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The Secret Brother

Chapter 1

Zayn had stormed into his brothers room and paced around for about a minute before he screamed his brothers name. Noah rolled off the bed and groaned. Zayn tried to muffle his laugh by biting his lip but he couldn't hold off for any longer as his laughter echoed off the thin walls as Noah sat up and glared at Zayn. Zayn realized what he came in here for and got all mad again.

"look, you know how people miss take things and....stuff like that. Well people think, you and I...are" Zayn paused for a second, knowing how his brother would react to what he was about to say and he knew he had to tell him but he was kind of afraid of his brother. His brother could get very very violent when he is mad, Noah almost broke his nose once. He may be 2 years older then him but he was stronger, and just a tiny bit taller. But considering Louis is very short and he's older then all of them maybe being younger means that you're taller. He doesn't know, because that makes no sense, maybe his mind is being clouded of everything going on.

"are what Zayn?" Noah asked getting impatient. He thought it couldn't be that bad, but you never know what the media can come up with, he remembers when his brother was forced to go out with someone from a band he didn't really know that well. But ever since his brother, who by the way got a bunch of shit in by management, went on twitter and announced to the whole world that he is in fact gay, he has avoided relationships all together.

"people think we are together, as in a relationship" Zayn said quietly hoping that his brother wouldn't hear him, but he did. His brother heard him loud and clear, and as Zayn thought that his brother was going to hurt him, but that time never came. Instead he wrapped his arms around Zayn's small but muscular body and held him tightly. Thoughts went around Zayns head but they cleared when he heard the quiet sadness in his brothers smooth voice.

"i know how you feel about this, I know you hate how the media twists things, but we must tell your bandmates before they think that we are actually dating" Noah had understood what Zayn was going through, honestly he wanted to kick their asses, but with everything that was going on they might think he was crazy. Also talking to his brothers bandmates gives him an excuse to see Liam.

Yes he knew that his brother had a crush on Liam, he knew how close they get when they are together. But he has a little hope that...maybe, just maybe, Liam would like him the way he liked him. He didn't even know if Liam was anything other than straight. But if he was reading the signs correctly, which he usually is, then Liam is at least questioning himself. He has a thing for reading body language.


"Guys" Zayn yelled in the quiet house that Harry owned. Zayn knew everyone was here considering all of their cars were here. He walked around trying to find someone but had no such luck.
"Where's the bathroom, i gotta wee" Noah whined as he followed Zayn to the kitchen. Zayn looked at him for a second before saying "upstairs, first door to your left"

Noah nodded and ran up the stairs. He didn't knock on the door to see if anyone was in it, instead he opened the door and stared at the sight in front of him. He felt his cheeks turn a deep rosy crimson as he kept staring.
There stood a very wet Liam with a towel wrapped around his waist. His wet short hair stuck to his forehead and there were water droplets going slowly down his abs, it was a sight indeed. Liams bright eyes watched Noah as he stared at the water going down his abs. Noah then looked into Liams eyes and blushed more.
"Omg i'm so sorry this is so embarrassing i'mma just leave" Noah covered his eyes and turned around and he bumped into his brother Zayn. He fell backwards and expected to fall on the ground but felt wet cold hands hold him up as he looked up at Liam.

Liam let him stand and looked at Zayn "i heard the news, this is your boyfriend?"

"Don't believe everything you see" Zayn sighed, "This is my brother Noah, Noah this is my bandmate and best mate Liam"

Liam starred at Noah, surprisingly they were the same height. He looked at his matching tattoos with Zayn, he looked at his skinny black jeans and his white Superman shirt. He looked at Noahs warm brown eyes, his long black eyelashes, his black hair which had brown dyed into it so it was a brown black mix, swooped to one side. He looked at his perfect nose and plump and somewhat red lips. His perfect jawline and perfect cheek bones. The way his hair was in his face, the way he was blushing, just made Liam feel things, things he only felt for another lad. Liam thought it was love at first sight. When he saw online that Zayn was with another guy Liam was sad, because well Liam kind liked Zayn, but once he saw who Zayn was with, he was craving to meet the mystery guy. He wanted him. He needed him.

Liam was blushing in an instant, he smiled at Noah and said "I'm Liam, I'm 20 and very single." Liam inwardly smacked himself for saying that.

"I'm Noah, I'm 19, and very single too" Noah replied and giggled. Liam stared at him thinking 'Omg he just fucking giggled, he fucking giggled. This boy is gonna be the death of me, i can already see my funeral'.
Liam's smile grew bigger and bigger by each passing moment he looked at Noah. He then commented "I'm still dripping wet, let me change, wake Harry up for breakfast, and then you can tell me about yourself"
Liam walked out leaving a blushing Noah and one heart-broken Zayn.

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