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'Strong' A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Chapter 5-Angry Kisses

Chapter 5 of ‘Strong’

‘They don’t know...
Where I came from
They don’t know...
And how I stayed strong

What you know about me
And all the shit I went through just to get myself here
What you know about me
And all the nights I stayed up trying to fight back these tears
What you know about me ‘cause what you see is just an image you perceive
But you don’t know about me'-
What you know about me, District3

Perrie's P.O.V

"Then the teacher said to Niall, 'I want you to go outside the door, right now!' and then Niall said to her, 'Really, because I want you on my bed, right now!' You'd think she'd yell at him or send him to the principal’s office." Zayn said laughing, his arm protectively around my waist.

"Wait she didn't!" Eleanor said laughing, her hand intertwined with Louis'. "What did she do?" Harry questioned since he wasn't in the same Maths class as Zayn, Niall and Liam but in English with Amela, Louis and Eleanor.

"She just blushed, winked and told him 'One day, I might take you up on that offer!' It was hilarious! The principal found out from students talking about it though, and put him in detention!" Zayn said, still slightly chuckling. I shuddered in disgust, Ms. Adams is like forty! Plus she's married!

I saw Amela walk out of the lunch line with her food, followed by Kayleigh who only had a bottle of water. I saw how Kayleigh reluctantly followed Amela over to our table. Ever since Kayleigh sat with us last Wednesday, she's been sitting with us Monday, Wednesday and Friday- since those were the days the boys had training during lunch. Honestly she's a very nice girl. You'd think she'd be quiet and shy but she is actually very loud, hyper and talkative. I swear it's like having another Amela only with an Irish accent!

I mentally approved the two girls’ outfits. Amela had her long brown hair flowing down her back and was wearing white ripped denim shorts, a long baggy strappy top and white converse along with her half moon necklace. I didn't blame her for wearing shorts since today was surprisingly really hot but I still couldn't help but think, 'Typical Amela.' I swear it would be no surprise to me if Amela still wore shorts when she was old and all wrinkly like a raisin! I am fully convinced that in her will it states she has to be buried in shorts!

Kayleigh on the other hand had probably crimped her hair last night and was wearing galaxy designed recessions, pale blue skinny jeans, a hot pink strappy top and a light looking, dark royal purple cardigan. She finished it off with a galaxy snapback with 'LOVE' on it. Or at least I think it said 'LOVE', I'm not too sure since she wore it backwards. It looked really nice with her crimped hair. I couldn't help but snigger at the fact Niall was also wearing a red one today-since he was too lazy to style it into a quiff this morning.

Amela took a seat beside Eleanor and let out an exaggerated sigh, "Thank Chipmunks, its Friday!" She exclaimed and we all laughed. I couldn't believe another school week had already gone by, and since I haven't seen Niall with a bloody nose, it just means he has stopped harassing Kayleigh.

"Chipmunks?" Sophia questioned, causing Amela to raise an eyebrow, "Did I say chipmunks?" She questioned. We all nodded-excluding Kayleigh who was still awkwardly standing up. "See! I'm so tired I'm not even making sense nor am I able to remember saying that!" She grabbed Kayleigh's arm and yanked her into the seat beside her-not roughly of course!

"Liam, Zayn, Louis, Harry, meet Kayleigh. Kayleigh meet Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry." Amela said. Kayleigh gave them a big smile, "It's nice to meet you guys!" She said, taking Eleanor, Sophia, Amela and myself by surprise since she didn't warm up to us THAT fast!

Kayleigh obviously noticing our shocked faces explained her actions, "I feel more comfortable around boys because I feel like sometimes–Not all the times–they are less intimidating. Plus they don't bitch as much." We all let out understanding 'Ah!' or agreed with her. I was going to disagree with her until I realized I couldn't speak for the whole girl population. Plus why argue when she's probably right.

"So Kayleigh," Liam started, "Mr. Sexy Muscles, huh?" He said causing the boys to chuckle. You'd expect Kayleigh to blush or get embarrassed but what she said next shocked me but also caused us all to laugh, "Don't blame me! Blame the muscles!"

We continued talking for a few more minutes and you could see the boys warming up to Kayleigh, which is really strange since we usually don't become REALLY friendly with people who aren't our kind but I knew if it kept up like this we would all be REALLY friendly.

I watched as realization dawned on Amela's face, "Today is Friday!" She said, causing Kayleigh beside her to laugh, "I think we have already established that. Remember the whole 'Thank Chipmunk' thing?" Kayleigh said causing me to chuckle.

Amela glared at Kayleigh, "No. I mean, shouldn't you guys be training now?" She said. Louis nodded and told her the story, "Couch changed it to this evening for some reason. Niall is training now though because he had detention this evening. He should be here soon though." This time Amela nodded and started eating followed by everybody else.

"Not hungry?" I questioned Kayleigh, taking a bite out of my ham and turkey sandwich. Kayleigh's eyes widened in a panic state before they went back to their normal size. It happened so quickly that if I wasn't a werewolf I probably wouldn't have seen it.

She shook her head, "I'm not feeling too well." She answered simply causing me to nod my head. She did look weak looking. She was probably coming down with the flu or something. She took a paracetamol out of her bag and gulped it back with water. I raised my eyebrow at her curiously, "Stomach pains." She told me, taking another sip of her ice cold water.

"I love you babe," Zayn whispered lowly in my ear, taking my attention away from Kayleigh and onto the caramel eyed boy–Or man–also known as my boyfriend. I gave him a quick peck which obviously didn't satisfy him since he captured my lips again, this time deepening the kiss.

I pulled away from Zayn breathless and caught sight of a fuming Niall who was sending daggers at Kayleigh. If looks could kill, Kayleigh would be six feet under.

Niall walked angrily up to the table, "What the hell is she doing here?! First you make me look bad in front of Amela and now you are stealing my best friends! What next, huh princess?" He spat, saying the word 'princess' in disgust.

It looked like Amela was about to pounce on Niall until Kayleigh laid a comforting band on her back, "Its fine Amela, chill. I'm sorry if I made you feel that way Niall," She stood up, put her bottle if water in her bag and grabbed her bag of the bench beside her, "It was nice meeting you guys. I'll see you next class, Am." She said, turned and walked away.

It looked like Amela was about to say something cruel until Liam beat her to it, "What the hell is wrong with you Niall! You shouldn't speak to a person like that-it's rude! Kayleigh is a lovely girl. Why you hate her, I don't know, nor do I want to know-that's your business, but you should never do something or say something cruel to someone you don't know. You have no idea how that might affect them." He ranted causing Niall to look down in shame.

"I'm sorry," He said-to Liam, not Kayleigh, "I guess I was just jealous. When I saw you all talking like best friends, I felt like I was being replaced. I don't want to lose you guys." He said innocently, like a three year old after getting caught stealing from a cookie jar–This is Niall, that's probably happened to him numerous times....since he turned seventeen in September!–I mentally 'awed'. Something didn't add up though. I'm almost positive he wouldn't be sorry if this incident happened yesterday or tomorrow.

"You guys don't think she wears a snapback better than me, do you?" He questioned–For the first time in his life–insecurely. We all shook our head. As good as Kayleigh looked, snapbacks were basically made for Niall. Plus they were his signature look.

Niall breathed out a sigh of relief, "Thank God!" He said sending us all grateful eyes, "I love you guys! I love you all so frickin' much!"

Then it all made sense. This wasn't Niall-this was vulnerable Niall. That could only mean one thing. Niall's mate just started her period.

I looked over to the table Kayleigh sat at–Which was so close to ours, I could hear most if what they were saying–and saw her sat on Bradley's–I think that's his name–lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek. Kayleigh let out a little squeal and whined, "Cooties!” The boys at the table laughed, even I couldn't help but quietly chuckle. It looked like Kayleigh was reminding him he had a girlfriend–He does? I know everything, but even I didn't know that information–and tried to pull away from him. He pulled her closer and said, "It isn't my fault you're so cuddly!" I have to admit they would be really good together but I have a feeling she belongs with someone else....I won't deny the fact they look really cute, though.

Zayn kissed my cheek–Taking my attention away from Kayleigh again!–and whispered in my ear, "Why look at them being cute, when you can be cute with me." He said sending me a wink. Man, I love him!

Kayleigh's P.O.V

"That is all for today class. Have a marvelous weekend!" Mrs. Osbourne, our music teacher told us. Mrs. Osbourne was probably my favorite teacher, besides Mr. Efron, whom I'm sure, is every girl’s favorite. He wasn't really my favorite though-just my favorite looking.

I exited the classroom with Amela by my side. I truthfully am really grateful towards Amela. Without her I'd probably be a bit of a loner. I don't know if I'd be completely alone–My mother always told me I was so friendly I could probably make friends with a plastic bag–but I was really nervous about coming to this school, considering my past. I really owe her a lot.

"I'll meet you by your locker after school, since they canceled Irish today." Amela told me waking to Biology while I walked in the other direction to Chemistry. I wasn't a big fan of the class. First off I was terrible at Chemistry, secondly it was the only class I don't have with Amela, thirdly I have the class with Niall and worst of all, Niall is my partner.

I walked into the Chemistry classroom and sat in my usual seat and for the first time since I started school here two weeks ago, Niall Horan walked through the door.

"Mr. Horan, how nice of you to join us." Mr. Matthews said sarcastically. Mr. Matthews is in his middle fifties, has huge glasses, gray hair and always wears nerdy vest tops so hearing sarcasm come out his mouth was very amusing.

"Sorry, sir. Who will I be working with and where will I sit?" He asked almost angelically and I mentally wondered if this sweet, polite, almost angelic act is the way he speaks to girls–Besides me–and how he gets in their pants. I know for a fact I he talked to them the way be talks to me, it wouldn't be some he's getting but a slap.

"You will be with our new student, Ms. Long." Mr. Matthews pointed in my direction and I saw Niall's eyes fill with annoyance, hatred and disgust.

Niall slowly walked to the chair beside mine, dropped his bag harshly on the floor, sat in his chair and sighed annoyingly. "Out of all the people, I'm stuck with you!" He spat causing me to roll my eyes, "Like you're some prize!" I fired back, my cheekiness taking him aback. He stayed quiet-for once.

Mr. Matthews handed out chemicals and told us we would be doing on this assignment. He put the chemicals on Niall and I shared table and walked away. Niall poured the blue substance, purple substance and the full tub of white powder into one beaker–Which it did not say in the book–causing it to have a chemical reaction and spill out over the sides. By the shocked look on Niall's face I knew he hadn't done it on purpose.

Mr. Matthews rushed over to our table, his face red with anger, "I'm very sorry sir," Niall started, "I told Kayleigh not to do it, but she just didn't listen." He said pointing the finger at me-not literally, metaphorically speaking. Mr. Matthews turned to me and looked skeptically at me, "Is that really what happened Ms. Long?" He questioned obviously not believing Niall. I looked at Niall who looked rather annoyed and slightly nervous and I knew I couldn't tell on him. He may not be a very nice person but it doesn't mean I am too. "Yes, Sir. I am very sorry; it was a complete accident and will never happen again." I said causing Mr. Matthews to give me a small nod and smile. "It's fine Ms. Long. Accidents happen," He said cleaning down the table. He replaced the chemicals and beaker and said, "Be careful this time, yeah?" before he walked away. I could see from the way Niall wouldn't look at me that he was embarrassed or grateful–Or disgusted but I'll just go with the first two–even if he didn't say it.

Niall let me do what he had done before, only I added in a small scoop of white powder rather than the whole tub. We filed the experiment into our lab books. We still had ten minutes left of class so Mr. Matthews told us to talk quietly to our partner.

"I'm sorry about making you feel replaced earlier," I said to Niall wanting to be the better person, "Really? I'm sorry for your mom having you as a daughter." Niall said back to me, causing anger to flow through my body. You can say anything about me but when you bring my family into it, it means war.

"You know what? Screw you! I take back everything I said earlier. You are a dick!" I spat. "At least I'm not fat!" He exclaimed causing me to look down ashamed.

"What is going on here? Ms Long. Mr. Horan what is going on? What is with all the noise?" Mr. Matthews questioned causing me to turn my head towards him, "It's her fault sir. She must be on her period or something!" Niall said causing a few people to laugh quietly, "Mr. Horan!" Mr. Matthews exclaimed, "Since you and Ms. Long are having trouble being civil towards each other, Kayleigh can stay after school to keep you company. Detention for both of you! It won't be on your record Ms. Long, but if you don't show up, there will be trouble!" He said. "But sir—" I started remembering I'm supposed to babysit Lux today, "No excuses, Ms. Long!" He said causing me to sit back in my seat, beside a very quiet Niall Horan, defeated.


I walked out of Science class and towards my locker. I put my books in my surprisingly neat locker–After I couldn't find my Home Education book on the second day, I decided to clean my locker–and went to find Amela who was at her locker talking to Eleanor, Perrie and Sophia.

"Hey girls!" I said sending them all a smile, "Amela, I was wondering if maybe you could watch Lux?" I questioned sweetly but after I saw the confused look on her face I continued talking, "Niall actually showed up for class today–Shocker!–and got me in trouble. Now for us to 'learn to be civil towards each other' I have to stay back for detention, where it will just be HIM AND I!" I said adding emphasis to the last three words. Amela gave me an understanding look, Perrie gave me a sympathetic look, Sophia gave me the thumbs up and Eleanor just smirked. I swear that girl is up to something and by the mischievous look in her eye it will be something I don't like!

Louis and Eleanor really are perfect for each other!

"It's fine Kayleigh, honestly. I'll get Harry to give me a ride to Lou's–I'm sure he'll love to see Lux and will skip practice for her–and you can come to Lou's an hour late." Amela said, shutting her locker. I gave her a huge grateful hug which she chuckled at.

"Good luck!" Perrie and Sophia said in sync, "Stay strong!" Amela joined in and Eleanor who still had a mischievous grin on said, "Don't have too much fun!" I don't know if she meant it in a sarcastic way or in a genuine way.

"Don't worry, I won't!" I mumbled as I made my way towards the detention room.

Here I go.......

Sophia's P.O.V

As soon as Kayleigh rounded the corner we looked at Eleanor expectantly, waiting for her to fill in the gaps on which we missed. After seeing all our expectant, curious, clueless looks, Eleanor rolled her eyes. "Kayleigh and Niall are obviously made for each other! Does nobody else see it?" She exclaimed causing us all to give her shocked looks.

Kayleigh and Niall were not made for each other! They both hated each other! He was so cruel to her, why would she ever like him? As much as I love Niall as a brother and as much as I respect him as our future alpha, the boy is an idiot and so is El if she thinks them as a couple would ever work! The two can't even be in the same room together without saying something cruel to one another!

"Are you mental?!?" Amela voiced what we were all thinking. "Nope, it will happen trust me!" Eleanor said reassuringly, "I'll make it happen." She chuckled darkly.

"Because I trust your judgment–No matter his crazy it may be, I will help you." Amela said, looking a little unsure.

Eleanor laughed at this information, "Are you kidding me? Amela, sweetie, you need to work on getting yourself and Harry together not on playing cupid for Niall and Kayleigh. That's my job! Then when they get together I can take all the credit, a five pound note from all three if you and the boys–Since we are betting on if they'll get together or not and I'm the only one who thinks it will happen–and they may even name their first child after me!" Eleanor said causing Perrie, Amela and I to laugh.

"You're one weird girl Eleanor." I said, seeing as the girl was in deep thought. The scary thing though, you never knew what was going on in Eleanor's head. Apparently though for the last few days it's been about getting KAYLEIGH and NIALL TOGETHER! Like I said before, she's one weird girl.

Amela's P.O.V

"Harry, can I have a ride?" I questioned causing the curly headed God to give me a smile. "Hop in gorgeous and tell me where I, Aladdin, take you, princess Jasmine?" Harry said charmingly hopping into his car. Obviously he knew that practice would suck without Niall. As good as the rest of the boys on the team were Niall was the glue that held them all together.

"You and I are going to mind Lux for an hour." I said. Harry smiled happily and his eyes shone like the sun at midday, summertime, "For real?!" Harry said like a four-year-old. I smiled at his smile. This was the smile I used to love; the smile that he always wore on his face throughout his thirteen, fourteen years of life-Anne had shown me pictures. It always made him look so young. I always loved this smile-a big toothy childish grin that caused his eyes to crinkle. I haven't seen this smile in a while though-not since he started dating. I missed it though and getting to witness that smile again was something I would hopefully never forget.


After I explained what was happening to Lou, she and Tom were on their way. I was now sitting on the couch watching Harry play with Lux. I couldn't help but look admiringly at the two. I also couldn't help but wonder......if Harry and I finished the mating process....could this be us. Could we one day be in our living room playing with our children, playing with our little girl, Darcy–Harry's choice of course–and maybe a few more kids. Could that have happened?

"Are you going to Jason's party tonight?" Harry asked tickling a squeamish Lux. I thought about it for a moment or two, "Yeah, I might as well." I said smiling as Lux's giggles filled the empty living room. Harry nodded, "Good, I'm going alone tonight. I'll pick you up at eight."

Niall's P.O.V

Kayleigh shifted uncomfortably in her seat before she excused herself to the bathroom. I looked around the classroom completely bored. If Kayleigh wasn't here it would be great, but her presence really annoyed me. I hated the fact my mate got her period today because it meant I would feel bad about everything I've ever said to Kayleigh-not that I'd ever say that aloud to her though.

Kayleigh walked back into the classroom a few minutes later and looked slightly more at ease. The teacher who was watching Kayleigh and I stood up from where he was sitting, "I'm going to go look for something for you two to clean. It's really odd saying this but I've been told by Mr. Matthews to let you two talk so I will allow you to do so." The fifty six year old German teacher said before he exited out of the classroom.

I looked around the classroom before sighing in anger, 'How come every other day there is at least eight people on detention but the one day Kayleigh gets put in detention with me, nobody else is here?!' I thought to myself angrily.

"I'm sorry about making you feel unwanted earlier. It was my intention." She said, giving me a smile before she turned back towards the front of the room. I scoffed and glared at her which caused her to shift uncomfortably, obviously feeling my eyes on her. The teacher came back in and pointed at the door, "The janitor’s room needs to be cleaned. After you are done that, do the library and then come back here." He said. Kayleigh and I nodded but before we exited the classroom he shouted playfully, "Also, at least try and be civil towards each other.

Kayleigh's P.O.V

I attempted to put the cleaning supplies on the highest shelf but failed due to my lack of height. Niall came up behind me and took the window cleaner out of my hand and on the shelf. "Thanks," I mumbled seeing this as a sign that he was trying to be civil towards me-like the German teacher told us to be.

When the room was finally dust free we tried to open the door. Key word; tried.

"Shit," Niall breathed out. I turned to look at him questioningly, "What?" Niall just continued to shake his head and the door handle muttering, 'Shit' under his breath.

"Niall, what the hell?! Seriously you're starting to freak me out!" I said my voice filled with concern. Niall started shaking his head before he ran his fingers through his hair roughly, "We're locked in here! The door won't open!" He barked at me. "That's ridiculous," I started before I shook the handle roughly. I started shouting out 'Help' and shaking the handle for about five minutes until I gave up and slid down the wall next to Niall who gave up three minutes ago.

"It's locked." I said causing him to laugh. I couldn't help but smile as I watched his eyes crinkle and eventually I started laughing along with him. I couldn't deny the fact Niall was very attractive, he just wasn't very attractive on the inside and growing up I was always taught that that was what is most important.

Our laughing subsided until we were only letting out short quiet chuckles. Niall's phone pinged, alerting him, he had a text. After it looked like he had finished reading it he let out a half angry, half upset sigh. He leaned his head on the wall, shut his eyes and inhaled and exhaled trying to calm himself down. I watched as his fists clenched and unclenched in anger.

"You okay?" I asked, unsure if I wanted to know the answer. He opened his mouth and closed it again. He repeated this action for a few minutes reminding me of a fish, unsure if he wanted to give me an answer. He looked at me in a way that said, 'I want to tell someone, I need to tell someone but I don't know if I want to tell you personally.'

He looked at me for a few more minutes until Niall Horan, the boy who does nothing but makes me feel like shit for the last two weeks, the boy who hates me for no apparent reason, ended up spilling his problems to me.

"It’s just my dad," He started, "He expects too much from me. I'm only seventeen yet he expects me to.....take over his business. He wants me to meet all of these other businessmen and he expects me to start searching for a woman who can help me lead my pa—" He suddenly stopped, corrected himself and continued, "my business to greatness. He's constantly setting me up with different woman so I can find this certain women. That's why I hook up with different girls, it distracts me, it also annoys my father and it’s pretty fucking fun. My brother was supposed to take the...company but something happened and that changed. Sometimes I wonder if he considers me his son or just somebody to leave the company to."

I was shell shocked after Niall finished talking. I didn't know how to reply. Once Niall realized I wasn't saying anything, he laughed humorlessly. I looked at him sympathetically and spoke up, "I don't know what you want me to say. I don't know what I can say besides I'm sorry." I said causing him to nod.

We sat in silence for a few more minutes until I decided to break it, "Why do you hate me?" I questioned. He looked to be in deep thought. It was so weird; I would have never thought I'd be having this conversation with Niall.

Niall opened his mouth for a minute and it looked like he was about to answer. I only then realized his close we were until the door opened and we jumped apart. "What are you two doing? Go clean the library!"


I dusted a book and put them in the 'Science' section. I walked backwards to get another book but I stumbled into Niall. He was being cold towards me again. I couldn't comprehend how he can go from being so nice in the janitor’s closet to being a complete jerk in the library. I swear he's either bipolar or on his period!

"I'm sorry," I said stepping aside to grab another book. He scoffed and rolled his eyes, "You've said that a lot to me today." He laughed dryly and turned to face my back. I took a deep breath and counted to ten but I couldn't seem to push away the anger any longer so I finally exploded.

I turned around to face him and let out a frustrated groan causing his eyes to widen for a second before they shrank back to their usual size, "I'm so sick of all this bullshit! You're all nice in the janitor’s closet, when you need a shoulder to cry on but then the second we're out you act like a fucking dick! You tell me you hate me because I don't fit in! I'm fat and ugly! I get that! Trust me, I completely agree with you but that doesn't mean you can be an arse to me! Don't talk to me unless needed, I understand! Don't think highly of me, I understand! Always saying mean things and calling me cruel names to your friends, I don't fucking understand! Tell me what your problem is....telling me what your problem is and I'll never ask again." I bellowed not sure if I wanted an answer but expecting one. He looked at me with such hatred in his eyes before he finally exploded.

"You act so innocent! Like you're some princess! Like my words actually affect you. You're just a desperate whore begging for attention, trying to take one of my best friends away from me by fluttering your eyes and crying like a baby! You're making me out to be the bad guy! Truthfully, I'm sick of it! So go back to where you came from and leave me the hell alone!" He shouted his face red with rage. I was genuinely shocked but that doesn't mean I was going to bow down. I would never bow down!

"Stop judging me, like you know me! You don't know shit! You don't know anything about me! You don't know what I've done to be here, to be alive, breathing. You don't know what I've done, what I've seen, what I've heard! You don't know about all the shit I've been through! You don't know about my past! About all the times I've cried myself to sleep because of people like you! All you know is what I show you. All you know is what you think you know! What you see is an image you perceive, it’s not who I am! You don't know anything about me!" I retorted back, genuinely pissed at him. If I see his face for one more minute I may actually rip his pretty dyed hair out of his head! Although I am completely against violence, I will make an exception this once.

It looked like everything I had just said had registered in his brain. An unknown emotion flashed in his eyes but that quickly changed to one of lust. "You know you're hot when you're angry right?" He questioned smirking at me. I rolled my eyes at him. First he calls me ugly, fat and that I'll never fit in but yet now he's telling me I'm hot? Okay, this boy is definitely bipolar!

I was seriously getting sick of this boy and his stupid fucking mind games. I let put a humorless laugh, "Really? Then I'm about to be on fucking fire!" I spat at him. He held his hands up in mock surrender. He edged closer to me and placed his hands around my waist. I tried to remove his hands from my waist and push him away but his grip was far too strong. He wasn't being forceful or rough he was just being stubborn. This dude was seriously getting on my nerves.

"Let fucking go, you twat!" I seethed causing him to remove his hands from my waist. I couldn't help the slight disappointment in my chest as I thought he was going to kiss me. I quickly pushed that thought to the back of my mind. He's a jerk, he judged you without knowing you, and he made you feel like shit! You did not want him to kiss you!

"I seriously can't stand you! You are an arrogant, calculating, ignorant, chauvinistic, cruel, callus, hotheaded, egotistical boy! You play with girls hearts like a new toy and then when it loses its new shiny effect you throw it away without one guilty thought, leaving that poor girl to pick up the pieces! I will not be your next hookup! You already make me feel like shit never mind if I slept with you and you forgot about me the next day!" I remarked and noticed how his eyes darkened. I rolled my eyes at him. My words seem to go in one ear and out the other.

He quickly walked up and smashed his lips onto mine. He cupped my face with his hand and stocked my cheek while I ran my fingers through his soft blonde locks. He pulled away and mumbled, 'I love it when you swear! It’s such a turn. Don’t even get me started on that snapback' before his lips came back in contact with mine. I couldn't think straight, if I could I would have pushed him away. I couldn't deny what I felt in the kiss. When people say they felt fireworks exploding, sparks, bombs, it’s a load of bullshit. None of that is possible but this kiss was different than other kisses. I felt fulfilled after it, like our lips were meant for each other. That scared me. His tongue swiped across my lips begging for entrance and I decided to play with him by not letting him in but Niall was also playing so he squeezed my butt. I gasped which he used to his advantage. After another minute of kissing we pulled back from the kiss. I opened my eyes and he did the same and it looked like what had just happened had finally fully registered in our brains. I. Just. Kissed. Niall! I Kayleigh Long have just kissed Niall Horan, the biggest asshole to ever step on this earth. Well screw me.

Niall looked me in the eyes for a few minutes until he let go of me. I stepped away from him, disappointed in myself and played with a strand of my hair knowing what was coming next.

"This never happened!" He said and for some strange reason that hurt me, "Trust me," I began masking my hurt, "I wouldn't want anybody to know I kissed a jackass like you." I finished walking out of the now clean library.

Niall's P.O.V

"Lou," I called walking into my blonde friend’s home. I was really confused about the kiss. I have no idea why I kissed her; I think it was because of what today is. I wasn't used to being all sentimental. It only happens after you meet your mate or if you cross each other’s path that you get like this when they start their periods. Have I already met my mate? Was it just some girl I passed on the street? I'm almost positive I would've smelt the werewolf scent on them though. I wasn't sure and I was very confused but I knew if I needed to talk to anyone, I could talk to Lou.

"Hello," I called again, "Lou! Lux!" I called and straight away a little bubbly blonde started running towards me with her hands out. I picked her up off the ground and swung her around.

"Hello gorgeous!" I exclaimed setting her down and placing a big sloppy kiss on her cheek. She scrunched her nose up in disgust and whipped it away causing me to laugh.

I felt another presence in the room and when I looked up I saw someone I was hoping to avoid and rant about to Lou. I saw Kayleigh.

Amela's P.O.V

I put on the black bra with pink spikes and the black leather skirt. I curled my long silky brown hair and applied my mascara. I had just got home from babysitting Lux with Harry three hours ago. Kayleigh came in looking quite annoyed and confused but when I questioned her about it she just brushed it off. It was really strange. I finished with my make-up, grabbed my phone and said a quick goodbye to my mom.

I walked out of the door and saw Harry leaning on his car. He looked really attractive with his curls pushed back by a headband, his usual black skinny jeans and his gray jumper. Then again though, Harry always looked good.

He sent me a smile, gave me a hug and commented on how nice I smelt, "You look beautiful by the way," He said causing me to smile big at him, "But are you sure that's appropriate." He finished causing me to raise my eyebrow in annoyance. Harry was always like this when we went out and I showed off my cleavage but if I ever asked him about it he'd just tell me to change or he wouldn't take me.

"Yes, it's a party, I'm sure my outfit is appropriate," I spat my voice laced with annoyance. Harry let out a defeated sigh, "I just don't want guys looking at you okay! You're beautiful and I don't want them taking advantage of you or getting the strong idea.”

My eyes instantly softened, "Harry, I'll be fine. You know me I won't be long putting them in their place! Besides, I'll have you to protect me." I replied and his whole entire face lit up at my words.

"You're right," He agreed, "A big strong man like me will protect a small weak girl like you." He said which caused me to punch him playfully.

"Just drive Styles!" I laughed, "Just drive."


Harry and I laughed, drank and talked for a few hours reminding me of old times back when he put me before other girls. Harry had just finished telling me another one of his famous jokes when I noticed my cup were empty. I stopped him from telling a joke and excused myself to go get a drink.

I poured the alcohol into my cup and just as I turned around I ran into a boy with beautiful green eyes and other facial features. I couldn't help but acknowledge his scent and by the look in his eyes he acknowledged mine. I could tell just by his scent that this man was definitely no human.

He stuck his hand out to me and gave me a big smile, "The names Sam. Sam Clarflin."

Although I knew exactly what he was I couldn't help but feel attractive to this man that obviously did not belong at a high school party.

I took his hand and shook it with a big smile on my face, "My names Amela. Amela Kadric."

Kayleigh's P.O.V

I slammed the door shut behind Niall and ran my fingers through my hair, composing myself. I walked into the sitting room where a very oblivious Lux was sitting down coloring. She looked up at me with a big smile, "Ni gone?" She questioned causing me to smile. Even if Niall annoyed me, the facts Lux called him 'Ni' was adorable and could make a strict nun from the seventies smile. "Yeah sweetie, he just left." I explained. Lux just smiled, gave me a nod and resumed coloring her house.

I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes, what had just happened between Niall and I coming back to me in flashbacks.


Niall looked up at me, shock written all over his face. He looked back at Lux, "Lux, darlin', I never knew you knew Kayleigh." He said smiling at Lux and then glaring at me.

Lux's cute face lit up with a smile, "Kayleigh's my babysitter! She gives me cookies so I like her!" Lux explained causing Niall to laugh quietly. He probably knew about Lux's love of cookies too.

Niall looked at me and his once amused face filled with one of hatred, "Is there anything you won't steal from me?" He spat, each word filled with venom. I turned my attention to Lux, "Lux, why don't you go inside and finish coloring your pretty picture for your mommy. Niall and I need to talk." I explained to the small bubbly girl. Lux nodded happily, hugged Niall and ran into the living room.

"Why did you do that, huh? Is it because you don't want her to know what you're really like?" He inquired, I shook my head. "I grew up with my parents always fighting. I have no idea how many times I prayed somebody would take me out of the room while it was happening but they never did. Seeing two people fight and fire insults at each other for no apparent reason, truthfully sucks." I explained and watched as empathy flashed in his eyes but I brushed it off. I didn't want any body’s sympathy.

"Also, for the last time I am not stealing anything from you. I'm not trying to steal your friends nor am I trying to steal Lux; I'm just trying to make money. If I have done anything to imply this then I'm very sorry....but don't you dare come in here and yell at me for doing something I don't mean to do." I spoke loudly and clearly wanting to get my point across.

"I know that you're annoyed about the kiss, but you kissed me. I still have no idea why you hate me but to be honest I don't want to know, I'm sure it’s nothing I haven't heard before. That doesn't mean you can give out to me for being friends with Amela, or for babysitting Lux or for standing up for myself after you say something dickish!" I accused my voice getting slightly louder.

Niall rolled his eyes, "You don't deserve to know what I think about you. You don't deserve Amela as a friend. You don't deserve to babysit Lux. You don't deserve to know my name or breathe the same air as me! Just do me a huge favor and fuck off! Go back home, move to Jupiter, or just kill yourself! Please just kindly fuck off!" He spoke lowly and harshly in anger causing me to flinch. Regret flashed in his eyes but it was too late, his words were already etched in my mind.

"Get out Niall!" I shouted. Niall eyes still held regret, he opened his mouth to say what I presume is a pathetic 'sorry' but I held my hand up to keep him quiet, "Just go." I said authoritatively. He nodded and walked towards the door whilst I swallowed back the tears. He looked back at me, shook his head in annoyance with himself and walked out the door. I shut it loudly behind him.

—Flashback Ended—

I swallowed back the tears again and looked at a smiling Lux. Why can't I be as naive and innocent as her?

After I kissed Niall today I started to question my feelings for Niall but now I know for definite; I want to kill Niall Horan!

Harry's P.O.V

I watched from across the room as Amela talked to some guy with brown hair and hazel eyes. I couldn't help but feel jealous as she laughed along to this guy jokes-I bet they weren't as good as my knock knock jokes!

Seeing him take her hand and lead her to the dance floor caused something strange to stir on my stomach, watching her smile because of him caused my chest to start caving in, watching her grind on him caused my stomach drop. Amongst all of these things though, the thing that hurt the most was watching as he captured her lips with his own.

After everything I saw him doing with her, watching him kiss her completely killed me.



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