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Beating Heart

e i g h t y t h r e e - basics.


It's been nearly two months since we got back to the cabin. We've haven't been bothered, for the most part. I don't count Sophia coming in to sit with me while Harry's hunting as an interruption. If I'm honest, I love spending time with her on a daily basis. She's a good person to talk to, even about the simplest of things. Harry usually leaves for about two to four hours. Sometimes Sophia stays during the night because Harry gets back late, other times he cuts the hunt short and she goes back to the house.

She's keeping both Harry and I up to date on everything that's going on. So far, no one has caused any trouble. Things are the same, she said, but of course Harry and I are gone - that's really the only difference. She told us at first it was hard to get comfortable to Harry not being there, since he is their Alpha and all that, but she said everyone eventually got used to it. He still is in control, just from a distance.

We haven't just completely abandoned them, though. Harry and I have went over several times for lunch or dinner and stayed a few hours to talk. However, we haven't stayed the night. Harry reminds them, every time we go or whenever he sees them during a hunt or whatnot, that we need this personal time. He's completely right, according to Sophia at least. She tells me constantly that this is good for our relationship. We're learning to live together and how to cooperate smoothly.

Harry's mentioned a permanent move, but he always brushes it off. He has made some accommodations for me. The small house has been furnished with things of my liking. There's a new, much softer couch downstairs. I wasn't very fond of that other one. One of the cabinets has a bunch of cute mugs that I picked out. The towels in the bathroom are a variety of colors now, instead of all being white. Harry's even went as far as building on an extra room. He claimed it was something he had been meaning to do for a long while, before I came along, but I find it hard to believe.

I once commented on the inconvenience of having to bag up our dirty clothes and send them to the house to get washed. So, within about a week, the laundry room was finished. Harry hired a handful of contractors and they were speedy with the job. It's not a large room, but big enough for a washer, dryer, and storage shelves. It's very handy now. Sophia and I usually do the laundry while Harry's gone.

Other things that have been changed for my comfort include the new, much prettier bed spread and comfy pillows. Harry hated the soft yellow color at first, but I find it nice and relaxing. He came around eventually. Rumor has it that someone isn't very happy with all the changes being made at my request, that person being Perrie. Her and I have been on a rough patch lately, I'm not sure why though. I don't let it bug me, Harry says she's just a bitch at heart. I'm starting to believe that, honestly.

At first, I was against the changes. I thought Harry was doing it only because I said some small complaints about things. He later convinced me that all the new things and updated appliances was something that needed to be done. Besides, if we are going to stay here we might as well be comfortable - Harry said that to me when I tried to stop him at the store from buying all the things in the cart. Along with the new additions, Harry transported a majority of my own belongings over to the cabin as well as some of his own - just to make the space feel more like a home.

More than just the physical things have been changed. Harry and I's relationship has grew tremendously. We're a lot happier now, and we haven't argued in a few weeks. We've learned to work together, make compromises, and just enjoy the time we have alone. Harry's even been teaching me how to swim in the pond. But, I'm not quite good and thankfully it's starting to get too cold to get in the water. He just tells me that our lessons will pick up in the spring of next year.

Winter is sinking in, making it hard to comprehend honestly. I've been with them for so long, it will be a year in just a few months. Harry hasn't been in my eyesight the entire time, but I try not to remind myself of that. The days before Harry revealed himself to me are ones I never wished played out the way they did. I appreciate the people I met, the friendships I've formed, but that's about it.

I've learned a lot about Harry's animal nature - more things about the wolf he turns into. He still refuses to be phased near me, he's too afraid that he'll accidentally hurt me. Just my typical Harry, scared he'll harm me. Unfortunately, I've come used to that being the reason I can't do a lot of things.

Currently, Sophia and I are engaged in a conversation about a person I have mixed feelings for: Liam. She tells me that he visits often, and that Harry is aware of it. She also said that Harry never forced him to leave, he done it for his own mental health. She claims he's better now, he's nicer, and even more sociable with everyone. I doubt that he's drastically changed, but I'm sure he's better. Liam seems misunderstood. I know he done some horrible things in the past, but how long will they hold that against him?

"I wish he would stay longer than a few days. He just fears you and Harry will come over while he's there. I assured him that wouldn't happen. He won't listen." Sophia says with a sigh, slightly irritated with what she said. "I don't have a problem with him. I mean.. I've let all that stuff go." I remind her of this, just in case she didn't know.

"Harry made new rules, Julianne, rules that aren't to be broken. If they are.. then it will result in horrible consequences." She informs me, this I wasn't aware of. "New rules? For.. Liam?" I ask with a lifted brow, could Harry be that cruel towards someone? Sophia sits her cup of hot chocolate down on the coffee table, sighing as she leans back into the couch.

"They were made after the whole incident occurred." She starts with a heavy breath, I can tell this bothers her but I'm very glad she's willing to tell me. "Liam isn't allowed to be within five miles of you. He.. he can't have any sort of communication with you. He.. he." She stops herself after a minute, her eyes stare down at her lap.

"I.. I figured Harry.. made him leave the pack." I say with a slight gulp, not sure if I am correct or not. "No, not this time." She shakes her head, "Harry said the only compromise he would make with Liam was.. he had to keep his distance for a few months. Harry hasn't given him permission to come back on a regular basis yet. I'm.. I'm hoping that will be soon."

"Soph, you're going to think I'm crazy for saying this.. but.. why is Harry letting him stay? I mean, he's practically not a part of the.. pack if he's been.. locked out, you know?" I hope what I say makes sense, it did in my head. Sophia nods slightly to me, "Yeah I get it. But.. Harry's not entirely an ass. He.. The only reason he didn't make Liam leave again was.. one, the circumstances weren't as serious this go around. And two.. well.. because of me."

Automatically, I understand what she said. It's something I've noticed for a very long time, as early as I can remember since I've been with them. Harry and Sophia have a relationship much stronger than the one he has with his own sister, or any of the guys. It's a family type of love, obviously, but I have to admit - it's made me jealous before. He can easily laugh and joke with her. She's so charismatic and kind, it's quite hard not to be fond of her. I shake off those thoughts, it's silly of me to imagine them being anything more than just best friends.

"Good evening ladies." Harry's warm voice suddenly fills the room, making my eyes grow wide as I look towards the door where he stands, a smile spread over his lips. "I didn't even hear you come in." I grin at him as he reaches me, leaning over the back of the couch to place a kiss on my impatient lips. "Mm, missed you." He whispers against the corner of my mouth, pecking it a few times. "Missed you more." I murmur back, placing a rather sloppy kiss against his soft lips.

Harry's hand finds its way to the side of my neck, his fingers wrap around my nape. "Have you eaten dinner?" He questions, pulling away from my mouth. "No.. but you don't have to cook." I whisper softly, my eyes opening just to find his already fixed on me.

"Are you sure? You know I will if you're wanting something specific." His words are laced in a chuckle. "Promise I'm fine.. Nothing fancy, Hare." I can't resist smiling as I see his reaction to that name I've been calling him recently. His cheeks tinge with red, a playful eye roll - and how could I miss that cute smirk. "I don't like that, babe."

"I know, that's why I like saying it. It makes you blush." I grab his handsome face with both of my hands, dragging him back to me. "Cheekily little thing, you are, dear." He shakes his head lightly in disbelief. I just give him a soft wink before slotting my lips with his. They're always so soft, so plump. I could never get enough of kissing this beautiful man.

The sound of someone clearing their throat interrupts us, making Harry tear away from me once again. He completely stands this time, dropping his touch from my body. I realize then, in this slightly awkward moment, that Sophia is still sitting on the couch quietly, her eyes avoiding Harry and I. "How've you been, Soph?" Harry asks kindly, his hand squeezing her shoulder lightly. She puts on a smile, easily I can tell it's not very real, as she looks back at him.

"I'm making it." Her words are gentle, almost sad. He pats her shoulder a few times before letting it go and returning his attention on me. "What do you want to eat?" He asks me, lifting those thick brows on his forehead. I think quickly, not really sure what I'm hungry for at the moment. "Peanut butter and jelly." I giggle gently as I see him roll those eyes again. "I should've known." He joking sighs, giving me a smile. "Grape or str-"

"Strawberry." I chirp quickly, covering my hand immediately. I'm usually not that passionate about strawberry jelly but apparently tonight I am. Harry gives me a chuckle, "Alright, dear." I figured he would go ahead and go to the kitchen. He's so kind, always doing everything for me - well, most things - even though I'm very capable of doing them on my own. "Sophia, would you like anything?" He asks her in a friendly tone as he begins to take steps backwards towards the kitchen.

"Um, not tonight. I think I'm gonna head on home before it gets too late." Sophia stands from the couch, adjusting her shirt as she goes towards the coat rack. "Alright, drive safe. Text me when you're home." Harry waves her goodbye before exiting the room. I quickly make my way over to her, just as she grabs the handle.

"Sophia." I grab her attention. She turns to face me, a faint smile on her pink lips. "Did I.. upset you?" I nervously bite the inside of my cheek, I'd hate to be the reason she's leaving so early. Usually the three of us talk for a while before she goes on home. "No, sweetie. I'm fine, just tired, s'all. I'll see you tomorrow." Her arms go around me, hugging me tight. I return the gesture, I hate to see her go so early. We mumble our goodbyes and within seconds.. she's going down the driveway to her car.

Once she's in the car and is backing out, I shut the door and turn the locks. Harry is a tad bit over protective - I believe five locks is a little much. The regular two, then two chains, and another deadbolt. An exhausted sigh comes out of me as I go into the kitchen, ready to eat what Harry has prepared for me.

"Harry." I'm quite positive that I said something that either made her angry or sad - I hate thinking that. "What is it, darling?" Harry's tone carries a slight bit of worry, I expected it though. He turns from the counter, my sandwich neatly placed on a folded up paper towel in his hands. I take a seat at the table, another huff coming from me. "I think I upset Sophia." I admit, ashamed at myself. "Babe, you didn't. She's just not feeling well." He assures me of this, kissing my temple softly.

"How do you know?" I ask, gazing up at him. "I can hear her thoughts, dear. Have you forgotten the basics?" He smirks slyly. "No.. I just.. I forget sometimes that.. you know." I shrug at him, not really the focal point of this Harry, please keep me on tract. "She's fine, now, eat so we can get ready for bed." He insists, placing the sandwich down in front of me.

Instead of taking a seat, like I hoped he would, he goes over to the sink to start on some dishes. "I never said I was tired." I say, taking a bite of the sandwich. I internally moan at the taste - I'm starving. "Someone's sassy today, hm?" Harry glances over his shoulder, throwing me a surprised look. "Just not sleepy." I shake my head, denying his claim.

"Well, you might be sitting up watching the television on your own tonight, love. M'quite sleepy." He yawns. I continue eating, not bothering to reply to what he said. I hear the water come on in the sink, other than that, silence makes it way in the room to join us. I watch Harry's back as he picks up a plate and starts to wash it. My eyes linger over his arm, observing and admiring how they flex and his muscles contract as he moves. His back is covered by the sleeveless shirt, but I am thankful that I can see his shoulders - such a beauty he is. I remove my gaze from his body and finish eating.


Harry was serious when he said he was tired. He's been in the bed for nearly three hours, while I've been downstairs happily watching a couple different shows. They're all pretty boring for the most part, which made me very sleepy. I have nothing else to do, so I might as well join Harry.

I lazily make my way up the stairs, wishing he was here to carry me instead. I cover my mouth as I yawn, my jaws opening as far as they possibly can. I come into the bedroom, and immediately a smile grows on my lips. Harry's such a cutie, I swear.

There he is, thrown out in the middle of the bed. The covers are only over his lower half. One side of his handsome face is pressed into a pillow. His hair is pulled back, a rare sighting. His snores are loud, as usual, I adore that honestly. His arms are both laid flat on the bed on either side of him, his stomach against the mattress. He looks absolutely exhausted, but yet completely comfortable and adorable.

After a few minutes pass, and I'm done admiring him from afar, I discard my clothing on the floor and make my way to the bed. On the edge lays the shirt he was wearing all day, the one lacking sleeves. I pick it up from the end of the bed and I throw it over my almost naked body. I pull my hair into a bun, not caring what it looks like right now.

I pull the covers back gently, trying my best not to disturb him - even though he can sleep like a rock, the slightest thing I do can wake him. I slide under the covers, and immediately I wish the bed was bigger. The bed Harry has in his personal room back at the family home is a king size, whereas this one is a queen. Of course, it's nice and all, but sometimes - like tonight - it can become crowded. I can't lay my body down, so I just stay seated as far over as I can get.

"Harry." I say his name in a gentle tone, sitting my hand on his head. He doesn't move, nor make a sound. I smile at how lovely he looks right now, I could never get enough of him. "Harry, can you move over for me?" I speak louder this time and lean closer to his ear. His brows furrow everso slightly, a sign that his brain has acknowledged the sound of my voice - whether or not he understood is the question. "I'm pretty tired now, I'd like to go to sleep with you." I can't resist the soft laugh that follows me words - his forehead wrinkles up, those eyebrows furrowing deeper than before.

My hand slides down his back, the heat of his supernatural skin warms me instantly. He grunts to me, evidence that he's beginning to wake. I rub my hand over his shoulder blades, trying to pull him from his heavy slumber. "I'm cold, Harry, I need you to warm me up." I tell him, knowing that those sort of things will speed up the process. If he knows I need him or want him, then he's more than likely going to get up faster.

I watch that perfect face of his contort as his sleeping state is slowly fading away. I run my hand as far down his back as I can reach from this position, not wanting to move around too much. "C'mon, sweetheart. I want to cuddle already. You know I'm impatient." My voice drops to a whisper as I bring my face closer to his, my lips press against his temple. I hear him groan slightly, and a second later his hand is reaching out to find my body.

He grasps my thigh, squeezing what he can fit into his palm. I smile against his hairline, nuzzling myself close to him. "You make things more difficult than they should be, please just wake up." I sigh out, both hands on his body. One is working on rubbing deep into his shoulder while the other is forcing my fingers through his hair - despite it being tied back.

"Harry.. m'cold." I whine out, honestly it's the truth this time. I really am starting to get cold, despite having his skin touching mine. I need it all - full contact, not just his hand and his forehead. "M'scared." I add in the same second a bolt of lighting lights up the room. There's a thunderstorm going on, one reason why Harry is sleeping so well - he loves the rain.

Whereas I, I hate it terribly.

Harry growls, the inner beast inside of him craving to protect me constantly. He shifts some, but not enough to cause a big change. "Julie." He murmurs, his hand sliding to my knee. "Harry." I reply, a little louder - hoping that maybe he'll go on and get up. "Baby." He calls, his voice rising in volume. I lean off his body, sitting straight up now. He grunts at the loss of contact, but eventually he gets my point. I want him to get up already, I'm growing tired of waiting.

"Baby.. mm, c'mere." Harry rolls onto his side to face me, one arm thrown over the pillows and the other held out, his hand gesturing for me to join him under the blankets. "It's about time." I giggle out as I finally get to lie down beside him. He pulls me closing, wrapping both of his strong arms around my body. "My girl." He utters into my ear, placing a kiss on my lobe afterwards.

"Cook for me in the mornin', baby." Harry insists, his forehead touching mine. I can hardly see his features in the darkness. "Last time I cooked I burned everythin'." I shake my head lightly, denying his request. "I will help you.. teach you, even." He tells me, those soft lips begin to touch all over my forehead, even over my eyebrows a time or two. "Maybe." I mumble, lifting my hand to his face.

My palm delicately touches the scar on his face, making the corner of his mouth turn upwards. I only wish I could see him clearly, so that I can admire his beauty. "I love you." My words come out in a whisper, filling the small space between us. "I love you." He replies, just as softly as I spoke. The pad of my thumb caresses the skin over his cheekbone, my eyes bore into his - despite the difficulty of seeing them in all their glory.

"Julianne.. I've never thanked you." Harry suddenly speaks, his warm breath fans my face. "For what?" I ask, genuinely confused on what he's referring to. "For giving me a reason to live." My heart flutters at his words, he can't possibly be serious. I smile at him, knowing he has an easier time seeing me right now, "I think I'm the one that needs to be thanking you."

"No, Julie. I.. I could have ended it myself countless times in the past. Then I found you.. and.. and you truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Without you.. my life itself would be pointless."


I decided to double update tonight, hope everyone likes it! Feedback is always welcomed.

- I decided on doing the time skip to make things run more smoothly. xx


I love it

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super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

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Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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