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Only You

Chapter 44

After a two hour flight of clawing at Harry’s arm in sheer terror that every time there was the smallest bit of turbulence, I was about to plummet to my death, to say that I was relieved to touch ground again was an understatement; had it been socially acceptable, I would have kissed the damn tarmac with happiness. I must have still looked a little green as we were waiting for the bags because Jared seemed very concerned about my well-being, and after ten minutes of him needing reassurance, I finally let it slip that I had never flown before.

“Lena, baby, why didn’t you tell me?” He said, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear soothingly as we sat down while the others looked for the cases, “Were you okay? You weren’t too nervous? You don’t feel like I abandoned you, do you?” Both his hands and eyes dropped to my hands sadly as he spoke and I felt bad for not saying anything.

“Jared I’m fine, really…” I smiled at him, reaching out a hand to play with his hair gently to comfort him, “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to think I was just trying to get you away from Alex out of jealousy or something...” I admitted.

“Lena, I’m your boyfriend, it’s my job to be by your side when you’re scared… No matter what Alex is dealing with, you come first, always.” He gave me a small smile, “But it’s very sweet that you were willing to try and get on with it for my sake.” He leaned in and planted a small kiss on my forehead, making me smile back. After a few minutes of convincing Jared that I really had been okay on the plane, he was called over the car hire desk by his brother as they would be our two designated drivers for the week. I got up and walked over to the others who were left standing with the cases. Eleanor and Louis were talking about something with Gemma and Harry while Alex was stood a little outside the group, scrolling through her phone.

“Hey!” I said stopping close to Alex, she looked at me and flashed me one of her sickly sweet smiles that she had perfected.

“Hey, thanks for letting JJ sit with me, I just don’t really know anyone else that well other than Gem and Jen and obviously, they were sitting together.” I frowned.

“I thought you wanted to talk to him about something?” Alex frowned slightly, her smile staying strong though as she adjusted her weight to the other side.

“No? I just asked him if you didn’t mind?” I glanced over at Jared standing in line for the car, talking to his brother and then laughing, why had he lied to me? I looked back at Alex and considered that she might have been the one lying to make me jealous… after all, where was her boyfriend.

“Oh yeah…” I said forcing a smile, “Not at all… I mean it’s not your fault that your boyfriend isn’t here, right? Where is he, by the way?” I asked, knowing that I had done a piss poor job of hiding my true intentions, but also not really caring. Alex’s smile once again didn’t falter.

“Oh, you know! Work got funny about him taking the time off, he’s going to try and get himself out here by the end of the week! It’s been so long since he’s seen Jen and JJ, he’s gutted!” I felt a small surge of anger form in the pit of my stomach, unable to fathom why Jared would lie about something so stupid.

“Right, great.” I said quietly, pulling my phone out of my pocket, suddenly not in the mood to talk anymore.

After half an hour, Jared and Jensen finally came back over, waving two sets of keys excitedly.

“Right, Harry, Alex, can you guys be trusted not to gauge each other’s’ eyes out if you’re in the same car?” Jensen said as we dragged the cases out to the multi-storey carpark where the hire cars were kept. They both groaned in response as we stopped behind two massive cars. Jensen just ignored them and continued speaking, “Okay, Gem, Alex and Harry in this one and everyone else in the other one.” He said gesturing toward the black car.

The sights as we drove from the airport and up the mountain toward Alex’s parents’ chalet were beautiful. The sun was fading into the afternoon and there was ice and snow either side of the road, it looked like a real winter wonderland and I loved it.

“Wow…” Eleanor breathed, echoing my sentiment as she looked out of the window.

“It’s beautiful…” Louis breathed from the other side of the backseat, staring out of his own window, trying to take pictures on his phone.

“I’ve seen better.” Jared said under his breath as he reached across the centre console to take my hand and squeeze it gently. I blushed despite still being a little mad at him thanks to what Alex had said and he chuckled softly.

“You guys are so sweet together…” Eleanor said, clearly having heard our exchange, only making me blush even harder, “We should go on a double date when we’re home.” She added before going back to looking out of the window.
I thought the views up the mountain had been impressive, but when we arrived at the chalet two and a half hours later, it was just another thing for me to be amazed at. It was huge, decorated with fairy lights around the porch, it looked like something out of a Christmas film. While Jared and Jensen got the cases from the boot of the cars, Alex took the rest of us inside to give us a tour and show us to our bedrooms. The inside was as cosy as Jared had made it sound, decorated with warm wood colours and fur blankets on the couches.

All of the bedrooms were beautiful, as she guided us around, slowly dropping people off to their rooms until it was just the two of us left. The last door, where Jared and I would be staying opened and I was expecting the same huge beds that had been staring back at Gemma and Eleanor and Louis when their rooms had been shown to them, instead there were two single beds. She gasped and her hand flew to her head just as Jared appeared behind us.

“Oh my god, I totally forgot this is the room with the two singles…” I clenched my fist as she looked at Jared with such a false embarrassment I could have slapped her, “Maybe we can ask someone else to switch?” she suggested, knowing that Jared wouldn’t hear of it.

“No, don’t be silly! We can just push them together, right Lena?” He smiled at me encouragingly as he squeezed my shoulder comfortingly. For the second time today, I forced a smile as I looked back at Alexis.

“Sure.” I said sweetly through gritted teeth. She smiled back just as falsely.

“Only if you guys are sure?” The urge to strangle her was getting to be more than I could handle, so I just ignored her and stepped into the room and over to the ensuite bathroom while Jared dealt with sending Alex away. When I came out, she was gone and Jared was closing the door. He looked at the single beds and then at me with a smile.

“It’s not that bad Lena, we’ll push them together and it will be fine.” He said approaching me. I rolled my eyes, unable to stop the next words from coming out of my mouth.

“She did this on purpose.” I muttered as I folded my arms over my chest and leant against the door frame. He sighed and sat down on the bed that was a few feet in front of me.

“I’m sure she just forgot, don’t let it ruin our holiday.” He said, extending a hand to me. I took it and he pulled my closer before reaching his hand up to the back of my neck and pulling my lips to his. My anger at the situation slowly subsided as he deepened the kiss and his hands wandered to the back of my thighs, and lifted me effortlessly so that I was straddling his lap. I wound my fingers into his hair as his grazed eagerly at my skin beneath my t-shirt. I stood up and got off, seductively lifting my t-shirt over my head as he took his own off and lay on the bed, his eyes dancing over me hungrily as I removed my jeans. I sauntered back to the bed, straddled his growing bulge and leaned over him.

“You’re right, we don’t need a lot of space for this.” I whispered, earning a throaty chuckle of agreement from Jared beneath me as we sank into one another, and I found myself thinking that single beds aren't all that bad.


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Omg I love it so much can’t wait to read mo

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo

Thank you so much for reading! Writing is my dream and I am obsessed with these characters and their stories so it's so important to me that it is told the right way... At the time when I started writing this it was a distraction because I was in a tough situation and I needed something to take my mind off of it. Now, I am in such a good place and I can see that this story hasn't been written the way that it should have been - the way I want it to be read and I don't want to spoil the ending on a sub-par version. Thank you for being so patient, I appreciate it so much and I hope that I do their story justice in my retelling.

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

Im staying till the end because this story is so good. Take your time ik how it is to be busy

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo

So good can’t wait to read more

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo

You’re welcome

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo