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Cross Country |ReMastered|

|The Return|

"Hadley Jane Greene! Get your ass down here now!" I groaned and rolled off my bed and walked down stairs grasping the oak bannister and heading into the kitchen where mum was sitting and for once she didn’t look angry..

"Hadley, I have to go to on a business trip and won't be back for a while," She said taking a sip of her coffee.

"Okay, well I'll stay with Cara," I replied walking back upstairs, I got up to my room I searched for my phone and found it under my pillow and called Cara.

"Hey Hadley, what's up?"

"I was wondering can I stay for a while? Mum's going on a business trip again," I said grabbing bag and stuffing clothes into it.

"Yeah of course! I'll be there in five," I could hear her fumbling for her keys.

"Okay see ya," I hung up and ran downstairs to find mum already gone, god she's such a bitch but I found $100 on the bench. I grabbed it and walked into the hallway, walking out the front door and locking it behind me and waited for Cara, five minutes later Cara showed up in her black Prius, I hopped in and closed the door

"Hey," I said chucking my shit in the back.

"Hey Babe anything new?" She asked pulling out of the driveway.

"Nope, you?" I asked as I put my seatbelt on.

"I heard that there's a new kid moving to town, I wonder if he's hot," She asked and she seemed in deep thought and I laughed at how serious she was about it.

"Yeah, well let's hope so, we need more douchebags in this town," I snorted and turned my attention to the scenery of the small town of Wolverhampton, a dull but excitable town where gangs and idiotic kids take over the town but there's one boy.. his name is Liam Payne... The hottest jock there is...

I walked into school with Cara and something was hanging in the air, like death.
Cara was bragging about something she heard on the news about a guy taking a bullet for his wife, sounds a bit cliché to me as I was in deep thoughts, a dark shade of brown mop of hair caught the corner of my eye, I'm guessing that's the new kid.

"Sometimes the person you love most, is the one worth dying for," Cara rambled as I was eyeing the new kid, who had the eyes of a killer, they were dark and eyeing me up and down, in a way I loved how he looked at me.

"Hadley, you do know who that is right?" Clara gasped and nudged me.

"Nope, should I?'' I said while I stared into his deep, dark green eyes.

"That's Harry Styles, The new kid in town and he just got out of jail for murder," She whispered.

That name sounded so familiar but it was probably a coincidence.. I looked back over to him and his dark, murderous eyes were boring into mine, giving me shivers up my spine...

I said bye to Cara and walked to class when I was pulled into a closet.

"What the actual fuck!?" I yelled/whispered but turned to see black eyes.

"Hadley is it really you?" I couldn't see properly but I could take a guess as to who it may be.

"Depends who's asking but you could've asked instead of dragging me into a fucking closet!"

"Is your name Hadley?" 'Harry's' grip got tighter and it really hurt.

"Stop your hurting me!" I said trying to yank my arm away.


"Yes, my name is Hadley" As I said that his grip loosened.

"Is your last name Greene?"

"Yeah why? Are you here to gut me or some shit cause make it quick" I said rubbing my soon to be bruised wrist.

"You don't remember me do you? We met at an airport almost twelve years ago," He said kind of sadly .wow. this guys mood is all over the place wait what? Now I remember..

"Oh my gosh, your the kid that tried stealing my bear," I laughed when I go back to that moment.

"To be clear I didn't want the bear," He yelled slamming his wrist on the wall.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you," I stuttered, I could feel tears forming.

"Whatever you've heard about me, you cant believe everything you hear," he said opening the door and walking out into the hallway, I checked to see if it was clear and headed off to homeroom to find Liam sitting up back with his mates.

"Hads, where have you been?" He whispered.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," I said blowing a strand of hair outta my face.

"Try me" He said with a smirk, he asked for it.

"With Harry Styles," The whole class gasped and turned around to face me but turned back around when the devil himself entered the room..

This is gonna be a long day...



Thanks hun! I wrote it in 2015 and thought it was time to remaster it!

The original idea was Jennifer Lawrence :) and Harry is in a dark place.

LivForPayne LivForPayne


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Is it bad to say that I'm picturing Hadley as Taissa Farmiga

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Oof I LOVE this

megsworld megsworld