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woken up

I wake up and ghasp for air.
There are tubes coming out of my mouth and in my arms.
"What is going on" I think to myself. I look arou d to see a familiar head of hair by my bedside.
Its Zayn.
He is praying.
His head laying at the foot of my bed. He looks up and notices I am awake.
"Alfie?" He says with a shocked and almost scared voice.
"Nurse!!!!" He yells as he runs to the door, "he is awake!!!!!"
What does he mean "awake" what is going on??
A nurse comes in and pulls the tubes out of my throat so I can talk.
I gag bur I'm happy they are out. "What is going on?" I ask in a weak voice.
"Well.... you have been in a coma for 3 weeks...and.."
zayn looks to the floor. " what?!? What is it???"
" um.. I don't know how to tell you this but....uh..... the doctors did everything they could to fix you but.... well..... your legs....well... they aren't moving....."
" what???" I manage to say as tears start running down my face.
"Well when Jake...uh... raped you....he broke your legs so you couldn't get away...
the doctors tried so hard to bring them back but they are too badly damaged...
I'm so sorry Alfie...I..."
" its ok Im just gratefull that I'm alive..but where is.... Harry???"
I say with fright behind ny voice.
" um..." tears start rolling down his face and his body starts to shake...
" Harry got it real bad. He won't wake up and he might never... you're name ocasionally comes from his mouth but he has done nothing else.
" I can't control myself anymore. "Pick me up" i say
" what? No!" " DO IT NOW!!!!! " "FINE"
Zayn pics me up and takes me to Harry's bed.
My heart breaks.... he looks so helpess and ghostly like he has been asleep for years.
"What are you two doing!!!" An angey nurse yells to us.
" get back in that bed right now! You have physical therapy tomorrow.
Your paralysis will hopefully be temporary and we need to get you ready for the day you might walk again. " Zayn puts me back in my bed. He is told to leave because I need my rest.
The lights go off. Tears start running down my face as I lay in the dark.
After an hour or so I am able to cry myself to sleep...

i wake up the next day. im greeted by zayn's warm smile and the cold hands
of the nurse helping me sit up.
Zayn helps her lift me into a wheelchair and take me to the physical theropy room.
It is veryscary thinking that whatever i do in this room could help or ruin my chances of walking again.
i really want to focus on my theropy but all i can think about is Harry.
why did this have to happen to him??
he did nothing to diserve this.
All he did wa love me, but i guess to Jake that was a good enough reason for him to do what he did.
last night i kept waking up.
I kept hearing Harry call out my name but when i looked over at him, he was still in his coma.
" can you feel that?" the nurse asks " feel what?"
the nurse had her hands wraped around my thigh.she was looking for any kind of response from anywhere on my legs.
but like usuall nothing happened.
She was still frusterated, Zayn was still in shock walking back and forthe in the back of the room, i was terryfied, and Harry was still unresponsive.
I want to get up and run way from it all, but i can't.
i can't even enjoy the sensation of wiggling my toes.
will i be like this forever??????
will Harry ever wake up???????
can someone just answer my questions//
i need answers if not for my own sake, then for Harry's and Zayn's amd for everyone that i have affected during this terrible time.
i just want things to be good...




Sorry its been a really long time since I have updated but I hope you like this chapter a lot


aww thanks I didn't know anyone was still reading it. Could you please read my story Visiting Hours?? It's soooooooo much better

Zaynlove Zaynlove

Woah this story has a lot of twist and turns one moment I am squealing and the next I am cring

HEYY I just posted your One Shot!! I really hope you like it!! here is the link


Zaynlove Zaynlove
@give me time and a crayon
have you seen your one shot yet??
Zaynlove Zaynlove