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Only You

Chapter 4

About fifteen minutes after we started our work, Harry's friends came into the room. Taylor's dismay at the lack of Harry made quietly clear to me with a disappointed sigh, but they paid us no attention and we just carried on with Hamlet until the bell went to signal fourth period. Taylor had to rush off quickly to pick up her books from her locker but said she would meet me at the General Studies classroom.

People began filing out of the room while I packed up my work and tidied up the rest of my leftover food until it was just me and Harry's friends left. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up in suspicion when I saw that they had no work to pack away and were just standing waiting by the only exit, talking quietly for once. Why had they not left yet? I watched them for a second, during which time, Louis shook his head, opened the door and left. It looked as though they were probably discussing work of some kind, a serious topic. I shook away my paranoia and zipped up my bag and headed towards the door. I felt the blood drain from my face when Niall blocked the door, forcing us to stop face to face with them.

"Harry has told us he doesn't want to see us being horrible to Selena on Kendall's request." He said to Liam with a mock concerned tone.

"But Kenny is our friend too and she thinks that Greasy needs to be taught her place," Liam replied, mirroring his tone. I felt a wave of nausea pass over me, something bad was coming and there was no one here to help me. Taylor was right, there was definitely strength in numbers. They took a step closer to me and I tried to step back but found myself against a desk with nowhere to go.

"So to please both, we'll just have to make sure Harry doesn't see." Niall smirked and then they both looked at me and took a pot of the tomato soup each from behind their backs. They uncapped the pots and simultaneously poured it down my white shirt. I was so shocked that I couldn't speak or stop them. It was like a nightmare, happening in slow motion yet over before I had even known that it was happening. They laughed as they left me standing in the room, covered in red tomato soup feeling humiliated and alone. I dropped to the floor and just sat in front of the desk in shock, reliving the moment over and over again in my head, unable to comprehend what had happened, feeling as the tears slowly started to fall.

I didn't know how long I'd been sitting there when the door opened, pulling me from my thoughts. I looked up and saw a confused pair of green eyes looking down at me, trying to process the situation before him. My knees pulled up to my chest was covering the tomato soup stain on my clothes, so to him I must have just looked like I was crying. He hesitated in the doorway before coming in and closing the door behind him. He stood awkwardly in front of me for a minute before speaking.

"Are you ok?" He asked reluctantly. I looked away from his eyes and shook my head, seeing the whole thing in my head again. He was quiet again.

"Is this Kendall related?" he muttered. I hesitated before nodding. I didn't know whether I should tell him but at that point I just wanted someone to talk to, "For fucks sake." He spat under his breath, and I instantly regretted admitting it, thinking he was angry at the situation I was putting him in.

I buried my face into my arms, expecting him to walk out the door, but instead I heard him come closer and sit down in front of me. I looked up again and his face was displaying genuine concern.

"What happened?" He asked, his voice was strained but it sounded less awkward and more like guilt. His eyes were holding mine and they were making me feel more confident. I had noticed since yesterday, something about his eyes made me want to tell him everything and be defiantly honest about how upset this was all making me, and how I felt like I didn't deserve any of it. I suddenly wondered why he didn't hate me, which seems like a weird thought, but I seemed to have turned both of our lives upside down with one sentence.

"I'm sorry to put you through all this." I said quietly. He sat back for a second, looking shocked and then began to laugh. Not the reaction I was expecting. "What?" I continued as the laughter got a bit more forceful, with a smile that reached his eyes.

"You do realise, I just found you crying in a room alone because of my girlfriend, and you're apologising for putting me through shit? Do you hear how ridiculous that is?" He started chucking again, an infectious laugh that even made me smile, "What happened?" he repeated again, once his laughter had subsided.

I watched as his face flashed with pure anger when I told him what happened this morning with the girls and then the exchange I had with Kendall. I stopped before telling him what Niall and Liam had then proceeded to do, but he could tell that I was holding back.

"I doubt you've been crying in a classroom for twenty minutes because she pushed past you... I mean not that you haven't had a shit day, but that would be a little pathetic by anyone's standards." He said encouraging me to continue. I looked down and slowly lowered my knees so he could see my clothes, all the softness from his features disappeared and he looked physically hurt.

"What the fuck is that?" He was speaking quietly now, and he was unable to meet my eyes.

"Tomato soup." I said calmly. I was surprised at how matter of factly I was able to tell this story, it was almost like reliving it in my head had allowed me to pretend that it was someone else, and that it hadn't even happened to me. By the look on Harry's face it looked like it had happened to him and I had just been a bystander who was now making him relive it.

"I'm so sorry." He said finally after a few minutes of silence, still staring at his hands rather than looking at me. He always looked so care free in class, I couldn't believe how different this side of Harry was, and how much I had seen of it in the last two days. He stood up and paced back and forth a few times, running his hand through his hair, suddenly he kicked the bin that was sitting near the door and sent it flying through the air, "I've had enough of this bullshit." he spat and I instantly jumped up.

"Harry, you need to calm down..." I said cautiously. Harry was the captain of the rugby team and from what I could see, he was about to really lose his temper and I was unsure what that would mean for anyone, it couldn't be good.

"No, I need to fucking end this." He snapped and headed for the door, swinging it open and storming out with a clear direction. I didn't even hesitate before running after him.

"Where are you going?" I called after him, but he didn't answer, he just kept marching off out of the building and down across the courtyard towards the fields down at the back of the school. I didn't know what to do, was I meant to follow him, or go and get someone. I had never been in a situation like this. I was always the good girl that never had any problems with anyone. What do you do when you're chasing a six foot, angry rugby player through school? I didn't know so I just followed. I followed him onto the field where there was a group of people sitting in the middle. I could see it was Harry's friends as well as Kendall and her friends, which I figured were the people he would be going to find.

Louis was the first to see him as Harry came striding towards them and he instantly got up and ran towards him to try and block his way.

"Harry, mate what's wrong?" He said with a smile until he saw me and the stain on my shirt before all of the colour drained from his face and the grin disappeared. Harry stopped and squared up to Louis before prodding on his chest with an index finger.

"Did you or did you not know that this shit was happening?" Harry snarled as he pointed to me. Louis looked between me and Harry and shook his head.

"They said Ken asked them to do something to her but I said I didn't want anything to do with it because you had asked us no to, but Harry, now is not the time to deal with this, you need to calm down." But Harry had heard what he needed to hear and was pushing past Louis to advance on the rest of the group. Louis looked after Harry and then at me as we continued to try and keep pace with him.

"Did you go and find him to tell him this?" Louis looked pissed as he spoke, but I shook my head, out of breath after chasing Harry all the way down to the fields.

"No! He found me after it had happened and asked what was wrong!" I muttered. Louis looked annoyed for a second but then his face softened slightly as a wave of sympathy seemed to wash over his features and he nodded before reaching out and grabbing Harry's arm and attempting to yank him backwards, or atleast slow him down, and failing miserably. We had practically arrived at the group who were now all standing rather than sitting, most looking confused at why Harry was storming toward them in a rage.

"You!" he growled as he thrust a finger at Liam and Niall, who were standing next to one another at the front of the group, "What the fuck is wrong with the pair of you, I told you to knock it off and instead you went and took it to a whole new fucking level?" Louis jumped in front of Harry at exactly the right moment, predicting his best friend's next move correctly, he had successfully held Harry back from diving at Liam in anger who had smirked when he saw my shirt.

Harry tried to push his way past Louis, but he had planted himself firmly between them and there was no way he was getting past him.

"Why do you even care so much? Hey Harry? Got yourself a little crush on the nerdy girl?" Liam taunted which only made Harry's attempts to push his way past Louis more forceful, forcing one of the other guys to step in and help Louis hold him back.

"Of course he doesn't, don't be so ridiculous, Lee!" Kendall said from the left side of the group. Her voice was like it had set off a whole new level of anger in Harry. He stopped fighting to get past the guys that were blocking him and looked to find Kendall, who was stupidly making her way towards Harry, "Now Harry is going calm down, that thing is going to go back to her study room and we're all just going to pretend that this didn't happen. Harry come and sit." She sat down on the grass, and some of the others followed suit. Liam stood staring at Harry, waiting for him to try and get past Louis and the other guy, prepared to fight him off if he had to, but it was almost as if Harry had forgotten that he even existed.

"You're going to apologise to Selena. Now." Harry was talking directly to Kendall, his voice was the kind of calm a parent uses when there will be no discussion of the decision that has been made. Kendall looked as though she might argue but then decided against it. She looked at me with narrowed eyes.

"I'm ever so sorry Selena." She said sarcastically. Harry looked at her, his stony expression a complete contrast to the anger from a few seconds ago, paused for a few seconds and then put his hand on my shoulder to spin me round and pushed me forward to start walking and he started walking with me, "Wait! What are you doing? Let her go on her own!" I saw Harry smirk to himself when her voice called after him, but he recomposed his harsh expressionless face before turning to face her.

"I'm walking Selena to pick up her stuff, and then to her car. And then tomorrow and the following days after I will walk her from her car, to her classes, to lunch, to the study room, hell, I'll walk her to the fucking bathroom if I have to, until you fuckers learn to be decent human beings since you can't be trusted to not be shitheads when I'm not looking, so I will always be looking now." No one said anything, and Harry just turned back around and continued walking back towards school. I didn't even know what to say and it was him who broke the silence again.

"So Selena, I hope you don't mind but for my own conscience's sake, we are about to become friends." He chuckled.



Omg I love it so much can’t wait to read mo

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo

Thank you so much for reading! Writing is my dream and I am obsessed with these characters and their stories so it's so important to me that it is told the right way... At the time when I started writing this it was a distraction because I was in a tough situation and I needed something to take my mind off of it. Now, I am in such a good place and I can see that this story hasn't been written the way that it should have been - the way I want it to be read and I don't want to spoil the ending on a sub-par version. Thank you for being so patient, I appreciate it so much and I hope that I do their story justice in my retelling.

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

Im staying till the end because this story is so good. Take your time ik how it is to be busy

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo

So good can’t wait to read more

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo

You’re welcome

Bunnyboo Bunnyboo