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Beating Heart

t h i r t y s i x - senses.

//true love doesn't come to you, it has to be inside of you//

Her lips parted in shock as she gazes at me. I assume she didn't really expect that date to leave my mouth. Her confusion furthered as she dropped her head into her hands, covering her precious face from my eye's view.

"Julianne." I sigh her name out, loving the way it sounds. It's such a beautiful name, perfect for such a gorgeous girl. "I.. I don't understand anything." She confesses in to her palms.

My heart felt a sting as I watched the girl suffer right in front of my eyes - she slings her head from side to side, wanting all of this to be a lie.

"That's impossible." She says, her hands pressed against her face as she continues to beg for an explanation. I cave in, tired of watching her be in disbelief. "I know it seems crazy.. but it's." I stop suddenly as the breeze carried a scent past me.

Fucking hell.

I stand myself up, breathing in deeply through my nose to pick up more of the smell. It's still rather hard to sense it, despite my advantages - a normal human would smell nothing but the pine trees.

In this moment, I'm quite glad I'm not normal. I take a few steps closer to its direction, it's getting stronger by the second. I heard rustling behind me - Julianne's scent is distracting me.

I look over my shoulder to see her staring up at me - scared and frightened by me now. The stench is quite overpowering - but nothing could block out the sweet aroma radiating from Julianne's skin. Her natural scent drives me insane.

"Harry?" She shifts a bit and the wind captures her smell, pushing it towards me more than it already is. "Be still, love. Your.. um-" I whip myself around, my eyes burning into the dark woods ahead of me. I'm grateful for the moonlight, but what I really needed was a thinner forest.

"What's.. what's wrong Harry?" Julianne's angelic voice invades my mind - pulling my ears in her direction. Dammit, I can't focus with her here.

I always am able to zone in on a kill - steady my eyes and ears on something miles away, while my nose keeps track of its movement by holding onto the scent. But fuck, I can't do a damn thing right at the moment - my girl's blocking my senses.

"Just.. stay queit." I mumble out as I walk a bit further from her. "Harry!" She whines out, footsteps pounding in my ears as she chases after me. "Don't leave me." She's almost in tears as she appears in front of me, her hand fisting my shirt to keep me grounded.

"I would never leave you, sweetheart. I'm.. I.. Something's.." My blood begins to boil under my skin, this will be impossible to stop. "Harry." Julianne's sweet voice filled my head once again - pulling me from my concentration.

"Please, keep quiet. I'm trying to.. focus." I sigh, a tad too annoyed at her. My eyes glance down in time to see her bottom lip start to quiver - fear is swallowing her whole.

"What's going on, Harry?" She nervously whispers to me, her body moving closer to mine - I allow it, even with knowing I could lash out any moment. My heart sped up as Julianne let my shirt free from her fist and slid her shaking arms around my torso, squeezing me tight.

"I'm scared." Her words are muffled by my shirt but I understood her. My hand found its way to the small of her back where it stopped to rest. My other hand gently touched the back of her head, making sure she's against me.

"I know, angel. Just be silent. Don't make a sound. I'll handle it." I keep my voice low as I speak to her. She gives me a light nod before nuzzling her face closer into my shirt.

I gulp gently, not sure if I can ignore Julianne and center my everything on the scent in the distance. Knowing she is in my arms and completely safe helped me drown her out and focus on what could possibly be a threat to her.

Of course, nothing will ever get the chance to hurt her. Everything has to get past me and that's just impossible. I hate being obnoxious but I'm quite strong and powerful.

Suddenly, it hit me straight in the face. The horrid smell, coated in sweat and desperation - those are the things that belong to a rogue.

This thing must be stupid because he's coming our way - clearly ignoring my scent and my marked territory, which spreads for miles and miles in all directions. He'll learn his lesson, after I put him on a ride straight to Hell. Death.

"I need you to listen to me." I say as I sadly rip myself free of Julianne's embrace. Her watery eyes trail up and lock with mine. "Stand over there-"

"Harry, no. Don't leave me." Her eyebrows fall and her lips form a frown as she realizes we have to be separated. "Baby, I'm doing this for your safety." I back away from her, only because I can feel the fire rushing through my veins - my temper is about to explode.

I can't stand it when unwelcomed people step foot on my land. Sometimes, of course, I know they are just passing through - but now isn't one of those times.

"Get by that tree." I point to it and she obliges with a soft nod. I wait until she's leaning against it, her gaze fixed on me. "Don't fucking move. No matter what happens.. stay right there. If I leave then I'll be right back to get you. Understand?" I say sternly as I move away from her.

Julianne isn't good at following orders - I notice that when she pushed her body off the tree and started in my direction ."Don't leave, Harry." She pouts, her eyes are brimming tears and I want to go hug her so bad, tell her everything will be fine but that would be a lie.

"Don't fuckin' move, Julianne! Just listen to me, dammit!" I snap all of a sudden, my voice raises into a yell. There was nothing I could do to stop those tears from spilling down her cheeks. I felt my heart pound violently in my chest, the heat rises to my skin - setting flames on me.

"Just-just don't.. g-get too.. close." I say through gritted teeth. My breathing began to be heavy and throaty grunts left my mouth. She was going to witness this again, but closer this time.

Julianne throws herself to the ground, the same moment I feel my eyes start burning - sorching heat races through my body as the scent gets closer.

I phased. Before I knew it even happened, I let out a strong howl into the night - beckoning for a bit of backup, for Julianne's sake of course.

Her heavy intakes of oxygen are mixed in with the sounds of nature - and the footsteps of the rogue, which is only a few yards away. I turn my head to look at her, make sure she was alright.

The second our eyes met, I knew she felt it. She felt the racing speed of her heart, she felt the butterflies swarming in her stomach, her nerves are tingling and her eyes are wide. I only know she feels these things because I feel them too, every time I lay my eyes on her.

A deep growl escaped from my throat as I kept my gaze on her - but my focus on the animal in the distance.

Julianne's lips were shaking while the tears slipped down her cheeks and dripped on her lap. I turn my head in the direction of the weak wolf, this should be an easy kill.

From the corner of my eye, I am watching her movements, making sure she stays put like I told her to. She's clutching the ends of each sleeve in her fists, her hands hidden underneath the fabric. To her, I probably appear as a monster, which is exactly what I view myself as.

Yet, I want her to see me as more than what I actually am. She needs to know I'm her protector, that I've always been there for her - even when she thought she was alone. I need for her to see me as someone she can trust, she needs to know I'd never hurt her. I want her to love me in all the ways I love her.



A weird sensation began to form in the pit of my something - something isn't right. Perrie's eyes lock with mine across the living room, I can tell she's feeling the same way.

"I'll get Zayn." She stands from the couch and quickly hurries towards the hallway. I furrow my brows as I exit the room, taking myself to the front porch. I shift my weight from foot to foot impatiently, my eyes staring off into the woods.

Harry has been gone for quite some time now, but we didn't worry because he can handle any issue - yet now it seems like something just isn't right.

I wish I could steady my senses on the woods, but there are two obstacles hindering me. One being the great distance Harry is away from us. When our Alpha is with us our abilities are greater, we're stronger - however, while he's away some of us suffer more than others.

The second thing is the fact I'm constantly distracted by someone..

The wind is brining in his scent, at least I know he's active at the moment. The thing I can't seem to be fond of is the fact I can't smell Julianne - Harry's scent is overpowering her and it's rather difficult.

Every time he touches her, he leaves a trace of himself - marking what is is. It's a protective and posessive thing, claiming your mate so others now she's taken property. It's a wolf thing.

"There's an intruder." Liam's voice filled the silent air as he slung the door open. "More than one." Zayn added in as they ran past me. Sometimes I wish I could have enough mental strength to block out the scent belonging to my-

"Julianne." Zayn's mumble cut off my thoughts. Harry has left her to take care of the issue, but he is probably too distracted to know there are more.

"Fuck.. If they find her they'll kill her." Zayn tenses up at his own words. "Or worse." He sighs softly before he starts to run towards the woods, Liam right behind him.

I watch them leap and phase mid-air, storming off to help. I know my priorities - I know I must stay with the girls. Louis and I can't leave them alone. Of course they're just as strong as we are, but it's just a wolf thing.



It's echoing in my head - the scream that left Julianne's mouth just minutes ago. It's circling and ringing, driving my effort and making me increase my speed.

Despite the recent upsetting events I've been involved in, I know it's my duty to back up the Alpha - it's my job to protect what's his while he's handling a hunt.

We're getting closer - I can hardly get a wiff of Julianne, thanks to Harry's claim on her. His scent is almost completely masking hers. Zayn is close to a mile behind me, but there's not enough time to wait on him. Julianne's life is in danger.

I continuously try to link to Harry but he's blocked us out yet again. He's too busy focusing on a kill. At times I can understand a bit of privacy - but right now isn't one of those times. His girl's life is on the line, he should be open so we can all connect.

Harry will be Harry - selfish and rude to the ones that love him. Yeah, we've had rough times, but Harry has always been there for me. When I was starving and homeless his family took me in. They created the beast inside of me - gave me the ability to be immortal. Harry is my brother, yet he hardly trusts me.

The main reason that makes him doubt my trust is what happened years ago, before Sophia came into my life. Back when I was just reckless and pathetic, I hurt the ones I love. I left the pack for nearly three decades. One cold winter I found myself tracking them down and finding them once again.

I have been forgiven by all except one. Harry.

My pace slows as the sound of sobbing fills my ears. I relax my nerves, I don't want to frighten her. I walk a few more feet, there she is - with her hands digging into the damp grass, her head low and her hair curtaining her crying face.

I keep my footsteps soft and light, I don't want to approach her and seem like a threat. Honestly, I wanted Julianne to escape, I wanted her to be free and live a normal life. Harry's demands kept me from allowing her to leave.

He told us a set of rules when he brought her in that night.
One - She doesn't leave her room alone (unless for the need to use the bathroom).

Two - Julianne is never allowed beyond the walls of the house unless accompained by someone.

Three - If you catch her trying to get out, stop her.

Four - If you lay your hands on her, you will get the consequences.

Five - Julianne isn't allowed down the hallway. No exceptions to this.

Sadly I did break a few rules, I got what I deserved. My anger gets ahead of my mind sometimes, I never meant to hurt her or give her the wrong impression.

The moonlight breaks the darkness, lighting me up as I step out into a slightly clearer area - where Julianne sits. A sharp gasp leaves her mouth as she watches me carefully step on the mushy ground.

I wish I could speak to her but sadly I can't - at least not in this state. I stop myself about twenty feet away, I shouldn't have to do anything anyways. Any unwanted company will smell my scent mixed with Zayn's and Harry's - there's no way something will test us.

I witness the pure, genuine fear creep onto Julianne's face - I can easily sense the real horror that's going on inside of her body. Her vibes are strong, but yet they display her as weak and frightened - which is exactly what she is.

Zayn appears beside me and I've never seen a human's eyes grow so wide. Julianne is the definition of fear. "She's terrified." Zayn's voice enters my head. What he said is quite honest. I don't reply, instead I take just a few steps closer.

Julianne does a shocking move - she hurries to her feet and gives us one last glance before she flees the area. Zayn looks over at me and I snarl to myself - I think part of her knew it was us.

However, she's not running away from us - She's searching for Harry, not because her mind is telling her to, but because her heart is pulling her towards him.

The reason Zayn and I don't chase after her is because there's no way we could stop her. She has been ripped away from him - her heart longs for his presence. Her heart is jumpy, her nerves are shaking under her pale skin. Her heart is aching. It always has, she just never really knew the reason for it.

Harry is the reason. He imprinted on her, years ago. He's waited eighteen years to get her in his arms - she's the only reason he hasn't sent himself to Hell. Her beating heart is the only damn explanation for his existence.



So new POV :) and some little hinting from Niall. Excuse errors!

Feedback?? Updates soon!


I love it

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super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

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