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Good For You

Chapter 07


((bedroom link /// bathroom link))


My eyes open the same moment my mouth lets out a groan. The alarm on my phone is so loud, and I forgot I left it so close to the bed. I reach for it and once it’s correctly in my hand and in my view, I press the dismiss button and release a heavy sigh. Breakfast, that’s right. I throw the covers off my body. I feel shivers race through me as the cold air hits my skin. I gulp lightly at the coldness, this house stays well air-conditioned.

I throw my legs over the side of the bed as I sit up, my feet glaze the cool hardwood floor. It’s eight in the morning, my head is banging and my body is aching. I sleep so good though, I don’t understand why I’m so tired. As I stand up, I feel my body shake from the coldness on my feet, the pain shooting up through my veins. My body trembles lightly, I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me.

I shake it off and trail towards the closet. I open double doors and my eyes widen at the amount of stuff in side of it. Mr. Styles said he bought me clothes, I didn’t know he meant a whole wardrobe. My heart skips a beat, I can’t take advantage of him. I shake my head to myself as I close the doors back – where’s my suitcase?

I turn on my heel and let my eyes roam over the room for my bag. I spot it quickly on the chair that’s against the wall, a small table and lamp beside it – a stack of books on the table. I go in that direction, squinting my eyes as the early morning sun blazes through the windows – the curtains are pulled back, letting in all the blinding light.

A random chill runs up my spine as I unzip my bag. I grab a few things and zip it back before heading to the bathroom on the other side of the room. The bathroom is small compared to the room, but it’s just as nice. It’s a littler warmer in here, thank God. I pull the stool out from the vanity portion of the counter, I sit down and rest my foot on the side of the bathtub. I grab the lotion from the counter and squeeze some into my hand, I do this every morning to make sure my skin isn’t dry and itchy.

After quickly rubbing down both of my legs, I throw off my pajama shirt and grab my bra from the pile of clothes. I put it on and grab the yellow shirt. It’s not much, but I wanted to look somewhat presentable in front of Mr. Styles. I stand up and face the mirror, glancing up at myself to see my appearance. I slide my shorts onto my legs and adjust them on my waist. I furrow my eyebrows to myself suddenly, what was that?

My eyes dart to my reflection in the mirror. Confusion, mixed with a tad of fear, washed over me at what my eyes took in. Around my neck is a soft gold colored necklace – a heart. My eyes grow wide as I notice the diamonds, the perfect cut, the shininess. I swear on my life I have no idea how this got on my body. My heart nearly stops as I take in a few considerations – Harry Styles put this around my neck last night, while I was asleep, wearing very little clothing.. or aliens came to visit while I was sleeping.

Which one makes more since? I’m hoping the aliens..

The house has been quiet for the past forty five minutes – the kitchen is smelling good thanks to the food I’m fixing up. There’s eggs, both scrambled and sunny side up available, bacon, toast – with and without cinnamon, and fresh fruits served with whipped cream waiting on everyone, with a few more things in addition.

I’m still working on the toast in the skillet, I’m hoping I don’t end up burning it. I usually just put some in the toaster, but I want to show off my skills this morning – especially to Mr. Styles. “Jenny!” I hear Charlie’s happy voice yell, overpowering the sound of his feet as they hit the floor. “Good morning, babe.” I laugh gently as he squeezes between me and the stove. I back up some so he doesn’t get close to the hot part. He wraps his arms around my waist, he’s getting so tall. “Good morning.” He replies, the side of his face pressed against my growling stomach.

“Where’s everyone else?” I ask curiously as he lets me go, but he doesn’t go far. Charlie races around the island and pulls out one of the stools. He climbs on to it and rests his arms on the counter, watching me closely. I can feel he’s very concerned about what I’m doing, I can sense he’s about to ask me a ton of questions. “Why are you making us breakfast?” He asks, I knew it – it’s just the start of many though. I don’t mind, he’s so cute and he doesn’t bother me, I love talking to him.

“Because your Daddy put me up for a challenge.” I say with a grin as I turn to face him. “A challenge? Why?” He asks, furrowing his eyebrows at me. “He doesn’t think I can cook and please everyone.” I state with a playful eye roll as I prop my elbows on the countertop of the island, my chin on my folded hands. “What? Daddy’s so crazy! You make the best food in the whole wide world, Jenny.” Charlie declares, a look of shock and horror on his cute face.

“So I’ve heard.” Mr. Styles appears in the doorway, a smirk on his face as he leans against the frame. Mr. Styles is so fricking fine in the morning – his hair is a wreck, but a beautiful wreck, his eyes fight to stay open, his lips are slightly swollen, his voice is so raspy and scratchy, he’s so fine. I release a slow exhale, the only thing covering his body is a pair of grey sweat pants – I can see the waistband of his Calvin Klein boxers, the pants loose on his waist. I bite the inside of my cheek, calm your nerves honey. He’s only human – like I’ve said before, a beautiful human.

Charlie’s eyes bug out, probably because his father appeared while he was talking about him. I give him a laugh before turning back to the stove. “Where’s Nat? Is she gonna eat with us, Daddy” Charlie asks him. “Niall’s got her.. I just brought down the bassinet. She’ll probably go back to sleep soon, though.” He informs Charlie with a raspy, crackly voice. “So, getting close to being finished?” Mr. Styles asks, his voice closer now. I take in a deep breathe, I can feel his presence behind me. “Few more minutes, yeah.” I shrug lightly, not trying to lose all self-control.

“Charlie, go wake up your sister and tell Niall to come on in here.” Mr. Styles demands with a sigh. “Okay, Daddy.” Charlie replies, I can hear the smile through his tone – he’s the cutest. The patter of his feet on the tile fills the room, but within seconds it was gone and taken over by the sound of the door slamming shut – probably on accident though.

“G’mornin' love.” Mr. Styles says with that damn raspy, harsh morning voice of his. “Good morning.” I reply with a soft smile, even though he can’t see it. “Did you see your present?” Mr. Styles questions me, cutting the harsh silence. I swallow the lump in my throat, it’s quick to recover and return though.

“Uh.. yeah.” I mumble lightly, turning off the stop top. I’ve completed the challenge, hopefully. Mr. Styles relocates himself beside me, barely an inch apart. I hold my breath, I’m so nervous, but I think I’m more afraid of what he’ll say and do to me. “Do you like it? Charlie and Gabriella helped me pick it out.” He informs me, his hand skims the small of my back. Here come the butterflies.

“It’s pretty but.. I.. um.. thank you but.. it’s.. a little.. much.” I admit, my voice is soft as I speak to him. He makes me so nervous and skittish, he just drives me insane. “Explain why.” Mr. Styles states, his hand pressing against my back like it’s a normal thing for him to do to me, well in these past few days.. it is a normal thing for him to do to me. “It looks really.. expensive.” I say, not doubting one bit that it’s not. I know it has to be, he’s Harry Styles for God’s sake.

I don’t know which thing is making me more nervous, the fact that his hand is on me, or the fact that he bought me something, as a thank you I assume? Mr. Styles’ hand slides up my back some, I feel just a tad bit more comfortable, barely though. “It was only eight.” He informs me, his hand slowly trailing back down. I furrow my eyebrows, “This necklace is too nice to be only eight dollars.. Mr. Styles.” I let out with a shaky breath. I’m not entirely stupid, you know. I can tell this is too nice to be that price.

Mr. Styles lets out a light laugh, his hand sliding to my waist. He pulls me closer, his body against mine. “Eight hundred, honey.” He chuckled. My eyes widen at his words. I bite my lip lightly, there’s no way in Hell that sentence is true – I mean, the necklace honestly looks that expensive, but I just can’t take in the fact he bought me this necklace. An eight hundred dollar necklace. (link)

“I-” “Good morning beautiful people!” Niall’s voice explodes in the kitchen, the sound of giggling soon after. Mr. Styles drops his hand and turns around as if I had disappeared. “Daddy!” Gabriella says loudly, someone’s very happy this morning. “Good morning, princess.” His voice says, most likely towards Gabby. I let out one final sigh before turning myself around as well, plastering a fake smile on my face.

Breakfast was quiet, no one really spoke – Charlie asked a few questions, but that was it. I got good compliments though, Niall enjoyed it – he’s a really cool and nice guy, it’s a good thing Mr. Styles has a friend like that in his life. The kids loved it, as usual, and someone else liked it too. Mr. Styles told me that he ate some of the best eggs ever and toast as well. I just think he over complimented a bit, but I don’t really mind the praise..

A tense sigh escapes from between my lips as I enter the kitchen. Mr. Styles offered to take over the chores for me today since breakfast was wonderful. There he stands at the sink, his body still shirtless. I bite my tongue hard, sealing my lips as I head in his direction. His back muscles flex every time he moves his arm, God he’s so hot. He definitely doesn’t look his age.

“So.. was it really good.. or were you just trying to make me feel better about myself?” I ask with a slight laugh. He looks over his shoulder, giving me a grin. He turns off the water and dries off his hands before turning to face me. He leans against the counter, his arms folded on his chest as I reach him. “It really was good. You’re a great cook, my kids don’t lie.” He admits, showing me his dimples.

“Well I’m glad you guys liked it.” I admit, it really did make me feel better after my confused morning. “You’re very bright this morning.” Mr. Styles says with a smirk as his eyes drop down my body. ((link!))

I feel myself tense up, my skin flustering as I realize his eyes are covering every inch of me. “Needed to pep myself up.” I shrug lightly as I rest against the island. “Those socks are cute on you.” He mumbles to me, his eyes darting to mine for a few seconds to see my reaction. I raise my eyebrows, he just called my socks cute? It’s called flirting, idiot. No, it’s called he has nothing else to say.. he’s not flirting with you.

“Everything looks good on you.” He adds in, keeping his voice low and soft – I can barely hear him, but I understand his words. My stomach churns at his words, the butterflies are blowing up inside of me. Before I could even muster up any words to reply to that with, he starts to speak again. “Please tell me you like the necklace.” Mr. Styles sighs out, his teeth biting down on his lip as he looks me in my eyes.

My heart begins to race, I can’t lie to him – no matter how expensive the necklace is, no matter how much I hate that he bought it for me.. I can’t lie about it. “It’s.. really beautiful and.. I don’t.. understand why-” “The kids and I wanted to give you a gift for being here for us.” He cuts me off with the honest truth. I give him a slow nod, still not understanding why it had to be this necklace, this eight hundred dollar necklace..

“Stop worryin’, you act like I don’t have any money.” He wiggles his eyebrows at me before chuckling a tad. “I just don’t want you to waste it on me.” I sigh out, the truth is something I’ve been saying a lot lately – I need to stop, it’ll all go bad, I can just sense it. “It’s not a waste.. I wanted to get it, so I did. And I gave it to you. Just say thank you and hush up about it.” His demeanor changed with seconds, did I upset him? I gulp harshly, I hope I haven’t made me him or anything.

“Thank you. I like it, I’m sorry I’m.. just.. I’m sorry. I’m.. really sorry.” I stop my ramble, I’ve heard enough of myself honestly. Mr. Styles takes a step closer to me, just a few inches. “Stop saying you’re sorry. I understand you’re concerned on the reasoning behind it. I’ll tell you the whole story.” He halts me from further confessing. Mr. Styles takes in a deep breath before starting the explanation.

“Every now and then I mail a gift to my mum and my sister, so I took the kids to a nice jewelry store. We picked out their things. Gabby and Charlie were talking and I overhead them say your name.. Then they turned to me and asked me if we could buy you a present. I asked them why, they replied with because we love her and she needs to know.” Mr. Styles leans off the counter completely now, his body just a small distance from mine. “I told them alright and they started looking.” He adds before sighing lightly to himself, his eyes dropping to the ground for a few seconds before coming back to meet mine.

“You deserve some appreciation. Gabriella and Charlie wanted to get you a gift. They aimed for smaller things at first, but I insisted on getting you a necklace or a bracelet. They had a bracelet at first.. but then they laid their eyes on that necklace and they assured me you’d love it.” Mr. Styles’ eyes are full of sincerity, his brows are wrinkled as he stares at me. “But it seems that you don’t like it.” He says in addition, shrugging as if it was nothing.

“No, no. I love it, I really do.” I say, lifting my hand to my chest. My fingers fiddle with the heart on the necklace, it’s cold against my skin. “I just didn’t expect it. I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to sound so ungrateful. I love it, thank you.” I admit with a shaky breath, afraid he’ll be upset. My brain goes to work faster than my heart and within seconds I find myself against his warm, bare skin – my arms locked tightly around him. I press the side of my face against his chest, the little bit of hair is scratchy against my face but I don’t mind..

“Jenny.” He sighs lightly, his arms going around my shoulders, pulling me even closer to him. “I never said you were ungrateful. I just wanted to make sure you liked it. It would have broken their hearts if you didn’t.” Mr. Styles says with a low voice, his arms squeezing me tight. I let out a huff against his skin, the warmth is wondrous. I release my arms from around him and step back just a tad. His hands drop to my waist and grip me tight, my shirt rides up a bit right when he decides to dig his fingertips deep into my skin . “You’re so beautiful.” Mr. Styles let out those words in a soft whisper, his eyes burning straight into mine.

“This isn’t.. very professional, I’m sorry Mr. Styles.” I breathe out nervously, pushing his hands down from my body. I take a few steps back, my back hitting the tall island. I gulp gently as he ignores my words and closes the distance between us again. “I’m here, therefore you’re not working right now.” He reminds me with a devious smirk on his handsome face – stop saying that! He’s your boss, respect him and don’t do this to yourself.

“And besides.. you seem to like it.” Mr. Styles states, one of his hands removes itself from my waist and he presses it firmly against my jawline. “You’re so cute when you’re all flushed.” His warm breath covers my face and I feel goosebumps all over my skin. He drives me literally insane. “Please stop.” I huff out, my eyes falling on the wall behind him – I can’t dare myself to look at him, there’s no telling what might happen if I do.

“Stop being so shy.. you act like you’ve never dreamt about this happen-” Mr. Styles is cut off by the sound of his young daughter’s crying. “Harry?” Niall’s voice calls out suddenly. Mr. Styles’ face grows pale and he drops his hands from my body, turning to face the sink again. I stand there slightly confused, I furrow my eyebrows I as watch him continue to clean dishes. I hold my breath tight inside of my lungs as I hear the door open. Seconds later Niall is at my side with Natalie in his arms, her green eyes are all red and puffy.

Well you see, Mr. Styles, that's the thing - I constantly dream about you. You're the reason I can't think straight, the reason I hardly keep myself out of some crazy, lust filled trance. But I can never tell you this, never.

“Here, she won’t stop crying.” Niall says as he goes to pass her to Mr. Styles, who at the moment has his hands in soapy water. “Give her to Jennifer. I’m busy.” He sighs out, glancing over his shoulder at me. His eyes still have that lustful shine to them, his smirk has gone though and now he looks angry at me. I give Niall a fake smile as he hands me the baby before quickly exiting the kitchen. I turn around towards the island and sit her on her bottom. I support her with my hands securely on her waist.

Her eyes open wide as she sees me, a smile coming to her pretty face. I present her with a smile, my lips parted and my teeth showing – I add on it by raising my eyebrows to give her one of those happy faces, trying to make her laugh at me. “She really loves you, you know.” Mr. Styles’ voice is closer than before, it’s soft and gentle. I feel his presence behind me, I swallow hard, trying to control my heart and my mind – I don’t want them to start fighting again, especially over the thought of him.

I flinch slightly as I feel his warm hand slide under my shirt, grabbing a hold of my waist. His other arms comes around me and he presses his hand onto the counter. Natalie’s eyes cut over in his direction and she smiles at him. “Hi princess.” He says in a high pitched voice, lifting his hand off the counter to gently run his fingertips over her cheek. She giggles lightly, pulling a deep chuckle from him in return.

“Can you believe.. her mother said she was.. ugly?” Mr. Styles asks, I can hear the hatred in his voice as he mentions the children’s mother. “She’s gorgeous.” I shake my head lightly, I honestly can’t understand why someone would throw hate upon their own children. I used to wonder why they never got married, but then one day I witness one of their fights and I realized they couldn’t care less about each other. For some reason I’m sort of glad he never married that witch.

“I’m glad she has you. I’m glad we all have you.” Mr. Styles tells me, his lips brushing against my ear as he leans his body down to mine. I only smile, mostly because that was all I could gather.


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Awesome update LOVE!!!
can't wait for more of this, i love this story

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Thank You!

PerciaxXXx PerciaxXXx

OF course!!! I live for your stories, now more than ever cus I’m in bed rest for another week and half from my surgery so I need something excellent to read my love :)

Allie Miller Allie Miller

@PerciaxXXx @Historybrokemyheart
thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

brianna.smith brianna.smith

Please continue this story! I love all of your writing, but this story really stuck out to me! I would absolutely love to continue reading it!