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'Strong' A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Chapter 9-Niall's Remorse

Chapter 9 of 'Strong'

‘Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave’-
Brave, Sara Bareilles

Kayleigh's P.O.V

I walked into my music class and walked over to my seat next to Amela. I've been acting like a major fruit loop to Amela due to the whole Niall drama and it honestly wasn't fair to her. I was afraid she'd force me to talk about it or she'd tell me lies like, 'I was perfect and shouldn't listen to Niall because he's being an idiot'. At the time, before now, I wasn't ready to face Amela–I didn't want to be the reason she had to pick between friends–but now I was and I knew I had to apologize.

"Hey Am," Amela looked up from her book and sent me a sympathetic smile, "Look I'm really sorry about not talking to you or answering your calls...I just didn't want to talk about what happened or need to be reminded of it. How I acted towards you was just plain rude and I'm really truly very sorry." I told her causing her to laugh and shake her head. "Kayleigh, its fine! I completely get it! There's no need to apologize! Next time just talk to me and tell me you want a distraction rather than ignoring me. Okay?" I nodded realizing how much of an idiot I was for not talking to Amela, "Okay."

I sat down and the teacher started talking and telling us about our next assignment. After listening to the teacher ramble on for thirty minutes, Amela turned her head slightly towards me. "You've science next class with Niall, right?" Amela whispered trying not to attract the teacher’s attention. I nodded sadly and she gave me a sympathetic smile.

"Good luck." Amela whispered causing me to slouch in my chair in defeat. I was hoping the school would go on fire during this class but with two minutes before my science class, I doubt that was possible.

"Thanks," I mumbled, "I'm probably going to need it."


I walked into my science class and to my horror; Niall was sitting in his seat. The one time I hoped Niall would have ditched this class, but no, the little monster decided to make my life difficult and here he is.

I walked over and sat in my seat. I started to play with the infinity bracelet one of my best friends gave to me for Christmas before I left Ireland to come to England.

After a few minutes I heard Niall mumble under his breath, "I can't believe I'm stuck sitting beside you." I'm not entirely sure what it was but something inside me snapped and all that was on my mind was putting Niall back inside his place. I had a lot to say and I knew I had to say it. I knew that once I started talking it would all come out but at this moment in time I truthfully didn't care.

I turned my head in Niall's direction and venomously spat through clenched teeth quiet enough so the teacher and nosy students around me wouldn't hear, "Could you please, politely, fuck off! I'm not forcing you to like me nor am I forcing you to not think badly of me but could you please keep your opinions to yourself! What you did outside the cafeteria yesterday was completely unnecessary and just plain mean! I've never once spoke badly about you to anybody! You don't like me and make it very clear therefore making it impossible for me to like you but I keep my opinion to myself out of respect for you! Don't insult me or talk about me to anybody! Don't think about me or bullshit about me! Hell, don't even look or talk to me unless necessary and when you do, at least be civil! Stop acting like a complete bastard towards me when you don't even know me! I know your life is hard–You told me so in the janitor’s closet that day–but that is no reason for you to make mine hard as well! Just get over yourself and realize other people are in pain too and the last thing they need is a fucker like you making it harder!" I finished before I stood up and left the classroom ignoring the teacher’s shouts for me to come back, and the other student’s curios looks.

Niall's P.O.V

I've no clue why I mumbled what I had. Then again, I've no clue why I say half the stuff I say when I'm around her. It’s like whenever I'm around her, my conscious takes a little nap and the anger I feel when I'm in my wolf state comes out. When you first transform into a wolf you're known as a wild wolf. When I'm angry or pissed off my wolf comes out and when I transform into a wolf either because of the full moon or somebody REALLY pisses me off, I become really angry. I will always be angry when my inner wolf comes out and will be considered 'wild' until I find my mate as according to every werewolf legend; the female mate always tames the male wolf.

Whatever it is about Kayleigh she always makes me so angry and I can never control my mouth or my mind.

I act towards her the same way I act around vampires. Kayleigh isn't a vampire though; I would've smelt it on her.

Although after my conscious finally decides to wake up and lecture me on how badly I treated her, if I go to apologize to her, my nose captures her scent, my wolf feels angry and I end up insulting her rather than apologizing so I just gave up on trying to make amends and now just face the consequences of what my wolf angrily said.

What Kayleigh said the other day about her bring a 'warrior' puzzled me. I could read everybody else like a book but she completely puzzled me; she was very hard to figure out. Just as I think I understand her and all that she's about, she goes and says something that pushes me a step back.

Now that my wolf has retreated back to its cage and my conscious now had time to register what Kayleigh had said I couldn't help but feel bad about what I had said to her but the more I became angry at myself the more I became angry in general meaning the more angry I became at Kayleigh.

"Niall. Any idea what’s going on with Kayleigh?" Mr. Matthews asked me causing me to shrug.

"Don't know or care to be honest, sir," I replied causing him to nod skeptically before moving on with the lesson.

Kayleigh's P.O.V

At this point I honestly couldn't give a crap but at the same time didn't want to get in trouble so I went to the office, told them I left my science class to puke and that I couldn't wait another half hour to go home. They bought my excuse and let me sign myself out since I told them my parents weren't home; they were gone away on business. This wasn't necessary a lie, I just twisted the truth slightly.

I left the school grounds but quickly texted Amela telling her I wasn't well and not to worry and I then walked to the local playground hoping to kill some time and calm some of my anger before I left for Lou's house to mind Lux.

Although today, I had apologized to Amela, made new friends with my boys girlfriends and gave my opinion to Niall I still felt just as bad as I had yesterday-if not worse.

Amela's P.O.V

I exited out of Kayleigh's message making a mental note to reply back to her text later and ask her what happened. I turned my attention back on Sam whose head was resting on my lap. Since Sam is a vampire and I'm a werewolf, neither of our families can know we're dating meaning we have to see each other secretly. Ever since our first date, Sam and I have been meeting in the same park we had our first date at. The more we meet, the less guilty my wolf feels about technically cheating on my mate. I'm not sure what it was but curiosity got the best of me and I asked Sam a question that has been bothering me since I was six years old and first found out about vampires.

"Hey Sam, what's it like being a vampire?" All my life, I'd been told vampires were evil; they can't be trusted, but everything I thought about vampires was proven wrong when I first met a friend of Harry’s called Ed. I’ve never had the confidence to ask Ed though so now that I had the chance I was interested in what it was like being a vampire from a vampire’s point of view.

Sam sat up suddenly and I was slightly scared I had offended him, but from the smile he wore on his face, I realized he was happy I had taken an interest in his heritage. Sam turned around so his back was no longer facing me and pulled me into his lap. I wrapped my legs around his waist and Sam started playing with my long hair which I decided to curl and leave down today.

"Most things you've heard about vampires are true. We do live forever, we do drink humans or animals blood, only few of us are able to go out in sunlight and we are not able to have children. We have restrictions though, like on whom we can feed from. These restrictions are enforced by the leader from the main Colt; My Colt. He's basically the main vampire; He's like the vampire version of Mr. Horan."

"When every vampire is born, a witch puts an enchantment on them which is how we're able to go out in sunlight. If any vampire breaks any laws that are enforced by the council or they disrespect 'The Vampire King' or don't follow his restrictions on certain things, a witch will take away the enchantment disabling you from walking out in sunlight."

"Although vampires are not able to reproduce, we tend to adopt. There are no such thing as evil vampires; just vampires with bad intentions. We would never harm a human purposely and we only feed on humans who willingly give themselves to us. When the child or children we adopt come of age they decide whether they want us to turn them or whether they want to remain human."

"The only vampire couple I know who've ever been able to reproduce naturally is 'The Vampire King and his wife. Not even the witches know how though. I don't think there is anything else to say about being a vampire. We're pretty similar to humans in how we look, act and talk."

"One thing about vampires that you may not know is that we have an amazing sex appeal and we're amazing kissers." He told me cheekily, pushing a piece of my hair that he was playing with behind my ear.

"Oh really? Well I think I should be the judge of that." I told him, before I placed my lips on his. Sam kissed me back hungrily.

Although I tried really hard, whilst Sam's lips were moving against mine the only person I could think about kissing.....

.....Was Harry. .

Kayleigh's P.O.V

I gripped onto the kitchen table to stop myself from falling. I held onto my empty stomach and felt my body slightly slipping to the side. My head started feeling dizzy and I started seeing dots of black. I fell to the ground and the world around me turned black.

Amela's P.O.V

I walked back towards my packs territory feeling slightly tipsy from Sam's intoxicating kiss. I managed to text Kayleigh a quick, 'Are you okay? What happened? Ring me when you can! Xox~Am.'

I was truthfully really worried about Kayleigh; her cheeks have lost their usual adorable chubbiness and she's looking sickly pale. My wolf hearing picked up soft cries and after hearing them countless times when his parents were going through a divorce, I knew who they belonged to.


I instinctively followed the cries forgetting I was pissed at him for announcing to our friends and his dumb girlfriend Kendall about my current relationship status with a certain species my species despised. No matter what, I would always have my friends back. Even if his or her recent actions proved whether they were a true friend or not, I would always be there for them. I know Harry isn't one to cry over nothing, nor is he the type of person to cry alone. When Harry is upset, he prefers being surrounded by people be knows love him so from the way I heard Harry crying and from how I didn't hear anybody's sympathetic or reassuring voice trying to calm Harry down, I knew he was alone.

I slowly made my way towards the cries, careful not to make any sudden movement that might startle an upset Harry.

I could now see Harry's bowed head, his long curls slowly moving in the wind. Since it was very late, the sky was almost black and the only thing giving light was the moon. Luckily it was only a half moon so no werewolf should be affected. A branch under my leg suddenly snapped causing Harry's head to shoot up and his eyes to glow red ready to defend himself. When he noticed it was me he quickly stood up and wiped away his tears. Even as my head was angry at him, my heart went out to him. In this moment I realized as much as I tried I could never give Sam my heart as Harry had captured it when I was younger and more naive and as he didn't know he owned it, he could never give it back.

'All Harry's ever done is bring you heartbreak and Sam tries his hardest to mend your heartbreak! Are you honestly going to pick Harry?!?' My mind questioned me, causing my stomach to sink as I knew what she was saying was the truth.

"A-A-Amela,” Harry stuttered, shocked at my presence, "W-What are you doing here?" He questioned. I tried to focus on the tearstained Harry in front of me and not on the debate my brain was having.

I walked towards Harry cautious as to how he might react to me moving closer to him, "I'm here to forgive and comfort my best friend." I informed him. I reached for his hands and he slowly put them into mine. I led him over to a log that was big enough for both of us and sat down. He sat down beside me. I turned my body to face him and wiped the tears from his eyes, "What's going on Harry?"

Harry stared at me for a few minutes before he took a deep breath, "Kendall broke up with me." He informed me causing my eyes to widen. Out of every girl Harry had dated in the many years I've known him, I've never seen him get this upset over a girl. Seeing him like this just because Kendall dumped him was both confusing and a knife in the heart.

"You’re telling me you're like this, because of a breakup?" I questioned, not being able to help my curiousness. Harry shook his head, "She broke up with me because she knew I wasn't in love with her. She knew I'd never be in love with her because I was and have always been in love with another girl. I realized everybody knew I was in love with this girl; everybody but her. Now her heart is taken and I'm starting to realize the reason she never noticed I was in love with her is because she doesn't want be to be in love with her. She doesn't want me and I don't deserve her, I don't deserve anybody." In that moment my heart broke. I was going to tell him I never noticed he was in love with a girl and that maybe the girl he was in love with hasn't noticed either but I have a feeling that wouldn't help. So instead I stood up, took his hand and looked him dead straight in the eyes.

"Harold Edward Styles, you're one of the most perfect, sweetest, caring male I've ever met in my life. Any girl would be lucky to have you! I never want to hear you say you're not good enough for anybody, ever! Just have a little hope and a little more faith in yourself!" Harry's eyes twinkled brighter than I've ever seen them. I ignored the way my heart swelled and the voice in my head telling me feeling this way about Harry is cheating on Sam and pulled Harry to his feet.

"No more of this crying over some oblivious girl, let's go get some ice-cream! After all, ice-cream makes the world go round and can fix any problem!" I exclaimed pulling Harry along behind me. Harry's chuckles were carried around by the strong wind and it brought a smile to my face as his laughter was a nice difference from his cries moments ago.

"Will you ever tell her?" I questioned Harry, keeping my head straightforward. Whoever this girl is, she must be pretty amazing to have won Harry's heart and I would really love to meet this girl. I looked behind me to see Harry smiling, clearly happy just thinking about her. As much as it hurt, it was also pretty cute.

"One day I will. When the time is right..."



Pleeeaaasssseeeeee Update

Couchpotato Couchpotato

Hm, stay tuned ;)

kayleighlong_xo kayleighlong_xo

So, I finally got to Chapter 14. Niall's mate... is the daughter... of a vampire... uh oh.

xXFluffy_GruXx xXFluffy_GruXx

Aw ! Thank you so much! Trying to make it as realistic as possible considering their werewolves :') Thanks xx

kayleighlong_xo kayleighlong_xo

I absolutely love this story. It's a take on something different. I also like how the main girl isn't a stick figure. It's nice to see that in stories.

xXFluffy_GruXx xXFluffy_GruXx