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Once Upon A Fairytale


Once upon a time, there was a book of stories to be read by people not unlike yourself. These stories however, were not the true stories as they were meant to be told, elders from our world changed them to make them into morals for young boys and girls to grow up and aspire to be like the heroes they had read about. They encouraged them to believe that good things always come to those who are good and bad things will find those who deserve them. However, the worlds these stories came from in fact worked in the same way that our world does. There is no true good or bad in their stories but in fact most are riddled with shades of grey. If you wish to carry on reading the stories you know, as you know them, stop reading now, however, if you want to know the truth behind the characters and the way that they lived... well, I hope you're sitting comfortably because you don't want to miss a word.

I started this story a couple of years ago and got locked out of the account, but I would really like to see what I can do with it now!



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