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'Strong' A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Chapter 4-The Full Moon

Chapter 4 of ‘Strong’

‘Settle down with me
And I’ll be your safety
You’ll be my lady

I was made to keep your body warm
But I’m cold as, the wind blows
So hold me in your arms’-
Kiss Me, Ed Sheeran

Kayleigh's P.O.V

"I'll see you in an hour, yeah? I have to head home to check on a few things, but then I'll come back and be waiting in your car for you to finish Irish," Amela told me before adding, "I know I'll be waiting in your car because knowing you, you probably forgot to lock it again."

"I did not!" I said defensively causing Amela to raise an eyebrow at me. "Really?" She questioned, not in a questioning voice but in an I-know-I'm-right kind of way.

"I don't know. I can't remember," I said in a timid voice, when truthfully I wasn't shy or afraid. I was just too busy trying to think if I really did lock my car or not, to say it in an I-don't-know-nor-care tone.

Amela sighed with a playful amused smile on her face, "I'll see you later Kayleigh, and you know where I'll be."

When she was further down the hallway, she called back to me causing me to turn my head away from my locker where I was searching for my Irish hardback. "Inside your UNLOCKED car."


Amela sat beside me in my now moving car and was slowly humming along with the radio. I had just left Irish and was now on my way to babysit for a woman I didn't know. My family was........preoccupied tonight so I knew they wouldn't mind. Amela's quiet humming slowly turned into her singing softly. I couldn't help but smile at her voice which was truly beautiful. I told her just that but she didn't hear me over the radio, or she purposely ignored me.

The song changed to 'Troublemaker' by Olly Murs and Amela's smile was now the size of my English teachers’ mouth. Which is quite large–I would know by how much she droned on and on and on. I know that I'd very hypocritical of me to say considering I never shut up but still, at least I didn't spend forty minutes droning on about the importance of a full stop.–

Amela started singing along amazingly–Quite loudly–but still amazingly. I started laughing causing Amela to turn her face towards me and raised an eyebrow worriedly. "Was my singing that bad?" Amela questioned causing me to shake my head, still laughing.

"You were amazing actually! My mother loves Olly Murs! If she was in this car right now, she'd be singing–Really badly–along with you." I said mentally hearing my mother singing. Amela rolled her eyes at me and continued singing along.

Fifteen minutes later, I found the house I'd be babysitting at-with the help of Amela, of course. I parked my car outside a modern looking house with a red door. There was a tiny little pink bicycle in the front yard and dirty white converse beside the door. Obviously I'd be minding a girl, which I was looking forward to. I love kids!

Amela stepped out of the car and I quickly followed behind her. She walked up to the door, knocked loudly and waited for a minute until we heard a feminine voice say, "Come in, Amela."

Amela pushed down the door handle and stepped inside the house. The second we stepped inside the house, a little adorable girl around the age of two ran out of what I presume is the kitchen and jumped–I mean literally jumped–into Amela's arms. The hallway walls were a sunshine yellow color and was decorated with pictures of the little girl in Amela's arms, and who I'm guessing are her relatives and family.

A really pretty blonde with crimped hair, blue eyes and eye liner emerged from what I am still presuming is the kitchen. She sent a welcoming smile to Amela along with a quick hug before she turned to me, her arms still open. "I don't want you to feel left out." She laughed pulling me into a light, quick hug. Before she pulled away from the hug, I noticed how she took a long whiff of me but out of courtesy I didn't question it.

Amela said she was a hairdresser. Maybe she didn’t smell me but my hair, because she's curious as to what shampoo I use. That's a possible reason, right?

She pulled away from the hug and sent Amela an approving smile. The blonde then introduced herself and her to me, "I'm Lou, by the way," She told me, "Lou Teasdale." I sent her a gracious smile, happy I no longer have to call her 'The blonde' in my head.

"Who is this cutie?" I asked while looking at the little adorable girl. The little girl sent me a big cute smile and reached her hand out to my hair. 'Maybe both–Mother and daughter–like the smell of my shampoo' I thought and mentally laughed at my own joke-even though it wasn't that funny.

Lou smiled at her daughters actions and answered my question, "This little 'angel' is Lux." I smiled at the little blonde with tiny pigtails sticking up on her head. The name fitted her well.

Lux smiled back at me, her dummy hanging in her mouth, and opened her arms to me. I compiled the little girls request and took her from Amela's arms. I looked at Amela and Lou's shocked faces as Lux sat on my hip. I started bouncing the gorgeous little blonde on my hip and gave them a questioning look. "Lux doesn't usually go to strangers," Amela told me causing Lou to nod in agreement, "The only people she goes to is; Me, Amela, her father, the boys, the girls....and the boys’ and girls' families," Lou told me before smiling big, "At least I now know she's is safe hands."

Lou showed me around the house, telling me where the living room, bathroom, Lux's bedroom, my bedroom–Since I'd be staying the night and Lou and her fiancé won't be hone until tomorrow, noon–and lastly she showed me the kitchen, confirming my suspicion of where the kitchen was.

Lou ran to the kitchen and grabbed her bag. She took Lou from my arms–Which Lux has been in throughout the tour of the house–and held the girl close to her for a few minutes before kissing her head. She handed Lux back to me before her and Amela walked out the door.

I looked at the little girl smiling up at me with curiosity, "Let's have some fun."

Amela's P.O.V

"Are you sure Lux will be okay with Kayleigh? What if she's a werewolf from another pack? What if she’s a demon? Maybe even a witch! What if she's a vampire but wears a magic perfume to hide her true scent?!?" Lou ranted. I couldn't help but smile at the blonde who was too busy worrying about her daughter to think logically. Lou and I had left Lux and Kayleigh ten minutes ago and is now sitting in the car outside the cave waiting for Lou to calm down before we go inside.

"Lou," I said to the woman who was now mumbling how much of a bad mother she was under her breath, "Lou," I repeated louder, causing her to look up, "Lux will be fine! Kayleigh is not a witch; she'd have a black star tattooed in the middle of her palm if she was! She would have black eyes if she were a demon! She'd change just like we do on a full moon like us if she was a werewolf! Plus there is no such thing as a magic perfume to hide the scent if a vampire! Kayleigh is human! She looks human, she acts human and she smells human!" I said causing the blonde to sigh in relief only now seeing how crazy she sounded.

"Plus, you already did a background check on Kayleigh and found out her school grades and recommendations from other parents she's babysat for." I pointed out to her causing her cheeks to taint a light pink. "Am I a bad person for not trusting the girl and going full stalker on her? I didn't only find out her grades and recommendations but I also stalked her Facebook for a little bit." Lou questioned me looking really guilty. I couldn't help but laugh at the newfound information. I mean, I knew she had looked at her school records to see if she got on trouble for anything like smoking or drinking and that she looked at her recommendations to see if anybody had any troubles with Kayleigh but I never knew she stalked her Facebook.

"I don't think you're a bad person Lou. You are just a concerned mother. Now stop thinking of the worst case scenarios and let's go inside. Kayleigh gave you her number, you can ring in a few hours before we shift and say goodnight. Okay?" I questioned hoping to lift her spirits. It must have worked because Lou's worried face turned into a happy one.

"Okay." She said before hopping out of the car. I sighed following her. I really hope things are going okay with Kayleigh and Lux. If not Lou would never forgive herself and Kayleigh will have to deal with very angry werewolves.

Kayleigh's P.O.V

I set two pieces of toast coated in Nutella in front of a hungry Lux. It had just turned ten past six and if Lux was to be in bed by nine–Her mother’s orders–then I couldn't wait any longer to give her, her supper. Lux looked happily at the toast in front of her and looked between her toast, the knife and me expectantly. Catching on to what she was saying, I took the knife from the counter and cut her toast in halves leaving the little girl with four halves. She hummed appreciatively and started eating happily. I couldn't help but laugh at the little adorable girl whose face was now supporting a chocolate moustache.

My stomach started to rumble causing me to blush. Lux started the laugh at the funny sound and held the piece if toast up to my face. I shook my head causing the little girl to stop laughing and furrow her eyebrows. She jumped down from her chair and hopped onto my lap. She stubbornly held the toast up to my lips. Not wanting to disappoint the little girl I took a bite of the toast. I closed my eyes enjoying the heavenly taste. I know I'd regret and hate myself for it later but it tasted too nice to care at the moment. Lux smiled happily before hoping off my lap into her own seat and continued eating.

Growing up my mom always told me, 'Toddlers see all. Every single struggle you'll ever face, they'll know about it before everyone else-maybe even before yourself. Only unlike adults, they'll help you in such a subtle way; you mightn't even notice they're doing it.' This is one of those times. My mother told that to me repeatedly whenever one if my two siblings knew exactly what I was thinking....My Mam always told me it was a normal toddler instinct-that I was the same when I was that age, but I now know otherwise...... but that's beside the point.

The point is though, although all I did was take a little bite if toast, the only thought in my mind was that I wanted to puke it back up.

Amela's P.O.V

"Bye baby! You be a good girl for Kayleigh and go to sleep when she says so. Okay? Daddy and I will be home tomorrow, night. Love you. Bye!" Lou said loudly into her phone. She came over and sat beside me on the log. I turned my head towards her and she turned her head in my direction.

"So," I started, "Has Lux died by being smothered in hugs yet? God forbid its five minutes past her bedtime!" I said sarcastically while Lou gave me an unimpressed look, "Oh I know, did the 'Big Bad Kayleigh' give the 'Little Red Lux' a cookie!" I continued. Lou gave me a really hard slap on the arm causing me to let out a hurt ‘Ow! That hurt!’ "Whatever. Lux is fine." She told me while I just rubbed my now sore arm.

I saw Harry walking towards me and it looked like Lou did too because she quickly excused herself. "Gee, thanks Lou." I muttered to myself before I stood up and brushed off my high-waisted denim shorts. I went to walk away until I felt somebody grab my arm and thug me back. I turned my head and looked into those sea green eyes I fell in love with when I was thirteen.


"Amela, I'm sorry. I know I am constantly telling you I'll be there when you need me and I know I let you down, but sometimes I can't always put you before other girls. At the end of the day, one day, we'll both be married with families. I know we're both mates but we both agreed it would be best if we didn't mate and become a couple. Right? You haven't changed your mind or anything," Harry asked and for a split second I thought I saw a spark of.....hope? Harry has always been very good at hiding his emotions, but I was always able to read him no matter how hard he tried to hide them. It's a mate thing. I was probably only imagining it though. This is probably one if those 'You see what you want to see, not what's really there' cases.

"Right. It's what's best. Neither of us feels that way about the other so why go through with all of that." I said causing him to smile and nod. Lies. That's all that came out of my mouth. At this very moment and every time Harry brings up our feelings–Or should I say non-feelings for one another.

I thought back to that day one year ago. The day I had the perfect opportunity to tell Harry my feelings. The day I first properly lied about my feelings for Harry. The time Harry and I decided to just stay friends. The time we decided not to complete the mating process. The time Harry and first found out we were mates. The first time Harry and I kissed. After that time, everything changed. Whether we knew it or not....


Since I first met Harry when I moved here and joined his pack with the rest of my family I always felt weird around him. One look into his mesmerizing green eyes made me feel giddy inside and his smile would set butterflies loose in my stomach. At first I always thought it was just a small–Massive–crush but now I realize it's much more.

Harry and I were beside the lake trying to get away from all the couples. Today was 'International Kiss Day' and Sophia and Liam, Eleanor and Louis, Zayn and Perrie and Niall and whoever's pants he was getting in to today were taking full advantage of the day.

We both stripped down to our bathing suits and hopped into the lake. We messed around for a bit–Just splashing each other, pulling each other down to the bottom and had pointless competitions like who could hold their breath the longest under the water–nothing extraordinary. After we got out of the lake we dried off and put on our dry clothes.

For the rest of the day Harry and I climbed trees, ate ice-cream, had a small picnic and are now watching the stars. My head is on his shoulder and his arm is wrapped around me, blanketing me from the cold. I noticed how one star shined brighter than the others. I noticed how without that one star the whole sky would remain dull. I pointed it out to Harry and what he said next made my heart skip a beat,

"That dull sky represents me and every struggle I may face and that shining star represents you. You make everything better and my life brighter."

He was now looking down at me with a big goofy smile on his face. I was looking up at him with half amused half love struck eyes. His face started nearing closer to mine before he quickly pulled back. He jumped up from under me and held his hand out to me. I got nervous thinking our almost kiss–Which was entirely his fault–had scared him away. I put my hand in his and he helped me up off the ground. He took both my arms and wrapped them around my neck and he placed his hands on my waist. "You and I, my sweet Amela, are going to dance." He told me. ‘How’re we going to dance without any music?' I thought. As if Harry was reading my thoughts he took his phone out of his pocket and played Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.

After swaying to the full songs and looking intently into each other’s eyes, I felt his lips brush mine before he slammed his lips into mine. For a few minutes we fought for dominance, him obviously winning, before I pulled away. Since I was thirteen I've dreamed about kissing Harry, but once I actually had the chance.... I didn't know what to do. Do I continue kissing him, possibly ruin our friendship and confess my feelings or tell him we should pretend this never happened, lie to him and tell him I feel nothing for him and possibly ruin any chance we'll ever have to be a couple. I looked into his eyes and our future together flashed before my eyes.

Us getting married, having children, growing old together, sharing kisses, him breaking up with Kendall so he can be with me. I saw everything. By the look in his eyes he saw it all too. He caught my lips in another deep love filled kiss. I broke apart from him much sooner than the kiss before. I looked into his lust filled eyes and swollen lips and did the only thing I could think of; I ran.

One thing that I was sure of though, Harry is my mate.

The next day Harry came over to my house and apologized for being so straightforward. I kept telling him it was my fault too and just as I plucked up enough courage to admit to him about my feelings, he said something that broke my heart and will forever haunt my dreams,

"The kiss was a huge mistake. We were both caught in the moment. We're both best friends and obviously feel nothing for each other. Am I correct?" He questioned. "Course not!" I exclaimed. I wasn't about to admit my feelings for Harry now. Not after he basically told me he didn't feel anything for me. I watched as Harry smiled and nodded, mumbling a small, 'Good.'

Harry started talking again, "I'm sure you now know we're mates, right?" I nodded. "Did you know before the kiss?" I shook my head. I know I wasn't being very social but knowing Harry didn't like me and regretted the kiss was enough to silence me.

"Well I think maybe-" He started but I cut him off. I somehow found my voice and would now use it. "I think maybe we shouldn't tell anyone. If our parents found out they'd force us to be together. We should just keep it between us." Harry nodded in agreement. "It's really weird though. I grew up wondering who my mate was; I did not know she was right under my nose." Harry said causing me to laugh, knowing I was the same. Unlike Harry though, I wasn't disappointed on who my mate was.

"I better go; I'm helping Lou move Lux into her own room." Harry said before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. Although Harry has done this since we were thirteen it still caused a warm rush to spread throughout my body.

"See you later, Kadric!" He said, sending me a flirtatious wink.

"Bye, Styles!" I replied back. With that, I closed my door, slid down it and let the tears fall.

—Flashback Ended—

To this day, our parents still don't know. The only people who know are Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Sophia, Louis, Eleanor, Niall and Lou.

I can still remember the day Harry and I met.....

"The full moon is almost upon us. Everybody get ready." Mr. Horan announced.

.....but that story is a flashback for another day.

I went up and started a conversation with Perrie and Sophia. I looked across the cave wondering where Eleanor was and saw her with Danielle. I walked up behind Danielle and jumped on her back obviously scaring her.

"Dani!" I exclaimed causing her and Eleanor to laugh. I wrapped my arms around her neck and my legs around her waist. She supported my weight by holding onto my legs. I gave her a big kiss on the cheek, "I missed you!" I said. "I missed you too." She replied, resuming her conversation with Eleanor.

"Everyone! Lock up the cubs and get in position!" Mr. Horan's voice boomed through the cave.

I looked down at my outfit, a pair of denim shorts and a black crop top. I really wasn't looking forward to having these clothes ripped to shreds. I probably should have worn sweats or something.

"It is time! In less than a minute we will be in a different state of mind. Remember the rules. Do not make any human physical contact!" Mr. Horan said and the care free aroma quickly left and was replaced by a tension filled one.

I looked over to my right and saw the cubs with pain filled eyes. Their eyes were starting to glow, their teeth starting to sharpen. A few of them started to howl in pain, their transformation was starting. The pain wouldn't last forever though, quickly it will subside. After the first shift it doesn't hurt anymore-almost like your body is used to being torn apart.

Or at least....that's what I thought. That shift though was the pain fullest shift of my life. Only it didn't subside when I shifted. The pain only doubled.

Kayleigh's P.O.V

"Cinderella and Prince Charming lived happily, ever, after." I finished and looked over at the little blonde sleeping soundly in her bed. I set the book down on the dresser and walked over to the little girl. I placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and walked towards the door. I switched off her night light and walked towards the room I would be staying in. I changed out of my jeggings and turquoise smock top with a bear on it and black writing saying 'Bear Hugs' and into my PJ's–Old black leggings with holes in them and a purple hoodie, since it's still Winter–since Lux decided to color my jeggings with Nutella.

I walked downstairs in my slipper socks and started cleaning up. I washed down the table where Lux ate her supper and ice-cream and cleaned the floor where Lux dropped some ice-cream. I then proceeded into the living room and tidied away Lux's colors, teddies and the countless Barbie dolls Lux used puppy dog eyes on me to play with. After I was satisfied with the room I sat on the couch and opened up Facebook while 'Vampire Diaries' played in the background. Usually if 'Vampire Diaries' was on I'd be going crazy but I already saw the episode two seasons ago. Of course, that didn't stop me from looking up a few times to see Tyler. Man, he's one sexy werewolf!

At around eleven O' clock I readjusted the pillows on the couch and switched off the TV. I started walking up the stairs when I heard a weird sound. I stopped and listened.

I heard rustling outside. I presumed this was normal since Lou's house was surrounded by trees and about five minutes away from any other houses. 'It's probably just a wild dog or badger or something.' I thought. I continued walking up the stairs until I heard something very unusual, a howl. I stopped in my tracks and listened carefully as other howls joined in–almost as if they were joining in on a song. I quickly shook the thought of wolves put of my head, there's no wolves in England. My mind was probably still focused on 'Vampire Diaries'. After all, the episode I just watched was the episode where Caroline is a vampire and Tyler shifts due to the full moon and attacks her...

That's it; my mind is still focused on Tyler's howls of pain. There are NO wolves in London!


I woke up the next morning to the sun streaming in my eyes and a little girl shaking me. I got out of the car and stretched my stiff limbs. I checked the time on my phone before I put it in my pocket. I took Lux's hand and led her down the stairs into the kitchen.

I picked her up and set her on the counter. I turned to the little blonde girl with bed hair, "Now what do you want for breakfast?"

Amela's P.O.V

I pulled on my gray Hollister sweatpants, pink strapless top and black hoodie. I started walking back towards the cave but screamed out in pain.

I fell on the ground and tried to scream for help as tears streamed down my face. My eyes hurt, my stomach hurt, my head hurt, my bones hurt, everything hurt. A fully clothed Sophia and Liam came into view. That's all I remember before I passed out in pain.


I woke up to unfamiliar surroundings. I was in a wooden cabin that I didn't recognize until it suddenly clicked. This cabin was another place for the pack to meet. It was also really close the cave, right in the middle of the woods. I was still slightly sore but this time it was more bearing. I looked into the concerned faces of my friends, my parents and Mr. Horan.

"Amela, how are you feeling?" My mother asked me with concern written all over her face. "What happened?" I said groggily, sitting up.

"You were in pain when you shifted yesterday correct?" Mr. Horan asked. I nodded. "That is unusual but not uncommon. When a person knows who their mate is or has their mate close by but is rejected, that person while shifting and while in that shift experiences unbearable pain. If your mate is close then they must be in the pack. Do you have any idea who your mate is? If you know Amela you have to tell me. This pain will keep getting worse and worse." Mr. Horan said. I glanced over at Harry who was looking at the ground guiltily. I waited but he didn't make any movement to show me it was okay to tell them.

Obviously he doesn't care enough and would rather watch me in pain than have everybody know I'm his mate.

I quickly shook my head, "No. I have no idea who my mate is."

Kayleigh's P.O.V.

"Thanks Kayleigh." Lou told me handing over a fifty pound note. "No, thank you!" I said accepting the note, "Anytime you want a babysitter I'm here. Lux was an angel." I said smiling at the blonde who looked like she was on desperate needs of a shower.

Tom came up and slipped his arm around Lou's waist, "We actually have to meet our wedding planner on Friday. We don't need you for the night, just until about eight O' clock." Lou told me.

"So is Friday okay?" Mark questioned.


I stepped out of the shower and into black leggings and an oversized white Manchester United jersey. My phone started blaring 'Stupid Love' by Jason Derulo. I picked it up and unlocked it before I pressed the phone to my ear. I held the phone in between my shoulder blade and ear as I started searching for my black converse.

"Hello?" I questioned, hearing a sigh on the other side.

"Hey Kayleigh! Can you go shopping now?" I heard Amela's voice on the other line. I couldn't help but laugh at her question.

"Yes. I can go shopping now! I'll pick you up?" I questioned while slipping on my black converse, which I just found under my bed.

"No I'll meet you there. I presume you already know the way since I showed you on our tour." She told me while I applied concealer to my face. It may not hide my flaws but it made them less noticeable.

"What made you think of me on a Saturday?" I wondered, applying mascara and pink lip gloss.

"Truthfully it may only be one in the afternoon but today has been one long day!" She said. I felt great sympathy for the girl, it wouldn't take a scientist to know this was Harry related.

"Harry?" I questioned, grabbing a Nature Valley breakfast bar.

"Don't even get me started! At least Niall hasn't bothered you." She said and I could hear a door slamming in the background.

I closed my front door and locked it before I made my way to my car. “I got to go. I'll see you soon.” I said. I heard a 'Bye' from Amela before I hung up.

The question is though, how long will Niall not bothering me last?

The answer is; Not very long.



Pleeeaaasssseeeeee Update

Couchpotato Couchpotato

Hm, stay tuned ;)

kayleighlong_xo kayleighlong_xo

So, I finally got to Chapter 14. Niall's mate... is the daughter... of a vampire... uh oh.

xXFluffy_GruXx xXFluffy_GruXx

Aw ! Thank you so much! Trying to make it as realistic as possible considering their werewolves :') Thanks xx

kayleighlong_xo kayleighlong_xo

I absolutely love this story. It's a take on something different. I also like how the main girl isn't a stick figure. It's nice to see that in stories.

xXFluffy_GruXx xXFluffy_GruXx