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C'mon C'mon

"I'm trying to be okay, I'm trying to be alright, but seeing you with him just don't feel right." Sierra sang as Jules was braiding her hair fish tail style. She had become annoyed.

Sierra didn't care if Liam was in One Direction, she loved them and the songs. Their songs were catchy to her and she would sing their songs all around the flat. All through the process of Sierra getting ready for her date, she was singing One Direction songs. So far she had sung Live While We're Young, Kiss You, Little Things, C'mon C'mon, Last First Kiss, and was now singing Heart Attack.

It's not that Jules didn't like the music. The music was awesome and she loved it. It just brought to many memories of Liam and hearing him sing just wanted to make her cry. Every song contained him and she hated it.

"And I'm like ow! Never thought it'd hurt so bad getting over you! Ow! You're giving me a heart attack looking like you do! 'Cause you're all I ever wa-" Her mouth was covered with Jules hand.

"Please stop singing. You are officially annoying me." She murmured, not wanting to hurt her friend's feelings. Sierra gave Jules a sad smile, knowing what this was all about.

"It's Liam, isn't it?" Jules finished Sierra's hair quickly, once she heard his name roll out of Sierra's mouth. She looked down at her tiny fingers. "Darling, I'm sorry. You can't get rid of him. Not to be mean, but he's everywhere now. He doesn't want us as friends anymore. He made it clear once he never answered our calls. He's a jerk. Forget about him as a friend or even an acquaintance. I even forgot he's in One Direction."

Jules listened to her friends words. She wanted to forget Liam badly. She couldn't though. He's everywhere she goes. The telly, books, computers, posters, on the radio and it annoyed her at how much publicity he gets along with the other handsome boys. He even had his own doll, which Sierra purchased. It's on her side of the room, on her shelf. A mustache and unibrow was drawn on the dolls face. That humored Jules.

Jules nodded, even though she wouldn't forget him. She just did it to please her friend, who had a pleased smile on her face.

Jules placed clear lip gloss on Sierra's plump lips. She lastly put mascara on her. She didn't to overdo her makeup, since she was having dinner at Ian's house.

Jules mind then drifted to Ian. Ian was a sweet guy and a good friend to the girls. Once they met him the first day in America he was kind enough to help them move in and make sure they were comfortable. Sierra had always liked him and Jules bet she was going to have the time of her life, but something was off about Ian.

He gave Jules a weird feeling. She liked him, but was nervous around him. Not in a way when you have a crush, but the feeling when you are nervous about him doing something awful to you. She knew he wouldn't do anything. It's the feeling that wouldn't go away. So she just ignored it and continued her friendship with him.

Sierra stood up from the chair was sitting on. She admired the work Jules had done. She was impressed, but it didn't surprise her. Jules was amazing when it came to hair and makeup. It was talent Jules never noticed. All she thought was she could draw.

"I look amazing! Thanks Jules!" She hugged her friend tightly, slightly hoping her dress wasn't wrinkled.

"It's no problem. You do look amazing." Jules let go of Sierra and stepped back to see her work. The corner of Jules's mouth curved. She thought she did well with her friend's appearance.

She was wearing one of Jules dress. A navy blue tunic dress with black leggings. She was planning to wear her black small bowed flats. Her hair was fish tail braided with a few strands of hair surrounding her face. She was absolutely gorgeous and envious Jules wanted to come out.

They walked into the kitchen and heard their buzzer ring. Sierra's eyes widened. The noodles for the spaghetti weren't ready yet. She bit her nails and went to answer the buzzer.

"H-Hello?" She bit her lip. Jules raised an eyebrow at her nervousness.

"Hey Aira. Mind letting me up?" His charming voice asked. He used the nick-name Jules made for her ever since they were. (Sierra's name is pronounced See-Air-Ah and her nick-name is Air-Ah)

"Um, yea hold on." She let go of the buzzer and paced back and forth.

"What's wrong Aira?" Jules asked. Sierra stopped pacing, turned to look at her best friend in the whole world with a panicking look.

"The food isn't done yet!" Once she said that Jules broke down into fits of laughter. This was what she was obsessing over? Jules thought.

"It's not a big deal, Sierra. I'll take it off the stove, turn the stove off, drain the water, and let it sit in the sink. Don't worry about." Jules let a small smile spread across her lips.

This made Sierra even more nervous. She knew Jules couldn't cook, but could she do that simple little task? She was right, it wasn't a big deal, but she wasn't sure. She decided to ignore the bad thought of something bad happening and nodded.

Sierra let Ian up and he came into the flat. Once he was inside he smiled warmly at the two girls. When his eyes landed on Jules, his smile turned into a smirk. The uneasy feeling came back.

"Well we should leave now." Sierra said, clapping her hands together. "Let me get my shoes and purse from my room first." Juliet and Ian nodded.

"You're so beautiful." She heard Ian blurt. She tensed up. Why would he say that when he was about to go on a date with her best friend? She just nodded and looked down.

Suddenly, she felt someone in front of her. She looked up to see Ian and her face nearly touching. She was about to take a step back, but he had different plans.

Ian grabbed the sides of Jules face and brought her lips to his. Jules eyes widened. She refused to kiss back, so he bit her lip. She gasped and he stuck his slimy tongue into her mouth. She had enough. She struggled to get him off her. He wouldn't get off though
He groaned and fell to floor holding his 'thing'. Jules wiped her lips. She was disgusted with this guy.

They heard footsteps come from the girls' room. Ian struggled to get up, but eventually did before Sierra came into the room. He did hold a pained expression though.

"Alright. I'm ready to go. Bye Jules. Now c'mon c'mon, Ian." She spoke as she skipped out of the flat.

Ian glared at the beauty in front of him, "You tell anyone about this and I will hurt Sierra."

He then limped out of the flat, following Sierra. The door slammed shut. Jules broke down into tears and fell onto the sofa. Her face covered into the pillow by her.

What happened to the sweet guy she met when the girls left that yellow taxi? He was so kind and she thought he was interested in Sierra. Maybe he did like her. Maybe he wanted Jules for...no. She wouldn't think of that. She didn't want to.

She then felt herself fall asleep.


Jules woke up to something beeping, yelling, screaming, and...sirens? She snapped her head up and coughed instantly. Her eyes started to tear up. The flat was covered in spoke. She turned her head to see fire on the stove where the spaghetti was. The spaghetti was burnt and all over the floor. The whole kitchen was on fire. There was a whole in the kitchen, which led into another flat, and another, another.

Jules gasped. She was about to get off the hot sofa. The sofa was really as she noticed the heat now. She jumped off the sofa, only to let out a cry. Her foot had stepped in fire. She looked down on the floor to see fire. She put her foot back onto the sofa. She hadn't realized she was crying till now. The sofa wasn't steaming hot, but getting there.

Suddenly, her head snapped to the door. It had been busted open. Four men came into the room. They were obviously firemen by the uniform. One came to her rescue as the three others ran to put out the fire. He came from behind the sofa and picked her up gently, as he noticed her foot.

She started to cry. She put her face into the fireman's coat and he put his large hand over her face. He walked quickly out of the flat and out the building. It was only a small two story building.

She knew they had hit outside because of the people shouting and the coldness that reached her not burnt foot.

"C'mon C'mon! Bring her here!" She heard a woman's voice. She then felt herself lay onto something. She opened her eyes and realized she was on a stretcher.

The three paramedics rolled her into the ambulance. She heard a familiar someone scream for her, but she was too tired to see who. She felt a breathing mask being placed on her mouth. She felt pumps of oxygen pump into her lungs.

She then fell asleep...


Made a few little changes in the summary. Hope your liking it!


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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