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Snake Eyes (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)


Louis POV

As we walked through various hallways destined to lead us to the dining room, I walked silently beside Loren. In this moment, I actually didn’t hate her. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like her, but at least I wasn’t seething hate towards her. She was actually pretty cool trying to go along with the plan I concocted. Too bad Harry screwed it up.

It became pretty obvious to me that Loren really had no desire to marry me either. I’ll admit I thought it was an act, but it’s a little comforting to know she feels the same way. Maybe, if we can be civil enough to each other, we can come up with a plan to get both of us out of this forced marriage.

“Hmmm, didn’t know a pop sensation could be so deep,” her sassing pulled me out of my thoughts as I felt an arm fly across my chest and prevent my forward movement.

“What?” I snapped harsher than I should have, but I don’t want her touching me.

“Um, you were so lost in thought you almost crashed into the wall. Sorry for looking out for you,” she huffed. I looked up to see I was about six inches away from slamming into the wall.

“Oh. Uh, sorry I snapped. I was thinking.” I realized I was unnecessarily rude to her when, for once, she didn’t deserve it.

“Hmph. I’m getting used to your rudeness. Next time, I won’t bother to try to save your snarky butt.” She turned on her heel and entered, what I assumed was, the dining room. I’ve been an ass to her so I guess I deserved that.

I followed Loren and Alfonso into the room and ‘dining room’ does not adequately label this room. It literally is the size of a ballroom and the table could easily accommodate 50 people. Like everything else in this house, I’ve never seen anything like it. Three massive crystals chandeliers hang from the ceiling. Each chandelier must have a thousand crystals on it. The walls of the room had alternating patterns of white wood paneling with gold molding designs and mirror paneling with ornate gilded frames. The mirrors set off the sparkle of the chandeliers and made the room have an almost fairytale appearance. I looked towards the table and noticed the intricately carved chairs lining the table and more china, silver, and crystal stemware than I’ve ever seen in my life. As proud as I am of the estate I’ve been renovating, my place looks like a shed compared to Alfonso’s mansion.

“Fonzi, this room is amazing,” I say still looking around in wonderment and appreciation dragging out the last word.

“Thank you Louis. Loren helped with a lot of the design.” Hold the phone, I didn’t see that coming. She looks like a total disaster, but she can help design something this magnificent. I don’t know what to make of that news, it has me perplexed.

“Wow Loren, impressive work.” She doesn’t even turn to acknowledge my compliment. Maybe she’s not used to them. I can’t imagine she’s received many.

“Hm. Thanks.” She replies flatly without looking at me. Loren just continues walking to her chair and sits. Yes, I can see how fun a lifetime of these exchanges will be. Shoot me now!

“Please sit Louis. Harry should be joining us momentarily. I sent someone to fetch him,” Alfonso says and motions to me. All I can think is good luck finding Harry because the way he ran out of the study I bet he is hiding under, or behind, a remote piece of furniture scared for his life. Damn ninny!

I look to the seat around the table and attempt to figure out which seat will give me enough space away from Loren and then I add one additional spot that is the demilitarized zone Harry will provide. As I start walking to my preferred seat, Alfonso destroys my plan.

“Louis, no time like the present son to get comfortable with your seat at this table. Please take the chair directly across from Loren.” Shit. This is going to be damn awkward.

“Well, there goes my appetite,” I hear her mumble under her breath and I don’t think she expected me to hear it. My eyes snap to her like lasers. She must have caught my action because she raises her eyes to me and the venomous look is back on her face. So much for the truce. The she-devil has returned. I try to think of something to say, but nothing comes to mind. Thankfully, Harry comes into the room at that moment. I look over to him with a smile of relief on my face and chuckle when I see his face.

“Hazzah, you look like someone was taking you to the firing squad,” I can’t help but tease him and he deserves it after ruining my plan.

“Shut it Lou,” he snaps. Oh great. I’ve got two people in the room shooting glares at me.

“Ah, thank you for joining us Harry. I assure you I am not mad at you for your earlier antics. I actually found them most entertaining,” Alfonso says grinning.

“I do apologize Alfonso,” Harry says still looking scared to death and then gives me a dirty look, “I promise you that was not my idea.” Way to throw me under the bus Harold.

“I figured as much. Please, have a seat next to Loren,” Alfonso motions to Harry and Loren actually has the nerve to pop her head up and smile at Harry. What is the deal here? From her, I get the evil eye, smacked, and yelled at, but she’s all smiles and kindness for Harry. Maybe she likes him? And why does that irritate me? Like, she thinks I’m not good enough for her. As if. I’m starting to irritated all over again.

“Harry, I’m so sorry I put you on the spot about kissing him, but I hope you realize I was desperate for an escape out of marriage to that one over there,” she nods her head towards me like I’m non-existent.

“My name is Louis,” I snap.

“And? Your point?” She raises an eyebrow at me.

“I’m not ‘that one over there’!” She’s so rude.

“Oh, did someone get their itty bitty feelings hurt?” She mocks me and speaks in a tone as if talking to a toddler.

“No, I’m just tired of your rudeness and acting like I’m not in the room!” I yell louder than I should, but she pushes my buttons.

“Oh, you want me to notice you?”

“Yes- I mean no! I just would appreciate your acknowledging my person!” She’s got me completely flustered again. Damn her.

“Okay you two, enough bickering for now. We have details to tend to,” Alfonso intervenes chuckling, apparently amused at our squabble.

“Sorry Dad,” Loren beats me to the apology.

“Yes, sorry Fonzi,” I apologize.

“It’s fine, but we need to get down to business. Louis’ family and friends should arrive shortly after dinner. Louis, don’t worry. The chefs on my plane prepared a five course meal for everyone on the trip over.”

This is news to me. I didn’t really think about how they were all arriving. I assumed they flew commercial.

“Thanks Fonzi. That was kind of you flying them over and seeing to their dinner. I didn’t realize they were all flying out on your plane. That was very generous of you,” I say and then it hits me – a wave of panic. Did he call my mum? Oh shit.

“Yes, Harry was kind to relay the travel arrangements to your friend, Liam,” Harry nods and I relax a little.

“Speaking of Liam, Harry what exactly did you say to him about my, uh, situation?” I hear Loren huff and I choose to ignore her.

“Well, I still was in shock myself so I wasn’t exactly discreet. I just blurted it out,” Harry confesses.

“Blurted what out exactly Harold?” Something tells me Operation Larry is not the first thing Harry blundered about my predicament.

“Yes Harry. We need to know what you’ve told them so we can spin the story from there,” Alfonso says in a serious, but kind tone.

“Well, as I recall it, the conversation went something like this…” Harry trails off.


“Hey Liam. I need you to gather the lads, Perrie, and Louis’ family and join us in Monaco as soon as possible. I’ll text you the address and instructions as soon as I receive them.”

“Harry! What’s wrong? Is Louis okay?” Liam shouts through the phone.

“Yes, he’s just brilliant. He’s getting married.”

“What the fuck are you about Harry! Not funny!”

"No, it’s NOT funny! But, it’s true. Now get everyone together and get down here tomorrow night!”

“Can’t you stop him?”

“No, that’s not possible Liam. Just get here and we’ll explain it all. And whatever you do, keep it quiet! Don’t tell Simon or management!”

“Why isn’t Louis calling to tell me the good news? Are you sure he is okay?”

“Because it’s not good news Liam and yes, he’s fine. He’s literally made his bed and is going to by lying in it with his new wife. I’ll see you tomorrow night. Bye.”


“And that was the whole conversation,” Harry says nervously almost waiting to see if one of us will explode in anger at him. The most reaction he received was Loren wincing when he told us his comment about my lying in bed with my new wife. As repulsive as she is, I was most satisfied when I saw that comment got to her. I’m sure the thought of me on top of her, naked and touching her was more than she could handle. What the hell am I doing thinking of her and I in bed? God help me; the stress must be getting to me. I pull myself back into the conversation.

“At least you had the presence of mind to not involve management and not give out the details of how this marriage came about. My mum is going to kill me as it is, she doesn’t need to know I gambled my life away,” I state.

“Excuse me, but I believe it is MY life that you gambled away,” Loren sasses. Oh, her mouth. Someone needs to silence her. Permanently.

“Can you two please stop arguing for more than 30 seconds? You are both giving me a headache!” Harry shouts and we both stare at him.

“Sorry Harry. We are being rather inconsiderate,” Loren apologizes.

“Yeah mate. Sorry,” I echo her sentiments and he gives us both a small smile of forgiveness.

“Well, now we know what Harry has made known so let’s work out the details of our cover story,” Alfonso says.

“So, we are NOT going to tell them I gambled myself into a marriage?” I ask hopefully.

“No. I think that would make the situation only more embarrassing for you Louis,” Alfonso said.

“And which other circumstance will any story be less embarrassing for ME?” Loren snapped and I groaned.

“Can you please stop thinking of only yourself for one moment?” I snapped back at her and she narrowed her eyes at me.

“Oh because you are so not thinking of yourself right now,” she retorted.

“Loren, stop,” Alfonso said in a warning voice and she crossed her arms and pouted, which would have been cute on any other girl, but not her.

“No disrespect Fonzi, but what possible reason could I have to rush into an engagement with Loren? We can’t claim a shotgun wedding,” I say in all seriousness, but I am rewarded with the look of utter horror on Loren’s face.

“Praise God for that!” she shouts and I feel another point marked for me in this ongoing war of wits.

“Okay, so no to the truth, no to a fake baby. That really only leaves us with one option,” Harry says as if he’s just made the greatest revelation.

“What do you think that is Harry?” Alfonso asks and Loren and I turn to Harry waiting for him to impart his knowledge.

“What? It’s obvious! Love at first site and Louis refused to live without Loren. He couldn’t stand the idea of leaving her behind when we return to London. Alfonso, you wouldn’t agree to allow Loren to leave with Louis as an unmarried woman because of your high morals. We have to go on tour in a few months and Louis insisted on the quick engagement and marriage within the month so this is all tied up before we have to be back for rehearsals.” I sit there with my mouth agape and eyes huge; I notice Loren imitating my reaction. Alfonso, sits back in his chair and contemplates Harry’s idea.

“Harry, I think that makes sense once we work out the details,” Alfonso says and I feel my shock replace itself with anger.

“So Harold. You couldn’t go along with my simple plan to end this ruse, but you were able to come up with this elaborate one on your own to seal my fate? Thanks mate.”

“Anytime Lou,” he says so pleased with himself.

“I hate to rain on your parade, but I think the idea will not work,” Loren states and Harry frowns at her rejection of his idea.

“And why is that darling?” Alfonso asks.

“Look at us. Look at him and look at me! We are not a match! Under any other circumstance, Louis would never speak to me, let alone look at me. So, how do you suppose we just happen to fall madly in love and cannot live without each other in a matter of days? The story doesn’t wash,” Loren makes her case.

Suddenly, I feel a little guilty because she’s right. I am shallow enough that I would never look at her. I’m used to great beauties and outgoing party girls. Loren is neither of those things. She’s a book nerd with the exterior to match. The sad thing is, I know I’ve rudely pointed that fact out more than once since meeting her. I’m an ass and I know it. Maybe I could do one decent thing in my life and make her feel a little better. I feel like I have a love-hate relationship with her. Well, not love, but definitely a hate-want to kill each other relationship.

“Uh, Fonzi. Yesterday, you mentioned Loren being a brilliant scholar, correct?” I ask with an idea formulating in my mind that I might be able to stomach and be believable.
“Yes, she’d never boast, but she was ranked first in her graduation class,” he says proudly and I notice Loren blush. Catching her in a softer moment, with her features relaxed, makes her look a little less like the she-devil I know.

“Okay, then I have the story,” I proudly state.

“Please enlighten us Einstein,” she sasses me and it gives me confidence that my plan will be believable.

“Yes, thank you for that Loren. You just helped me to make my point. I can honestly say I have NEVER met anyone like Loren. We all know I am the sassmaster and I don’t like to be outwitted or out done. Obviously, with Loren I met my match,” I state proudly that my idea is genius.

“Match? You think your wits and intelligence are a match for mine?” Loren rises to her feet with her eyes blazing with anger.

“I think it’s brilliant. The way the two of you go at it, it’s believable,” Alfonso agrees with me.

“The way we go at it gives way to double homicide, not true love!” Loren exclaims.

“Passion is passion my darling,” Alfonso grins and Loren flinches.

“Wait. I agree Louis definitely met his match with Loren, but you aren’t going to convince anyone it’s true love when you rip off each other’s heads in front of everyone,” Harry makes a valid point. I look at Loren who finally sat back down and has no readable expression on her face.

“The two of you could still take shots at each other if you could pretend to do it lovingly? I know Louis can act at least,” Alfonso suggests with a chuckle.

“I could force myself to be believable for the sake of my family,” I say and look to Loren.

“Why do I have to go along with this charade again?” She asks. Shit. I’m screwed if she won’t cooperate.

“Because you have no choice in the matter,” Alfonso says and she groans.

“Fine. I’ll do it for the sake of innocent people, but I am not happy about it and I want a huge rock.” She’s sassing again and at demanding a big rock is probably the first feminine thing I’ve witnessed her say or do. I’m shocked she can be reasonable to spare my family and friends. Suddenly, another thought sends me into a panic.

“Shit! We don’t have an engagement ring! Oh no one will believe this story now. How could I be so in love that I forgot the engagement ring? Everyone knows I like to make big, outrageous productions out of everything and I could get any ring I wanted in a matter of hours. We need to think of something fast.” I feel defeated.

“Don’t fret Louis. You really underestimate my attention to detail son. I have been prepared for the day Loren would get engaged for a long time. Admittedly, this is not what I envisioned for her, but it doesn’t matter now.”

Before he says another word, he reaches into his suit coat and pulls out a small, dark blue box with the familiar HW etched on the lid. Whatever the contents of the box, it is sure to be spectacular because Harry Winston jewelry is incredible; living in a house with so many females, you learn these things early on. I look to Loren to see if she knows anything about this, but the questioning look on her face indicates she’s also in the dark on what’s in the box. Alfonso opens the box and Loren, Harry, and I all gasp.

What is the object that has all of us at a loss for oxygen and words? Probably the biggest, most beautiful diamond ring you could hope to lay eyes upon. The center stone is a cushion cut canary diamond that has to be a good 10 carats and is rimmed with round cut white diamonds. The band is about three times the size of a typical infinity band. My mind swims trying to guess how many millions of pounds this ring cost. It’s a little humbling because even with my level of wealth, I could never afford such an extravagance without saving for several years.

“Oh my God! It isn’t it, is it?” Loren’s hand flies to her mouth. Her eyes double in size and look like they are going to pop out of her head. Tears begin to form in them.

“Yes my darling, it is,” Alfonso says with a little sadness in his voice. Judging by Loren’s reaction, this ring must be significant to her in more than just its monetary value.

“No! Not that ring! Not with HIM! Noooooo!” Loren cries and bolts from the room. I am stunned at her behavior.

“Can someone please explain to me what is going on around here?” I ask a little frustrated and confused.

“Harry, can you please go check on Loren? I need to have a private conversation with Louis.”

“Sure, I’ll make sure she is okay and try to get her to come back for dinner,” Harry says and rises from the table to leave.

“Thanks mate,” I do feel bad for her and I find myself grateful that she and Harry have hit it off.

“Thank you Harry,” Alfonso says and waits until the room is clear before he speaks again.

“Louis, this ring belonged to Loren’s mother.”

I nod my head in understanding. No wonder she is upset. I guess I’m not really surprised it belonged to her mum. The way he says it though makes me question if there is more to the story. Obviously, her mum is not around or I would have met her. I find myself wondering if she still is involved in their lives. Perhaps she isn’t because Loren might be lacking a mother to help her with fashion, guys, and all the other things mothers and daughters do together. Alfonso snaps me out my thoughts when I hear him speak.

“She was murdered by my enemies.”
That was not what I expected to hear him say. I know my face must convey how shocked I am to hear those words, but it’s nothing compared to his next statement.

“And Louis, if you don’t marry Loren and take her away from here, she will be next. You must protect her.”


Cliffhanger!!! So, comment on what you think the deal is with Loren's mom being murdered and her life being in jeopardy.

So excited that my story is over 1,000 views already. I was afraid no one would read it at all!

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I will try to update again Wednesday night, but I am leaving for NYC. So, if I can't finish the next chapter before then, it will be next Monday.


Omg this story is AMAZING!!!! Please tell me you're still writing. I may die if there are no more chapters. You're awesome keep it up!!


Sorry it took long to load now it's like this

Elicya Elicya

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Elicya Elicya

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Elicya Elicya

Hey please update while its the summer holidays even though zayn and perrie broke up and zayn let keep it how it is I really like this book

Elicya Elicya