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Hurts So Good


"To be loved, and to be in love."

For him this was a dream, rather an unbelievable truth. For him life was all about being successful and making money. For her money and success were in there places, love and people were at the highest.

He was the thorns on the stem while she was the petals of the flower.

They were rich. They were alone. He had a bad past. She has a bad present.

Brought together by fate? or was it destiny?

Hey guys this is the first story by me here..
English is not my first language So sorry About This and also about the grammar.. i'll try to make the chapters long..
umm please vote..


Damien Russ

Damien Russ

Son of James Russ and would be CFO of the Starr Enterprises.

Elsie Starr

Elsie Starr

The would be CEO of the Starr Enterprises. A big known company yet smaller than The LuxLusture.

James Russ

James Russ

The current COO of the Starr Enterprises and father of Damien Russ.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

The CEO of LuxLustre company, one of the most reputed, well established company of the madern times.

Robert & Madeline Starr

Robert & Madeline Starr

Robert Starr the current CEO of the Starr Enterprises. And Madeline Starr his lovely wife.


  1. The Angel Mask

    Nothing can be seen trough it. Nothing can be predicted..


Love it! I need to see where this is going! Please update soon

Syden17Jade Syden17Jade