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The Edge of Goodbye

Chapter Four

We enter Justin’s house as my heart pounds loudly. The foyer is amazing. There is a huge circular skylight with a giant chandelier hanging, and on either side of the marble floors are a set of stairs that meet at the top. Colson decides that we will check out the house one level at a time.

The living room of course is gigantic with navy blue tile flooring and light blue walls, it has a handsome maple finished fireplace in the corner of the room and a very large fish tank that looks into the kitchen. The kitchen is the kitchen of my dreams. It has white tile flooring, white with glass cabinets and very large island in the middle of the room two double dutch ovens and a countertop stove. The appliances are all stainless steel and there is room to put a small table and chairs in front of the big bay window that looks out to the back yard.

“Millie isn’t this kitchen the absolute best?” Colson says excitedly

“Yeah it is, actually the kitchen of my dreams.” I tell him

“Lets go down here” Colson grabs my hand and leads me down a hallway.

The first door we open is to a bathroom which was astounding, The next door we open was to a bedroom. which held a California King size four poster bed with fresh white linens and lots of fluffy pillows. The last door we open is to an indoor theatre. How many people can say they have an actual theatre in their house?

“Ok we’ve looked around, can we go now?” I ask impatiently not wanting to get caught

“Millie you said you wanted an adventure and plus we haven’t even seen the upstairs yet.” Colson smirks

I reluctently follow him up to the second floor, which holds three more gigantic bedrooms with a bathroom attached to each. A game room with a pool table and bowling alley, and another really big bathroom in the hallway. Finally after this doofus sees everything he wants to see we make our way back downstairs.

“Ok now to the backyard” he pipes up as I reach for the door handle.

I hang my head and drag my feet along with me as I follow him back through the kitchen to the back door. I am actually amazed at how big the back yard is. It’s all fenced in and there is a great big infinity pool with a separate hot tub, and an outside seating area around a fire pit and bar. I must say this house is gorgeous but it’s nowhere near what either of us could ever afford.

“Colson, lets go I can hear the group coming back” I slightly shout at him

“Fine, GG let’s go then” he snips at me.

“Oh i’m so sorry I don’t want to be arrested for being in a home that we are not suppose to, my bad” I tell him hotly

Colson and I leave through the side fence and put the key back in the box it belongs in and quietly sneak our way back into the group. We are last on the bus and before we take our seats Colson taps the tour guide on her shoulder.

“Here miss you dropped this.” he says handing her the card he swipped

“Oh bless you dear, thank you. Can’t get into the houses without it” she hugs him

We take our seats and ride out the rest of the tour without speaking to each other. He does the stupidest things sometimes and it drives me insane. I usually don’t stay mad at him long though, he does some silly thing to make me laugh and then everything is ok again. When we get back to Hollywood Blvd and exit the bus we take a group picture per my request so I can add it to my scrapbook later.

“I’m starving.” Cole groans

I look over to him and he looks a little pale.

“Are you feeling ok other than that?” I ask

“Yeah fine, just hungry… how about we check out the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner?” He says

I agree and we walk the four blocks over to the resturant, which is packed. We give them our names and decide to look around at all the stuff hanging from the walls and see what they have in the gift shop. I end up buying myself a Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood California t-shirt and a small cross body purse. Colson buys a hoodie, a long sleeve shirt and a hat and something in a tiny box.

“Colson party of two!” a waitress says loudly

We follow her to our table which sits next to a big jukebox, and wall hangings of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Ozzy Osborne. Once we order our food Cole gets up and puts music on the jukebox, the first song he chooses is Sabatage by Beastie Boys, which he knows I hate their music. The second song that plays is an oldie but one of my favorites; Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley, and the third and final song plays as we finish eating our food is My Girl by The Temptations. I can say that he does have great taste in music and he still after all these years we’ve been just friends is not hard on the eyes.

“Ok are you ready to go, I think i’m about eight months pregnant with a food baby” he now complains

“Yea, we can head out.” I tell him

“Oh wait, I got this for you in the gift shop.” He hands me the little box

I open it to find two little pins one in the shape of the Hollywood sign and the other in the shape of California that has LA on it.

“Awe thank you, I can’t believe you still remember I collect pins from everywhere I go.” I hug him tightly

“Well duh, I’d be a pretty crappy best friend if I didn’t remember that.” he hugs me a little tighter.

When we leave we slowly make our way back to the hotel and drag ourselves up to our room and fling onto our beds, exhausted from the day and nights adventure.

“Well our first day and night was a total success, we actually got all the stuff done you wanted to on your check list for today.” Colson says rubbing his face

“Yeah we did great today, now tomorrow we make our way to slab city, and swim in the ocean. We’re probably going to be sleeping in the tent tomorrow so enjoy this comfy bed while you can.” I laugh

“Trust me I am.” he says as he rolls over to get under the blankets.

It doesn’t take all but five minutes and he is snoring loudly. I get up and get my journal from my backpack and write down all the adventures of the day and what we have planned for tomorrow. When I’m done I place it back in my backpack along with the box with my pins, then go to the bathroom to wash my face, then go to bed. It’s nearly two in the morning and we are getting up about nine to head out, after eating breakfast of course. I’m so happy that Colson is my best friend. I wouldn’t want to do this trip with anyone else but him. Well I would with my brother but my mom took off with him two years ago to go live with her parents in Wisconsin.

I’ve gotten letters from her now and again but I still don’t know why she just up and left. I often blame myself but I think it was mostly due to my dad’s drinking again. Maybe when we go to Iowa I’ll have Colson make a stop at my grandparents house in La Crosse to see how they’re doing. I miss my brother and my mom, I want to find out why she left me in Washington with that idiot of a father to fend for myself.



I realize i forgot to let you all know i changed Wyatt's name to COLSON so from now on it will be Colson not Wyatt!!


Allie Miller Allie Miller


@Allie Miller

The Willie Nelson book is called "On the Clean Road Again"

notinuseanymore notinuseanymore

i love road trips and the book On the road again isn;t by Willie Nelson but i'm pretty sure he's written a book or two dont quote me on it lol.. and yes i have compression socks and hate them with a passion, i just got home because i ended up having a clot in my leg and lung that caused some breathing trouble with me because im asthmatic too but yes i am doing good now! and willie nelson is a friggin legend

Allie Miller Allie Miller

So road trips are kind of my favourite! And I was totally unaware that Willie Nelson wrote a book he's kind of one of my music heroes so I might have to go check it out!

On a side note I totally get you I've had three knee reconstructions and I swear I wore those compression socks every time like my life depended on it! I'm glad you're okay!

ontheedge ontheedge

Thank you I was doing pretty well for only being a week out but now I’m in the hospital with blood clots in my leg and lung so I’m not getting much done :(

Allie Miller Allie Miller