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The Secret Brother


The laughter of two boys echoed through the streets of the New York chatter as they were whisked in to the crowd. With sunglasses on their face and their arm around each other, it's no surprise that some of the people on the street thought they were together. But with the similar faces and skin, it's as if they could be identical twins, one of them was about a centimetre taller than the other, with almost matching tattoos except for the screw on one's foot. But no one was going to see that.

As they walked in the streets of the New York noises, they talked about everything, from sisters to christmas, to tours and parents, and houses to universities. They were so comfortable with each other, other than not seeing each other for 2 years. They were in each others DNA and basically conjoined together. They went to each other with their problems, with love trouble, with friend trouble. When each of them were coming out and their parents were mad, at first. They accepted each other through thick and thin.

They rounded a corner and one of them tripped, but was safely caught by the other. One of them said something about the other always being clumsy. The other had blushed and grabbed their hand, as he started running back to his apartment. They were so involved with each others presence that they both didn't notice the flashes of cameras or the scribbles of notes being taken.

They didn't know until the following morning, when a headline for a news website had been all over twitter, being repeatedly tagged in asking what was happening.

'Zayn Malik strolling with new unknown boyfriend in streets of New York City'

289 words

hope you guys like this new story I'm making, and I know I haven't been posting recently but that's because I had a short writers block but I came back to you guys with a new story.
again hope you guys like it

bye for now lovelies xx



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