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How Can You Mend A Broken Heart


Sometimes Niall regrets what he has done and sometimes he wouldn’t have changed the past for all the gold in the world. It depends on whether he counts his pain as more severe or hers. Most of the time, the scales tip in her favor.

Harry had asked him and even though there was a choice, Niall could not have said no. Harry needed this. She needed this. His own wants had been insignificant. Niall had believed that it was a bad idea but his band mate had thought it was for the best. So, he had said yes.

No yes had ever tasted as bitter and no bitterness had ever been so painful. The bitterness had seeped into his chest and had eroded Niall’s heart like an acid. His heart had never felt so fragile, the slightest violence could have broken it into a million pieces.

Maybe if he hadn’t loved Harry, cared about his ex-wife, maybe then Niall would’ve been spared this painful ending.

Niall should’ve never agreed to meet when Harry had flown all the way to Ireland to speak with him.


Here is the prologue. Let me know what you think.


You'll find out in later chapters. :)

sellway sellway

I want to know why Bonnie and Harry are divorcing. Or did I miss that bit? I'll have to check in previous chapters

Thank you. :) @Perfect_All_Night

sellway sellway

Hmmm..... I like this, I like this very much. I also want to yank that white t-shirt off Niall's body cause seriously Puberty hit him SO good