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Beating Heart

s e v e n t y - business.

//you would do anything for the perosn you love//


My hand is currently being held by Harry's strong grip, he refuses to let up on it. We're making our way to the dining room in order to join the rest for dinner. Harry said it isn't a feast tonight, but it should be good. A long sigh comes out of his mouth as we descend off the last step and begin the trip down the hallway. Without a word coming from me in response, I lift my free hand and wrap it around his wrist, keeping my body close to his. Just as I expected, he gives me a quick glance over his shoulder, that smirk glued to his handsome face.

I, on the other hand, look away immediately - only as an attempt to hide the flames lighting up on my cheeks. Sometimes just a look from him can make my heart nearly explode. Suddenly, a gasp flies out of my mouth as Harry pushes my body against the wall, his rough hand grasping my waist to keep me in the place he wants me.

"Are you okay?" He whispers softly to me, his eyebrows furrowing in concern as he studies my fear stricken face. "Uh.. yeah." I nod gently, unable to entirely confirm that answer. I believe I'm fine, but I did just get shoved against a wall. "You seem off, babe. Like.. bothered.. or.. or worried." Harry leans his body closer to mine, but his towering height still calls for me to tilt my head back in order or to look at his beauty.

Of course there is something wrong with me, when is there not? I am overreacting about the possibility of everyone already being aware of what happened between the two of us upstairs. I doubt they will ever know the full truth, but it still bothers me a lot. And clearly, I can not tell him this. The last thing I want is for him to be upset over something so childish.

For some reason, I begin to feel nervous, as if something bad were going to result as of this. I try my best to push that feeling away and focus on Harry's eyes. They always calm me down, especially in times when I don't really know what the hell is going on. "I'm fine." I say in a fragile voice, my hands still holding onto him. For a moment he keeps his gaze steady on me, it's like he's searching my eyes for all the answers to every question his mind possesses.

Quickly, while I still have the courage built up inside of me, I stand on the tip of my toes and push my lips against his. My eyes are sealed shut - all focus is on where our mouths are connected. Before either of us could take it further - let me be honest, Harry would have been the one to deepen the kiss, I am too afraid to try something so bold - I pull away and step past him, still clutching his hand, and continue down the hall.

However, I don't get far because Harry does a swift move, yanking me back to him. His other hand returns to my waist, but thankfully this go around I don't get slammed against the wall. "Don't walk away from me, love." Harry says playfully, a chuckle rolling out of his mouth as his lips tug into a smirk. "We're wasting time, c'mon." I groan at him as I try to move away from his grip, but that isn't going to be allowed today.

"One more kiss, then we'll go." Harry offers his deal and I, for one, am not going to be the one to pass it up. This time, though, I don't want to do any work so I just pucker my lips and hold my head back, ready for him to finish it off. My eyes close just as he leans down to me, a smile spread over his mouth. "I love you." He mutters against my mouth, our lips rubbing together in the process. He seals the deal, pushing his lips against my own. We hold it for a few long, but beautiful, seconds before he breaks it. My lids part just in time to see his eyes open as well.

My body freezes suddenly, the sight of his glowing eyes frightening me. "S-sorry." He mumbles as he closes his eyes and turns his head. I watch as he takes a few deep breathes, slow and heavy, in order to relax himself. I don't know what really got into him there, perhaps it was just an accident? A few moments later, he turns back to me and opens his eyes - thankfully, they are the normal jade orbs I adore staring into.


"It's about damn time." Zayn is the first to notice our presence as we step over the threshold. Harry just waves him off, these kind of things don't bother him at all. Attention on my part, however, makes me feel a tad uneasy. I try to remain calm and fully collected - for Harry's sake that is. He doesn't need to be worrying about me all night, besides.. everything is alright.

"Nice to have you two join us." Sophia looks over her shoulder, smiling brightly at us. I give her a little smile back, but I couldn't offer much since Harry practically tugged me past her. He grabs the back of my chair and pulls it out from under the table, gesturing for me to be seated. I do as I am told and gladly sit down in my normal spot.

Without a struggle, Harry slides my chair up to the table so that I can comfortably eat. Once I have gotten situated, I thought Harry would have sat down but he doesn't act upon my thoughts. Instead, he remains standing behind me, his hand glides across the back of my neck, the feeling is soothing if you ask me.

"Where're the girls?" He asks, the husky sound of his voice melts my heart completely. "They're eating upstairs in my room. They wanted to watch some movie." Niall answers him with a shrug. "Okay, let's eat then." Liam declares with a laugh mixed into his words. He, along with the other guys, stand up and head to the kitchen.

I flinch lightly as an unexpected pair of lips press into my cheek. He doesn't say anything though, just leans back up and heads to fix himself and me a plate of whatever Perrie and Sophia fixed tonight. Of course, as soon as they are all gone from the room, all eyes land on me.

"So... what happened?" Perrie asks with a big grin resembling a child's on Christmas morning. She leans her arms on the table to get as close as she can to me. Sophia turns in her chair to stare at me as well. And even Gemma decides to get involved as well. "Um.. nothing." I mumble, shaking my head lightly at them. Immediately, I can tell that this won't work for me. They aren't going to give up until they know every little detail.

"We couldn't hear a damn thing. Harry blocked us all out." Sophia rolls her eyes at that, clearly unpleased by Harry's actions. "We just.. had a.. a bath.. that's all." Of course, my walls didn't stand for long. I knock them down quickly, just to get this all over with. The faster they know, the less they'll bother me about it. "And?" Perrie lifted a brow at me, clearly able to tell that that's not the entire list of the previous events between Harry and I.

"Don't tell him I.. told you." My words come out barely a whisper, but I have no worries knowing that they will definitely hear me. Sophia nods, assuring me nothing will be passed along to Harry, hopefully. I shift in my chair so that she could get a better look. I part my legs and point down to the inside of my thighs, pulling the fabric of my shorts up my thighs so that they could see. Sophia's eyes widen in shock at the marks all over my pale skin. Perrie dashes over to me and does the same, that same look plastered on her face as well. Is it that shocking? The purplish marks do not seem like they will be fading away anytime soon, nor do the light indentations of Harry's teeth.

"Julianne?" The sound of Harry's voice makes me clamp my legs shut and turn back in my chair, hiding the slight embarrassment by dropping my head. "What do you want to.. drink?" Harry asks, sounding a little worried as he probably noticed my stance. Just as I figured, he comes to my side and squats down beside me, a hand on my thigh. "What's the matter, baby?" He questions with furrowed brows. I look over just in time to witness him bite his lip in concentration. God, the things he does to me..

"M'just waiting." I display a somewhat fake smile to him, in which he believes. His left eye drops into a wink seconds before his lips peck mine. He rises up, about to head back into the kitchen. "And.. ice water, please." I answer the question he asked moments ago, which made him laugh lightly to himself. "Yes mam."

A handful of minutes later, the guys returned - sitting bowls down in front of their own chairs before placing on in front of their significant other - all but Niall, of course - and well, I wouldn't exactly refer to Gemma as Louis's significant other, so perhaps he just is a gentleman towards her. Not entirely sure, though. "Niall.. Move down there, will ya?" Harry says, pointing towards the chair Sara always sits in at the end of the table. Niall's brows drop in confusion as he picks up his bowl and his glass and silently does as he's told.

"This is better." Harry mumbles as he gladly takes Niall's chair beside me, a smirk plastered over his pink lips as he stares at me with those bright eyes. He hasn't blinked yet. I try to ignore him and I pick up the fork from the table, diving it into the bowl of spaghetti that Harry brought for me. As usual though, I get a tad self conscious about eating in front of him and I find myself just twirling the fork around in the noodles, not really concerned with filling my starving stomach.

"How did your little love session go?" Louis asks with a laugh, his question directed towards Harry I assume. That caught his attention quickly, his head turns to Louis's direction and away from me. I take the opportunity while it's in my possession and I take a few bites of the food. As it always is, it's delicious.

"That's none of your business, Louis. Didn't we all speak about that earlier? My relationship, my business." Harry says with a slightly cocky attitude, clearly he isn't pleased with his friend's mention of our interaction. Perrie gives me a sigh and an eye roll, I feel the same way so I happily return the eye roll to her. That reaction of mine just pulls a giggle out of her, but none one but us seemed to notice.

"Sorry, just asking." Louis says lowly to himself, obviously not intending to start a big argument tonight. That's a good thing - I just spoke to Harry about relaxation and whatnot. He needs to learn to control his temper as well, but that's a lecture for another night..

"Like I said.. it's no one's business but our own. Alright?" Harry reminds them all, in a quite calm manner if I might add. I can pick up on his effort, he's attempting to stay collected for my sake I'm sure. Either way, really mad or not, he's doing so well. To show him that I appreciate it, and as a small reward, I sit my fork down and pick it up with my left hand so that my right can rest on his thigh. His body relaxes at my touch, his back slouching slightly as he gets comfortable beside me.

"Oh, Harry." Liam is the first to speak up after the tiny confrontation. Harry looks past Sophia so he can see Liam while he speaks. "What?" My hand isn't alone for long - Harry sits his large hand over mine, his fingers slotting with my much smaller ones. This is a different way, we usually go palm to palm - but now we're palm to top, if that makes any sense at all..?

"Me and Sophia are going on a little trip.. five days I think." Liam informs Harry for the first time of this trip, and me as well. I had no idea they had this planned. Harry's head shifts back straight, his eyes staring at his bowl while a smirk is stuck to his pretty face. I drop a brow, quite unsure as to why he's like this right now.

I look away from him just to see that both Perrie and Zayn are smirking at each other. Louis and Gemma are holding back laughs, as well as Niall. I look past Harry to find that Sophia has blushing cheeks and is lightly shaking her head from side to side, grinning at everyone. Am I missing something?

Harry must have noticed this confusion state I have become lost in, because he leans to my ear, still clutching my hand tight with his own. "I'll explain later." He chuckles slightly, his lips pecking my lobe just a second later. He leans back in his chair, picking up his fork with his free hand.

"Oh, that's right.. Julianne is.. unaware." Zayn nods slowly, fighting back a laugh. I decide to shake it off and just continue eating while Harry is distracted and not paying me any attention. "That's enough." Harry is fast when it comes to ending conversations revolving around topics he doesn't want to speak upon. Apparently, this must be a damn good subject if everyone is having a hard time trying to stop laughing and speaking about it. Guess I'll find out later.

"You're gonna have t' have a talk with Sara." Niall openly says, changing the entire situation. Harry looks down at him, I assume he was talking to Harry anyways. "Why?" He asks, little care or concern on his voice. "She's been actin' like a demon lately. Don't know if it's because of Ruth or what. I can't handle 'er." Niall sighs at the end of his ramble, shaking his head shamefully.

"She's your responsibility, you know. You handle her. You have to stop being so nice to her." Harry basically retorts Niall's words, which is the spark to a full conversation between everyone - well, all but me of course. "Yeah. You treat her like she's a queen. You gotta get on to her ass sometimes, my friend." Louis says with a stern eyebrow lift. It's quite odd to witness him being somewhat serious about something.

"I.. I can't.. yell at 'er." Niall mumbles, rejecting that piece of advice entirely. "And why not? She's not special, you know." Gemma says, cocking her head to the side. "She-" Niall is rudely interrupted by Liam, who wastes no time in telling us all what he believes. "She's a brat, Niall. You've got to punish her for talking back. She's a child, for God's sake. I've heard the way she speaks to you... and it's pretty rough sometimes."

"She's not a brat." Niall snaps suddenly at Liam, making everyone else grow quiet. The two of them stay stuck in an intense stare for nearly a minute, while we all just wait it out silently. Under the table, Harry's hand lifts from on top of mine and immediately I feel lonely, despite him being directly beside me. Thankfully, Harry slides his hand underneath mine, picking it up off his leg and slotting our fingers together. His palm is like fire against my cold one.

"She is a brat. She talks back, she disobeys you, she stays up way past her bedtime, and she doesn't do half the chores the girls assign to her. You are supposed to enforce authority on her. She isn't a princess anymore. She's not a baby, Niall. She's growing up, and if you don't take care of it now, she'll be a real bitch in the future." Liam lectures out all of his thoughts, all of which sound pretty truthful to me. I don't mind hearing someone voice their opinions, as long as it makes sense to the argument. So far, Liam is right. I totally agree with what he's said.

I haven't been here nearly as long as any of them, but I have noticed a large amount of things. One being that Sara holds an attitude when it comes to Niall telling her to do things. If Harry tells her, she obeys entirely and does whatever she is told. But with Niall, it's like she knows she's going to get her way and he isn't going to be mean to her at all. I highly suppose that is because of the whole imprinting thing, Niall is determined to make her happy.. even if it means disregarding all of the authority he is obligated to give to her. Of course, I am never going to say my words to him personally - it's just something I don't do. If I am asked, then I will speak.

Niall stands from his chair, the screeching sound of it sliding on the floor is earshattering. "She's my princess, whether you fuckin' like it or not." With those final words, he makes a very dramatic, huff filled exit - which leaves all of us speechless and silent, once again.
We can't have a meal together without something happening. I guess that's family though, right?


"You have something to tell me, remember?" I break the heavy, but peaceful silence first. Harry looks over at me, smiling just gently at my words. "Let me get in the bed first, yeah?" He says playfully, a laugh rolling out of his mouth a second later. "I'm impatient." I mumble, my lips turning into a smile as he nods at my words. "Oh I know, trust me." Harry's chuckle always seems to make my heart melt. There's something about him entirely that makes me fall apart in the good way, but when he's happy, even for just a moment, those are the times when my heart just explodes.

A nice, tolerable quietness arises as I watch Harry pull the shirt over his head, dropping it to the floor just so he has to pick it up in the morning. He glances my way, we exchange little grins before he looks down at his jeans. He undoes the button and the zipper in two swift moves, pushing the pants down his legs quickly afterwards.

For the very first time, seeing him in just his underwear doesn't have my lungs freezing up and my heart jumping around out of nervousness. I guess what happened earlier tonight has already changed me, made me realize that it's just Harry - he isn't going to hurt me, that part of his body shouldn't be feared by my me. Obviously, it's common for men to get erections and I should understand and cooperate with it. There isn't anything to worry about, he said he'd handle it whenever it happens and I trust that he will do so.

After turning off the lamp and locking the door - I still am not sure why he does that - he joins me in his bed, which happens to be a place I haven't spent a lot of time in. Usually, we end up crashing in my bed, it's always been that way. I will admit, I like the change already. It's freezing cold in here thanks to the powerful air conditioner in one of the windows, but it's also quite warm underneath the blankets, due to the presence of a very lovely man.

Speaking of that man, he rolls onto his side to finally face me, a gentle smile on his pink lips. I decide to close our distance by scooting closer to him, my arm falling around his waist. He lets a faint laugh leave his mouth as I nuzzle my head against his neck, tucking my other arm between us so it could feel his warmth, too. "You're precious, darlin'." Harry mumbles as his lips press onto my forehead. I don't verbally reply, I just let my fingernails sink into the small of his back. My actions earn a groan from him, along with his rough hand groping the left side of my butt.

"People like me.." He begins with a sigh, quickly reminding me that we do have a topic to conversate over. He told me he'd tell me, and I do not expect him to go against his own words. ".. go through these things.. called mating cycles." As soon as those last two words enter the air, my eyebrows shoot up - immediately, I connect the dots. But, instead of informing Harry of my new understanding of things, I let him continue on speaking because really I just love the sound of his voice.

"Females have them more than males.. And.. just so happens.. Sophia is.. at the beginning of one." He tells me, I can easily hear the hesitation wrapped into his words. It must be awkward trying to explain this topic, basically sex, to someone. "It's quite common for the cycle to last anywhere between five and eight days. A.. uh.. a male's cycle, however, is.. is longer because.. they do not occur as often." Harry takes a deep breath, probably to ease his rapidly beating heart. It's going crazy in his chest, I can both feel and hear it's heavy, violent thumps.

"Does.. everyone get them.. or just the ones who.. who are.. like.. together?" Recently I have found that I own this thing called courage, and I just act upon it without hesitating one bit. Honestly, it's nice to be open and question things - especially when I have someone who can answer my curious wonders. "Well.. it depends, really. Like.. Niall, for instance.. doesn't."

"Because of Sara's age. Right?" I assume what makes the most sense. "Exactly." Harry confirms my assumption, hm - I'm pretty good at connecting points, sometimes. "You're starting to catch on more and more, love. I'm proud." Harry says, his tone of voice just assures me that there's a smile spread over his lips. I would like to see if there is, but I am entirely too comfortable like this.

"So.. do you get them?" Accidentally, I blurt out the thought that popped into my mind - automatically regretting it as soon as my lips seal. To my surprise, Harry just chuckles at my words instead of getting insulted or upset like I believed he would. "Well.. no. I haven't ever." He answers me just seconds later, still I remain in total shock that I even asked that. That just sounds like a total invasion of his supernatural privacy.

"If you haven't imprinted.. then you don't. If the person you imprinted on isn't of age, then you don't." Harry further explains. I store the information in my head, knowing that I will get curious about it sooner or later and I need to remember these things. "But.. I'm.. of age." I mutter softly against his smooth, hot skin. He swallows harshly just a moment later, my words really begin to settle in.

"I-I.. I know." He stammers at first, but after a quick breath he relaxes. Perhaps Harry isn't sexually attracted to me. Oh, wow that is such a lie. Not to brag, but it's obvious he is - he gets erections all the time and clearly I have to be the reason. God, I hope I'm the reason and that nothing else is. "L-like I s-said, love. A male's cycles are.. they don't occur as many times a year as a female's does." He is quick to carry on like the small interruption never existed.

I wish it didn't.



The wind is really picking up outside, making the storm even worse. The thunder is rolling in the sky, the lightning following it moments later, all while the sky is flooding the ground with rain. Julianne keeps stirring every know and then, which is making me think she's going to wake up. That is the only reason I'm awake myself. I don't want her to jump out of her sleep and be frightened, I have to be here for her at all times. It can be a struggle, especially since I am desperate for sleep right now, but it's worth it.

The little talk session we were tied into a few hours ago has really been preventing me from sleeping, too. The fact that she now fully aware of the whole mating thing has me worrying entirely too much, more than I should. But I can't stop overthinking - what if she gets to thinking things that aren't true. Like me not wanting her - what in the hell would I do if she proposed that to me?

"Ha-harry." Julianne's soft voice interrupts my thoughts, for the better. Her fingernails anchor into my skin as she groans lightly, coming out of her slumber. "What is it, baby?" I ask in a gentle tone, attempting to keep things calm and relaxed for her. "I-I c-can't.. st-stay asleep." She mutters to me, her bottom lip shaking like an earthquake just erupted in her body.

I wrap my arms around her securely, pulling her against me completely now. She hides her face in my chest, probably enjoying the closeness we now share. "Just take deep breathes.. count the sheep. 'member? That helped you 'fore, love." I yawn afterwards, my body is starving for sleep, but I just can't shut my eyes - not until she's peacefully asleep in my arms.

Julianne slides her leg between the two of mine, something she hasn't ever done before, but I am not the one to complain. I smile gently, she wants to be as close as we can, and I am definitely alright with that. "No.. I.. I got somethin'.. on my mind." She tells me, her words muffled against my skin. "What is it?" I ask, my fingers slowly raking through her locks, carefully removing the tangles.

"I.. I want my.. my stuff." She tells me, not hesitating one bit. I furrow my brows lightly, her stuff? "What.. what do you mean?" I question her desires. "From my house. I want my stuff."


I know it's slow right now but guys I promise THE good shit is coming!! Feedback please xx updates coming, asap!

*btw.. did you hear about Niall joining Taylor Swift on stage? Iconic. ;)


I love it

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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