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Sinful Delight

Chapter Three

“We brought Jonathyn in for questioning, but you can’t come back here Kai. I’m sorry, it’s all very sensitive.” Makenzie said as I tried to barge past her and into the interrogation room. Her fist was wrapped around my arm as she stopped me. I knew I couldn’t go back there, but I had questions. I had to know why Jonathyn was with Emelie. I didn’t even think they liked each other, Emelie used to speak so ill of Jonathyn. I was flabbergasted.

“I’m a bit sensitive too, Detective Cooley.” My brow furrowed as I spoke. She stood up straight, crossing her arms beneath her chest as she looked up at me defiantly.

“I have been very inclusive with you Mr. Kane, more than I should have been. I can make you get radio silence if you behave like this.” She finished with a glare, damn. She was feisty.

I nodded, shaking my fingers through my hair as I tried to wrap my head around this all. “I’m sorry, I am just feeling a little shaken.” My words were true, but I was less shaken about my girlfriend’s untimely death and more so about my best mate sleeping with said girlfriend.

“I understand Kai,” She moved me to the chair; I sat with my legs wide and my elbows resting on my knees as I clutched at my cheeks. She knelt, coming eye level with me. Her blouse was unbuttoned a little more than usual, revealing a supple cleavage that was teasing me.

“Listen, you’re a suspect too. We haven’t ruled you out, so what I share with you from here on out is purely off the record and you repeat not one word about it. Are we clear?” She said authoritatively.

I nodded and inhaled deeply through my nostrils; I sat up and regained my composure.

“Crystal.” I said slowly, standing and giving her a deep stare before walking toward the exit.

I didn’t realize I was a suspect, I should have known. Boyfriends are always the first suspect, right? Why had she come to me? Hoping I’d slip up and she’d catch something. Is she just playing me now? Trying to gain my trust so that she can milk me for information? Maybe I’ve watched a few too many episodes of Forensic Files, but I feel as though she’d not being entirely honest with me.

My thoughts were pulled away by the buzzing of my phone in my back pocket. I fished it out, sliding my finger across the flat screen.


“Kai, It’s Keegan. Where are ya’ mate?” His thick Scottish accent was never relenting, a steady, and a constant. He was Keegan, the one who made me feel better when shit was bleak.

“I’m just leaving the police station, are you on your way to mine?”

“Yea, I’m just gettin’ to a taxi, should be there in about twenty minutes or so”

“Brilliant, I’ll be there in about the same amount of time. Man, have I got something to tell you…”

I knew that if I could trust any of the lads with this, it was Keegan. He was true to his word and never spilled any secrets he collected along the way.
He was the one who could keep my secret.

I filled him in on everything, he had already heard about Jonathyn because apparently it was on the news that he had been taken in for questioning. Frickin wonderful.

We spoke and drank. It was a good combination for me and apparently for him since he crashed in the guest room. Light weight.

When I lay down to go to sleep, I can’t help but look to the empty side of the bed. Normally Emelie would be there and before that, it wasn’t hard to keep that space filled.
Maybe I need to get laid, maybe that will help? It’s probably not the best idea right now, but I feel like it may help some.

The next day, I woke up late and with a crushing hangover. When I checked my phone, I had two missed calls and a voicemail from Mak. Maybe she knew something? I clicked the play button and listened to her voicemail.

“Kai, it’s Mak. I need to talk to you today, please call me back and let me know when I can come by.” She spoke quickly and hung up with no goodbye. I arched a brow, was this the off the record shit she was mentioning or a set up to incriminate me?

I showered and got breakfast before I called her back, it was almost 10 a.m., but Keegan was still tangled in the comforter, fast asleep. I sat down on the sofa, crossing my ankle over my knee and looking at my phone screen as I pressed the call button.

“This is Mak” She said, answering after only 2 rings.

“You called?” I said, knowing she had to know who it was calling her.

“Yes, will you have a chance to speak to me today?” She said dryly.

“That depends, what are we talking about?”

“You know what. When can I come by? Or if you’d rather not, I’ll keep the information to myself.” Her voice had become hushed towards the end of her sentence.

Hesitantly, I gave in. I was too curious to deny her. “Fine, come by in about an hour. I’ll need to clear out my houseguest.” I said before hanging up, I wouldn’t give her the chance to respond to me, saving me from hearing whatever condescending retort she’d planned.

The woman was stunning, absolutely fit – but she was, for lack of a better word, a bitch.
I went into Keegan’s room, turning the light on and spreading the curtains so that the sunlight could bleed through. “Wake up sleepy head!” I yelled, obnoxiously as I watched him tug the blanket over his head.

“Mate, me head. Get out!” He argued as I pulled the blanket from his head.

“Sorry lad, no can do. I need you to head out- Detective cleavage is coming over.”

His eyes shot open and he looked at me. “No way, you can’t kick me out. I’ve gotta get a look at her.” He seemed to have been quickly cured of his hangover he was now standing up and pulling his clothes on.

“No. Absolutely not, you can’t be here” I pressed my palms to his back and shoved him towards the door, he turned and looked at me.

“Kai, given the severe nature of this delicate situation, I think it is quite necessary that I stay and have a look at her. Maybe I can give you some insight into any ulterior motives?” He had turned to face me now, he was really selling this.

“I’m afraid she won’t speak to me if you’re here, you’ve got to clear out unfortunately.” He was walking willingly beside me now as we neared the front door.

“You’re such a twat, you know that?” He shook his head as he grabbed his keys and his sunglasses. “I’ll go, but I expect full details tonight. Try to snap a pic, eh?” He gave me a wink before sliding those glasses over his eyes and headed out the door to his car.

“You’re completely misogynistic.” I yelled as he walked out, only to receive a middle finger held above his head. He wasn’t as good at hiding his lust as I was, due largely to the amount of scrutiny I got from the media. It’s very hard to be yourself when everything you do is being dissected so that people can find some way to shame you for being a human.

It had been quiet in the months leading up to this, of course there were some articles here and there about how I was a womanizing play boy who only dated supermodels…which I can’t help that I date supermodels, it just happens that way. Emelie was not a supermodel, but she could have been. She was flawless, except for her toxic personality.

I pulled the door to the room Kegan had just evacuated shut, I knew the maid would be in at some point today and there was no need for Mak to see anything.

Almost forty-five minutes later, I heard the knock at my front door. I walked into the living room, a pair of black jeans on my legs and a plain white t-shirt covered my torso. I opened the door and gave her a grin, no need in being nasty.

She gave me a hesitant smile before walking in and looking around, what was she looking for? I closed the door and walked beside her, “Do you like what I’ve done with the place?” I asked even though nothing had changed. She looked at me, noting my sarcasm.

“Habit,” She said quickly as she moved to the counter that stood between the main room and the kitchen. She set her bag on the cool marble and began pulling several different types of papers out.

“Off the record, yes?” She asked without even looking at me.

"Yep." I said with a nod and sat on the barstool across from her spread. I looked at the photos, there were multiple pictures of Jonathyn and Emelie; kissing, dancing, disappearing into hotel rooms together.

I frowned before I looked to Mak for answers.



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