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Thanks for checking this out everyone! I really hope I can help you with your cover requests and that you love the ending results! To request a cover please go to chapter 2, but also please review the guidelines and few rules I have! Also, a few examples are in chapter 3! All the love! – J ♥

I have two years of high school left and I plan to become a graphic designer and a photographer! So I have been taking graphic design classes and computer classes to better my skills :):) I'm working very hard to do this! I honestly love it! ♥♥


>>•♥Waiting List♥•<< (as of 2/17/17)
(1) Kammy // Follow Your Heart
(2) starship. // Asbestos
(3) Call_Me_Godot // Baby Steps

• I only do One Direction covers – my reason is because I don’t really listen to 5SOS and I don’t know them well, so yeah. Just a personal rule of mine.
• There’s a limit number of characters per cover – details in request form
• There are no special offers for ‘’users I know well’’ – meaning you will be put on the waiting list NO MATTER who you are! I do not pick favorites!!




@Kammy @starship @Where is Call_Me_Godot?
I will get to work on these! ♥

jenniferhoran. jenniferhoran.

1. Baby Steps
2. Call_Me_Godot
3. I was too busy playing House to realize what was happening.
4. On this site boo
5. Harry, Trish, and Oli
6. Harry Styles with long hair and Nadia Esra looking sassy
7. Colours! I'm thinking pastels
8. It's sort of a comedic drama? With some gushy romance
9. Light hearted, sarcastic, a little emotional
10. I'm thinking baby blocks in the background or maybe like a little girl's pair of shoes? Something childish that appeals to three year old girls :)

Hey! I'd like a cover please!

1. Asbestos
2. starship.
3. You were toxic for me. I just realised it when it was too late.
4. On this site.
5. Harry/Desiree/Liam
6. Harry with long hair around late 2015/early 2016 and Holland Roden. For Liam, any picture is fine :)
7. Full color, preferably blues and grays. But not too bright.
8. Drama and the same old sappy romance.
9. Lowkey dark, romantic and sad.
10. It'd be great if you could incorporate a smokey texture around the edges. Go wild!!

Please and Thank you!

starship starship

1. Follow Your Heart
2. Kammy
3....Let it Lead You Where You Need to Go
4. This site
5. Harry and Nichole
6. Harry right around the end of the OTRA tour...longer the hair the better :) Nichole, I don't have a pop culture reference for her, just see her with long dark red hair and brown eyes...you can see the picture in the character page of the story if you want to kind of get an idea
7. Definitely color :)
8. Kind of a RomCom, little bit of drama :)
9. exciting, romantic
10. Nichole is a Ranch girl from Texas that moves to London to help Harry with his charity foundation so I was thinking of blending the two different backgrounds in somehow...Ranch land and London...but whatever you feel you can do with it, I'll leave that in your hands

Kammy Kammy