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When Maisie met Liam in her second year at university she knew that she had found it. He was her forever love, the one she had been waiting for, the one that she would spend the rest of her life with. Until he dies in a car accident the week before they are due to graduate and leaves her feeling lost in a world that makes no sense without him.

Three years later she is leading a life that is very different to the one that they had planned together. She has given up her passion for writing and is working full time in a dingy café around the corner from her small one bedroom flat miles away from anyone who knew Liam. She has cut herself off from her past life since she has decided live out the rest of her life alone with Liam's memory to keep her company. Until the curly haired boy moves in next door.

The more time she spends with Harry, the more she realises that there may be some life left for her to live and she will have to make a choice between holding onto the great love of her past, or letting go for the possibility of a new love for her future.


  1. one.

    the funeral.


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