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Good For You

Chapter 08



I can feel the heat radiating off of Jenny’s body – I swear I can just burn in it all day. Natalie is in her arms now, she’s rocking her softly from side to side. She’s such a good babysitter, her motherly instincts greatly come out when she’s with them. I add my free hand to her body, making sure I grip this side of her waist just as much as I am the other. She jumps lightly at my touch, most likely wishing I wasn’t feeling her up probably.

“Why don’t we go put her in the living room?” I suggest, my voice low as I speak directly beside her ear. She shrugs gently, giving me a nod in addition. I step back, my hands falling from her perfectly curved body. She starts the walk around the island, heading towards our destination. I follow behind her closely, my eyes falling to her hips. God she’s so amazing, her body is just so damn perfect.

I snap myself from my thoughts as I reach the door, calm down and stay relaxed or your idea won’t go as planned. Right, calm and collected. “Hey, so the kids were wondering if I could take them to the park.” Niall says as I go over to the couch across from the one he’s one. I plop down and nod my head in reply to him, “As long as you keep an eye on them.” I smile lightly at him. “Of course.” He laughs out as he stands up, running his hand over his shirt to remove the wrinkles. “Want me to take the little one?” Niall asks curiously.

My lips part for my response, but before I could make a sound someone interrupted me. “No.. she needs to stay here. I think she’s getting a slight fever.” Jennifer insists, placing Natalie in the bassinet. Niall’s eyebrows raise high on his forehead as he looks over at her. “I’m pretty sure I was asking her father, not you.” He says with an eye roll. I clench my jaw at his words, he doesn’t need to get an attitude with her.

“I don’t care. And besides, you can barely handle the two older ones. You don’t need to have to worry about her, too.” She throws back, cutting her eyes at me for a few seconds. I smirk gently at her attempt to show her stronger side – I like it, a feisty one she is. I relax my back into the couch, the leather is cold against my bare skin. I fold my hands in my lap and continue to watch them argue across the room.

“Oh, but you can, hm?” Niall says, cocking his head at her. “I sure can. I’ve been doing it for months now.” Jennifer steps away from the baby and makes herself at home, which I don’t mind one bit, as she sits down in the recliner in the corner of the room, only a few meters away from the baby’s bassinet. “Get your bitch, Harry.” Niall says as he walks past me towards the foyer. “Mind your language, Niall.” I sigh out with an eye roll, he never remembers that. “Um, don’t call her that, Ni. That’s not nice.” Charlie’s voice fills the living room, he doesn’t sound too pleased at the moment.

“Leave her alone. Don’t be mean to her.” Gabriella adds in. This is getting interesting. I lean up on the couch and shift so I could see into the foyer. They were both standing on the last stair, their arms crossed and unpleasant looks on their cute faces. “Do you guys want to go to the park, your Dad doesn’t mind us going.” Niall says, trying to change the topic. “I better not ever hear you bein’ mean to Jenny again, or I’m gonna beat you up.” Charlie warns, his finger pointing at Niall’s face. I turn back around and ease back into the couch, my kids are so adorable.

“Now, let’s go to the park.” Gabriella demands as I hear footsteps coming up behind me. Gabby’s arms fly around the couch, I know she’s on her tip toes. I grab her hands and lace our fingers together. I bring her hand to my lips and place a few pecks on her skin. “Be good for Niall.” I say softly, but loud enough so she can hear me. “I love you Daddy, see you later.” She giggles lightly as I release her hands. “Love you, too! Be good, Charlie!” I yell out, my eyes wondering over to the bassinet. I hear the door shut and I put on a faint smile at the thought of my beautiful children.

“Mr. Styles.” Jenny’s voice mutters from across the room. My eyes find her and I lock my attention on her, she’s so beautiful. I raise my eyebrows, indicating for her to continue with whatever it is she needs to say. “Natalie doesn’t have a fever.” She sighs lightly, her eyes falling from my gaze. “I know that, silly.” I chuckle at her as I stand from the couch. I go over in her direction and I lean over, pressing my hands into my thighs as I stare into her beautiful blue eyes.

“What’s really going on? Hm? Why didn’t you want Niall to take her, too?” I ask curiously, furrowing my eyes as I stare at her intensively. She breathes out through her separated lips before replying to me. “I don’t feel comfortable with her out of my sight.. unless, of course, she’s with you.” Jenny admits, her eyes flickering from mine to the floor every few seconds. I can feel the nervousness running through her body, like she’s about to lose her control only because I’m so close. It’s okay though, I know exactly how that feels.

“That’s called your motherly instincts.” I say, curving the right corner of my mouth as I use that word: motherly. “It’s not that I don’t trust him.. I just get so nervous thinking about.. something happening to any of them and-” Words stop flowing out of her mouth as I press my hand to her cheek, her skin is cold against mine. “I know, and thank you for caring. It means a lot to me.” I drop my hand as I kneel down in front of her, my back beginning to hurt from my stance – God I’m getting old. Her eyes never leave our locked gaze.

“And I don’t blame you. Niall can handle the two older ones, but there’s no way in Hell he could handle her.” I say with a slight laugh, glancing over at the bassinet. “Mr. Styles.” Jenny mumbles, her hands in her lap – her fingers playing with each other. “What is it?” I ask, raising my eyebrows at her. She parts her lips, but nothing comes out. I reach out to her, placing my hand against the side of her thigh. She flinches at my touch, so innocent. “I’m not going to hurt you.” I whisper out to her, I fear that she’s afraid of me – the last thing I need is for her to be scared.

“Can we talk?” She asks, her blue eyes dropping our gaze. An unsteady breath came past my lips as I examine her face with my eyes. Her cheeks are blushed, as usual, and her eyes are on the ground. Her soft pink lips are rolled in, her breathing is uneasy. “About?” I mutter lightly, not sure what’s going on in that pretty head of hers. “About what happened earlier.. I.. I’m sorry.” Jenny exhales slowly, her eyes closing as the words invade my mind. Why on earth is she apologizing? It’s nothing bad, at least not in my eyes.

“Honey, please don’t wor-” I shut myself up and hurry to my feet as I hear the door open suddenly. I take hesitant steps towards the foyer, I’m almost certain it has to be Niall or the one of the kids. Fuck, I hope they didn’t see anything. I was only half way across the large living room when Gabriella appeared at the bottom of the staircase. “Babe? Everything alright?” I ask, catching her attention. She turns her head and gives me a smile, folding her arms on the railing as she begins to speak to me.

“Niall sent me in to get some extra clothes. He said we might get dirty.” She informs me with a smile. “Alright, make sure the clothes match.” I sigh lightly, I know sometimes she gets in a hurry and she doesn’t even bother with fashion rules – however, most of the time she dresses herself quite well, a girl instinct maybe? “Ni said that he might take us to that fancy hotel with the swimmin’ pool. But he’s gonna ask you if it’s okay.” She says, raising her eyebrows high as a grin comes to her lips.

“You have a swimming pool out back, remember darling.” I say with a slight laugh, sometimes I don’t even bother trying to stop them when it comes their antics with Niall. “But Daddyyy.” She whines out, throwing her head back groaning. “Please. Ni said he wants to take us to see a movie and get ice cream and go shoppin’ for a toy and-” A loud laugh and obnoxious laugh cuts her off, I know that sound anywhere: Niall.

I look over at the door to see him standing there, his arm across his stomach as he gets out the rest of his laughing fit. Gabriella and I share a confused look before she bursts out in a frenzy of giggles. “I told you not to tell him all of that! Now he’ll never let us go.” Niall exclaims, throwing his hands in the air, he’s not really mad he’s just trying to be serious – it’s not working too well. “Actually, I don’t mind. Just keep my kids within your reach, Horan.” I tell them as I step up the first few stairs. Gabriella spins around and holds her arms up for me. Niall walks past us and heads upstairs, probably to get the kids a bag ready. He’s a good uncle, or at least that’s what they call him.

I pick her up with ease and sit her on the railing, her arms around my neck. “Can we really, Daddy?” She asks, her eyes glowing with happiness as she awaits my reply. “Sure baby, but you better behave. If Niall tells me you acted up then I’ll ground you again.” I notify her of my expectations. She gives me a nod but soon furthers the conversation between us, “Will I get in trouble if Charlie gets in trouble, Daddy? ‘Cause you know he’s always in trouble.” Gabby asks, her eyebrows in a knit as she stares at me.

“You know I won’t do that, babe. Daddy will handle Charlie. You be on your best behavior and be the little angel you are, alright?” I insist, raising my eyebrows at her. “Of course.” She giggles out as I press my lips to her dimpled cheek. “Be good, I love you.” I whisper against her cheek. She gives me a nod before returning the kiss to me, placing it on my cheek as well. I present her a final smile as Niall comes down the stairs, one pink duffle bag in his hand and one blue one in the other.

“Tell Charlie to behave. I’ll call later on.” A sigh leaves my lips, I hate to send them off but at the same time I’m glad I get a little peace and quiet tonight – well somewhat. “Thanks for letting them come, we sat in the driveway and talked about it.” Niall says with a chuckle as his hand pats my shoulder. “No problem, just don’t let them stay up past nine. And don’t let Charlie drink anything before bed, he’ll most likely piss on himself.” I remind Niall of these things I constantly have to tell him when he watches them for me.

“Harry, calm down. I got this.” He says with an eye roll and smirk as he grabs Gabriella’s hand and heads towards the door. “I love you, princess.” I call out as they step over the threshold. Niall looks over his shoulder, “Love you too, babe!” He calls out. I laugh lightly at his attempt, it gets a few giggles out of Gabby. “I love you too, Daddy.” She says with a smile before turning around and heading towards Niall’s car.

A huff slides through my lips as I walk back into the living room. My eyes widen as I notice that no one, not even Natalie, is in here anymore. I gasp lightly at the sudden absence. My heart begins to pound, my head is jumbling up – fuck, calm down. Just relax, she hasn’t kidnapped your child and left out of the back. Right, calm down Harry. I run a hand through my hair, tugging at my roots lightly – I need to learn to control my nerves.

I bust into the kitchen, the door slamming against the wall behind it. “Gosh.” Jennifer’s voice fills my ears, but I don’t see her. Seconds later she rises up from behind the island. I throw my hand over my heart, God she scared the hell out of me. “Are you alright, Mr. Styles?” She asks with a smirk, a little amused by my behavior. “I didn’t know where you were.” I breathe out, shutting the door behind me.

“Sorry, Natalie was starting to get fussy. I just decided to walk her a bit.” Jenny tells me, relieving my nerves. My little baby is against her chest, her arms securing around Natalie. “Sorry to scare you.” I mumble lightly as she walks in my direction. “It’s alright, I’m just gonna put her down. Is that okay?” She asks as she stops in front of me, her eyes trailing up to meet my stare. I nod lightly to her, admiring her short height. It’s rather cute, honestly. “Then we can talk?” I question as she pushes the door open.

Her eyes never meet mine again, but she does reply. Just a simple nod and a slight shrug, I guess it’s better than nothing at all? My body follows not too far behind hers as she goes into the living room. “Uh.. take her upstairs, please. It’s quieter up there.” I say just as she was approaching the bassinet. Jennifer turns on her heel and gives me a sly smile before heading towards the foyer.

I throw myself on the couch, why in the world am I so tensed? Oh yeah, probably because you two haven’t even started discussing whatever is bothering her. It’s me that’s bothering her, she doesn’t like the way I touch her.. the way I talk to her. But, hell, I can’t stop for nothing. She’s like a drug, pulling me in further and further as the seconds pass – raising my temptations. More like a cigarette, which I can’t resist every now and then – she’s constantly forcing me to take a drag of her, I want her breath to fill my lungs, I want to taste her mouth, inhale her scent. Better yet, she’s alcohol – even though I’ve barely had a taste of it, I can’t stop. I just want to drown myself in her – I want to run my hands all over her. Touch her, feel her, taste her, smell her, everything.. I just want her. I need her.

I’m in love with her hair – the way it cascades down her back, shiny and smooth. It moves every time she does, even if she’s just breathing. I want to lay her on my chest and run my fingers through her locks – tangling and twisting strands between my fingers. Fuck, just thinking about this girl makes my briefs tighter.

Her eyes – god damn her eyes. They go from deep to light between days, it’s like it shows me her mood for the day. When they’re bright she’s more bubbly and happy, but when they’re darker she’s shy and quiet. I gulp gently to myself, I can’t stop picturing her entire body in my head. These thoughts are going to kill me if I don’t stop. That’s the thing though, I can’t fucking stop – no matter how hard I try.

That body – fuck my life. That body. Her breasts are full, a bit more than average I would say. Fuck I can just see it now – my hands groping her, my tongue swirling around her nipple. I’ve gotten the lucky chance to be in the kitchen when she reaches for something higher in the cabinet, her shirt coming up to reveal her stomach. It’s not completely flat, but it’s not that big. Just a tad pudgy, but it’s adorable. I just want to plant kisses all down her torso, licking stripes up her smooth skin. Every time I see her in tight pants I nearly explode in my own. Her hips curve out perfectly, her butt is round and thick – fuck I can just see my hands squeezing it.

My hand finds its way to my lap and I grasp my bulge – a satisfied grunt leaving my mouth. I close my eyes and slouch into the couch, letting my mind wonder back to the beautiful thought of Jennifer. Her thighs aren’t too big, but I’ve noticed there’s no thigh gap – and that turns me on so fucking much. I bite my bottom lip as I image pulling her on my lap, her sexy legs wrapping around me. There’s just something about her voice that drives me wild.

Damn she’s so beautiful – her smile is flawless, her lips are full. Her bottom one is plumper and bigger than the top, but the top isn’t smaller by much. They have this natural rosy pink coat on them – it makes me go wild. I’ve got a millions places on my body that I want her lips to be on – and one of those is pressed against mine. Her teeth are a normal size and white, they’re straight and for the most part just perfect. Her cheekbones are high and ideally angled – her cheeks have a natural dusty pink shade. Everything is tied together with her pale skin – all wrapped into five foot and four-ish inches.

~ The sound of my two beautiful children giggling is music to my ears. My eyes look down at my watch, we’ve only been here half an hour so I can’t force them to leave just yet. I look up to the swing-set where Gabriella had been teaching Charlie how to swing on his own without any help, but my heart drops as I don’t see either of them there. The two swings they previously occupied are taken by two girls slightly older than them.

My eyes dart all over the park as I stand up, oh dear God no. Where are they at?! I could feel my heart racing in my chest, I’m about to lose my mind if I don’t find them. A gasp sharply leaves my mouth as my eyes land on that mop of messy hair – Charlie. I sprint the short distance, mentally praising God for not letting me lose my babies. I would be fucked up without them in my life, extremely messed up.

As I get closer I see that he’s standing over Gabriella, whose leg is being held up by a stranger. I rush over to them and fall to my knees, scared half to death now. “Baby, are you okay?” I panic, my hands grabbing her little face. I turn her head so that’s she’s looking at me, her green eyes filled with big tears. “What happened, princess?” I ask in a softer voice as I notice her flinch at my touch.

“I think she was running and she tripped.” A voice foreign to my ears spoke up. I look over and my eyes are met with blue irises, I swear they’re the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever looked into, aside from my kids. “Oh gosh.. you’re.. Har-harry St-styles.” The girl breathes out, her face growing paler than it already is. I give her a smile, “Yeah.. I know.” I shrug a shoulder. My eyes can’t look away from hers, I try to rip our stare apart but I just fucking can’t.

“Um..” The girl swallows deeply, I can hear it from where I am – well, we aren’t that far apart. Her eyes cut to Gabriella’s and I almost, I said almost, forgot about them being here. “I hurt my knee, Daddy.” She says, her lips pouting out at me. “Aww, baby. Daddy has some Band-Aids in the car, I’ll go get them.” I mumble as I press my lips to her sweaty forehead. “It’s okay, I have some in my purse.” The girl tells me with a slight laugh as she pulls out a small pink bag from her purse.

“Thank you for helping her, I wasn’t even paying attention. Glanced down for two seconds.. looked up and they were both gone.” I say as I fall to my butt on the grass. She sits down, crossing her legs as she hands me the bandage. I watch her take some gauze from a package and a wet wipe. “You must have kids?” I ask her with a curious look on my face, eyebrows raised high. She gives me a glance, followed by a chuckle as she gently wipes off Gabriella’s bloody, cut up knee.

“No, no, no. I’m just very well prepared.” She informs me with a grin. “Oh, you seem like a mother. No offense or anything.” I tell her, putting on a genuine smile for her. “I’m Harry, obviously you know that though.” I say, I sound like an idiot right now. I extend my hand to her as she sits the wipe down after cleaning off the blood. She takes my gladly takes my hand and takes it a few times, “I’m Jennifer.”

“You don’t sound like you’re from around here. I mean, I’m not either but..” I stop myself with a nervous laugh. She raises her brows at me before looking back at Gabby’s knee. “I’m from Florida.. just got here a few months ago. Saving up for college.. I’m gonna try to get in in a few years.” She informs me. I nod lightly as she cuts her eyes at me a few times while drying off Gabriella’s knee.

“I’m glad you came to the rescue, thank you.” I admit with a sly smirk. “No problem, I’m delighted to help.” Her voice fills my mind, seconds later I begin to admire her features. Damn, she looks young, but yet she’s so fit. “Do you have a job?” I ask, interested in any occupation she may or may not hold. “I um.. not at the moment, no. I’ve put in a few applications.” Jennifer replies with a laugh as she peels the thin plastic coverings off the Band-Aid.

“If you’d like to take it.. I um, I have a job available for you.” I offer, the corners of my mouth curving up as her eyes shoot to meet my gaze. “And what would that be?” She wonders, her eyebrow cocked at me. I bite the inside of my cheek, damn she’s really fine. I mentally slap myself, pay attention.

“Um.. me and my uh..” I stop, taking a glance towards my kids. Gabriella is biting her lip as her eyes stare down at her knee. Charlie is sitting down beside her, a sad look of sympathy on his face as she stares at the side of her face. “Me and my girlfriend are going through.. rough times and I’ll be needed in court for the next few weeks.. I was wondering if.. if maybe you’d become a babysitter for me? If you want to, then we can meet up and I’ll discuss everything with you.” I shrug a shoulder lightly, suggesting this idea to her.

Jennifer’s beautiful blue eyes lock with mine and she turns her lips at me, forming a smile on her pretty face. “I’d love to.” ~


so this chapter is sort of all over the place, but I hope you like the flashback. Things are heating up for sure. Everything going okay? ((sorry for any mistakes, I usually come back a few hours later and notice the errors and fix them, lol!))

Feedback please! Do you want H's POV or J's for the next chapter?? Let me asap!!


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thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

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