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Cross Country |ReMastered|

|Just The Beginning|


"Come on, let's go," Mummy said trying to shove me into the back of the car.

"No mummy, I don't wanna leave daddy," I cried into my teddy bear.

"Too fucking bad! Get in the car or I will beat the shit out of you," Mummy yelled in my face.

"But mummy, daddy has to come too," I continued to cry when mummy pushed me into the side of the car and hit me.

"Get in the car now!" She yelled and I obliged because I don’t want mummy to hurt me, she buckled me into me car seat as I held Caramel and cried into her soft fur as she purred into my small of my waist, mummy got into the front of the car and started up the car.

As mummy was leaving the driveway I looked out my window and saw daddy and my older brother standing in front of the house, I couldn’t bring myself to wave back at daddy because he doesn’t love me, that’s why he has to stay.

The ride to the airport was scenic all I did was stare out the window cuddling against my teddy bear and Caramel, silently crying and blocking out mummy yelling at me for no reason.

We arrived at the airport and mummy was very aggressive I guess you could say, dragging me out of the car along with teddy and caramel but being gentle when putting caramel in the cage, mummy was checking in so she put me in a corner near the food court, I sat there cuddling my teddy when a small curly haired boy walked over to me and sat in front of me, staring at me intensively.

"Hello the names Harry, Harry Styles," He says eyeing my teddy bear.

"This is my teddy bear go away," I said holding my teddy tighter and he laughed, he is so rude.

"I don’t want your teddy bear, what's your name?" He said playing with his toy car.

"My name is Hadley Greene," I replied.

"So Hadley, where are you off too?"

"I don’t know, mummy said we have to leave somewhere and hide" I answered chewing on my teddy's ear.

"So you're playing hide and seek?'' He asked questioningly.

"I think so, Harry how old are you?" I asked looking around trying to find mummy and spotted her getting food.

"I am five turning six, what about you?"

"I'm the same age as you," I said smiling but it faded when mummy was walking over to us.

"Hadley, let's go," She said picking me up.

"Can I say bye bye to Harry, please mummy?" I asked.

"Fine, but be quick," She put me down and I walked back to Harry, who was with his mummy I think.

"Goodbye, I have to go now Harry," I said and gave him a hug.

"Bye Hadley," He said returning the gesture.

"Bye," I replied walking off and grabbing mummy's hand and walked off to the airport gate, taking one last glance at the boy and hoping I wouldn’t forget him.


Okay so, I really wanted re do this story. Seeing as I can't get into my old account. It did amazingly on my old account and im hoping it'll be better this time. i'm going to have three installments: Cross Country, He's Waiting and The Final Goodbye. Hopefully you'll all like it. Please comment and tell me your thoughts!


Thanks hun! I wrote it in 2015 and thought it was time to remaster it!

The original idea was Jennifer Lawrence :) and Harry is in a dark place.

LivForPayne LivForPayne


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Is it bad to say that I'm picturing Hadley as Taissa Farmiga

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Oof I LOVE this

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