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Nialls One and Only Princess

Nialls One and Only Princess

Nialls One and Only Princess

Hi, my name is Kimmy Taylor Hayes. I am 16 years old (turning 17 next year!)

I'm not the site model, Kimmy Hayes, though.


My future husband is Niall James Horan. Yes, yes, but it's true.

That's why I'm single.

Who doesn't love that scene from One Way or Another?

I dyed my hair a lighter shade of blonde. Instead of being a blondette, I'm a blonde :)


The Luck of The Irish

The Luck of The Irish

R Romance Comedy Fantasy

Cadence has loved One Direction for as long as she could remember. When her and her best friend, Marley get invited to go on a date with One Direction, they think that's the best. Then, they reveal that they're dancers and singers, One Direction wants them to go on a world tour with them. But everyt


9.7 17 Votes
Not Backing Down - Liam Payne

Not Backing Down - Liam Payne

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen


9.0 3 Votes
The Dancer and The Bad Boy
I'm Yours

I'm Yours

NC-17 Comedy


- 2 Votes
You Generation

You Generation

R Romance Comedy Teen

You Generation girls and The One Direction boys meet up at the You Generation festival in London, England. They immediately hit it off. But, it's ONE DIRECTION. Do you really expect it to be EASY?


10.0 4 Votes