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Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon

Author's Note

Guys, I have a few questions for you!

Question 1: How would you feel about me starting another NEW story? I'm trying to get back into some of the others that I left unfinished too. Don't come at me for those. Lol. We're trying. But I wrote this one shot like a year or two ago and I always had the idea to turn it into a full story and I came across it again today. It got my brain going again about how it would be a great story. Would you guys be open to another new one?

Question 2: Should I take down the stories that I know aren't going to get finished because they're just not going to work out the way I want them? Or should I leave them up with no endings?

Question 3: I have another idea to start a story recommendations...thing. Would you guys rather see it in writing OR what if I decided to do it as like a youtube channel? I mean, I think I'm hilarious when I start ranting about things.

Leave me all of your thoughts on these things in the comments!




I don't think I'll be posting another chapter of this story or my other Niall story, which has another chapter ready, until I get some opinions on these questions and the story so far.

If I get an "overwhelming" response, I might post another chapter to Lavender&Roses.


Its okay I understand I've been busy too. I got a new job too so preparing for that. I'll be interested to see what you put up for one shots maybe one of them might be mine. :) Good to see your doing well. Congratulations on your brother.

LizzyM101 LizzyM101

It's all good in the hood. Its life. :) The trip was fun. Thanks so much!

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

Aww I'm sorry about work but I'm glad you took a weekend trip and had some fun.

LizzyM101 LizzyM101



morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

Love it! I'm sooooo curious about who is watching her!!

harambejtrump harambejtrump