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Do you remember me?

The Loss

All I remember is those flashing red lights and skid. Not a painful hit, I don't think I made a wince. And when I opened my eyes I was staring up at white sqaures and Lieing uncomfortably on a soft bed in a nightgown. I couldn't bare the feeling of breathing in with tubes right there. My headache grow larger and more painful and my tummy grow a horrendous cramp. I eventually dozed back to sleep with a shooting pain in my brain. I knew this wasn't a good sign. I knew I wasnt healthy. I knew I was ill.

When I awoke for the second time, it was to a worried looking boy with soft blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I thought it was a doctor but he was wearing a normal t-shirt and jeans.

'Hazel?....' He whispered
'Whos Hazel?' I questioned him. I didn't understand. Who was Hazel? Who was he?
'Its Niall' He looked at me concerned
Niall?....I'd never heard of him in my life, at least I thought I hadn't.
'I think you better go' The docter explained.
'NO no I can't! she needs me! Tell him, Hazel!'
I just sat there stunned and tired not daring to say a single word...just...silent.
The docter pushed him out the way and I remember hearing shouts and screams from the corridor...Who was this boy..How did he know me?


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