slept with Tyler...
I was just so angry...
Harry was just being a good friend to Zayn, I know that, but he doesn't have the write to control who I talk to... Neither of them do...
But I do have this awful aching feeling in the back of my heart.
Maybe I shouldn't have done what I did last night, but there is no turning back time.
The things we did last night.
would Zayn ever take me backing if he found out what I did?

-----------------the night before------------

I drive up to Tyler's house...
I knock on the door.
"Hey Ni!!" He says when he opens the door.
I grab his face, push him into the wall and kiss him...
Oh God help me...
Tyler took no time to start kissing me back.
He grabbed my hips and flip us around so I was pinned to the wall now.
His hands slowly slid up to my wrists so I couldn't move.
"Jump" He whispers sexily into my ear and I gladly oblige.
He carries me to his room, not breaking the heated kiss once.
He lays me gently on the bed and hovers over my body.
"There's no turning back now..." I think to myself...
Our clothes are now a jumbled mess on the floor.
I feel his hard erection slide up and down my inner thigh.
I wrap my legs around his hips and I can feel his member at my entrance.
He licks his fingers and get me ready for his length.
He entered me with no hesitation.
"AH FUCK ZAYN!!" I scream
"say my name" He says huskily into my ear.
"t-t-t-t-Tyler..." I have officially betrayed Zayn the most I ever will...

(I don't want to write the rest, you know what happens next right?? sex hahaha)

-----------------the morning again------------------

Tyler POV~

Step 1 and 2 of the mission are done and step 3 is in progress.
Niall left Zayn for me and now he hates Harry... this is too easy...
I need to make a mental check list...

1: separate niall from the one he loves the most (done)

2: turn niall against his best friends (done)

3: become niall's new best friend (in progress)

4: make niall fall in love with you again

5: propose to niall

6: kill niall and anyone who gets in your way

I look up at the blonde haired, blue eyed boy on top of me.
"Niall would you be my boyfriend...again, I promise to never hurt you again?"
hahaha if only that was true...
He hesitates but gives me an answer...
HAHA he's I like putty in my hands.
I could probably kill Niall ahead of schedule!
I'll give him one more month of life, and then he'll die!

Niall fell back to sleep in my arms...
"I hope you've said goodbye to everyone Ni, cause you will never see them again."
I whisper looking at his sleeping body.
This will taste so sweet.

Zayn POV~ the night before------

"Why would he say that harry? why does he keep hurting me?" I ask Harry, because I really have know idea what just happened...
"I don't know love, I don't know" he says honestly.
"I don't understand Harry... I thought he loved me..." A fresh set of tears form in the back of my eyes and are threatening to spill out onto Harry's chest.
"He does Zayn... He's just... a... a little confused is all..."
I go in and wrap my arms around Harry's waist and pull him towards me and I take in his comforting scent. I burry my face in his chocolate curls...
"Thank you Harry, for being the bestest mate in the entire world."
I kiss his forehead.
I spend the rest of the night being comforted by Harry's embrace since Alfie was out of town visiting family back in Sydney, (Alfie is from Australia if you forgot) so harry agreed to comfort me and help me through this hard time...
He is literally the best mate in the world...
He is the only person that's has always been here for me through everything in my shitty life.
He's the only one who knows about what my dad did to me...
He's the only one who knows about why I always wear bracelets on my wrists...
He's the only one who knows why I lost 40 pounds during the summer of 8th grade...
He was even my first kiss...


(A week after 8th grade ended)
I can't believe my dad would do that... to his own son...
He touched me in places a father should never touch his child...
My own dad...raped me...
I feel disgusted and violated just thinking about it...
Its been 2 weeks since it happened and I haven't told anyone.
I haven't slept and when I do get a little sleep, I have terrible nightmares.
Ihavn't eaten since it happened and I started cutting, It's the only thing that hurts worse than my father's touch.
Harry came over today, he's been worried about me.
"Zayn...Zayn mate whats wrong?" he asked his voice so sweet.
I burst into tears onto his shoulder.
"dad... he...he..."
"come on Z you can tell me anything"
"he...he raped me..."
Harry ghasped loudly.
"haz, will anyone ever love me?"
He leaned in.. my heart started racing... I've never kissed someone before, let alone boy.
He looked into my eyes. His lips pressed against mine.
His lips were so soft and I melted.
It wasn't a heated kiss, we didn't want each other. He did it o reassure me.
"Yes." he said to me as he broke the kiss and held me in his arms.
"Thank you for being the best friend in the world Hazza"

------------end of memory-----------

It will take me a while to recover from another heartbreak but at least I have my best mate.


I know what all of you are thinking... no Zayn is not falling for Harry and he never will... Harry belongs solely to Alfie.
I hope you liked this chapter. I worked hard on it!
I really hope nothing bad happens to Niall, even though he broke Zayn's heart.
Will Niall ever discover Tyler's true intentions...
you'll just have to subscribe to find out...

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