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Story Banners {open}


Thanks for checking this out everyone! I really hope I can help you with your cover requests and that you love the ending results! To request a cover please go to chapter 2, but also please review the guidelines and few rules I have! Also, a few examples are in chapter 3! All the love! – J ♥

I have two years of high school left and I plan to become a graphic designer and a photographer! So I have been taking graphic design classes and computer classes to better my skills :):) I'm working very hard to do this! I honestly love it! ♥♥


>>•♥Waiting List♥•<< (as of 3/18/17)
(1) Leighhhbabyyy // 156,800 (PRIVATELY REQUESTED♥)
(2) sugarcube. [antisocialteadrinker] // Freeze or Burn
(3) VanitySorrowHeart // The Stockholm Mermaid Effect
(4) YouLoveWhoYouLove // Dreaming of You

• I only do One Direction covers – my reason is because I don’t really listen to 5SOS and I don’t know them well, so yeah. Just a personal rule of mine.
• There’s a limit number of characters per cover – details in request form
• There are no special offers for ‘’users I know well’’ – meaning you will be put on the waiting list NO MATTER who you are! I do not pick favorites!!




1. Breakage
2. xXFluffy_GruXx
3. "You are one decision away from a totally different life." ~Matt Batterson
4. 1D Fanfiction
5. Harry and Farabella.
6. I will message you the one of Farabella. Harry: I want him with long hair, preferably with it in a bun, but it doesn't have to be. Other than that, whatever looks good with a picture.
7. I want the colors that are in the cover for this.
8. Romance Comedy.
9. Happy.
10. Whatever you think will look best. :)

Hard Fall
Niall Horan Fanfiction
Niall (2014) and a brown haired girl with her face covered if possible.
Full Colour I love the colour green :) Bright happy colours.
well it's like a love story that has struggles... whatever you think would look the best :)

  1. Dreaming of You
  2. YouLoveWhoYouLove
  3. “You are and always have been my dream” (optional)
  4. OneDirectionFanFiction
  5. Harry Styles and Emily Didonato
  6. Recent photo of Harry with short hair (It can be from Another Man or just a recent photo) Emily Didonato, just a photo where she is more serious but not in a swimsuit lol
  7. Color Scheme: Whatever you think is best… I honestly don’t know lol
  8. Romance, Fiction
  9. What is the story’s overall MOOD/THEME? fun, exciting/Romantic
  10. ANYTHING EXTRA: Maybe something like a dream catcher, since it’s dealing with dreams

1. The Stockholm Mermaid Effect
2. VanitySorrowHeart
4. I need a banner for here and a cover for wattpad please
6. http://i63.tinypic.com/r788xs.jpg ===== Harry
http://i63.tinypic.com/142uav4.jpg ======= Girl
http://i65.tinypic.com/2db4bjm.jpg ------ mermaid tail
http://i66.tinypic.com/2w7ekx2.jpg ----- main storm picture
7. Full color, something fantasy looking
8. Mermaid Fantasy
9. fun and exciting, mixed with a dark theme
10. a trident or a glowing sea shell if it can be fit in with the banner/cover so it doesn't get too crowded.

I was thinking Harry can be blended in with the background and the girl, the picture can be shrunk and laid sideways like a photograph, the main picture would be the ocean waves, not sure how the tail can fit into it, but it looked cool - basically whatever would fit and bring the banner and cover together without it looking crowded. I been thinking of requesting a banner here for a bit, but didn't know what idea I needed.

No hurry either way. If you can help, def appriciate it!

1. Then I met you
2. LoveReadingAndWriting
4. This website (onedirectionfanfiction.org)
6. *Picture link*
10. Could you modify the picture I will put here to fit the banners for this site?