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Do you remember me?

Lost 1

I always wake up, feeling like half of my brain is asleep. Saying that, most of the time it probably is. I always remember my mum saying to me 'It is like a flower, once it dies, it takes a while to live again, but eventually will grow back' I never understood at the time. That was the time I was in hospital before.

I woke up. This was my first day of trying to remember again. My mum led me downstairs even though I questioned her 'Who are you...What are you doing?' Once I got to the bottom, the same time again I saw the blonde boy, waiting for me.
'Why are you following me?' I asked, puzzled.
'We used to always do this' He smiled at me.
He then took my hand and walked me outside.
'This isn't right' I said 'You must be thinking of someone else'
'Come on...plz'
He seemed a nice enough boy, and my mum let me stay with him so I might as well let him take me.


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