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Beating Heart

e i g h t - radiant.


Usually I would wake up to the sound of chirping birds outside of the window – but this morning was quite different. The window, or at least what I think is a window, is boarded up and covered by dark curtains. It’s very depressing, but depressing is something I’m used to. I let a sigh out as I throw the covers off of me. I remember what Niall told me so I let my feet hit the cold, dusty floor and I turn the dim lights on.

Slowly I start the steps towards the closet. I’m not completely comfortable with this place, so my intention is to move slow and steady, just in case. I push the curtain aside to reveal a rod with a few items of clothing hanging on it. In the corner was a short wooden crate filled with unmatched socks and undergarments. My eyes roam over the clothes, it doesn’t take me much longer to make a decision. I make my way back to the bed with a plain light blue t-shirt, a gray pair of sweatpants, and white socks with little yellow polka-dots. It isn’t much, but it’s enough for now I guess.

I grab the hem of my shirt and pull it over my head. I lay it down on the bed before getting free of my jeans. It doesn’t take me long to dress myself again, the warmth from the sweatpants is already pleasing. I gather my discarded clothing and head back to the closet. Honestly I’m not sure what to do with them, so I just shove them into my backpack.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the bedroom, I wonder if Niall will bring me breakfast like he stated he would. I sit back on the bed, this room is very boring and I’m already beginning to get thoughts of returning home. However, at the same time, I don’t ever want to go back to that place. I’d rather be locked away in some old room and never see daylight again than spend another minute there.

My eyes dart to the door as I hear the sound of mumbling voices. I try to make out what’s being said, but I can’t understand anything clearly. All I’m sure of is that it’s a feminine toned voice that I’ve never heard before. I take in a sharp breath as I hear the squeaky door knob. The door slowly creaks open and my eyes take in the sight of a new person.

“Good morning, love.” I jump slightly at the sound of her cheery voice. The girl gives me a radiant smile as she steps into the room, shutting the door behind her. “Did you sleep well?” She asks as she crosses the room. Her personality instantly brightens the room. My throat is dry and I can’t form any words to reply with.

“Sorry to intrude, I’m Perrie.” She informs me as she sits on the edge of the bed. I give her a smile, it’s all I could muster at the moment. “Niall sent me in here because he thinks I can relate to you better.” She laughs lightly. So far, Niall seems to be right about that. Perrie’s sparkling eyes stare at me – her intense glare is a little too much to handle, so I look down at my hands.

She lets out a deep huff, “You don’t talk much, do you, Julianne?” I give her a shake of my head, it’s not that I don’t want to talk, I just can’t find the strength to release any words. “Well, I see you’ve found the clothes we put in here for you.” Perrie changes the topic.

I clear my throat with a few coughs, “Yeah, thank you.” My eyes trail to meet hers, I’m pretty sure she hasn’t looked away since she came in here. “You do have a voice.” She jokes with a smirk. I smile back, she seems like a good person. “Is there anything I can get you? We’re working on breakfast now.” Her offer is very appealing to me now, because there is something personal I need to handle.

“Um, yeah.. Can I go to the bathroom?” I say, trying not to sound too awkward about it. “Why of course, love! I’ll take you, it’s just across the hall.” Perrie answers, standing from the bed and extending her hand out to me. I place my hand in her palm and throw my legs off the side of the bed before standing. She gives me another peppy smile before pulling me behind her to the door.

Just as she was about to grab the handle, she stops and turns, as if she was hit by a shock wave. “Listen to me.” She starts seriously with a sigh, her voice soft as she glares at me. I give her a nod, indicating for her to continue. “Don’t leave this room alone, ever. You wait for me or Niall to come check on you.” She sternly states. “Why?” I ask in a whisper, not really sure why the tables have turned, and she’s suddenly acting more mature.

“There are some things in this world you just don’t need to know. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just saving you a hell of a lot of trouble.” Her eyes give me an intense look, like she’s trying to make sure it sinks in. “O-okay.” I stutter lightly, immediately I get a feeling that she means it.

Perrie turns back around and opens the door. She sticks her head into the hallway, taking several glances in both directions. “Stay close.” She mutters as she steps into the wide hallway. I couldn’t see much, I guess the entire place is filled with boarded windows and dim lights. She hurries us across the hallway to a door, and doesn’t waste time turning the knob.

“Sorry if the lemon smell kills your nose, Niall is a clean freak.” Perrie laughs as she shuts the door behind me. I only smile at her comment, it doesn’t bother me much. “So this might seem weird, but it’s mandatory.. I kind of need to stay in here with you, but I promise I won’t watch.” She tells me with a sigh. “It’s fine.” I reply with a light smile.

So far, my experience being around Perrie has been a tad odd – yet I believe this will turn out to be a rather good thing for me. Niall’s nice and all, but I think Perrie will understand me more, on a more girl level.


//hope you like the updates // more to come soon, leave feedback please :):) ♥


I love it

@Allie Miller @Harry02
super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

brianna.smith brianna.smith

Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

Harry02 Harry02

Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

Harry02 Harry02