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Young Love

Chapter Four☁

Young Love

Chapter Four

Niall's Point of View

She stares at me with wide eyes.

I smile back at her and turn to the rest of the boys, making sure i'm not just seeing things. Liam sends me a nod of encouragement to go talk to her and I do. I begin to walk towards her, her eyes still wide as she studies me up and down. I'm so nervous my hands begin to tremble, and as I'm walking towards her, I trip over a water bottle.

She giggles as does her friend beside her.

I awkwardly stand in front of her,"Um, Hi Jen."

She stops laughing at the sound of her name,"Wait. You know my name?"I nod, blushing deeply."Oh, well hi, Niall."
"How do you know my name?" I ask.
She chuckles lightly,"I dunno maybe you're in the biggest boyband known as One Direction."
"Right..." I answer, my voice just above a whisper.
"So what'd you need?" She asks with a smile.
"I was wondering, if you would, ya know," I froze.
"He was wondering if you'd like to come bowling with us this Saturday." Harry spoke up for me. I nod, waiting for her answer.
"Um.. Yeah. That sounds great!" Her smile widens."Now question, Source of contact?"
"No problem. Here's all of our numbers. Feel free to call anytime." I nudge him slightly as she takes the slip of paper with all of our numbers on it."Oh, and love; Please do not share our numbers with anyone, yeah?"
"I promise I wont. Lemme call one of them so you guys have mine as well."
She dials, what seems to be Zayn's number, and waits as it rings. Seconds later Zayn pulls his phone out from his pocket and saves the number.
She begins to walk away before I call after her."Wait!"
She immediately turns around, startled,"Yes?"
"Would you like to play with us? It's kind of an uneven game."
Please say yes. Please say yes.
"Yeah,Sure. Can I talk to Lyd real quick before we start?"
We nod and she walks away, grasping the other girl's, who I assume is Lydia, arm and drags her far enough so we wouldn't be able to hear their conversation.
"Make this count, Mate." Harry says patting my shoulder as I watch them talk.
"Thanks, Harry. For everything."
"Yeah, yeah. Just repay me later."
Jennifer's Point of View
"What the hell!"Lydia screams as I pull her towards the bench.
"Lydia, Niall Horan of One Direction basically just asked me out on a date Saturday night and you're worrying about your arm?" I inquire, trying to get her to lower her voice.
She sighs,"This situation is so confusing hold on a minute. So he finds you at the park, Knows your name before you even introduce yourself, and asks you on a date knowing you're about 5 years apart?" I nod."Do you honestly think it's a good idea Jen? Please think about this before you put yourself out there like that."
"How will I know if I don't give it a try. I mean, I do look old for my age. Plus, I turn 15 in less than a week."
Her phone rings with a message, she quicky replies and puts her phone back in her pocket. "What about you're plan to not be in a relationship right now with finals and all?" She recieves another texts and angrily replies."I have to go now, Amber is bugging me to come pick her up. I'll text you later, kay? Please just make the right decision, Jen. Promise me."
I nod,"Promise."
She grabs her books and throws her bag over her shoulder,"Bye!"
I run back towards the boys, smiling.
"Everything alright?" Louis asks.
I nod,"Let's get started!"
2 Hours Later
I begin to get ready for dinner tonight with Chris and his friends. I play the One Direction cd in the background and sing along to 'Live While We're Young' . I shower and let my naturally wavy hair dry out. I begin to apply my makeup and put a shiny silver phone case on my iphone. I charge my phone while I decide on my outfit for tonight. All I keep in the back of my mind is the conversation I had with Christian Earlier today.
Think Sexy.
After almost a half an hour of searching through my closet, I sigh, giving up. Suddenly I have an idea and run into my Sister Brittany's room and pull out a short, one sleeve black dress from her closet. Perfect.
I run back into my room and slip the dress on, remembering to return it to Brittany before she realises it's missing and chases me around the house with a knife threating me. You see, Brittany was never a normal child. She's always been a troublemaker, even as a baby. Once when she was 7 she pushed another kid off the slide because she wanted to ride it and apparently the girl was 'in her way'. Ever since then my parents knew she would be trouble.
Her teen years, Those were -no- are the worst. She's always out partying and came back home once with a piercing on her nose and tonuge. She used to have natural brown hair like me, until she decided to go blonde. A 'peer' decision. Then, about two months ago, she decided to chop her bun off. So her hair went from long, like mine, to short and boy-ish.
When she walked through the front door my mother nearly exploded. They soon gave up on trying to change her ways, and relied on me to be set as the 'good' daughter. Me and my sister, We may look alike, but we have nothing in common . She has green eyes, I have brown, ever since she's changed her appearance her prettiness lessend, her attitude changed, and we constantly fight. She may not come back home for a couple of nights but my parents don't seem to care or worry.
I quickly straighten my hair and put in my diamond earrings. I grab a pair of black pumps an slip them on as well. I put on a drop chain necklace with matching bangles. I check myself in the full body mirror before calling Chris .
"Hey Chris,"
"Hey Jen. You ready?"
"Yeah, I'm a bit early though. Do you mind if i come over a little earlier?"
"Sure. We can hang for a while. I'm cool with that . "
"Are you sure? I don't want to-"
He chuckles,"It's fine."
"Okey. See you then!"
"See ya!"
We hang up and I grab my keys, walking out the door. I make sure it's locked and begin towards Chris' house. Please let tonight go well.
I step up to his door and knock a few times before Chris comes to the door, dressed up and smelling good for tonight.
"Welcome." he says stepping aside,"You look hot tonight."
I giggle lightly,"Thank you. Same to you,"
He shuts the door,"Please, sit on the couch, make yourself at home."
I take a seat on his couch and he sits beside me.
"So, how was school today?"
I shrug, "It was ok I guess. Atleast I got rid of most of my finals."
He positions himself so that his body is facing me,"You haven't finished yet?"
I shake my head,"Science is left."
"You'll be fine, Just think of it like this; You're out of school in three days! Then it's summer time."
"I know, but with my quinceanera and all, it's stressful."
He brushes a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.
Oh my God.
This is it. His gaze averted from my lips back to my eyes. He leaned in, and he kissed me.



Yeah, yeah. I know . I haven't gotten the chance to update because of work and summer homework ! :/ then my Internet is continuously cutting off when I do get the time to update. :c
Jennifer Malik Jennifer Malik
You finally updated! It's been like a month!!
HeyItsGabi HeyItsGabi

Im gonna update todaY!
Writing more now c;
@Kaile The Dreamer

Jennifer Malik Jennifer Malik
When r u updating!?!?!? IM DYING
HeyItsGabi HeyItsGabi
Please update soon.
This is driving me crazy.
I love the story so far.

-xoxo Kaile the Dreamer