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Story Banners {open}


Thanks for checking this out everyone! I really hope I can help you with your cover requests and that you love the ending results! To request a cover please go to chapter 2, but also please review the guidelines and few rules I have! Also, a few examples are in chapter 3! All the love! – J ♥

I have two years of high school left and I plan to become a graphic designer and a photographer! So I have been taking graphic design classes and computer classes to better my skills :):) I'm working very hard to do this! I honestly love it! ♥♥

**We have added an amazing, creative, wondrous, and beautiful co-author! My good/close friend, who is also an amazing writer! xx♥


>>•♥Waiting List♥•<< (as of 6/5/17)

• I only do One Direction covers – my reason is because I don’t really listen to 5SOS and I don’t know them well, so yeah. Just a personal rule of mine.
• There’s a limit number of characters per cover – details in request form
• There are no special offers for ‘’users I know well’’ – meaning you will be put on the waiting list NO MATTER who you are! I do not pick favorites!!




1.The Donation
2. abygail.bauman
3. No subtitle
4. onedirectionfanfiction.org
5. Harry Styles and < (Penelope)
6. The year doesn't really matter- I prefer more recent but whatever you think will make the cover look good
7. Color please (: The story is based around babies so whatever looks good.
8. Romance, Tragedy, and Crime
9. Whatever you think will make the cover pop
10. Nothing really (:

abygail.bauman abygail.bauman

1. Southern Belle
2. MelissaStylesinStyle and xXFluffy_GruXx
3. "The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman." ~Winston Churchill
4. just this website.
5. Niall Horan and Ember
6. We would prefer Niall to have all brown hair, but we're okay with mostly brown as well.
7. Full color.
8. Romance and drama
9. Fun and quirky.
10. A backdrop of a ranch or horses running. Something similar to that.

xXFluffy_GruXx xXFluffy_GruXx

1.You Bring Me Home
3. Ain't nothing like the real thing
4.This site and tumblr
5. Harry Styles & Lily Collins
6.Harry Styles( short hair. Something from Another Man photoshoot) Lily Collins
7.Full color. Something bright and fun.
8. Comedy, Romance, Hurt & Comfort
9.Mostly light and sweet

Your banners are beautiful! Thanks so much in advance!

CrumpetsAndTea CrumpetsAndTea

1. The End is Approaching
2. Ray_Haque
3. (Sequel to Moving to England) Is it all over?
4. This site and Wattpad
5. Harry Styles, Emily Rudd, and Cole Sprouse
6. Harry Styles (Short Hair), Emily Rudd (Short Hair), Cole Sprouse (Hair in front of face) – More recent photos; Not smiling
7. Black and White; with a Little colour (Kind of like the banner for my story: Moving to England)
8. Comedy, Drama, Teen and Romance
9. Both dark and light – leaning more on the dark side
10. London City Backdrop

Thank you so much for helping! Means a lot to me!

1. Ever since New York
2. Linnieq12
3. What if one night with Harry styles changed your life?
4. This site and wattpad
5. Harry Styles mirinda kerr
6. Harry now with short hair the sexier the better
7. Full colour please
8. Romance and drama
9. both dark and light
10. Can i have a backdrop of New York please