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Beating Heart

t h i r t y t w o - truth.

//she never desired for her heart to stop beating before//


"I'm so s-sorry." I quickly say as fear washes over me. My heart is about to jump out of my chest, I don't want my body to gain another gallery of brusies because of him.

"It's two in the morning. You're not supposed to leave your room after midnight." His voice is cold and harsh, just like his heart. "I.. I had.. to-" I stammer out but he's acts on impulse I'm sure and cuts me off.

"Cut the bullshit, Julianne." Liam's horrid voice fills my ears and I gulp hardly. "You're fucking shaking. What's wrong, scared?" He gives me a half smirk before lifting his hand up to cup my cheek.

The dim lightly and the darkness meet right in the middle of him. I can easily make out his expression thanks to the lighting. His bushy eyebrows are drawn together and his lips sit in a perfectly straight line.

"I'm.. not scared.. of you." I anxiously speak, my throat is closing up and my lungs are drying. I have to learn to quit holding my breath for so long. "Why are you crying then?" He cruelly chuckles out.

All of a sudden I'm no longer looking up at him, but instead I stare into the darkness. A firey sting rose to my cheek and I nearly began to sob. He slapped me, with a lot of strength behind his movements.

The tears continue to roll down my cheeks, I knew leaving the room was a horrible idea. Liam kicks my ankle, pushing my legs apart and I automatically calapse on the cold ground. My eyes stare at his mud covered shoes. I've lost another battle with him.

"Where's your life saver, hm? Looks like he's forgotten about you, angel." Liam sighs, but I could easily hear the smirk tied to his tone. "Wh-why do.. do you.. ha-hate me?" I stutter out nervously, my veins are flooded with fear and my eyes are constantly shedding fat tears.

I wince as Liam's hand takes a good amount of my hair into his fist. He pulls me up, gently isn't an option apparently.
For a second I thought he snapped my neck, but I come to my senses and realize he yanked my hair - forcing me to stare into his dark eyes.

"Because you're a pathetic little cunt." He whispers softly to me, yet it doesn't cut off my fright. "Do you know what I do to little bitches like you?" Liam rhetorically questions me.

I give him a small shake of my head, my roots and scalp are screaming for the pressure to be relieved. Liam pushes me against the wall, his hand dropping my hair. He slams his fist on the wall just inches away from my bead.

My eyes gaze into his - I can see the hatred he has for me, for what reason I don't know. His height overpowered mine and I was left defenseless. I could scream for help but God knows I won't dare myself to do that.

Liam leans down closer to me, his hot breath fans over my face. "When it comes to.. little idiots like you." He teases, his dead tone is making my stomach churn. Kill me, Liam! Just do it already! His burning hot hand wraps around my throat, depriving me of air.

"I kill 'em." He grins in my face.

My heart almost stops as I witness what occured for a brief moment the first time we met in this hallway - in this very same spot. His breathing becomes heavy, a great heat is radiating off his skin, and his deep brown eyes start to lighten up.

His eyes begin to glow a bronze color and he smirks at me. Fear crept onto my face and the tear streams never get dry. What in the world is going on?

"Get your fuckin' hands off her!" A booming voice echoed in the hallway. I would know that raspy, utterly beautiful voice anywhere.


Liam didn't move, instead his eyes began to glow brighter and he made a deep huffing sound. "I'll fuckin' rip your god damn head off!" Harry yells.

It all happened so fast - it was like a flash. Liam's hand was snatched from my neck and a loud crash filled the house. I felt my knees wobble as I realized Liam landed someone close to the kitchen. I crash onto the floor once again. My watery eyes follow to his location.

A tall figure stood, I couldn't make out anything due to the tears but I knew that was Harry. My eyes grew large in complete shock as I saw Liam pressed up against the opposite wall, the distance is a bit down the hallway from me. What scared me was the good two foot space between the floor and Liam's feet.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?!" Harry yelled out. I found myself flinching when he spoke, my eyes never move from the floor. "You fucking bitch." He adds in before he drops Liam to the ground. A loud thud entered the air.

I gasp suddenly as a large hand grabs Liam's neck and begins to drag him into the kitchen. Seconds later I hear the door slam shut.

I pull my trembling body off the floor, my feet carry me in their direction. I need to see Harry - I crave to hear his voice even if he's yelling at someone.

My fingertips gently caress the bruised skin on my throat as I turn the corner. I reach the door and wrap my hand on the knob. I hear a small squeak as I turn it.

"Julianne." My motions freeze and I take a deep breath. I look over my shoulder and see Zayn standing not far from me. "I'm not going to stop you. It's time for you to find out the truth." I spin around as I notice he's stepping closer to me.

"Stay close to me." He whispers before opening the door. The cold air nips my skin and I shudder at the feeling. I step outside - the moonlight mixes with a bright patio light - giving me enough light to see Liam and Harry standing face to face - a little farther away than I wished though. However, I couldn't make out Harry's features, but easily I could see he's taller than Liam.

I take a glance behind me, just to make sure I wasn't alone. Zayn gave me a faint smile before my attention turned to the two figures in the yard.

"What have I told you about messing with her!" Harry's loud voice invades the quiet night. "She was going against your fucking rules!" Liam throws back at him.

"It's not your god damn fuckin' job to hurt her! She did nothing wrong!" I take in a deep breath as I watch Harry shove Liam back. Zayn appears by my side and he puts his arm around me, resting his hand on my elbow.

"If you ever fuckin' touch her again, I swear to God I'll fuckin' kill you!" Harry's threatening voice made a shiver crept up my spine - he certainly isn't happy right now.

"I'm sorry you have to see it this way." Zayn mumbles to me. I was about to furrow my brows and question his words but something changed that. A heavy gust of wind blew around the yard and my already unsteady heart stopped beating for a moment. A heavy, dense cloud of dust forms - taking away my ability to clearly see.

The sound of ripped cloth collides with a howl and I soon realize I'm on my bottom on the ground. Zayn steps back, crossing his arms on his chest. To him this obviously has to be normal - he's watching it like it's just a show on the television screen.

The thick dust began to settle down. I looked frantically for any sign of Liam or even Harry but I can't seem to find them. "I promise they won't hurt you." Zayn says in a low voice. I glance up to see him staring at where they once stood.

I let my eyes follow that way too, curious to know what Zayn was staring at. My lungs pulled in a sharp, fast breath as I took in the sight of disappeared dust and calmed winds. There stood - in the middle of the semi dark yard - two large animal like figures.

"Get closer." Zayn insisted as he took a few steps. I hurried to my shaky feet and allowed myself to lose some of the distance. My heart was bouncing around in my chest, my tears have been dried up by the absolute fright taking over my body.

Fits of growling filled the silent night air. The clouds sitting in the dark sky slide past the bright moon - the glowing ball shines its bright light upon the yard and my eyes are revealed to the actual event unfolding before my eyes.

Wolves. Giant wolves.

"This is what we are." Zayn sighs lightly as he begins to walk towards them. I gulp harshly as I witness the two huge creatures fighting and wrestling with one another in the grass. One is much larger, pitch black fur and a loud, deafening howl. I have lost any words to describe what's happening.

"D-don't l-leave me." My bare feet dig into the damp grass as I run after him. My hand firmly wraps around his wrist and I pull him closer to me. "I have to break it up.. before he kills Liam." Zayn yanks his hand away and begins to run towards them. A blast of cold air knocks me to the ground.

I push my hair over my shoulder as I lift my head just in time to observe Zayn's sudden transformation. My jaw drops to the grass as I watch the black monster overpower the dark brown one - it's hovering over the smaller one with a mouth full of sharp teeth on display.

Out of nowhere, an ear shattering scream escapes from my mouth as the reality of it settled deep into my mind.

Salty tears fall from my tightly sealed eyes - pouring onto my legs and wetting my shirt in the process. "Julianne!" Perrie's voice bursts out in the mist of the chaos. I brace myself for the impact of her arms wrapping around me. Not even a moment later she's clutching me tight.

I'm never getting out of here.


{Narrator's POV/Flashback}

A small, sudden gasp left her mouth as she witnessed the stand off - the mountain lion that terrified her just moments ago is struggling underneath the humongous beast. Julianne's wide eyes began to water as she realized the horror of it all.

A ground shaking growl came from the beast with solid black fur - it reveals its sharp, pearly white, deadly teeth. The whines and whimpers of the smaller animal filled the cold air.

Blood soon dripped on the white snow slowly before it started to pour from the punctured neck of the feline. Julianne felt her heart stop beating as she watched the wolflike creature discard the head of her previous predator.

Her innoncent eyes watched the head roll on the snow, blood gushing on the white blanket. The black monster turned his head in her direction - his emerald eyes gazing right into her fear filled ones.

Before this moment in time, she had never ran so fast - she never favored to go home to her abusive father until this day.

She never desired for her heart to stop beating before, now it's all she wants..


You're. Welcome.

Feedback?? Updates soon my loves!

So this was the epic plot twist (well.. One of them) what do you think? Do the flashbacks and introduction chapter make sense now? Love you guys!


I love it

@Allie Miller @Harry02
super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

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Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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